December 2014

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On 26 December 2014, Chris gets his mugshot taken following his assault on GameStop.
On 9 December 2014, Chris draws his scissoring fantasy.
On 9 December 2014, it's revealed that Chris uses this contraption for a certain purpose.
On 26 December 2014, Chris ends the year in style.

December was the twelfth and final month of 2014. At first it seemed like nothing big was going to happen beyond Chris repiercing and later removing the un-clit, moving back into 14 Branchland Court, and, of course, continuing to hate blue-colored arms. But on the day after Christmas, Chris decided to completely ignore common sense and past experience by visiting a GameStop that he was banned from and macing an employee on his way out. He was arrested and spent a weekend in jail. Sometime during this month, Son-Chu II was sold.


  • 1 December - Flufflehugs receives her first three commissioned drawings. He explains to her the impact of his new gender identity on his imaginary sister Crystal and Reldnahc.
  • 2 December - Chris uploads another video of himself playing Mario Kart 8 to his YouTube account.
  • 3 December
    • Chris posts a medallion update and states that he and his mother will soon be moving back into their restored home.
    • On Facebook, Chris explains how and why he came to learn about the blue arms issue.
  • 4 December
    • Chris repierces his taint with gold piercing jewelry. He texts Renee about it.
    • On his public group, Chris demands that people contact every newspaper in the world about Sonic Boom.
  • 5 December - Chris discovers Sonic Boom is getting a second season, and...well, just guess what happens. He urges people to join his protest public group, where he makes a series of angry posts.
  • 6 December
    • Chris posts more idiotic hatred at Sonic Boom, including suggestions for how to protest.
    • Chris announces on Facebook and eBay that he is moving back to a renovated 14 Branchland Court, and notes that he will not be able to fill orders until the new year.[1]
  • 7 December - Chris invites Renee to his house for Christmas and says that Barb is flirting with the movers.
  • 8 December
    • According to his Miiverse account, Chris plays Super Mario Bros.
    • Chris mails a series of typed letters to local stores apologizing for his blarms protest actions.
  • 9 December
    • The series of commissions drawn by Chris for Flufflehugs is uploaded to the forums. One of them is the receiver's OC scissoring Robbie. The thread later reveals that Chris IRL uses a homemade device to hold his duck in, which consists of a strap-on with the dildo removed.
    • Catherine tells Chris they are not in a relationship. He sends her an email saying he is depressed and angry.
    • Chris discovers a possible jab made to him in episode 7 of Sonic Boom...and is actually neutral towards it.[2]
  • 10 December
  • 11 December - On his public group, Chris posts that he is distressed at the lack of positive news.
  • 12 December
    • Chris tells Catherine he is still very depressed and that she should watch the Care Bears to learn how to be more empathetic.
    • Chris finally realizes piercing part of his taint isn't such a great idea after all, and as a result removes it completely.
  • 13 December
    • Chris tells Catherine she should try to see things from his perspective.
    • Chris reminds people that his mom's BMW on sale.
    • On his public group, Chris notes that he received an "immature" postcard from a troll.
  • 14 December
    • Chris lashes out at Catherine and says he's entitled to a relationship because he's descended from royalty.
    • Chris thinks that trolls are hacking his text messages.[4] Meanwhile, he asks Renee to help him in his modelling career.[5]
  • 15 December
  • 16 December
  • 17 December
  • 18 December
    • Chris posts a long opinion piece on why he hates trolls and the infamous Nintendo eShop game Meme Run.[9]
    • An e-mail with Catherine is leaked on the CWCki Forums in which Chris had written about his late epiphany that, while in middle school, Bob had paid a schoolmate to babysit him to and from the bus stop.[10]
    • It is also leaked that Anna McLerran was trying to dislodge Catherine, appealing to Catherine's humanity.[11]
  • 18 December - Chris plays Hyrule Warriors, according to his Miiverse account.
  • 19 December - Chris uploads to his Facebook public group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!, dozens of photos of Sonic with his blue arms painted tan by Chris himself.
  • 20 December - Chris tells Renee that he'll be having a neutral Christmas.
  • 21 December
    • Chris announces 14 Branchland Court will not be ready to move back into by C-Mas. He posts links to give him presents, gift cards, or PayPal money--and even gives suggestions for joke presents.
  • 21 December
    • Chris again begs his Facebook friends to buy his mom's car from Craigslist. He admits that the price is unreasonable, but that it was Barb's idea.
    • Chris and Catherine exchange text messages; he can't explain what she said that hurt him.
    • Chris makes a Facebook comment that he needs friends to be happy.
    • Chris learns some news that makes him cautiously optimistic about his Sonic Boom Protests, and asserts that Sega employees are a bunch of cowards.
  • 22 December - Chris awards his Facebook friends for helping him get through the year (supposedly) by giving them a picture of CRAYOLA FUCKIN' MODEL MAGICified Lego Wild Sonichu and Sonichu himself.
  • 23 December - Chris sends a text message to Catherine saying that he still wants to be her friend.
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve. Chris tells Renee he's feeling extremely depressed.
  • 25 December - Christmas. Chris texts Renee that he's depressed and that he wanted either a sweetheart or a "Magical Transformation" of himself into a woman.
  • 26 December - Possibly the busiest day in Chris's life since graduation. He goes to Fashion Square Shopping Mall and visits GameStop (from which he was already banned) where he pepper-sprays the Assistant Manager. The police are called and he is arrested.
  • 27 December - Chris's anti-Sonic Boom Facebook group gets a taste of what will occur the next few days--a bombardment of trolls, weens and jokesters mocking Chris.
  • 28 December - Chris is confirmed to be held in Albemarle Regional Jail, awaiting an initial hearing for his crimes two days earlier.
  • 29 December
    • Chris's initial hearing takes place. The case is continued, to be heard again on 5 February 2015. Chris also posts bail and is released from jail.
    • On Facebook, Chris explains in great detail that nothing he did on the 26th was his fault, and that the Sonic Boom Protests should continue.
    • Nash from Radio Dead Air looks at the GameStop incident on a What the Fuck is Wrong with You? segment.
  • 31 December