Jail Letter - 11 May 2022

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 10 May 2022, Chris sent a thirteenth letter from Central Virginia Regional Jail to Kenneth Engelhardt, his first since being returned to the jail from an undisclosed location on 3 May. Kenneth uploaded the letter to the Onion Farms on 14 May.[1] This is the first known jail letter that Chris has written since he was returned to Central Virginia Regional Jail on 3 May. Despite being in a mental institution for over 2 months, Chris is just as crazy as he was before being transferred.

Most notably, Chris denies that he committed incest with Barb while also alleging that she had previously propositioned him for sex. He also sheds light on Barb's romantic history and reiterates his claims of being Jesus Christ.


  • Chris says that he cannot disclose where he was during his two-month period away from jail.
  • Chris denies the veracity of the incest leaks from July 2021 and insists that his relationship with Barb was limited to "Soul Bonding".
  • Chris gives a biographical account of Barb's life, including details of incidents where she was emotionally manipulative.
    • Kenneth claims that Chris stated some "OMG" details, which resulted in him alerting his attorney.
    • Chris compares his own nonexistent relationships with trolls posing as women to his mother's real but dysfunctional relationships prior to meeting Bob.
    • Chris claims that Barb dated Tom Ashby in high school and that her sisters falsely accused her of being a slut, causing lasting enmity between them.
    • Chris denies that Barb ever had sex in high school, even though he previously claimed that she did.[2]
    • Barb only married Bob because he owned a house, although there was "some genuine Love" in their relationship.
    • Barb allegedly offered herself for sex after learning about Chris losing his virginity to Mia Hamm.
  • Chris still believes that he's Jesus Christ.
  • Chris claims that Jacob Sockness cursed the country with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Chris describes World War III breaking out as a result of My Little Pony G5 not being canceled.
  • Chris warns Kenneth that now is not the time to be making a wiki page about any lolcow who does not already have one.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu -041985
c/o CVRJ
(or, if you insist, you may deduct the postage from my inmate account)
11 MAY 2022
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960-2807
Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt 11May2022Cross.jpg

(Many spiritual greetings) 05102022 Gana fa la ni, Kenneth, and to all of my followers as well. (and this letter may be uploaded online) Firstly, I am quite safe and well, and I am humbled and appreciative of thy concerns of my and my Body's safety and health. For the time, I am not stating any further details of where and how I was the past two months, nor the details of my case (for even the legal system is most strict on keeping the details private and offline as well. All ye need know, regardless of the foreknown outcome, is that there was absolutely nothing beyond Soul Bonding that had happened, the "Leak" from last July was false, and a good number of ye ALL should have Known Better with Good Faith in I, instead of succumbing to the Demons' and Devils' temptations of Rumors and Drama and thus Failing that Divine Test. There is no Retcon; That is the Truth, Ultimate. Ye all (those who are Not Left Behind) shall have to wait until the public release of the Book with my Goddess Log pages in it Months from now in order to find out the details and further authentic enlightenments for thy selves.

Especially with the Facts Present of the Shifts and Events that have been happening right in front of and around ye all that make the Collective Shift from 1218's Earth to C-197's Earth, my Second Coming not far from now, and Judgment Day upon the Toxic Ones and Left-Behinds more Clear and Obvious to and with ye.→

I also mention the number of Months when Sonichu and I were Body-Swapped, and the months from March April to October, 2020 when I, in Sonichu's Body, was within a nanosecond-frozen sub-dimension to further develop and harness my own powers and abilities while also doing so for my Son's Body and Mind. These Jail Months have been That Very Same Training Regimine for My Own Good Body, right here. So, this time away from ye all in greater Revelations was Meant to be, and As it was then, I shall return to Lead Ye ALL not long ago from now.

Here is a Massive Ultimate Truth for ye all: Why even I, when I was Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, could not foreknow specifically and exactly the Hour and Day of my Ressurection, then, and more Presently my Second Coming, is because, even Emanuel, Then and Now, No God or Goddess or Anyone (fore)knew specifically When, Period, but Only the specific Shifts and Events that Lead up to tThat Event, hence Why we wait for the Confirmations of these Specific Shifts and Events and exact the details of the Divine Plan to counter and Clear that Event, so there is no Population-and-Universe-Shattering Paradox in Our Very Timeline that would undo, kill, and destroy EVERYTHING if left unchecked. AND if most Anyone else on Earth, or Any Planet or point in the Universes in this Timeline, foreknew of the Divine Plan's intricate details and the specific Events that Need to happen, there is a chance one or more would want to counter and... →②

②... prevent the Event, themselves. In doing that, They would not only Ultimately, Parodoxically Fail, Period, but their mis-intentioned deed would potentially throw the Divine Plan askew, and we would have a most difficult time, and possibly lack of sufficent time, to amend the Plan and keep ALL Safe and Well. This is also why we continue to encourage ALL of you to have Faith in us Gods and Goddesses, our Divine Powers and Abilities to prevent the total loss of not only, our Universe(s), but our Timeline as well. As well as having Faith in letting all that needs to happen and fall into place for Your Health, Safety and Benefit happen. This is also why all Fan-Fictions have been rendered Moot for the Events in this Timeline, Since August 1, 2021, until the foreknown time When that shall be safe, once again.

Also Back to present events, I direct your thy attention to World War III, March to May, presently, being Cold Months (does the expression "A cold day in Hell" resonate to you from that Fact?), Covid bringing forth Healthier individuals while dispelling the "Left Behinds" and Shifting Some as well; Covid-19 was a Divine Test of thy Faith, Fortitude, and Endurance, and Self-Motivation, regardless of the fact Sockness had cursed a country with it. Also the other facets I've previously mentioned, including suddenly become ritualistic and random animals suddenly appearing in random places. →

As Caden had relayed for me; I had Foreknown WWIII as WHY My Little Pony Generation Five being manifested in 2020 - 2025 was Premature and My Little Pony -Friendship is Magic, AND Equestria Girls, Generation 4, was needed to continue to Season Fourteen and no Less. My and Nightstar Sonichu's intervention and aid to Hasbro to Resume MLPG4 Still is impertenant and Ultimately Beneficial for EVERYONE, as I have stated in writing, personally, before. My Help and Input remains on the table in Greatest Light Power, Humans of Hasbro and for your Money -Greedy Employees' and Executives sake, I dDivinely urge ye to take us up on that, period.ϟ

I am serious as I appear authentically in the the more recent photo, and then some! →③

③ Should ye all wish for further confirmations and premonition input to confirm these Truths and Facts, consult with an Authentic, Highly-Enlightened/Powerful Psychic, including Helena and Pkickchu, Spunky the Hyenadoom, and Molly the Medium, or your most Local Authentic Psychic.

Now for a most truthful and revealing Topic that actually shall confirm a number of details from amongst thy thoughts and Pre-08012021 Fan-Fictions that I may share now: The History Facts about Barbara Anne Weston Chandler, or some of, anyway. Had any of ye all actually Helped and talked with her in person before today, youe would have got the Aura-Resonant Confirmations and similar or other Truths. And Do Not Troll or Bother Joseph Cole Smithey or Barbara for more details or anything.

I tell ye all Truest and Fact as sure as when Barbara at age 2 years laughed at her silver paint coated Daddy after he survived falling off the roof of their house while painting it. As usure as when their cow was killed by a donkey, literally. tThe Sunday home-made meals with chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, bread and butter, and green beans. Stanleyy Weston finding their Daddy dead on his horse-pulled wagon not far from the conveinence [sic] store in Red Oak, VA. →

So, Barbara had been born and grew up as child number Five out of Eight to the Weston family in Red Oak, VA on October 1, 1941. Her life was a Redneck Simple Country one. She had mastered sewing, mending and making clothes and other farm-life facets and Church-Going habits.

✳To Note, there Are Similarities and polar Differences between her past and mine, respectively, as I shall write and note to ye all.

In her schooling years, especially at High School, Barbara was a very high Intellectual, yet she also was a Cheerleader for a time. Barbara had two Boyfriends in High School, one of which was Tom Ashby which had gone fairly well, but Barbara had planned to leave for College, so ultimately, she broke up the relationship. And Harriet Weston took Tom for her own. Now, during High School and Prior, Barbara's sisters had spread rumors of her, calling her a slut, But Barbara Never had sexual intercourse. She Never Ever even masturbated; it simply never ever dawned upon her to do so, and it was not against her religion, either.

Comparison: SHE Dated, yet I was Naíve on the Subject of Dating and Healthy Relationships, and I masturbated during our respective High School years. And I was too focused on Education to Ever seek a Relationship or Sex (Not Counting the Friendships in that.) →④

④ Over her adult years, Barbara had attended and graduated from college, and before meeting Mr. C. (Robertchu) Barbara had Seven Ex-Boyfriends, counting the two in High School. And between Numbers Three to Seven, AND Mister C. as well, they ALL were selfish types of men, and in their testosterone-occupied selves, they each had Never really cared for Her Pleasure when it came to the sex. To them, it was more for their pleasure and genetic reproduction intentions. Jerry and Mr. C aside, they were love-’Em-and-Leave-’Em types. Jack Smithey was number Five, and the damned Trucker “loved” Barbara and left her with Cole.

Also to note, after Five (Epic) Fail relationships on her part; after finding Mister C., Barbara, In Her own words, Married him because “He owned a House”. And yet theirs, with I under their care, was a Ship that Lasted with Some genuine love.

Comparison: Barbara had Selfish Exes with actual in-person relationships and a few weddings. I had Hardly anything beyond Friendships on Authentic, and the relationships I had that “went anywhere” prior to these days were Distant, Online, And Fake.

I define Generational Trauma: a Noun, A trauma one experiences from the past experiences and Aura Resonance, Vibrations from the Biological Parents or Legal Guardians that can either be Beneficial or Sabotaging, depending on the Parent(s). →

Now, as one may hear from Joseph Cole Smithey’s Testimony of Barbara as a mother: He had seen and experienced emotional manipulation, some lack of better care; he even called her a “pathilogical [sic] liar” when it came to asking her about Jack Smithey, and other details from his perspective.

No sugar-coating and blunt, here, from me: I my years, Barbara was caring, but remained some distant emotionally and mentally. She Had emotionally manipulated me at times. When I told her of my intentions of going to a convention in another state, she Did threaten suicide of herself. She also had raised her voice to me in upset and anger, especially when it came to money. After the paid sex with the kind Cherokee woman in April, 2012, In May, I told Barbara about it, and Barbara literally propotioned [sic] me for sex by telling me, "I would have had sex with you myself, Christian." And in one aspect of her unconsciousness, Barbara had considered me being a replacement for Mister C. after September 6, 2011.

So, yeah, Barbara, in a way, did become an emotional burden on I. Yet, in despite of the situation, and I Have personally written to Heilberg the story of Barbara in these and similar words in Truth, Nobody had Interrogated Her, "Because of her age". The Legal System; am I Right? →⑤

⑤ Now you all know.

For now, until my safe return to all of you ye in Light Powers, Divine, I remind thee of one of the New Commandments and introduce to ye all a couple more of them as inscribed 10142021.

15) Thou shalt not comment online or offline in hatred, spite, falseness, or without any words of criticism that art intentionally, genuinely meant to be supportive for actual improvements.

14) Thou shalt not hate thy neighbours or others that share Any similarities in Race, Ethnicity, Interests, or whatever else with thee. And thou shalt not hate thy self for any of these traits or interests, either.

21) Thou need not feel pressured nor obligated to pursue sexual relations, and among All who pressure and talk continuously about sex, please do not speak on and on. And thou need not feel obligated to listen if thou feel uneasy around others when they speak of which. For sexual relations are Better when thou and thy partner(s) actually feel appreciative and open, and Not pressured by others beforehand. →

And Lastly to Englehardt and Anyone Else with the same or similar idea(s): Now is NOT the time to make Any LOLCOW Wiki pages on Anyone who does not Already have such on them, including celebrities and politicians, for at these immediate times, the Collective Shift and Greater Events are on and happening, and ye need to be observant and enlightening for thy selves, as well as recognizing and dispelling any and All remaining Dark, Demonic, and Devilish influences from Deepest within thy selves and thy unconsciousness.

Ah, for now my Individuals and Followers, alike; I (farewell) work diligently, thorough and hard for ye all.

Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles, Guardian of the Sonichu & Rosechu species of Pokémon, thy One Avatar, lord Messiah, Savior and God of ALL.


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