March 2011

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Chris in March.

March was the third month of 2011. Once again, Chris spent a majority of the month playing vidya, talking to Jackie, and hiding from trolls. Several phone calls that shed new light on previous sagas were released. Privately, however, this was a transformative month for Chris, as he made a momentous discovery about his gender identity.


  • 1 March
    • Another phone call between Chris and Kacey is released, as well as a video of Chris sticking his penis in snow.
    • Chris takes some photos of himself.
  • 3 March - Twenty-three more phone calls between Chris and Kacey are released.
  • 26 March - Chris sends an email to Jackie in which he declares that he has become a "tomgirl." He includes photos of his new look.
  • 30 March - Chris changes his PSN quote to "I am Tomgirl," causing public debate and discussion.