July 2022

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Letter from July 2022

July is the seventh month of 2022. Chris spent it in jail.

Notable events

  • 4 July - Independence Day. Chris writes and sends a fifth letter to Helena Fiorenza.[1]
  • 11 July - The letter is posted publicly on Eels and the Egg-man's Twitter.[2]
  • 14 July - Chris sends another letter to Kenneth expressing support for some kind of Sonichu Base.[3] More Praetor Jail Art is also released.
  • 18 July - Chris draws "Goddess at Work". The reverse side is paperwork from CVRJ showing his medications, including HRT.[4]
  • 21 July - Chris writes a letter to Helena, asking to raise $150,000 to clear Barbara's debts.[5]
  • 22 July - Chris writes an open letter to the fans.[6]
  • 28 July
    • In the J&DR Court, a final status hearing on Chris's criminal case for incest takes place, then the case is handed to the Circuit Court.[7]
    • The case is certified to go before a grand jury, and the charge from the J&DR court is upgraded to a potential felony for the Circuit Court.[8]
  • 29 July - Chris writes a letter to Kenneth.[9]




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