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This article is about Sonichu #14's redesignated plot on the Dimensional Merge. For the original plot on Count Graduon, see Sonichu #16

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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.

Sonichu #14
Cover Date: 26 June 2019
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 25 (incomplete so far)
Episodes: 1 (incomplete so far)
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #13
Sonichu #15

Sonichu #14, officially The Awakening of a CPU Book Two, is the 16th issue of the Sonichu comic series. On June 2019, Chris announced that Sonichu #14's plot would be reassigned. Instead of the comic being about Count Graduon's origin story, it would be instead about the Dimensional Merge (the episode of Count Graduon's origin story was instead assigned to Sonichu #16).[1]

This issue describes the events leading up to the Dimensional Merge, the event in which the two dimensions, 1218 and C-197, will merge into one dimension, 1C-211987. The first eight pages were released on 27 June 2019, successfully breaking Chris's 148-day-long artistic hiatus.[2]

Comic pages

Pages from Sonichu #14