July 2013

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Chris in July 2013.

July was the seventh month of 2013. It saw little activity from Chris aside from Facebook.

Events of July 2013

  • 2 July - Chris makes two brief Facebook posts about Toro's Friend Network and Old Navy.
  • 7 July - Chris posts on Facebook that Ruckersville is boring.
  • 7 July - Chris writes on Facebook that he liked the full movie of Equestria Girls on YouTube.
  • 10 July - Chris's year-long probation, passed down by the court, ends.
  • 14 July - Chris posts on Facebook that he is very depressed and needs real compassion from women.
  • 18 July - Chris posts on Facebook that he doesn't want people to call him a wet blanket.
  • 20 July - Chris posts on Facebook about Spring Breakers, bizarrely comparing it to My Little Pony and his life.
  • 22 July - Chris uploads a picture on Facebook and asks how good looking/attractive he is. He later uploads a screenshot from the CWCki Forums on Facebook about the results of the poll, feeding his depression.
  • 22 July - Chris shares Britney Spears's "Ooh La La" music video.
  • 24 July - Chris shared a Crackle page on Facebook.
  • 24 July - Mary McLerran, relative of Anna, posts on Facebook that she loves the hand shape on Chris's profile picture.
  • 24 July - Flipnote Studio 3D is released in Japan.