April 2023

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Sonichu 82's cover, drawn this month

April was the fourth month of 2023. Chris was released from Central Virginia Regional Jail at the end of March.

Notable events

  • 3 April - The Greene County Circuit Court issues a Release Order.[1]
  • 4 April - Anaxis, a former Watchmen member starts publishing The Lainchu Manifesto, a long essay on the CWCki detailing his experience with the Watchmen. It has been controversial among Christorians, with some calling it boring with too much focus on orbiters, and other's applauding Anaxis for sharing his story.
  • 7-9 April - Chris misses out on yet another BABSCon, an unofficial My Little Pony convention held in San Francisco,[2] which he was unable to attend last year.
  • 22 April - Chris draws the cover for Sonichu 82.
  • 26 April - A hearing scheduled for Midland Funding's garnishment case against Chris ending up being dismissed.[3]