May 2012

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Chris in May 2012 (See also: Norman Bates, who also became his mother).

May 2012 kicked off with Chris's tentative public return to the internet amidst more of his egotistical shenanigans. These were primarily centered around his apparent victory over the trolls. "Tricking" them by announcing the return of the attraction sign at the mall had fueled the fires of his ego. Also, his mother decides to add two beagles to the hoard.


Drawing of The Wallflower.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Christian Weston Chandler: master of proportions. Note: People are watching them.
  • May - Alec Benson Leary holds a Q&A on the CWCki Forums
  • May - Going the way of Liquid Chris, Vivian Gee deletes her YouTube account.
  • May - Chris tells Barb that he lost his virginity to a prostitute. Barb allegedly responds that she would have had sex with him herself.[1]
  • 1 May - Chris posts another Facebook note, still gloating over his tricking the trolls, and reaffirms that he indeed lost his virginity, with an even stronger hint that it was with a prostitute.
  • 3 May - Chris changes his voicemail greetings, probably because the previous one sounded too threatening.
  • 4 May - Chris posts a Facebook note calling on the trolls to leave Anna alone. He also says that he does not see his mother in her.
  • 4 May - An old drawing of The Wallflower is released.
  • 6 May - A previously unseen drawing of Chris and Jackie having sex in a pool is released and Chris changes his voicemail message once again.
Chris claims to have personal info of Mimms.
  • 8 May - Chris changes his Facebook profile picture. He tells his friends that he feels insecure and lonely.
  • 9 May - Chris suggests that his friends go out of their way to browse through Facebook profiles and find him a girlfriend.
  • 9 May - A misplaced call between Chris and Kacey is released.
  • 12 May - Chris writes a new public note on Facebook about Mimms in an attempt to get people to annoy him. He deletes the note minutes later.
  • 12 May - Chris privately asks for his Facebook friends to kill Mimms's girlfriend.
  • 13 May - Chris and his mother get two beagle puppies, Clover and Snoopy.
  • 13 May - Eight old photographs of Chris are released, five from 11 November 2010 and three from 1 March 2011. Notable features include the last wearing of a medallion for years, his nasty hair and a proto-Tomgirl look.
  • 14 May - Chris posts another picture of his dog on Facebook.
  • 15 May - Chris says on Facebook that he is worried about the 2012 Poster campaign by trolls, and posts screenshots of the operation from CWCki Forums.
  • 17 May - Chris again tells his Facebook friends that he is nervous about the poster campaign.
  • 18 May - Chris yells at his friends to destroy all the posters.
  • 20 May - Chris is angry at his friends for ignoring his concerns about the poster campaign.
  • 20 May - Chris changes his voicemail once again.
  • 23 May - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he is lonely and worried about the end of the world.
  • 24 May - Chris has to drive his mother to the emergency room for breathing problems. It is a hectic day.
  • 26 May - Chris is still concerned about the nefarious poster campaign.
  • 27 May - Chris asks his friends to help him find apps that help people with autism.
  • 28 May - Yet more worrying about the posters.
  • 29 May - Chris posts again that he is lonely and desperate for a sweetheart.
  • 31 May - Chris states that he believes that a troll is staying at a local hotel in preparation for the poster blitz.
The May 2012 Pictures