January 2015

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On 7 January 2015, Chris tells his ex-friend Renee to die in a fire.
On 9 January 2015, Chris's complaints about how "[Meme Run] is Chaotic, Sensory Overloading, Loud and Annoying" become backhanded.
On 10 January 2015, the trolls just won't stop taunting Chris, no matter how noble and honest he is.
On 23 January 2015, Chris draws a striking self-portrait.

January was the 1st month of 2015. Chris stated that he would move back to 14 Branchland Court in January. However, this month notably kicked off with some fallout from the infamous 26 December 2014 incident. Mere days after being released from jail, Chris wound up causing a ruckus at a Walmart he was previously banned from, by threatening the manajerks with pepper spray if they didn't leave him alone. It's unknown whether Chris realizes that he's a repeat offender on bail or simply refuses to acknowledge it altogether at this point, but either way it certainly didn't help his testimony in February, postponing or not.

Throughout the month, Chris showed both worry over his upcoming court case, and, as usual, hatred of Sonic Boom, to the point where he raged at one of his white knights for daring to own a comic with a sneak peek of the "blue-armed bandit" on the inside. At the very end of the month, this escalated into Chris glitterbombing Sega HQ.

Events of January 2015

  • 1 January - This is the day when Chris's break from eBay was supposed to end, but nothing happened. He would not return to eBay until the following month.
  • 1 January - An article by Wii U Daily about 26 December 2014 is linked to the subreddit "r/rage" on Reddit.
  • 2 January - On Facebook, Chris compares trying to move from the Rental House to 14 Branchland Court to a tired horse named Charlie that is running around a track.
  • 3 January - An e-mail leaks onto the CWCki Forums revealing that Chris caused a scene at Wal-Mart and had his pepper spray from the GameStop incident on hand as well -nearly five days after he bailed out of jail. The police scanner audio of the incident is eventually leaked onto YouTube.
  • 4 January - The e-mail is confirmed to be real, and a text conversation between Chris and Renee leaks, revealing that Chris indeed caused commotion at the store.
  • 5 January - Chris notes that the only internet he has had access to while moving is the 3G on his iPhone, and whines about how people don't like him, especially after the GameStop incident.
  • 5 January - Chris informs his fellow protesters on his public Facebook group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!, that they should tell Sega about his troubles.
  • 6 January - Another set of e-mails leaks, regarding Barb's dental health.
  • 7 January - Chris tells Renee he hopes her house burns down.
  • 7 January - A tree branch disrupts Chris's electric power.
  • 8 January - Chris blames Sega for the GameStop incident. Once again, none of his white knights are willing to defend him.
  • 9 January - Chris makes a suggestion about the game Duck Hunt on the Miiverse.
  • 9 January - Chris makes a Littlest Pet Shop image macro, and rages over the TLC series My Husband's Not Gay. In the same post, Chris writes "I am a (Female Soul) Transwoman (no operation yet)," and confesses that he hates being born with "the Damn Male Parts."
  • 10 January - Chris discovers the Wii U Daily article about himself, and rages over it on Facebook.
  • 10 January - Chris writes on his public Facebook group that he has been protesting because he cares deeply about what has been done to Sonic's arms, and that he's thinking about suing Sega.
  • 10 January - Chris threatens to permaban anybody who claims Mario is better than Sonic on his Facebook group.
  • 11 January - Chris makes a long post on Facebook stating that he only wants people to like him and that he would never wish harm on anyone.
  • 11 January - Chris texts Renee that he is sad and angry and knows she is leaking their correspondence to the CWCki.
  • 12 January - It is discovered that Chris actually owns both of the Sonic Boom games.
  • 13 January - Chris posts a long tirade as to why he owns both of the Sonic Boom games without having bought them.
  • 15 January - Chris claims on Facebook that GameStop is violating court rules by having employees call him.
  • 16 January - On the Miiverse, Chris asks a question about Dr. Luigi.
  • 18 January - Chris attacks his trolls on a video clip of The Amazing World of Gumball, a show that airs on the same network as Sonic Boom.
  • 19 January - Christorians discover that Chris has removed all of his items to sell on eBay.
  • 19 January - Chris discovers that his white knight, Kenneth Englehardt, bought a flesh-armed Sonic comic book...that had a preview for Sonic Boom. Even though the comic's focus wasn't on the blue-armed bandit, Chris proceeds to rage and shun him from his group.
  • 21 January - A new voicemail greeting is leaked onto YouTube.
  • 23 January - Chris posts his latest masterpiece on Facebook, "My Mind is a Blank." He rages at the CWCki, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and stress all in the same post. One of Chris's white knights compares the trolls' treatment of Chris with the KKK's treatment of blacks, a comment so ironic, even William Elliott Waterman is outraged.
  • 24 January - Chris uploads an imgur file of his new drawing.
  • 25 January - Chris begins begging his white knights to purchase the Lego "Grand Emporium" set for him, a shopping mall set. One (unintentionally) snarky comment from William Elliott Waterman, who notes he has none of the parts, gains over 80 likes.
  • 27 January - An amateur documentary of Chris is announced to be in the works by CWCki Forums member Sachumo.
  • 30 January - A CWCki Forums user by the name of "eloquentmonster" leaks that Chris had glitter bombed Sega of America via mail, in another desperate attempt to protest Sonic's arm color in Sonic Boom.[1]
  • 30 January - LoveYouLongTime reveals lost emails from 2009.[2]