March 2020

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Chris wearing a new headgear in March 2020

March was the third month of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BABSCon 2020 was cancelled indefinitely, and a debt case was postponed to May 2020.


  • 5 March - Chris draws a male Vamprosa and female Metonic.
  • 6 March - Sonic Rebuilt, a shot-for-shot collaboration project in which Chris participated, is released.
  • 8 March - Chris watches and comments about Part 31 of Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History, laughing at an old video he had filmed in 2010.
  • 9 March - Seaquestria Fest, a My Little Pony convention that Chris had on a list of possible cons to attend, has him on its ban list.
  • 13 March - The coronavirus pandemic is declared a national emergency.
  • 17 March - This day marks the twentieth anniversary of Sonichu's creation.
  • 18 March - BABScon is cancelled to comply with Californian measures against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; Chris whines about it on Twitter. His debt hearing is also rescheduled for 20 May.
  • 19 March - Chris decides to do a charity sale to help the artists and vendors who were affected by the cancelled Brony conventions
  • 20 March - The Righteous Rising TSSSF Expansion Pack, starring the head moderator of r/CultOfCWC and enabler, R. Righteous, is released on CWCville Shopping.
  • 22 March - Chris posts about using amethyst crystals in his waterbottle, apparently to prevent coronavirus.
  • 26 March - Second anniversary of Chris's polyamorous marriage.
  • 29 March - Chris challenges his orbiters on Twitter to find positive shipfics about himself written before the day of his polyamorous marriage.

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