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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.
Well, that's pretty much what I expected.
Rosechu's Story creator Trickie, upon discovering that Chris ripped off her comic.[1]
Sonichu #0 HD
Sonichu book 0 hd cover by nightstarrosechu2891 dg6o1j5-pre.jpg
Cover Date: 16 October 2017
Page Count: 60 (so far)
Episodes: 1
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #14
Sonichu #16

Sonichu #0 HD, previously known as Sonichu #15, is the seventeenth issue of Sonichu. It is a mix of material plagiarised from a fan comic titled Rosechu's Story and lore brainwashed into Chris by the Idea Guys. Its cover is an alternate version of the infamous "Zap to the extreme!" cover on Sonichu #0, with a transgender Chris directing Sonichu, who responds, "Yes, I will!! Thank you, mother!!!"; Chris believes that his art has improved in the thirteen years between the two books.[2]

Due to Chris's recent legal troubles, it initially seemed that the issue would not be completed anytime soon. His return to DeviantArt and renumbering of the comic, however, makes it seem that he is planning on resuming work.

Production notes

Sonichu 15 was announced by Chris on 17 October 2017 directly after he completed Sonichu #12, put on hold during the Idea Guys saga, and resumed in July 2019 until Chris lost interest and abandoned the comic again.

It was intended as a "Retelling of the Classic First Three Episodes, BUT with More Details; More Commentary and Dialogue from Sonichu and Rosechu",[3] Days before the announcement, Chris learned of the fan comic Rosechu's Story.[4] Reading it on Tumblr, he enjoyed its story so much he decided to copy it for Sonichu 15, acknowledging the source material with a hastily scribbled note on the front cover.

Well, Christine has already indicated to me that she considers [Rosechu's Story] to be part of the chronicled history of the electric hedgehogs, and that all this stuff was in her brain somewhere, it just didn't come out until she read it in my comic. So even if I did make a fuss about it, she probably would've done this anyway and the only difference would be that I wouldn't get credit for it at all.
Rosechu's Story creator Trickie.[5]
Misleading advertising. A cover Chris drew for Rosechu's Story, with only the spine and fine print on the back cover crediting the actual author and illustrator.

In addition to ripping off Rosechu's Story, Chris also decided to monetize it for himself. In June 2019, Chris downloaded Rosechu's Story, drew a cover for it in his own artstyle, had it printed as a book through Lulu, and placed it into a lot of Sonichu comics for sale on Ebay[6] and also sold copies through

In August 2023, Chris uploaded a batch of artwork to his NightStarRosechu2891 DeviantART account. Among those were previously-unreleased colorized versions, and one unreleased page, of the comic. A revised version of the cover was also among the batch; in the newest cover, Chris had altered the comic number, by gluing a slip of paper on top of the page, changing the previous #15 to #0 HD.

On 15 April 2024, Chris posted an uncoloured page from the comic to Twitter, signed "Jesus Christine W. Chandler Sonichu Prime", as proof that he was still working on new Sonichu.[7]


Sonichu mourning his parents' death, an example of the lore introduced by the Idea Guys.

Chris's weaknesses at writing stories stands in contrast to the fan favorite Rosechu's Story. Despite extensively copying its scenes, Chris still managed to water down the comic's storyline and emotional impact by ignoring scenes of character conflict, inserting walls of text, revising dialogue to his taste, and breaking up the story flow by adding pages detailing an irrelevant portion of Sonichu's day.

Left, original tail. Right, Chris physically altered the page to conform with lore from the Idea Guys.

His most noteworthy change to the plot was in deciding to depict the Raichu with a blunt tail (in the Pokémon games, this marks a Raichu as female), even though Rosechu's Story's plot depended on Rosechu having been born male, in an obvious attempt to put his foot down on the much-debated-and-ridiculed topic of Rosechu's birth gender. However, the Idea Guys subsequently brainwashed Chris into believing that he was wrong and that Rosechu was really born male,[8] so Chris reversed his alteration in a 2019 revision.

Partway through Sonichu 15, at page 33, Chris ran out of material to adapt from Rosechu's Story and begins to tell Sonichu's backstory, featuring lore the Idea Guys had brainwashed into him during one of the comic's hiatuses, one example being Sonichu's parents had been gassed to death by Team Rocket's Koffing Pokémon. Art-wise, as soon as he shifted from copying Trickie's scenes, the composition instantly reverted back to Chris's typical style of characters with minimal backgrounds surrounded by text.

Comic pages

Pages from Sonichu 15


Sonichu #15 Version Comparison
Page Number 2017 Version 2019 Version 2023 Version Notes
Sonichu - Issue 15, Cover.jpg
Sonichu book 0 hd cover by nightstarrosechu2891 dg6o1j5-pre.jpg
The original cover did not credit Trickie or Rosechu's Story.
For the 2019 revision, Chris scribbled a note in the corner reading: "Also complimenting of Trickie's book, "Rosechu's Story", with permission to quote that book for this one." In 2023, the comic number was altered to "0 HD".
SchuComic15Page1 draft.png
Rosechu's tail as a Raichu is blunt in the 2017 original to show she is a natural female; her tail as a Pikachu is heart-shaped for the same reason. (This itself retconned Sonichu 0, which depicted the Raichu with a pointed tail because Nintendo did not draw male and female Raichus differently in 2000.) In Chris's 2019 revision, he followed Idea Guy's canon and revised the page to depict the Pikachu/Raichu with pointed tails (by drawing the tails on a separate page, cutting them out and gluing them over the original versions).
SchuComic15Page9 draft.jpg
Minor date change. The 2017 version gives 14 February 2003, as the date Rosechu and Sonichu meet; the 2019 version is revised to 7 February. Chris wrote the seven on a slip of paper and glued it over the previous date.
Dialogue in Rosechu's Story Revised in Sonichu 15
"Yeah, right" "Ch-yeah, right"
"another Pokemon like me just showing up at the door?" "another Pokemon for my rose just showing up at the door?"
"Woah" "Woahly"
"For the love of -" "For the love of Arceus!"
"Seriously, Kel?? You never once noticed my tail is pointed?!" "Seriously, Kel?? You never once noticed my tail is pointed?! Much less, my wee-wee?"
"You sure put the little one through the wringer!" "You sure put the little on [sic] through the wringer! Her X-rays showed no fractured or broken bones at all."