May 2011

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May 2011 began just after a series of photos of Chris in women's clothing was leaked. Publicly, Chris remained inactive, but corresponded regularly with Jackie and other trolls.


Chris's Applejack profile pic on his new internet forum.
  • 1 May - Jackie suggests to Chris that the leak of his private photos might have been due to the recent hack of Playstation Network.
  • 2 May - Chris accuses Jackie of leaking the photos.
  • 3 May - Jackie angrily denies Chris's claims. Chris tells her he needs to think about her statements.
  • 4 May - Chris's parents yell at him about dressing like a woman.
  • 5 May - Chris apologizes to Jackie, and tells her about the friction with his parents.
  • 5 May - Chris writes a "press release" about his being trolled.
  • 6 May - Chris gives the press release to Jackie, hoping she can publish it.
  • 7 May - Chris and Jackie argue about money, the internet, and trust.
  • 8 May - Chris tells Jackie he feels paranoid and confused, and that he wants to see her in person.
  • 8 May - Jackie tries to make Chris aware of his hypocrisy and dishonesty.
  • 10 May - Chris responds to Jackie but fails to address her concerns.
  • 11 May - Chris reiterates to Jackie that he wants to meet her soon.
  • 12 May - Chris reflects on his past mistakes with Jackie, internet fame, and real-life socialization.
  • 13 May - As an experiment, Jackie sends Chris a deeply sarcastic email, to see how much he picks up on.
  • 14 May - Chris misses the sarcasm, but defends himself against Jackie's claims. He says he feels trapped by his family situation.
  • 14 May - After almost a month of being inactive, the PlayStation Network comes back online, and Chris immediately removes the "I am Tomgirl" quote from his profile.
  • 15 May - Chris shares with Jackie more information about his parents, his comics, and his feelings about Osama ben Laden.
  • 16 May - Jackie pushes Chris to make more comics, find a job, and learn about his tugboat.
  • 17 May - Chris tells Jackie that Barb threatened to kill him, and then cut his hair. He called her a bitch and tried to magically induce his hair to grow back.
  • 18 May - Jackie continues to aggressively confront Chris about his life choices.
  • 19 May - Chris ignores all of Jackie's points. He tells her he is wearing a wig for the time being. He also mentions that he has asked Rocky for help in moving out of his house and "into a place based on my Autism."
  • 21 May - Chris shares with Jackie some sketchy details about the plan for him to get autism-related housing and assistance. Jackie tells Chris to take control of his life.
  • 24 May - Jackie asks Chris how he's doing. He replies with a blank email.
  • 25 May - Jackie apologizes to Chris for constantly carping at him.
  • 26 May - Chris tells Jackie he's learned about a forum that's relevant to his interests.
  • 28 May - Jackie sends Chris another sarcastic email criticizing him for his inaction. She says she's too busy to meet him in person.
  • 29 May - Chris did not get Jackie's last email, and says he's doing well.
  • 29 May - Chris joins the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum. It is revealed that Bob called him a "fag" and Barb said "I didn't raise a daughter," and Chris recounts a confrontation with a jerkop.
  • 31 May - Chris tells Jackie he has new gal-pals, but they're all waitresses and retail store employees. He shares some details about his half-brother Cole.