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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page lists the stuff Chris offered for sale in 2019. In addition, he also sold Sonichu comics printed through Lulu via Patreon.

Month Sales
January $454.88[1]
February $164.94[2]
March $289.93[3]
April $120.95[4]
May $324.95[5]
June $
July $
August $
September $
October $
November $
December $


M&Ms candy dispenser

On Twitter, Chris noted he was selling this on his mother's behalf:

Another fine collectible from my mother’s collection; she is yelling for the money again. Ugh!
  • Listed: 6 January
  • Price: $100
Ms Green, Blue & Red Animated Talking Telephone.jpg

Ms Green, Blue & Red Animated Talking Telephone

New In Box, this lovely animated landline telephone would make a Lovely Collectible and Gift for the M&Ms enthusiast. Telephone has never been used; works; complete with all included parts and instructions. This is not a candy dish and there is no candy included.


Chris Chan Sonichu’s Adidas Yellow/Blue Sneakers

Celebrity shoes5.jpg

Hey, Everyone, check it out! I had to get a new pair and colour them, so my previous pair, the second pair, of my coloured, stylish kicks, are now available for one lucky individual. These are Adidas Neo Cloudfoam, size 9. I personally autographed the inside soles in permanent ink, and a personal Certificate of Authenticity will be included.

Collectible Celebrity Sneakers can be yours, if you Buy It Now!

On Twitter, a fan expressed sticker shock. Chris replied:

Celebrity Shoes, dude! Hear how much Michael Jordan’s Kicks go for? BAM!


Rare coins

Chris prefaced the listings by tweeting:

We found and are listing a few rare coins; Coin Collectors, please consider helping my mom and I today. Thank You. ⚡️💙⚡️

1939 Mercury Dime

  • Listed: 26 April
  • Price: $15
  • Sold: 4 May

1969 Lincoln Memorial Penny

  • Listed: 26 April
  • Price: $6
  • Sold: 29 April
1969 S Lincoln Memorial Penny, Proof Coin, Copper, Imperfect Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

1928 Buffalo Nickel

  • Listed: 26 April
  • Price: $25
1928 BUFFALO NICKEL- SEMI-KEY !! HIGH GRADE !! Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

1929 Buffalo Nickel

  • Listed: 26 April
  • Price: $25
  • Sold: 27 April
1929 BUFFALO NICKEL- NO RESERVE !! GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED !! #F8687. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

For once, Chris chose to sell something of considerable interest and value to collectors, although it seems that he has significantly overpriced the coins. Contrary to Chris's descriptions of the items in their titles, the coins have not been graded by a numismatic authority (in coin collection, such ungraded coins are considered 'raw') making their actual condition unverified and therefore unvalued.


Rainbow Pride Throw Blanket

Rainbow Pride 50X60 Throw Blanket Super Soft Plush Fleece LGBTQIA Gay Pride .jpg

Rainbow Pride 50X60 Throw Blanket Super Soft Plush Fleece LGBTQIA Gay Pride. Condition is Pre-owned. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.


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