July 2015

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On 2 July 2015, Chris unveils new erotic art.
On 9 July 2015, Chris demands that you not look at this photo.
On 23 July 2015, Chris dyes his hair blue, and doesn't do a good job.

July was the seventh month of 2015. On 3 July, a cycle began where Chris's Facebook profile would be taken down and immediately put back up. It is currently unknown why this happened, but it's likely that someone reported something Chris posted. This is also the month, according to Sonichu canon, that Magi-Chan was to travel to in order to receive the "homo cure."

Chris's fifth court date occurred on the 23rd. You know the drill about the continuances by now.

Events of July

  • 2 July - Chris claims on Facebook that he has entered an online GameStop competition as an "ironic joke," and in the same post rants about GameStop needing some type of background check to enter the competition.
  • 2 July - Chris shares a Facebook picture about a wounded heart, and comments that his has been "Soul-Shattered, Beaten, Scarred, Blackmailed, Duped, Deceived, and all that shit the fake exes, Trolls and Cyber-Bullies had done to me."
  • 2 July - Chris posts on Facebook that he woke up and was happy that he had "Fresh Grown" boobs that fit into a D-Cup Brassiere.
  • 2 July - Chris reveals a new, explicit drawing on Facebook called "Pink Lemonade." This turns out to be Facebook's last straw, as the next day...
  • 3 July - Chris's Facebook is temporarily removed. It is put back online later in the day.
  • 4 July - The birthday of Clyde Cash.
  • 5 July - In response to an article claiming that model Chrissy Teigen is trolling Instagram by posting a photograph where her nipples are clearly visible, Chris posts a rant on Facebook focusing on his strict definition of "trolling."
  • 7 July - Chris puts sixteen Sonichu medallions back up for sale on eBay.
  • 9 July - Chris posts a picture of his manboobs on Facebook. It is reported and removed.
  • 9 July - Chris makes an Adolf Hitler medallion to fulfill a ween request.
  • 9 July - Chris's newest batch of medallions sell out.
  • 10 July - Chris appears on the Drunken Peasants podcast.
  • 11 July - Chris's Facebook is taken down again.
  • 12 July - Chris's Facebook is put back up, but the pictures of his mocking Hitler medallions, curiously, are taken down with it.
  • 12 July - Chris mourns the loss of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.
  • 16 July - Chris reacts to the release of the new Sonic Boom season with "Three Words: Shit. Damn. Fuck. And then: 'Somebody Shoot Me.'"
  • 18 July - Chris lists ten new Sonichu Amiibo and ten Sonichu medallions for sale on eBay.
  • 23 July - Chris rants about the blarms again on Facebook.
  • 23 July - Chris dyes his hair blue, countering critics who claim that all he cares about is his blarms protest.
  • 23 July - Chris's fifth court date takes place. As usual it is moved back to a later date.
  • 26 July - Chris posts a rant on Facebook telling us why we should respect Sonichu.
  • 28 July - Several transactions for medallions and Amiibos are reversed. Chris blames Ebay and Paypal, and encourages people to complete transactions outside of Ebay, which violates Ebay's terms of service.
  • 31 July - According to Sonichu canon, Magi-Chan travels through time to this date to receive the "homo cure."