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This article is about Sonichu #14's redesignated plot on the Dimensional Merge. For the original plot on Count Graduon, see Sonichu #16

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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.
Sonichu #14
Cover Date: 26 June 2019
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 25 (incomplete so far)
Episodes: 1 (incomplete so far)
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #13
Sonichu #15

Sonichu #14, officially The Awakening of a CPU Book Two, is the 16th issue of the Sonichu comic series. On June 2019, Chris announced that Sonichu #14's plot would be reassigned. Instead of the comic being about Count Graduon's origin story, it would be instead about the Dimensional Merge (the episode of Count Graduon's origin story was instead assigned to Sonichu #16).[1] Just like the previous issue, this comic is accompanied with large walls of expository text surrounding sparse drawings on each page. Whether or not Chris intends to make the comic easier to read by doing so is questionable.

This issue describes the events leading up to the Dimensional Merge, the event in which the two dimensions, 1218 and C-197, will merge into one dimension, 1C-211987. The first eight pages were released on 27 June 2019, successfully breaking Chris's 148-day-long artistic hiatus.[2] Due to Chris's recent legal troubles, it's pretty clear that this issue will not be completed anytime soon.

The Story so Far


The story begins with Chris briefly introducing himself as a one of The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus and his discovery of Universe C-197, where all the fictional characters exist peacefully. He then introduces Sonichu, Rosechu, and Magi-Chan and his future spouses.

Fast forward to the event of Sonichu 13, Chris recaps the events on his introduction of the CPUs goddesses of video game consoles and his "heroic" actions to save the denizens of his City-State and Equestria from the evil clutches of Joshua Wise and his OC, Johnson Wiles. Using the power of a magic Milk Dud (i.e. The Reality Stone), Chris would undo everything the Idea Guy changed Chris didn't like and punish him for it. Afterward, Chris accepted the mantle of Blue Heart, the CPU Goddesses of the Commodore consoles and the nation of Comma.

Fast forward again to the present, Chris would make claims of his increased psychic and electrical powers (actually his declining mental and physical health). This is due to the fact that he is one of the "Central Deity Conduits" for the Dimensional Merge, an event where the universe of 1218 and C-197 merge as one.

Chris then talks about his husband Magi-Chan in a text wall, who he claims knew before the Idea Guys' indoctrination. He looks back to BronyCon 2017, where he claimed Magi-Chan came along and even danced with him. He ends the spiel by thanking himself for surviving a bout of heartburn and wished by the time he finishes the comic, the Merge will be complete.

Chris (and Magi-Chan)'s Journey into his Mind

One empty page later and it's 28 June 2019, after rebuilding the Comma Basilicom and reactivating his and Scarlett's Sharicite in Cwcville, Chris saw a doctor for a follow-up for his Monday night traumas. The doctor diagnosed him with a gastrointestinal problem, but not before being wowed by Chris's demonstration of his psychic powers.

Two days later, Chris lost his consciousness in his sleep. With Chris now trapped in a state of dream-like limbo, his spouses, along with Princess Luna attempted to regain Chris's ability to lucid dream in vain. After failing to rescue Chris with the assistance of many deities, Magi-Chan decided to take a "direct approach" by taking his half-asleep hubby through a journey through his mind. Clearing out hordes of old, useless memories stored in Pokeballs to reach a special subspace where he and the other deities from all over the multiverse meet in a round-table. There, they would find a way for Chris to lucid dream again.

Chris vs Jakoba

Some point later, Jakoba, the Rokat god of war usurped the throne of the "God of Galaxy and Creation, Destruction" etc. In response, Chris calls upon the ponies Mary Sue and Gary Stu to depose and kill Jakoba, which they do so easily. The death of C-197's Jakoba would also cause a ripple effect in Universe 1218, where the Jakoba there would die across different timeline, wiping him from existence for good. After a one-sided vote, Mary Sue and Gary Stu would become acting gods for they plan to give Jakoba's title to someone more worthy.

BronyCon 2019

On 31 July 2019, after defeating Jakoba, Chris would sperg in great details on the day before his last BronyCon, which involves sleeping in irregular schedules, doing groceries, and using his "psychic powers" to communicate with his imaginary spouses and look into equally imaginary problems. The next day at 5:30 am, Chris, along with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, and Sylvana head out to Baltimore to attend BronyCon.

On their way, Chris had a sudden vision of a dark counterpart (implied to be an incarnation of his past comic self) and his army attempting to invade 14 Branchland Court to seize the many magic gems in his bedroom. Despite the efforts of Count Graduon and Mewtwo, who stayed behind, the two are forced to retreat and take the gems with them with the help of Magi-Chan.

Chris and his buddies arrived early, so they do several activities which include double-checking their schedules, eating their first churros, and taking selfies with a dozen fans. It was during this time where he met his friend Midnight Moonflower again. After checking out his hotel, Chris would meet several of his idols, most notably Mad Munchkin and DRWolf.

After lunch, Chris made it in time to witness the premiere of a MLP parody of the 1987 classic film The Princess Bride. Later, he would attend a motivational speaking panel where he would "learn" the values of turning trolling and criticism into something positive.

Day 2: Chris spends his day interacting many voice actresses and other notable fandom figures of MLP be in a form of getting autographs, trading items, and attending panels. After leaving for supper and changing into his cosplay gears, he made it in time to attend the Grand Galloping Gala, where he would sing and dance along. After dancing with his imaginary spouses like two years ago, Chris would meet up with his fans, attend a Brony fandom history panel, and went back to his hotel, looking forward to meet the TF2 Analysts tomorrow.

Chris then digresses into discussing how he briefly filled in the role of the RED Spy for the TF2 Analysts before describing the 3rd day of BronyCon. Arriving at 9 am, Chris attends the TF2 Analysts' panel, where he watched the first part of the episode "Red vs Blue" and meet and greeted as much members as possible.

After that, he got several autographs, including that of the franchise's creator Lauren Faust who he gave her gifts and asked questions over G1 of the series. Chris, along with a plush of Night Star, then attended Bronypalooza to attend a concert before attending Fiery Joker's Magic the Gathering panel. Chris would find inspiration in the panel, vowing to design a Sonichu and Night Star themed expansion.

Chris would spend the final day attempting to deliver gifts to the remaining members of the TF2 analysts before meeting and asking Silver Quill (a member) to do it for him. He attended one more panel and got one more autograph before heading home.

Comic pages

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