Happy Birthday, Jonathan

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Happy Birthday, Jonathan is a video Chris made on the 11th of June, 2016. In the video, Chris congratulates Jonathan for his birthday, then starts making unintelligible gibberish. After that, Chris ends the video with a second "Happy birthday!" Chris believes it to be another performance worth $50, even though it failed to meet the meager promise of a minute-long video.

According to a Kiwi Farms user named Vanillacone, who had bought the performance for a friend's birthday, Chris failed to spell the recipient's name (Johnathon) right. Regardless, Vanillacone claimed to be satisfied with the video, saying it was "money well spent." [1]


Happy Birthday, Jonathan
Stardate 11 June 2016
Subject Matter HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt White Tank TopWhite Tank Top White Tank Top
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Hello Jonathan, this is Christine Chandler, wishing you a happy birthday! Well, at least I hope I have not missed your birthday, if I did, happy bit late birthday. Hope you had good day, or hope you're having a good day, so... I don't know, umm.. [Starts singing unintelligible noises] doo doo doo, ah here ya go a happy singy song! I don't know I just [Starts wiggling his tongue, making a booloo sound.] Today! Weee! Have fun! Happy birthday!!


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