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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.
Well, that's pretty much what I expected.
Rosechu's Story creator Trickie, upon discovering that Chris ripped off her comic.[1]
Sonichu #15
Cover Date: 16 October 2017
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 60 (incomplete so far)
Episodes: 1 (incomplete so far)
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #14
Sonichu #16

Sonichu #15 is the 17th issue of Sonichu. It was announced by Chris on 17 October 2017, directly after he completed Sonichu #12. It is a "Retelling of the Classic First Three Episodes, BUT with More Details; More Commentary and Dialogue from Sonichu and Rosechu".[2] It is mainly influenced by both the comic Rosechu's Story and lore that Idea Guy put in Chris's head.

The cover is an alternate version of the infamous "Zap to the extreme!" cover on Sonichu #0, with a transgender Chris directing Sonichu, who responds, "Yes, I will!! Thank you, mother!!!". Chris believes that his art has improved in the 13 years between the two books.[3]



Sonichu 15 is basically Rosechu's Story but drawn in Chris's superior artform. It's pretty much pointless to post the entire plot of this issue once it's published. Just read Rosechu's Story instead just to get a better idea on what this issue's plot will be.

Ripping off Rosechu's Story comic

Chris shamelessly copied scenes, dialogue, and elements from a notable fan comic titled Rosechu's Story. Chris had previously read this comic prior, and even commented about it on Tumblr.


Chris made some minor alterations.

  • Dialogue - Chris makes several awkward dialogue changes.
Rosechu's Story Sonichu 15
"Yeah, right" "Ch-yeah, right"
"another Pokemon like me just showing up at the door?" "another Pokemon for my rose just showing up at the door?"
"Woah" "Woahly"
"For the love of -" "For the love of Arceus!"
"Seriously, Kel?? You never once noticed my tail is pointed?!" "Seriously, Kel?? You never once noticed my tail is pointed?! Much less, my wee-wee?"
"You sure put the little one through the wringer!" "You sure put the little on [sic] through the wringer! Her X-rays showed no fractured or broken bones at all."
  • Plot points

Originally, one of Chris's alterations was in deciding to depict the Raichu in his version of the story with a blunt tail (in the Pokémon games, this marks a Raichu as female), even though Rosechu's Story has a plot point about Rosechu having been born as a male. This was obviously Chris attempting to put his foot down on the much-debated and ridiculed topic of Rosechu's birth gender. However, Idea Guy convinced Chris that he was wrong and that Rosechu was really born a male[4], so Chris reversed his alteration in a 2019 revision.

Other storylines

Sonichu mourning the death of his parents, gassed to death.

Idea Guy's influence extends to the other storylines in the comic.

  • Magi-Chan explains Sonichu's history and destiny to him. Among the information given:
Sonichu's parents were gassed to death by Team Rocket's Koffing Pokemon.

Comic pages

Pages from Sonichu 15


Sonichu #15 Version Comparison
Page Number 2017 Version 2019 Version Notes
Sonichu 15 cover.jpg
Originally, the cover did not credit Trickie or Rosechu's Story.
For the 2019 revision, Chris scribbled a note in the corner reading: "Also complimenting of Trickie's book, "Rosechu's Story", with permission to quote that book for this one."
An understatement to say the least, as most of the book's imagery and writing is copied directly from Rosechu's Story.
SchuComic15Page1 draft.png
In the original 2017 page, Chris drew the Raichu that becomes Rosechu with a blunt tail. (in Pokémon lore, a blunt tail signifies a Raichu is female while a pointed tail signifies it is male). He similarly drew its pre-evolved form, Pikachu, with a heart-shaped tail for the same reason. It was to be a retcon of Sonichu 0, which depicted the Raichu with a pointed tail (as the Pokémon lore had not existed at the time).
However, later that year, Idea Guy told Chris that Rosechu was really born a male. When Chris returned to the comic in 2019, he followed Idea Guy's canon and revised the page to depict the Pikachu/Raichu with pointed tails (by drawing the tails on a separate page, cutting them out and gluing them over the original versions).
SchuComic15Page9 draft.jpg
Minor date change. The 2017 version gives 14 February 2003, as the date Rosechu and Sonichu meet; the 2019 version is revised to 7 February (with Chris writing the 7 on a slip of paper and gluing it over the previous date).