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Constant electricity through a quartz on a submarine causes the sonar, and that is with an unfocused, unenergized quartz. With the focused energies that have been collecting between the Gate Crystal and the Celestial Key, adding the spark into them will resonate very well into the portal area. Plus it has been foreseen in the prophecy: to activate the spark within the Goddess, she needs to create the spark that Merlin and his teammates made that separated the universes which will reverse the separation.
Chris explaining his thought process that sparking his quartz crystals will bring about the Dimensional Merge.[1]
this body is part electricity literally, so I could take it
Chris on the possibility of tasing himself, referencing the minute electric fields that can be overloaded to cause electrocution, resulting in injury or death.[2]
A signed stun gun that Praetor sold on their Etsy page.

A taser is a weapon capable of delivering an electric shock. Chris believed he could harness a taser's power as a means to activate the Dimensional Merge, wanting to use it to shock his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key magic quartz stones, believing the spark could open an interdimensional portal and therefore bring about the Merge.

This attempt to break the Iron Curtain led to controversy. Chris wanted to borrow Praetor's taser to conduct this experiment on his quartz crystals, which Praetor had a supply of as they wished to sell autographed tasers on their Etsy shop. While Praetor initially agreed to meet with him and supervise the experiment, the Watchmen white knight group opposed the plan, believing Chris's safety to be at risk, to which Chris responded by claiming it would be fine since he is part-electric.

A call between Watchmen, Caden of Praetor, and Chris took place, in which Val, a Watchmen member, jokingly told Chris to tase himself on video for the lulz. Chris volunteered himself, but Caden discouraged Chris, saying it is a bad idea.

Watchmen members Naught and MKRNightVee then launched a smear campaign against Praetor, creating and spreading rumors by taking out-of-context segments from conversations with Praetor and spinning those to create the impression Praetor wished to get Chris to use a taser/stun gun on himself, by omitting that it had been Watchmen member Val who had made the suggestion. This action in turn led to tension between the Watchmen group and Chris, who criticized the group's treatment towards Praetor.

Ultimately, Praetor cancelled plans to let Chris borrow their taser to shock his quartz crystals and the matter remains another of Chris's unresolved attempts to bring about the Merge. They also paused plans to sell the tasers in the wake of the Watchmen's actions, eventually putting them up for sale in 2022.


For the purposes of discussing Chris's intended use of a taser, it is important to make a distinction between tasers and stun guns, two terms that have been used interchangabley in discussions regarding it. While they share a similar function to deliver electrical shocks, tasers and stun guns differ in that a taser fires projectiles at a target to deliver the shock, whereas a stun gun uses direct contact with a target. (However, a taser can be used as a stun gun by removing the projectiles.) The two terms have sometimes been used interchangeably to describe Chris or Praetor's alleged plans, in particular from a rumor by Watchmen member MKR,[3][4] leading to confusion. In addition, Praetor has referred to plans to film a video involving a stun gun in November 2020[5] - it is unclear whether or not this is related to Chris's plan to use Praetor's taser on his quartz crystals in February 2021.[1] Praetor had also refered to stun guns as "tasers" when they sold them on their Etsy page during Chris's incarceration. In any event, no evidence has been found of Chris actually using either a stun gun or taser.

Nonetheless, Chris has applied magical thinking to his quartz crystals. Chris believed he could use two quartz crystals - a piece of quartz he has dubbed the "Gate Crystal", which can open a warp gate,[6] and a Lightning Struck Quartz piece he has dubbed the "Celestial Key", a component to the creation of this warp gate,[7] to open up portals through the use of piezoelectricity. Piezoelecticity is an electrical charge occurring from certain types of matter, such as crystals, to which mechanical energy is applied, such as striking a crystal.[8] Quartz crystals work with the piezoelectric effect. Chris believed that he could use a taser in order to achieve this, citing a Gaia article, which states how people from ancient civilizations may have used crystals to open up portals to other dimensions.[9][note 1]

Discussion of Taser Method

Chris citing a Gaia article of the existence of portals.

Chris has discussed his plans to shock his crystals on multiple ocassions, most prominently in the beginning of February 2021. On 2 February 2021, Chris had asked the Watchmen member Kyle for assistance on the matter, with the intent of gathering more information on how piezoelctricity works from him.[9] As Kyle explains how the phenomenon works, Chris cites the aforementioned article, to which Kyle states that no definite definitions were used in it, while Val calls it "bullshit but an interesting read". Chris had objected to these statements, getting flippant over Kyle's insistance of the questionable statements made in the article, telling him to "find your better sources to make this make sense in your logic, Dude." when Kyle tells him about finding credible sources.

Watchmen leader Naught then leaked a DM between him and Chris on the Kiwi Farms on 5 February 2021, claiming that he was doing this out of concern that Larry Vaughn is in on with Praetor in a supposed plot.[10][11] The conversation cites a prior attempt from Chris to create sparks with quartz crystals by striking them against his arms as far back as 2017. Another bit of the conversation has Chris claiming that he would meet with Caden Peck the following day about his plans to use a taser on his Gate Crystal quartz stone.

Watchmen's Confrontation towards Praetor

The shopping cart image Praetor posted.

Praetor is known for their sale of tasers on their Etsy page.

On 15 November 2020, the Praetor Instagram account posted an image of an online store's shopping cart.[5] Within the cart was 1 Pikachu mask and 1 VIPERTEK VTS-989 560 BV stun gun. Accompanying the post was the message:

As Praetor, we always work hard to produce the best videos we can. Good works are in progress!

After Naught had discussed with other Watchmen members about Chris's use of Praetor's tasers,[12] they have confronted Praetor on 8 Feburary 2021.[13] When a Watchman member accuses them - without proof - of trying to convince Chris to tase himself, Chris tries to convince them that using a taser was all his idea. However, the same Watchmen would still criticize Praetor for providing Chris access to such a device. The Watchman also asks Praetor if they had plans to film him using the taser. Following from this, the Watchmen Val and MKR had thrown insults at Caden, running the Praetor account.

Chris was in a call with the Praetor leader Caden Peck, and several Watchmen members. Naught had first shared a verison of the call that cut out much of the key context, claiming that the participants were primarily Praetor members. The WCT would however leak the full call on 30 June 2021, revealing the full context of the call, in that only Caden was involved.


A customer who bought a Taser item from Praetor's shop shows off a message written by Praetor, saying to record a video tazing people.

The Christuber GiBi, buying into the spin from the Watchmen, made a video which supposedly recounted all of the events leading up to this point, which instead helped the Watchmen spread their narrative. Chris responded to the video, stating that Praetor didn't convince him to use a taser, and that it was all his idea.[14]

On 13 February 2021, Chris had confronted the Watchmen for the way they have handled the situation with Praetor.

Following the drama regarding Chris's intended use of a taser, Praetor had decided to sell another stun gun on their Etsy page with the following description, supposedly meant to detail the intended purpose of the sale of tasers:[15]

Recent Christorians may recall the Taser Incident, where the Praetor group while working with Christine posted images of tasers onto their respective Instagrams and Twitters. Through leaked chats and discussion, it was hypothesized that the Praetor group was planning to tase Chris on video. This lead to a flurry of drama and doxing, and the tasers were forgotten.

The tasers had originally been intended for sale, as signed ones would be put out for purchase. To negate negative attention, they were boxed and stored away to wait until the smoke cleared. Now, these zappy little buggers are available for sale once again!

Each Taser is hand signed by Christine herself, emblazoned with her autograph and the iconic phrase "Zappin' it Up!" Per Christine's suggestion.

Now you too can zap it to the extreme. Handle with care, while these are collectables they can be recharged and may have residual charge left over.

Package comes with:
-Autographed Taser
-Charging cable

One of the people who bought the taser would mail it to the channel SuperMega, where they would unbox it on video[16].



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