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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during December 2020.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ), The WCT (@Neko Onyx (Kat)), and Val.

First Layer chats

Chris, the Watchmen, and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Discussing Opuscon789 and ProjectSNT

1-3 December 2020

Main article: The Place chats - ProjectSNT and Opuscon789#Discussing Opuscon789 and ProjectSNT

Rough Financial Moment

3 December 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Just went through a rough financial moment with Barb right now. Chris’ SSI came in for the month, but with the automatics that happened, and the overdraft fees, it fell $400 into the red, leaving us this time with $800. Had to give Barb less than usual this time around. I will check what I can cancel this month to spare the bank this month. But, as Magi-Chan will tell you, if he hasn’t already, this month is the month this body and us finally fully and safely traverse into C-197.

So, it’s a moot point, but I’ll see what I can shave off to spare the bank today. And Patreon was less than $30 this time around.

Smart move
I agree
Chris (as Sonichu)
That’s done, anyway. I’ve checked both the PayPal (first and foremost) and then the BoA transactions lists for the subscriptions that would have made the dents later this month in comparison based on the date.

Did what I could do for now.

I can’t state too much, but I am having massive amounts of visions and other dimensional and psychic links; it’s trying, and it can cause a bit of dizziness, but this body is really tough and does pull through.


Browsing Kiwi Farms

4-5 December 2020

Main article: The Place chats - ProjectSNT and Opuscon789#Browsing Kiwi Farms

Scheming against Opuscon and his fanfic

6 December 2020

Main article: The Place chats - ProjectSNT and Opuscon789#Scheming against Opuscon and his fanfic

Sleep Schedule

17 December 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
@everyone, ¡Buenas Días! 😊⚡️

For the first time in a long time, this body actually hit the hay around 9:00 pm last night; fell asleep in less than a half-hour or so (waiting on the Fitbit sync-up). Did have a wake-up call about 1:00 am and didn’t fall back asleep for an hour. And this body, regardless of sleep schedule, has a set wake-up time up to an hour before 8:30 am, because when Chris bought the Fitbit, she set an alarm in it to go off and buzz everyday at 8:30 am. The body always knew it was gonna go off, so that’s why.

No different today; woke up about 7:30 am; over a half-hour ago. This body feels very well-rested.

FitBit 16Dec20.png

Now maybe we can keep this type of day schedule consistent with this body.

But on the other hand, this change in the circadian rhythm was inevitable with the timing of the events and the Dimension Merge. Especially since this type of schedule will end up becoming mandatory for this body and us in it. And it is four days until our next big day from now.

We’re all very much pleased to say the least.

I need to meditate and analyze the dreams from last night. I’ll check back later.




17 December 2020

I found some of the crystals my great aunt had given me today, I thought I'd share since I know everyone likes crystals.

[posts an image]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Most of them look similar to each other. I think one of them is a simple quartz.

More Dreams

18 December 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#More Dreams

Chaotic Rainbow

21 December 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Chaotic Rainbow

Pebble Beach

22 December 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Pebble Beach

Infighting, Anime, and the Merge

24 December 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Infighting, Anime, and the Merge

Trollsona OCs

26 December 2020

Fun fact: You remember Clyde Cash? That OC that was misused to troll Chris?

Yeah, Clyde in C-197 actually has chronicled Each and Every individual in 1218 who played as him. And now with recent drawing, he's no longer human, but a really damaged red Sonichu.

"Julay"/BlueSpike chronicled the dude who played as them.

Blanca Weiss and Jiggliami chronicled their hooligans.

List goes on. The trolls who trolled Chris using an OC, the respective OC was chronicling and using them. Put that fact on Kiwi and see how many peoples reevaluate their respective trollsonas/OCs.


The Real Sonichu Fancomic

26 December 2020

Chris logs into his Kiwi Farms account to read a thread on The Real Sonichu

Naught recommends a fancomic, The Real Sonichu, to Chris. Naught and Chris discuss Count Graduon's role in the story. Chris tries to persuade Naught and Kyle to talk to imaginary friends.

You mentioned people on the farms and there's one person named blank, they continued their fanfic of yours.

The art is good.

I like them because unlike Cedric and others they don't use the art to try and antagonize you

Minus my own personality on things like amateur nuclear research, which has almost zero practical use.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Fanfic of me or Chris, and is it good and kind-hearted, or malicious and gory?
It's a little edgy, not needlessly

I like it since I'm a fan of count graduon

Should have drawn the villain I had for the dating sim, or even done any work at all on it.
[posts a page from The Real Sonichu]
Chris (as Sonichu)
@ภคยﻮђՇ, Chris says you could do very well with talking with Graduon; fortunately, he is working with us as well. Feel free to project and talk with him; he’s in his castle built in Maryland.
Fitting place for him
Chris (as Sonichu)
Is that an excerpt from the fanfic you mentioned?
Always wanted to design a fortress.
Chris (as Sonichu)
It’s caught our interest. Can you send us a link, please, Bismuth?
Blank posts them here

[posts a Kiwi Farms link to a thread on The Real Sonichu]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Although, Graduon is still human, and not a Sonichu, much less one with a checkered pattern.
Something happened in the story to make him that way, I forget what, it's been going on for a while.
The idea of alternative perceptions means some level of skepticism is permissible.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Hence the alternate dimension placement.

He’s got the pages on imagur; links to which are on page one of the thread.

[posts a Kiwi Farms link to a thread on The Real Sonichu]

Or just the idea that the verification of a single location is also subject to mistakes and some factors are less certain, there are things which can be verifiably false or made up. So quality helps.

Portal had those kind of things with the PETI program, although it was mostly just goofy.

Probably the only significant one is the one where Half Life never happens.

Although mostly demonstrating that even Cave was only kind of an idiot on a smaller scale.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Checked the earlier book; some of these pages have been seen by Chris and this pair of eyes before, so not totally new, except for the two pages blank uploaded recently. By the way, Robertchu and Graduon are separate individuals, but I see where the dude was coming from wherein that alternate dimension, instead of finding a very matching body amongst his army of !revived individuals who became his Jerkops and Janekops less than a decade ago, that dimension’s Graduon possessed their Robertchu, instead.
Yeah, I liked that twist
Chris (as Sonichu)
Actually, I recall hearing from Mister C. that he was having nightmares of him and Graduon being one in the same shortly before Chris and I body-swapped last March.

But unlike in that dimension, our Chris, here, has smartened and toughened up, and is set to do right for, by and with everyone during this time, during the merge, and post-merge.

She’s been working diligently and tough; even writing and drawing new “Sonichu” books, and even rewriting/redrawing in expanding on the previous ones.

Now, though, think about this:

Regardless of her being in my body, she has also chronicled a few books about 1218, me, all of you and everyone else here, side-books from the “Sonichu” set, but still very much canon. She’s tested her abilities and confirmed their happenings here from the Sonic statue in the forest being restored, to the recent gingerbread monolith and rainbow, and so on.

She’s shaping up this dimension for the better over the past month and a half now.

And she’s been doing all of that within her subspace, FTL, and taking her time within each and every literal millisecond.

Would be interesting to read.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Read? You’re living it right now as we speak.
Well, that too, alternate perspectives and accuracy I guess.
Chris (as Sonichu)
She’s also used her soulful goddess and psychic abilities to foresee and see everything in the present and past, and she’s consulted with Magi-Chan and Mewtwo, so everything works out without any repercussions, or with minimal damage and no more.
In what way?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Positive and good way as possible. But, I’ll make this easier on you, Kyle: talk with Kyle and Kylechu in C-197; they’ve asked and got their respective answers. They can help you out too.
For some reason I forgot the other one.
Is it both or one and the same?


Chris (as Sonichu)
[quotes Kyle's "Is it both or one and the same?" remark]

Reconnect with them, and then you tell me.

Whether do to actual lack of clarity, or just some kind of actual personal concern I'd have with that, I'd have reservations on accuracy.

@Sonichu982 And even what I'd look for, superficial or otherwise.

Chris (as Sonichu)
For now, all I can tell you, Kyle, is to be open for the wisdoms and details from the Cosmos and your self-counterparts, as well as the ally deities and psychics. I am feeling overwhelmed at the time with my heavy share of present duties and tasks. I am getting this body, safely alive and well to Cwcville.

Scary Barbara and Cirrusfire Rant

27 December 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Barbara scares me.

How deep asleep can you be in order to not hear your own two dogs Barking and Howling, in the same room, when I can hear both of them from downstairs? Because Barbara, while she is confirmed still alive, was That deep asleep. And she could hear me speak loud and clear. (edited)

Is her hearing not as good as yours?

because that is something that elder people struggle with.

Chris (as Sonichu)
She can hear me loud and clear, so I’d say her hearing is good.

And the way her face looked while asleep, it scared me.

maybe she's not too bothered by it or something.

I too get annoyed when my dog barks loudly.

Chris (as Sonichu)
This body is screaming tonight, breaking the Iron Curtain, so I and it can finally get to Cwcville, safe, alive and well.

Another thing that pissed me off earlier tonight:

27Dec20 Gamebanana screencap.jpg

Cirrusfire did a major ass thing.

Chris (as Sonichu)
And you know his response when I addressed him about it?

Just because you have me credit in the notes doesn't mean you can republish my work. Secondly yes it's your character that I mainly made for a comic dub that was long since cancelled 2 years ago, and it's why I did my own voice acting.. it's authentic to my own project, I have you permission to make your own voice mod which is fine and dandy and you can release the voice mod separate and for those that wish to use it can download it, also. I'm not famous, if I was cool but it'd be on my own accord, and not for a sonichu mod .. but once again having your own voice mod is chill, but when I made it originally it took hours to animate and work on, models, textures. I put all that time and effort in.

I can’t even think too clear to respond to that, due to the pressing issues with the dimension merge, and Barbara just now.

I’m feeling stressed.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that.

Some people can be just selfish.

Chris (as Sonichu)
And totally ungrateful

I am sick and tired of the ungrateful, selfish idiots of this dimension. I can only thank Chris Chan and the other deities that they do not make up the majority of the population. But they are real bull-shitters on everyone.

[A half-hour later]

Chris (as Sonichu)
The moon is full tonight. It shines through the bedroom window.

27Dec20 Window.jpg

Lainchu (Anaxis)

Looks like the sun in the night sky.

Almost like the Star of Bethlehem. ⭐
I like it, for some reason I'm reminded of a scene from a video game I played as a child. "I spy spooky mansion" it was a fun game.

[Hours later]

I mean, did they agree to the use of their work in the first place?

@MKR That's a good one.

[Hours later]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Cirrus did give an okay when I talked with him much earlier.

Also, If any of you all are sensing anything coming from our direction, here, towards yours, please let me know. Trying again to break through the Iron Curtain to walk with this body into C-197 and get to Cwcville.

On a positive result; the power went out in the house for about ten seconds or so twice this afternoon during all of that, and there was no rain or incriment weather around at all today in 1218.

At least Weather Channel app verified that.


The Avatar State

28 December 2020

In this conversation, Chris discusses with the Watchmen member Kyle about his discovery of "deeper meditation" or what he calls "The Avatar State", a concept apparently introduced to him by the Praetor member Isabella Janke. The conversation also provides hints as to what his relations to Bella may have been like prior to his arrest. While Kyle describes the animation she made as being "the gratuitous porny one" and her as a "sycophant", Chris appears to have held a much more favorable opinion of her.

Hey, y'all. Today was yet another real doozy with a bunch more constant meditation. I've ended up learning about the deeper meditation that this body tends to do at times that I, as the soul host during this time, or Chris if she was in this body, can resume control and take advantage of. Borrowing the term from the Nickelodeon show: being in the Avatar State.
So, like a remote desktop?
The term was brought to my attention today by Bella, and it piqued my curiosity, so I looked up its definition; even saw the episode titled "The Avatar State". What this is similar to what happens. It involves Chris Core (of the Solar Plexus (to correct the misunderstood chakra term of Sacral; that's below the Solar and above the Root) essentially taking over conscious control of the body and brain, and even able to access the powers and abilities from deeper within the body.

So, yeah, I have this topic some further thought. This can also be comparable to when Star Butterfly transformed and flew through portals in her sleep for a time; her Star Core, if you will, taking conscious control over the body while Star, herself, was temporarily disabled and unconscious.

Also watched the movie "Soul" on Disney+ today; really good movie.

Lainchu (Anaxis)
Who is Bella?
As for me, though, not totally unconscious, but left in observation mode while Chris Core had control of the body in the Avatar State (I feel like there is a different term synonymous to that), I remain somewhat conscious. And I can regain control should I fell need to and have a reason.
One of our Praetor group friends, she's the one who made up the lovely animation:
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Ah, I see

[Chris linked to Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation]

Hopefully not the one who made those mock edits to the speech.

Oh ya, the gratuitous porny one?

We are not judging, plus she's actually cool to talk with.
Judgement is good, sycophants are cheap.
Anyway, pretty much a let-you-know on this bit of progress in figuring out the further details of Chris' body's abilities and powers.

The Merge is On

31 December 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#The Merge is On

Vital Lesson Time

31 December 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Vital Lesson Time

Second Layer chats

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

Dox of Opuscon

6 December 2020

Main article: The Place chats - ProjectSNT and Opuscon789#Dox of Opuscon

MKR Continues Complaining About Moderator Removal

19 December 2020[1]

MKRNightVee 10:42 PM
@Lainchu how much do I have to buttfuck you to get mod? Lel
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:44 PM
MKRNightVee 10:45 PM
You know mokousmug[2]
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:46 PM
Sorry, but I can't give mod if you're not going to actually moderate the server

Besides, I thought you hated the cwcki server?

MKRNightVee 10:47 PM
No one actually fucking moderates the server.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:48 PM
Look, like I've said before, if you want to keep an eye on users there, that's fine as long as you follow the rules

You don't need a mod role for that

MKRNightVee 10:48 PM
I just don't see why I can't be a mod if you're going to give it out to anyone who gives you tardbucks?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:48 PM
I can tell you that the mods aren't conspiring against us
MKRNightVee 10:49 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:49 PM
[Replying to "I just don't see why I can't be a mod if you're going to give it out to anyone who gives you tardbucks?"]

We don't

MKRNightVee 10:49 PM
You do tho
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:49 PM
I don't know what to tell you

I'm telling the truth lol

MKRNightVee 10:50 PM
Just makes me wonder what else you might be lying about?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:50 PM
I haven't lied about anything

I get that you didn't like the fact that you were removed from the modstaff without warning, and I'm sorry about that, but it took you something like 3 months to notice because you were inactive there

It wasn't malicious, we just had a change in how we ran things, and since you didn't seem to care (until recently) we didn't say anything

MKRNightVee 10:55 PM
Hmm 🤔
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:57 PM
You can be suspicious all you want, I've told you the truth several times over at this point, and clearly nothing I say will make you believe me
MKRNightVee 10:58 PM
Then why not restore it? (edited)

Get rid of one of the payfags?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:00 PM
1. I can't give you mod if you're not going to actually moderate, as I've said already

2. Nobody has paid to become a mod

And again, why do you even want it? Clearly you don't like the server.

MKRNightVee 11:00 PM
You say that but I don't believe I've ever said I hated it.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:01 PM
[Quoting "The cwcki discord on the other hand is a cesspool of retardation. Lol"]
MKRNightVee 11:01 PM
Yes, but I didn't say I hated it

I like that part about it

Why would I be here helping Chris chan if I wasn't a fan of retards?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:03 PM
Fair enough

But if you believe that we let people pay their way in (which we don't), how is me granting you mod powers "just 'cause" any better?

MKRNightVee 11:05 PM
Because they were given to me by your predecessor and you took them away without so much as asking me first.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:05 PM
That same predecessor was the one who took it away, not me
MKRNightVee 11:06 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:06 PM
I was part of the discussion about removing mod roles from non-mods, but the decision was his, not mine

I wasn't the owner at the time

MKRNightVee 11:06 PM
I doubt they would not have contacted me?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:06 PM
I'm just upholding the policy
MKRNightVee 11:07 PM
It's a discord server not a business ya dope.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:07 PM
Doesn't matter, I agree with it

I can only apologize about what happened, but the policy hasn't changed

MKRNightVee 11:08 PM
Hmm do you have evidence to back up it was in fact his decision to do so?

I don't believe he would have without telling us.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:08 PM

Yeah, he did

We did it to several people who we believed were inactive

MKRNightVee 11:09 PM
Inactive> threat
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:10 PM
Can I ask again: why do you want it?
MKRNightVee 11:10 PM
Why do you think I want it?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:10 PM
I don't know, but I don't think it's for moderation

You didn't seem that interested in doing that last time

That's why you were removed in the first place

MKRNightVee 11:11 PM
I think you're deflecting again
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:12 PM
You're the one who isn't answering the question lol

Just tell me why you want it

MKRNightVee 11:12 PM
Because you took it away

As far as inactivity is concerned, I have to leave my discord on offline mode

Otherwise the weens ping it more

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:13 PM
[Replying to "Because you took it away"]

I'm sorry, but that reason isn't good enough

I know you're upset that it was taken, but I can't give it back just because you want it

MKRNightVee 11:14 PM
You can actually

That's how discord works


MKRNightVee 11:25 PM
[YouTube link to "Why the fuck you lying vine" by Beastlyprogamer]


It's for you

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:26 PM
The answer is no

I'm not gonna change my mind

MKRNightVee 11:26 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:26 PM
It's not personal

Just the way we run things

MKRNightVee 11:26 PM
Seems pretty personal?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:26 PM
You aren't getting any less information than I am
MKRNightVee 11:27 PM
I doubt that.

But this wasn't about information, it was about you taking away a thing I had without telling me. That's pretty rude bro

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:28 PM
Again, it wasn't me

And again, I apologized

MKRNightVee 11:28 PM
Not a good one
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:29 PM
And let's face it, if I had told you, would you have just accepted it and not be asking for it back anyway?
MKRNightVee 11:29 PM

Chris Argues in The WCT's Favor and The WCT is Unbanned

24 December 2020[1]

Naught 02:11 PM
Wct fucking told on us


I gave cat a limited role

Top part only

Val 02:26 PM
Kyle 02:27 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ And now he's finally on the level with Chris, as he always wanted.
Naught 02:27 PM
Kyle 02:28 PM
Who am I to argue, he ain't that bright.

See if Dana wants to fuck him or something.

But it ain't like Chris to mention this out of the blue...

Naught 02:29 PM
Kyle 02:29 PM
Did Kat bitch to him?
Naught 02:29 PM
MKRNightVee 02:29 PM
Kyle 02:30 PM
Spycraft is fun.
Naught 02:49 PM
Naught 02:59 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:27 PM
What happened with WCT anyway? Was he really kicked for the info leaking and politisperging, or was that just what was told to him and chris?
Naught 04:29 PM
Yeah, namedrops too much
Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:36 PM
Naught 04:37 PM
Saying he hangs out with cwc in a server
Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:37 PM
Oh, I see
MKRNightVee 09:05 PM
Leaking info is bad

Chris's "Avatar State" and Bella, New Age Discussion, Nova and MKR Distrust Praetor

28 December 2020[1]

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:46 PM
So now Chris is ripping from Avatar?

Good source to rip off, I guess

Who's Bella?

Kyle 09:48 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:50 PM
Bella is a Praetor, huh? One of them made that animation?

I wonder if she's the blonde one

Kyle 09:51 PM
Praetor is talking about the lore and trying to influence it, this is pretty disturbing.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:15 PM
One of the few times I can give a relatively direct answer to Chris's question, since I'm familiar with the referenced show for once lol
Kyle 10:16 PM
I've never bothered with anime, I do well enough pulling off wikis.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:27 PM
Technically not anime, it's western made