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ChrisReleasesAStatementRegardingJacobSockness is an MP3 audio file uploaded to Discord and posted by Chris to Twitter on 25 September 2019.[1]


When Chris got word that [Sockness] was going on a train trip, he asked me to record a message for him. After he uploaded the clip I made, people for once stopped trolling Chris and went after Sockness. And he was intercepted while he was on his way.
The WCT[2]

In 2019, this audio was posted by Chris to discourage Jacob Sockness from completing his trip to Ruckersville, VA. According to Watchmen member The WCT, he had recorded the clip at Chris's request.[2]

In 2021, WCT considered reusing the same tactic to discourage Sockness from interacting with Chris at Everfree Northwest,[3] however, Chris's arrest for incest made those plans moot.


Stardate 25 September 2019
Subject Matter Jacob Sockness
Saga JacobJacob
Audio Recordings
Sonichu Mania Livestream
Joey Vance


'kay, this is Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, and I- estend this message out to all the individuals who ha- who are actually not [audio cuts out sporadically] just all bark and no bite. Going to- wanting to intercept Jacob Sockness on his trip to Virginia, or to this point possibly back to California, 'cause I'm pretty much gonna tell him the, uh, visit is off. I want you all to intercept and talk with him. Thank [someone coughs in the background] you.

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