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Sonichu 15

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Chris has yet to complete this project due to stress.

Well, that's pretty much what I expected. It's not traced, so I guess that's something.


Rosechu's Story creator Trickie, upon discovering that Chris ripped off her comic.[1]

Sonichu #15
Sonichu 15 cover.jpg
Cover Date: 16 October 2017
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 2 (incomplete so far)
Episodes: 1 (incomplete so far)
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #14
Sonichu #16

Sonichu #15 was announced by Chris on 17 October 2017, directly after he completed Sonichu 12. It is a "Retelling of the Classic First Three Episodes, BUT with More Details; More Commentary and Dialogue from Sonichu and Rosechu.[2]"

The cover is an alternate version of the infamous "zap to the extreme" cover on Sonichu 0, with a transgender Chris directing Sonichu, who responds, "Yes, I will!! Thank you, mother!!!". Chris believes that his art has improved in the 13-year span between the two books.[3]

Comparing art between Sonichu 15 and fancomic Rosechu's Story.
An entire page is taken from Rosechu's Story, down to the dialogue.

The comic heavily steals scenes, dialogue and elements from a fancomic titled Rosechu's Story, which Chris had read and commented about on Tumblr. In doing so, Chris made an alteration, depicting the Raichu on his page with a blunt tail (in the Pokémon games, this marks a Raichu as female), yet Rosechu's Story has a plot point about Rosechu having been born as a male. Chris is deciding whether he wants Rosechu to be a female from birth or a transwoman.[4]

Comic pages


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