List of Chris's financial enablers

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Chris has gotten thousands from his audience over the years, in the form of donations and considerations. He has received thousands more in sales through storefronts such as eBay and Etsy.


Amount From Date received Details
A laptop computer A ween in N.C. August 2011 Chris spoke about it in Gratitude for a good person in N.C.. A common theory is that the laptop had been infected with a keylogger, but Chris outsmarted the ween by upgrading the computer.
$500 Kiwi Farms January 2014 Donated by fans after the house fire.[1]
$150 Fans September 2014 From a Kickstarter campaign in which Chris explicitly stated he would use it to buy Legos.[2]
$1,000 DStecks September 2015 Donated during the climax of his review series of Sonichu to fund the production of new pages for the comic; Chris used it to buy a new bed (arguably one of his only sensible purchases in recent years) but then failed to keep his side of the deal for almost two years.
$500 Kiwi Farms user Sonic Rainboom September 2015 Sent Chris a Visa card with $500.[3] Later admitted doing it to get "interesting content".[4]
Hundreds Mostly weens Summer 2016 During the Financhu Crisis, a pattern formed of Chris begging for money, then briefly stating that he had received donations before begging for more money.
$2,650 Selling Relics of Fail August 2016 onwards Megatron pistol ($50), Sonic Totem ($1,500), Pokéwalker of Fail ($100), ShecameforCWC ($1,000, as part of a set)
$4,816.43 Patreon December 2016 onwards Chris earns pledges from fans and weens every month.
$1,000 Selling binders of old Pokémon and UFS cards. January 2018 onwards Four binders of cards.[5] At least one was purchased by a seller hoping to resell the individual cards.
$100 Selling stained pages of Sonichu #14 February 2018 Literally selling trash.
$1,300 A fan named Jack Z[6] April 2018 Jack gave Chris $1,200 for a luxury trip to the 2018 BronyCon in the hopes that he would get to meet him there. Chris thanked him for the money in I have been paid to go; we’ll see if I can go (Seriously To Be Determined). Jack also paid $100 for a video (which Chris decided to bookend with unrelated begging announcements).
$1,000 Miss Cherry July 2018 Tried the pay-to-play method to being Chris next sweetheart and failing.
$391 Aly Hirschberg[7]. Summer 2018
it’s about 3 hours wages for me, I don’t mind spending that on some christory

During summer 2018, an anonymous 'vRS Davison' said in YouTube's comments section that she decided to spend $200 to buy an old blanket from Barb on eBay, because she somehow considered it to be a piece of "Christory".[8]

It evidently wasn't enough to pay a ridiculous sum of money for one blanket, as when Barb put more blankets up for sale,[9] vRS Davison purchased another one for $100, plus $25 shipping.[10] In October 2019, Aly Hirschberg would reveal that she purchased them through a US proxy.

In November 2019, she paid for a $41 set of TSSSF cards[11] and gave $50 for a Magi-Chan medallion[12].

$500 Jill Duncan[13] February 2019 A "Jill Duncan" pledged $500 per month to Chris's Patreon, asking to speak to Chris, then cancelled the pledge ten days later (but because Chris's Patreon account is set to "upfront payment", Chris still got the initial $500 and used it to purchase a replacement XBox). There is no indication Chris ever spoke to Jill, as she requested.
$400 Sarah and Steve Spring 2019 Bought Chris a Nintendo Switch ($300), gave him $100 on Patreon. Also claimed to have funded a room for him at the 2019 BronyCon ($600) but pulled it due to Chris not paying attention to them.
~$2,000 Joseph Draft April 2019 According to the creator of Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History, who was approached by Draft before the now infamous trailer was relisted, in order to get footage for a documentary, he had payed Chris and Barb an undisclosed amount.[14] Assuming that the Kickstarter was meant to cover the costs already made, the budgeted $2,000 as payment for the "collaborators"[15] is the maximum amount Chris and Barb could have been given, from the information available.
$200 David90637947 May 2019 Commissioned Chris via Twitter for a Sonichu medallion, shelling out $200 in order to get Chris's attention (medallions were $30 each when Chris sold them on Ebay). Became a Twitter white knight for Chris, until Chris mass blocked some perceived trolls, including David.
$600 BronyCon donor July 2019 After Chris repeatedly begged on Twitter for $600 to fund a hotel room after his previous plan fell through (crashing with Sarah and Steve, who had ghosted him earlier because Chris kept ignoring their messages), a fan donated to Chris[16].
Total ~$17,616.43