January 2022

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Letter sent on 19 January 2022
Drawing of Sonichu produced on 26 January 2022

January was the first month of 2022. This month served as a slow start to the new year. Little of note happened, but more jail letters and calls trickled out over time.

Notable events

  • 4 January - Chris writes a letter to YouTuber Bizarre Bazaar.[1]
  • 8 January - Chris writes his second letter to Spamton G. Spamton.[2]
  • 10 January - Chris calls Zombo from jail, talking about COVID-19 and the threat of global warming.[3]
  • 11 January - Chris calls Zombo from jail, begging his followers to give his mom or himself money.[4] Chris also writes his ninth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.[5]
  • 13 January
    • Chris calls Zombo again from jail.[6]
    • Chris writes copies of his "Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer" for various correspondents including Kenneth, Spamton and Bizarre Bazaar. However, he does not send them out until later in the month.
  • 15 January - Chris writes his tenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.[7]
  • 16 January
    • An episode of Smiling Friends airs. It is notable for nearly having a cameo by Chris, which was ultimately not done due to red tape involving casting rules.
    • A chatlog from December 2019, on Chris's dream about his transgender self meeting his past self, is leaked.[8]
  • 18 January - Chatlogs from March, April and May 2021, on Chris discussing masturbation[9] and his car troubles,[10] are leaked.
  • 19 January
  • 26 January - Chris draws Sonichu for a fan named Robert.
  • 28 January - Chris sends a jail letter to a fan named Robert.[12]
  • 29 January - Kenneth receives his letter from 19 January.
  • 30 January - Chris writes his third letter to Spamton[13] and his second letter to Bizarre Bazaar. Both letters include copies of his prayer.
  • Date unknown - Chris writes his twelfth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt including a copy of his prayer.[14]