May 2009

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On 12 May 2009, the wedding comic is leaked.
On 15 May 2009, the Ivy Saga comes to a close.
On 29 May 2009, Chris shocks the Internet yet again with his naïve narcissism.

As May 2009 began, Chris still held very strong belief in his relation with Ivy; during the first two weeks uploading several videos specifically dedicated to her. This period is also noted for a number of mainstream media, a web-show and a radio-station, featuring Chris, and thus making him open for the grand public. On 14 May, however, things take a bad turn for Chris, as he finds out that Ivy was actually a troll. Because of this disappointment, during the last weeks of May, Chris starts resorting to other ways to find a girlfriend. He starts going out in public again, and also posts an ad on Craigslist.

Events of May 2009

  • 1 May
  • 3 May
    • Chris creates a bunch of new quizzes.
    • Chris creates a page about himself on Wikipedia in his userspace. It is promptly deleted for violation of what Wikipedia accepts in userspace.
    • Chris makes his case to Wikipedia for restoring his article.
    • - Sonichu is added to TV Tropes list of webcomics.
  • 4 May - Cogsdev founds the CWCipedia.
  • 5 May - Chris's memorable video ECV 00095 is linked to from Fark [1], leading to 200,000+ views in 24 hours, and attention Chris could only have dreamed of on that fateful day he created Sonichu.
  • 8 May - ECV 00095 is linked to from Something Awful, for their Awfulvision feature. A whole new legion of admirers and detractors is born.
  • 11 May - Chris writes an essay named Chris Chan’s Heroic Dream for Our Community NOW and in the Future. The Solution: Dating Education, and sends it in for the 2009 Community Support Contest sponsored by C-Ville's Battlefield Ford. He does not win. The essay can be read at CWCipedia.
  • 12 May
  • 14 May - Someone claiming to be Chris posts to the talk page on Chris's Encyclopedia Dramatica page, saying that he knows that Ivy is a troll, and that his heart is shattered. It is not known if this is Chris, but it is consistent with events at the time.
  • 15 May
    • is compromised and displays a message slamming Chris for not keeping his promise of making new comics to his loyal fans.
    • Videos addressed to Ivy are removed from Chris's YouTube account. This leads to Clyde Cash finally confirming that Ivy and Chris are through.
  • 16 May
    • is compromised (again) and displays a message slamming Chris for thinking that he was really in contact with Vanessa Hudgens. Also contains an image of Joshua Martinez, suggesting that he hacked the site.
    • Rumors surface about Chris going out to the mall on a new Love Quest, or possibly even a Fuck Quest.
  • 17 May - The message on is changed to Joshua Martinez bragging about having sex with Vanessa Hudgens, and nude photos of her are added to the site.
  • 18 May - The message on is changed again, with a crudely edited picture of Chris at a gay pride event. A new message says that Vanessa was real and she has had sex with Joshua.
  • 19 May
    • In his first video since the Ivy debacle, Chris declares that women must meet him in person instead of e-mails and phone calls. The Removal of Glasses maneuver returns. "FIND ME IN PERSON AT YOUR OWN PRESSED LUCK."
    • goes offline.
  • 22 May - Chris declares he has abandoned, tells his fans to attack the trolls and also shows his new Sonichu medallion. The Miscreants later report that Clyde Cash is found dead in his home.
  • 27 May - The aforementioned video where Chris admitted to drinking cum is ridiculed by the nationally syndicated radio show Opie and Anthony.
  • 29 May
    • Chris discovers a video wishing "Chris-Chan" a happy birthday (now deleted), and assumes it must be meant for him. His obnoxious comment results in a shitstorm, as the internet floods the poor girl's account with everybody's favorite game, Kick the Autistic.
    • - Chris checks his PSN account to discover that Clyde Cash hacked it and made two purchases amounting to $15.98 on Chris's account. He sends an e-mail to Vivian Gee demanding for his money back, but Vivian tells him she can't.
  • 30 May - Chris posts a Craigslist ad saying that he wants a 18 to 27 year-old boyfriend-free girl who is not black.
  • 31 May
    • Chris's Craigslist ad is removed from the site on the grounds of racism.
    • Chris's Facebook account is hacked by The Miscreants, revealing lulzy correspondences with local women and some interesting notes. Chris's main profile is defaced with his butt garments image.