November 2012

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Chris in November 2012.

November was the eleventh month of 2012. It saw Chris changing his Facebook profile picture twice, and 789chan shutting down. Nothing else major happened during this month though, due to Chris facing punishment for trying to enter the GAMe PLACe last year.


  • 2 November - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he feels absolutely miserable.
  • 6 November - Chris adds a video about dinosaurs.
  • 7 November - Chris is proud of a narcissistic Lego watch he has constructed.
  • 8 November
    • Chris changes his Facebook profile picture to a Kre-O figurine wearing a Sonichu medallion representing himself.
    • Chris shares links to three Lego products.
    • The CWCki Forums are deleted off Forumer's servers. It moved to several relief servers until eventually finding another permanent server.
  • 10 November - Chris changes his Facebook profile picture again to one of himself.
  • 13 November - Chris adds two children's videos to his YouTube playlists.
  • 16 November - Chris likes two more YouTube videos.
  • 21 November - 789chan shuts down.
  • 26 November - Chris asks his friends to sign a petition, and states again that he hates all men and misses his father.
  • 27 November - Chris cries about his failure of a life.
  • 29 November
    • Chris adds Transformers and Sesame Street videos to his YouTube playlists.
    • Chris declares himself to be a brony.
    • Kim wishes Chris a good evening on Facebook.