September 2023

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The things described in this article are still happening, or are still being looked into. As a result, it may be subject to frequent change, and the information provided may not be entirely reliable.

September is the ninth month of 2023.

Notable events

Chris in September.
  • 1 September - Chris is spotted online on the XBox.[1]
  • 3 September - Helena Fiorenza leaks a DM from Chris in which he stated that he will come back to the internet.[2]
  • 4 September - Chris' car is sighted at 14 Branchland Court.[3] Later that day, Chris was sighted at a Food Lion.
  • 6 September - The twelfth commemoration of Bob's passing.
  • 16 September - Chris is spotted at a Walmart in Bedford, VA.[4]
  • 20 September - Chris is spotted via CCTV footage at a CVS Pharmacy in Lynchburg, VA. The lady who had been accompanying him on his store trips appears to be hugged or even kissed by Chris.
  • 29 September - Netflix discontinues its DVD-by-mail service.