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CWCville propaganda poster

Operation BARBarossa was a plan, devised by the Idea Guys and implemented by a bullied, manipulated Chris on 14 November 2017, to combat the enemy forces of Gamindustri, after Silvana was allegedly taken hostage by Akan.[1] Actions included praying to the Gamindustri goddesses, playing the Hyperdimension Neptunia games and watching their anime, and dancing to Serbian nationalist music. Obviously, the event's name and contents had absolutely nothing at all to do with the German invasion of Russia in 1941, but was chosen in honor of Chris's mother.

Chris is not generally known for his expertise with black comedy, nor for his knowledge of history or government. His independent knowledge of the Nazis before and during all this was limited to that they were bad, and their emblem was the four-boomerang-shaped symbol. The jokes about prison camps, showers, ovens and dentists, which would be obvious to any American of his age who did not sleep through history class, went over his head entirely. However, the messages's writing style indicated that he was writing the bulk of them himself, rather than simply posting material written for him by someone else.

The sheer volume and density of atrocity jokes in Chris's posts were clearly intentional on someone's part, and were one of the first obvious clues pointing to the fact that Chris's naïveté was being exploited by trolls, who had gotten into Chris's "inner circle" and whom he trusted enough that he would not even bother with a basic internet search for the terms he is using. It would not be until January 2018, though, that the Idea Guys would begin to be unmasked, and months after that before the full scope of their damage was known.


On 15 November, Chris made a post claiming the operation had been a success, seeing Silvana's safe return, along with a peace treaty being made with Count Graduon, acquiring his troops and services. Prison camps to turn enemies into allies were made on the outskirts of Cwcville, which was, according to Chris, "full of large ovens to keep the people warm, and even top-notch dentistry with well trained doctors also running the clinic. The camps also have some of the best showers a prisoner can ask for; Shower Stalls with privacy walls."[2]


The post Facebook just recommended is appropriate for the Good News, with some bad, I have to share. Operation BARBarossa was well and good; Silvana Rosechu has been rescued. There was a battle of the war of our new common enemy that lasted the past couple of days. We lost a few good soldiers in the process; may they Rest In Peace, that their efforts were not in vain. Also, after Silvana got captured, until the mutual foe is down for good at least, Count Graduon and Cwcville’s Christine Weston Chandler signed a peace treaty, as Graduon offered his troops and services for the effort. The fight was North beyond Ruckersville, and the commander of the enemy waves were going to push the fight into Charlottesville. Thankfully, with the help of the CWC Defense Army Division, My Autobots, and my family, our large group kept the enemy back. Then, Christine initiated a Very Smart Operation: Fine Ol’ Solution. There were Cloakers and similar bad people of interest in Cwcville (not counting Graduon and his crew); they rounded the Cloakers and baddies up and in a Large plot of land Graduon donated, a Prison Camp with Great facilities for reforming the bad pawns to good people. After rounding up the Cloakers and bad guys there, our foes retreated! And our groups of Brave and Powerful Heroes are free to return to their homes and rest. Built on Cwcville’s soil, not in the city, though; outside of the city. Graduon donated a lot of land to build prison camps full of large ovens to keep the people warm, and even top-notch dentistry with well trained doctors also running the clinic. The camps also have some of the best showers a prisoner can ask for; Shower Stalls with privacy walls. We all in Charlottesville, Ruckersville, all places to the north of us, And the people of Cwcville can sleep more safely now. Your Shares to the Gamindustri Goddesses really helped us in this battle. Thank You, Everyone, for your Love, Kindness and most Generous Support! Please continue to offer your shares to them for any and all other future conflicts Here on our World, and in all of the Other Worlds, Realities and Dimensions. Have a Great Day, Earth! We’ve All Helped make it more safe!

On 16 November 2017, Chris made new posts on Twitter letting everyone know the names of his new prison camps. Almost all of the names can be matched to real prisons or concentration camps within history:

  • Camp X-Ray - Camp X-Ray was a temporary detention facility in Guantanamo, which saw the inmates transferred to Camp Delta in 2002.
  • Camp Delta - Camp Delta is an American detainment camp in Guantanamo that replaced the temporary facilities of Camp X-Ray.
  • Camp Omega - Camp Omega is likely a reference to a United States Naval Prison Facility located in Cuba, found in the Metal Gear franchise.
  • Black Dolphin - Black Dolphin Prison is located in Russia and is known as one of Russia's toughest prisons. It houses about 700 criminals, including child molesters, murderers, terrorists, cannibals, and serial killers.
  • Jonestown - Jonestown is located in Guyana, and was the site of the Jonestown Massacre, which saw the death of 909 people in 1978 due to cyanide poisoning.
  • Hilton - Hỏa Lò Prison was a prison used in Vietnam for political prisoners, and later for U.S. Prisoners of War during the Vietnam War. It was known to American POWs as the Hanoi Hilton.
  • Sandusky’s Trunk - Jerry Sandusky is an American convicted serial rapist, child molester and retired college football coach.
  • Vorkuta - Vorkuta is a coal mining town and the location of one of the largest gulags in Russia. On 19 July 1953, forced labor inmates initiated the Vorkuta uprising, desiring freedom, but the uprising was violently crushed by the camp's administration on 1 August 1953 after a non-violent standoff that lasted 2 weeks.
  • Kony Island - Joseph Kony is a warlord from Uganda who was infamous for trafficking children as soldiers and sex slaves, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. It may also be a pun to Coney Island, a famous destination in New York City.

On 29 November 2017, Chris finally acknowledged his strange choice of names by claiming that Count Graduon had written the posts himself, not Chris:

To Clarify for Everyone, I am Against Nazis, 100%. That post from two weeks ago; COUNT GRADUON, Himself, came up with those names and camps. Maybe HE is, but I, Miss Christine Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, USA, this Reality Here, Am Not a Damned White Supremest. So, Stop making me out for something that I am bloody not.

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