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Changing rainbows into the gates of Heaven only makes the implications even worse.

Chris, thinking himself as clever and believing he can change things without other people noticing, has extensively retconned the Sonichu canon. In literature, "retroactive continuity" is a conscious alteration within a story's canon to change established facts or events within its continuity. This is usually used in ongoing stories to accommodate further stories that would not have been possible without the change in continuity, or to resolve chronological errors. While many comics use retcons to this outcome through use of subsequent revelations, such as Marvel's Avengers Disassembled, or even large-scale cosmological events, such as DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths, these are usually plausible in-universe and are done for good reason. However, nigh all of the retcons that occur in Sonichu are sudden, unexplained and usually unnecessary, almost always having been changed because Chris changed his mind about something, wanted to shoehorn a contrived new plot into the comic, or because trolls told him to.


In the case of names, Chris changed many of them on the advice of Shigeru Miyamoto and Jay Z, who told Chris that they can't make a game with the names of real people. Even though he found out that Clyde Cash impersonated them, Chris has kept the name changes "just in case" Nintendo or Sega decides to pick up the game.

Some changes are a result of troll attacks, others come from Chris trying to appear to be a tolerant and law-abiding person when he has unwittingly depicted himself otherwise. Black Sonichu was renamed Blake after Chris was accused of being a racist. More notably, the iconic Sonichu Balls, which play a major role in the later comic issues, have become Sonichu Crystals, after "gay" "fans" and trolls pointed out that it's pretty gay for him to want to get as many BALLS as he can to FREE him. Likewise, the infamous "Rainbow Chris" image from Sub-Episode 2 was changed (bizarrely) to a background with the gates of Heaven when it was pointed out that rainbows are the international symbol of gay pride (unintentionally leading to the possible interpretation that his Love Quest is over because he's dead).

Another retcon, though more minor, is the updating of the Rosechus' "feminine physique". In several places, most notably in Sonichu #8, many of the female characters have had their breasts and vaginas more prominently outlined. This is probably a desperate attempt made by Chris to STAY STRAIGHT in the face of all those homosexual college professors, using Sonichu to support gay pride.

Chris has also altered the storyline in several places, such as the birth of Sonichu (explaining that they have aged in real time in the comics, due to complaints that 16-year-old Sonichu was having sex with 15-year-old Rosechu) and later adding that Sonichu and Rosechu got married, which would have justified their sex in Sonichu #8 (though Chris still fails to account that Rosechu would have been 17 when the two would have been married, which would still be statutory rape under Virginia law). Pressed to make peace with Mary Lee Walsh, Chris wrote a new story on CWCipedia about how she and Slaweel are two separate people, which defeats the purpose of needing a separate name for a separate Mary Lee Walsh. However, in the Official Videobooks, Chris accidentally used the name "Mary Lee Walsh" on several occasions before quickly correcting himself with "Slaweel Ryam".

Chris has also changed the ending to Sonichu 5, episode 13, where the original shows him and Megan hugging on page 50 followed by a disclaimer at the bottom of page 51. It says that Rosechu "sets the record straight" by clarifying that the hug "didn't happen for real". Likely due to Megan telling Chris to back off, page 50 was replaced with a closeup of Sailor Megtune's face, where she whines about how bad she feels for Chris, and Rosechu's speech was simply changed to a white box with the words "to be continued...". Interestingly, the version of the comics Chris posted on CWCipedia reflects the original, with both the hug and Rosechu's disclaimer intact, whereas the videobook version of episode 13 is the alternate one, with the grotesque closeup of Sailor Megtune's face and the edited page 51. In MyBuzz quizzes, Chris flat out points out that there is a difference between the "director's cut" and the other version.

Aside from retconning his own work, Chris also frequently attempts to "improve" the work of others. This mostly manifests itself in renaming of characters: Megan's character Megagi was originally called "Spunky Skunk", Ivy's Layla Flaaffy was originally called "Luckett[e]", etc. In the CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Chris takes things in another direction by trying to "fix" a fan's vastly superior artwork by redrawing it and making extremely minor changes. The most blatant moment, however, is in Sonichu #10, where Chris tries to rewrite the world of Asperchu to be substantially more one-dimensional and boring. This stems from his ludicrous belief that cartoon characters are real (as in, they literally exist on another plane of existence and the events in the comics have actual consequences), and he believes that he needs to "fix" his characters, lest the comics drawn by others somehow change them.

Chris has also attempted to retcon the actual events of his life, whenever convenient. While it's likely that many of the stories Chris tells of himself are fabrications or exaggerations, there is little evidence to support either theory. What can be proven, though, is Chris's alterations to his CWCipedia article for Simonla, which originally stated (correctly) that the character was a derivative of Evan's character, Simonchu. After Evan started to take legal action against Chris for his misappropriation of the character, Chris simply edited the page to claim otherwise. In fact, he claimed that Simonla was not based on Simonchu, and their myriad of similarities was entirely coincidental. He had simply credited Evan for the character because he was confused.

In order to not appear as a Pedofork for drawing Rule 34 involving the Chaotic Combo and Silvana, Chris retconned the birthdates by stating that the eggs traveled in time to 1989.[1]

"I'm not a pedofork you dorks!"

Chris has also attempted to retcon the name origin of Sonichu—he states in The Sonichu Chronicles, that Sonichu's name is NOT a portmanteau of Sonic and Pikachu, like it was "rumored", but rather a play on Sonic's "Japanese" name "Soniku"[sic].

After Jackie reprimanded Chris for his treatment of Alec Benson Leary in the controversial end to Sonichu #10, Chris changed the Asperpedia Four's fate in the comic. Now, instead of being executed, the four would be exiled to an Amish community for the rest of their lives. Chris showed off the new ending in a video from 30 October 2010, albeit in a very rough form even for Sonichu. He ultimately wouldn't finish the ending for five years, also changing most instances where Chris bashes homosexuality.

He would also go on to retcon Simonla's death multiple times. He first did this on Facebook in 2014, saying that he "revived her."[2] She officially returned at the end of A Sonichu Christmas, when it turns out that she survived the Voltorb attack from the previous book, thanks to a healing ability.

After getting in contact with the Idea Guys, Chris would make several changes to Sonichu canon. Mostly, this resulted in birthdates for some of the characters being changed to allude to pedophilia, Nazism, or the number 69, but it also established that there were 69 Electric Hedgehog Pokémon that came from the Chaotic Rainbow.

Name changes

The follow is a comprehensive list of name changes:

Before After
Bagget Dagget
Black Sonichu/Blachu Blake
CADD Chef Keneru-Meneth -CADD Chef-
Hanna Fandanna
Joseph Cole Smithey "Joe Cool" Smithey
Joseph Herring Joe Herr
Megan Schroeder Meg-chan
Mary Lee Walsh Slaweel Ryam, Slaweel the Witch
Merried Seinor Comic/Kirby Merried Seinor Comic
PVCC PVCCitizens
Piedmont Virginia Community College Prowldent Virginia Community College Percham Virginia Community College
Robotnik Ren Skysoar
Sarah Hammer Nicole Rammer
Sonichu Balls Sonichu Crystals, Sonichu Ball Crystals, Chaotic Crystals
Trojan Jimmy
Wes Iseli Walter Grisby

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