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Heather Iglesias

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CWCville, where the nannies cower in fear of accidentally showing their sexuality.

Heather Iglesias is the nanny of Sonichu and Rosechu's hideous secret children. While the busy parents are away murdering people at the behest of their creator, Heather makes sure the young Sonee and Roseys receive at least a modicum of parental upbringing. Heather gets paid from the monthly checks the Sonichu family receives.[1]

Heather is a Hispanic lesbian. In spite of her racial and sexual status, Sonichu and Rosechu have tasked her with the job of keeping the little horrors "safe" and "under her watchful eye."[2] As per Sonichu's by-proxy homophobia, she is explicitly instructed to conceal her sexuality from his children.

It is not disputed among trolls that Chris created Heather as a means of appearing less intolerant of homosexuals, similar to the Chris and race seen frequently on the Internet by racist, bigoted JERKS. All instances of homosexual characters prior to Heather were insane sexual deviants such as Naitsirhc. The fact that she is also Hispanic suggests that, like many terrible white male storytellers before him, Chris has tried to heap all of the token minority representation onto one insignificant character.

Chris originally despised homosexuals of either sex, but prior to creating Heather his views on lesbians completely reversed, due to exposure to them in pornography. As such, Chris could create an extremely peripheral homosexual character without much stress, although of course that character's sexuality is implied to be a horrifying and shameful liability that children shouldn't even know about.

She has never actually appeared in the comic, and it's not clear what has happened to her now that Chris has poisoned the water supply to get rid of all the homos/committed a second holocaust.

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