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The Place chats (December 2020)#Scary Barbara and Cirrusfire Rant

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
Why do the handful of people in this dimension have to be so freaking ungrateful and selfish, including you?
Chris to the person he appropriated a Sonichu mod from.
The Sonichu mod Chris uses, also briefly his Twitter avatar.

Sonic World is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game which can be modded with characters. In October 2020, Chris joined Sonic World DX Lounge, its Discord group, and requested Sonichu-themed mods. He also recorded lines for Sonichu, Chris Chan Sonichu, Magi-Chan, and Rosechu. Chris also requested a mod be made of ProjectSNT due to his continuing obsession over her.[1]

In December 2020, Chris noticed a fanmade mod of Sonichu and requested to get in contact with the modder, in order to add his own voice clips and details to the Sonichu character mod. Without acquiring permission, Chris appropriated the Sonichu mod, replaced the creator's voice clips with his own, replaced the bio, and re-posted the mod under his account to GameBanana. Chris reposting mods without permission got his submissions to GameBanana flagged and his account kicked from the Sonic World DX Discord group.[2] Following a confrontation over Discord DMs with the mod creator, Chris was banned from the Discord group.

GameBanana mods

A LOT of gaming Mods are just simple texture changes; you should know that better than anyone. Your demaning commentary is just hateful, and I simply do not like you flagging our content. You will be judged.

Sonichu Prime, Dimension C-197

Chris's message to various users.[3]
GameBanana Screenshot.png

On 26 November 2020, Chris joined the GameBanana modding community as CWCSonichu, and started uploading mods to the website.[4] Chris’s submissions shortly ran into trouble with the community, mostly for not crediting the original author,[5][6] or spamming.[7][8] As of 28 December 2020:[9]

  • Three mods were taken down for having more than four flags, and were later deleted by Chris with the reason given as: “Chris Chan Sonichu, herself, commanded it so for now”.[10]
  • Two were deleted by him, with the reason given as: “Have my reasons”.[11]
  • One mod was deleted, after a complaint by the original artist.

Human Form Modern & Classic Chris Chan Sonichu Mod

The recolored Kale-as-CWC mod.
Super Saiyan form.

Chris made this mod, recoloring a model of Kale from Dragon Ball, which was flagged for being spam. He wrote an angry description on it.[12]

**BEFORE you go off typing in the comments section, know that A. I am fully aware of the Mods I've been uploading being essentially texture changes, but they all do have different and new voice clips that you all are missing out on by not being able to download the Mods for yourselves. B. I know the pictures are bad, I do not know what button to press on this laptop to screen cap better. If I did, I certainly would have done so already. And C. I know you damned bunch of Hater and bad Trolls are here on the hunt of just about anything that is Chris Chan or Sonichu related, well this is not your place to hate on what we have on here. AND a lot of Mods for just about any game are retextures and revoices, but you do not see anyone that is not a hater or bad complaining. I do not. There is no difference between Skin and Texture, because it's essentially basing off of an existing character base from the original game. Therefore, all of you Julay-effing-lovers can shut the hell up.

With that said, this is a retextured Mod of a DBZ fighter to represent Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu in her Human form; you get her in two variants: her present attire, and her classic shirt. They both respectively have different sets of voice clips. New ones that are memeable on the Classic variant. And the Modern one has three Bonus voice clips within its folder. And they each are wearing the signature Sonichu Medallion, even though it doesn't show so easy in the above photographs.

Download today, Do Not Complain, Comment nor Flag this Mod, and enjoy. Okay? I, Sonichu Prime, have just had it about up to beyond seven feet with this dimension and you poisonous lot. And I know you all are just laughing it up for the freaking LULZ reading this, but mark my words: you all will be judged and sentenced by Chris Chan, herself, and the other deities as well.

And one more thing, I genuinely am not on this website for any freaking points; I am only using this platform for sharing these add-ons with you all. Good day.

Chris’s diatribe did not prevent the mod from being taken down for improper crediting and using the wrong category on 17 December 2020.[13]

Sonichu Mod (personally updated)

On the same day, it emerged that Sonichu Mod (personally updated), one of Chris’s mods that was also featured on GameBanana, was stolen from a modder called CirrusFire, who created the model with Sack Tree back in 2017:[6][14]

Cirrusfire: Would have been nice you would have gotten permission to repost this mod with a slightly altered voice mod, I put a lot of effort into the model and animations way back when.. If anything you could have just posted a "Original Official voice Mod pack" to put in the mod I already made.
Blur of Blue: huh... so he never got permission AND is posting lazy recolors of this!? I'm kinda not surprised though...

On 21 December 2020, the mod was removed:[15]

YellowJello: The original creator of this model has requested that we take down this page because sufficient permission was not given to release the mod.

Twitter response

On 20 December, Chris took to Twitter to, in his own words, "[set] a record straight" and address the situation. What resulted was Chris denying that he stole mods by claiming that he gave credit to the original creators (forgetting that he still recycled the mods without their permission beforehand) and spending most of the tweets nitpicking other mods and invoking his belief that he had swapped bodies with Sonichu as an excuse for his actions.[16]

I am still learning and figuring this out; cut me some slack, please, I was born a Pichu in the wild, had to grow up quick and hard in early 2003, and worked very hard and tough with Rosey and the others defending Cwcville, helping out the rest of the Earth, checked out other dimensions and timelines and so on in missions, and presently still talking with you all from within Chris Chan’s body after eight and a half-plus months since the body-swap, last March.

Confronting Cirrusfire over DMs

On 26 December 2020, Chris, during his phase of role-playing as Sonichu, confronted Cirrusfire over Discord DMs. The DMs were later leaked by Deez, the admin of the Sonic World Discord group, who banned Chris over the confrontation.[17]

Chris's messages are in yellow; Cirrusfire's in green.

Cirrus, I wish to talk with you. The Sonichu Mod was forced into trash from Gamebanana.

[Chris sends a cap of the GameBanana deletion]

Look, for one thing, I gave you credit in the notes of the Mod. Second, I am Sonichu Prime; the one-and-only individual that mod was inspired and made from. Third, Christine is the main owner of our IP and all that.

I get it, I should have talked with you sooner about this, but I had thought things were cool, since this was a non-profit bit of data that was personally updated and made authentic, and as the individual who made the thing, I had thought you would be humbled and honored to have been made famous by our action of sharing your contribution to the communities. But for whatever reasoning that we can resolve to restore this, I am willing to listen. But, dude, in this misconduct after the fact of my own generosity to make the mod better, 1 personally feel rejected, and it really hurts.

Just because you have me credit in the notes doesn't mean you can republish my work. Secondly yes it's your character that I mainly made for a comic dub that was long since cancelled 2 years ago, and it's why I did my own voice acting.. it's authentic to my own project, I have you permission to make your own voice mod which is fine and dandy and you can release the voice mod separate and for those that wish to use it can download it, also. I'm not famous, if I was cool but it'd be on my own accord, and not for a sonichu mod.. but once again having your own voice mod is chill, but when I made it originally it took hours to animate and work on, models, textures. I put all that time and effort in.
[cutoff] Mod, and uploaded them separately from the Mod, people would still need the Mod to put with the files. If it were you, and you did not know where to download the Mod to go with these voice and bio files, it would be just about garbage to you. So, yeah, the mod would have to be there with the voice and bio files. I'll let you ponder and stew over that. What you did will be judged upon you by Chris, herself; what you did was most ungrateful and selfish. (edited)

And to add, no money was being made at all from this. Sonic World is a free to play game, and so are all of the Mods. A Mod should only be reported if the person is actually making any money off of the Mod itself. And a retexture is a retexture; it should not be a freaking matter, because the thing is Free. Why do the handful of people in this dimension have to be so freaking ungrateful and selfish, including you?

It's my project, my model, you don't get to justify texturing, also it's a rule in the sonic world discord server so maybe you should "ponder and stew" for being ungrateful and selfish for not just being satisfied for a mod that was meant for everyone to enjoy- also so people would 'know' you could easily drop my mod link with your voice and bio mod, BAM that's literally okay. And it's not ungrateful or selfish. I didn't have to release the mod at all, a lot of people don't release their mods for this exact reason, people like you will take and repost and others will instantly think you did everything when all you did was change voice files and a bio

Demo Audio Track

This video, and the lines in it were shared via Google Drive by Chris to the Sonic World DX Discord group.

It contains lines for Rosechu, Sonichu and Magi-Chan.

Myrec_20-11-17_at_18 15 11
Stardate 17 November 2020
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation
Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian


Chris: Hey Sonic World players! This is Sonichu coming to you live from Christine's body. From Mama Chris-Chan's body, I mean- if y'all have been-keep payin' attention on her Twitter and recently on our YouTube! Yeah, you would definitely gotten the message that we had swapped bodies like months ago, SEVEN MONTHS! Anyway, so for the demo samples for... our voicing on the... project of our c-characters for our mods in Sonic World. And by the way I wanna add that for the special abilities if you se-s'apparently Mar-ma- honestly Mario can have his word-wording of his special abilities changed like what RB does. [short sigh] Ah. I mean it says Sonic Wind it should be like something like Thundershock or Thunderboat and instead of Whirlwind it would be- i-it should b-be something like Discharge. And if possible lightning bolts give us some lightning bolts instead of... wind imagery t'for our output. Izzay-yeah I no doubt it would be much or too much I mean at least cha- at least change the names of our specials in the list. In our list. Et-that's just hear near or hear Alright so anyway, you're hear me, this is Sonichu, I'll give you a few my-give you a few of my catchphrases:

Sonichu: Let's zap it up!

Sonichu: Zap it to the extreme!

[clicking noise, likely Chris's jewelry]

Sonichu: I do it for my friends, I do it for my mama.

[the clinking noise stays interspersed between lines for the rest of the video]

Sonichu: Ipledgemyloyalty to Chris-Chan.

[silence, save for static and the clinking]

Sonichu: If only Rosey was here!

Sonichu: in an unidentifiable accent with a lisp Ey, ruth! 'Ello!

Sonichu: Aaaag!

Sonichu: Ow-sty scrap!

Sonichu: A-he-awesome!

Sonichu: We're really zappin' it up together!

Sonichu: Eh. I coulda done better.

Chris: Eh-way that's just a few examples, I could think further or do better on- af- on, you know having a full list of what each voice clip does my me- me- I can only gather so much from looking at the .ogg files. Personally I'm not able to make such files but at the very least when I do record these samples I do record them to this audio file app and y'all can convert them. Anyway so here's a few sample- examples for... Rosey.

[Chris is thinking]

Rosechu: I'll do my best!

Rosechu: Let's go!

Rosechu: I do it for my family and my loved ones.

Rosechu: Take that!

Rosechu: I'll kick your ass!

Rosechu: Waddaya think you're doin'?

Rosechu: Noooooooo!

Rosechu: Yay!

Rosechu: Aah!

Rosechu: Gre-hay, good job, player!

Rosechu: Let's do this again sometime.

Rosechu: E rank? What are you, kidding me?

Chris: Alright, so now with that- with that done, here's uh- here's samples for Magi-Chan Sonichu:

Magi-Chan: My wisdom knows no bounds.

Magi-Chan: I have seen the future.

Magi-Chan: We must callect the rings!

Magi-Chan: Telekinesis levitate.

Magi-Chan: I got all the psychic powers.

Magi-Chan: I see danger up ahead.

Magi-Chan: Our path is clear.

Magi-Chan: Be aware of the glitch!

Magi-Chan: Uuuaaaagh!

Magi-Chan: Aghgh!

Magi-Chan: This's no good.

Magi-Chan: Oh hey, this is really... satisfactory.

Magi-Chan: Satisfactory.

Magi-Chan: That was a good run. Thank you for playing me. Or rather, thank you for playing with me.

Chris: Yes, we should definitely have a good rewrite on the final versions of the voice samples before we actually record them.

Magi-Chan: Mh. E rank. We can do better than that. I foresee you trying.

Magi-Chan: Don't give up.

Chris: Ann o'course- uhh, you know, just direct from the original voicebox- just, you know, good ol' Chris-Chan, AKA Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu... Just devol(?) voice, I mean, you got me talkin' here- I'm talkin' here. Heh. But yeah, the upgrades definitely beat Mama. And the update, instead of saying- uh, Sonichu callin' me father, he calls me Mama. Or mother, whichever- 'cause y'know, I did change genders. Anyway...

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Alright, let's go!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Time to zap it up!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Krakow!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: I ain' missin' out on this!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Take that!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Zappin' it up!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: WOOHOO!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Yay!

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Ay, good job on this run.

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu: Eh. We coulda done better.

Chris: Alright, well, that's pretty much it for now- fur- that's pretty much... demonstration- this aud- audition tape- if you will. So, yeah, if you want the most authentic voice clips for the Sonichu Characters, we're more happy to- we're more than happy to oblige, personally. So, yeah. Thank you!

Other soundbites


Sonichu voice clips
Stardate 27 November 2020


Sonichu: Hyah!

Sonichu: Zap!

Sonichu: Krakow!

Sonichu: Take that!

Sonichu: Uh! Static scrap!

Sonichu: Time to zap it up! [exhale]

Sonichu: Zap to the extreme!

Sonichu: Let's zap it up!

Sonichu: [chews something] Doin' it for Mama Chris-chan, and everyone.

Sonichu: Here we go!

Sonichu: Waow!

Sonichu: That breeze feels nice!

Sonichu: Zappin' it up!

Sonichu: Krakow! [less emphatically]

Sonichu: Ugh!

Sonichu: Hmm!

Sonichu: Wow!

Sonichu: Ooh! Feel the breeze!

Sonichu: Hyah!

Sonichu: Hwah!

Sonichu: Woo~!

Sonichu: Zap!

Sonichu: Hay-yah!

Sonichu: We did it, Mama!

Sonichu: Welp! We tried!

Sonichu: Ugh! I coulda done better!

Sonichu: A D? Darn glitch.

Sonichu: Woly crap! Player? We could've done better.

Sonichu: Sweet!

Sonichu: And that's for Sonichus and Rosechus everywhere!


Magi-Chan voice clips
Stardate 9 December 2020


Magi-Chan: Your mind is moot!

Magi-Chan: No words.

Magi-Chan: Only thought.

Magi-Chan: Take this.

Magi-Chan: I shall return.

Magi-Chan: Ferry well, player my friend? Lead the way.

Magi-Chan: My abilities are hardly insurpassable.

Magi-Chan: I foresee many battles ahead.

Magi-Chan: Track lightly and swift! Don't fall through the ground.

Magi-Chan: You player are neither a hater or good. You are... neutral.

Magi-Chan: Indeed.

Magi-Chan: Ah! As I have foreseen.

Magi-Chan: Chris-Chan blesses you.

Magi-Chan: This, I like.

Magi-Chan: No!

Magi-Chan: Ascend!

Magi-Chan: Rise.

Magi-Chan: Levitate!

Magi-Chan: [apets?]

Magi-Chan: Hear me.

Magi-Chan: Focus!

Magi-Chan: Inner strength.

Magi-Chan: Keep calm.

Magi-Chan: Good job.

Magi-Chan: Fair job.

Magi-Chan: Well enough.

Magi-Chan: You should ponder about this, player.

Magi-Chan: pound pound Your wisdom and skills, need much improvement, my friend.

Magi-Chan: I need not speak; I foresaw this vittory.

Chris Chan Sonichu

Chris Chan Sonichu voice clips
Stardate 9 December 2020


Chris Chan Sonichu: possibly cut-off HAME-HA!

Chris Chan Sonichu: I'll show you!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Chaos! Control!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Taste my aura!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Kuh!

Chris Chan Sonichu: exhale Calm mind, clear mind, meditate. inhale Let's go!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Time to answer some prayers.

Chris Chan Sonichu: Ah! A good day between dimensions.

Chris Chan Sonichu: I'll show those haters what I'm made of.

Chris Chan Sonichu: Time to draw these pages up!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Hu-yah!

Chris Chan Sonichu: I am lovin' this moment!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Seven rings in my haaaand! voice wavering

Chris Chan Sonichu: Another page colored in!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Unf!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Hay-yah!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Zoom!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Boing! imitating a spring

Chris Chan Sonichu:high-pitched Wee!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Woosh!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Breathe it in!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Zoom.

Chris Chan Sonichu: Electric Hedgehog power!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Well! Awesome job!

Chris Chan Sonichu: Eh. Good enough.

Chris Chan Sonichu: Yep. We got a C. Meme that up.

Chris Chan Sonichu: I've hardly ever earned a D in my education.

Chris Chan Sonichu: My brain and my mouth. May not sync at times, but that was pitiful.

Chris Chan Sonichu: Esselent! You have done very well.

Human Chris Chan (Classic)

Human Chris Chan (Classic) voice clips
Stardate 14 December 2020


Chris Chan (Classic): [possibly cut-off] HAME-HA!

Chris Chan (Classic): THUNDERRRRR!

Chris Chan (Classic): [growling] WANT WOMAN

Chris Chan (Classic): Shut up, Julie BlueSpike!

Chris Chan (Classic): AAAAAAAAAAAAGGG!

Chris Chan (Classic): Let's rock this 4-cent garbage down!

Chris Chan (Classic): Don't trust them haters over there, sing along!

Chris Chan (Classic): Let's go out and ZAP TO THE ETSTREME!

Chris Chan (Classic): Are there any boyfriend-free women out there? If not, that's cool.

Chris Chan (Classic): Time to draw these pages up!

Chris Chan (Classic): In the name of love and honesty!

Chris Chan (Classic): On the news today, a LOLcow!

Chris Chan (Classic): Bathing is better than Ats Body Spray!

Chris Chan (Classic): Another page colored in!

Chris Chan (Classic): Ow!

Chris Chan (Classic): Hay-yah!

Chris Chan (Classic): Woo-yeah!

Chris Chan (Classic): Zoom!

Chris Chan (Classic): Woosh!

Chris Chan (Classic): Rock on!

Chris Chan (Classic): Pickle barrel!

Chris Chan (Classic): Ree-vive Zordon!

Chris Chan (Classic): Electric Hedgehog powerrrrrrrrr!

Chris Chan (Classic): Well, they put my name in a hat, and... I just won!

Chris Chan (Classic): Don't call me fat! My body is slender, thank you!

Chris Chan (Classic): Christian and the Hedgehog Boys, singin' along, gonna rock you with joy!

Chris Chan (Classic): Sonic's arms are not blue!

Chris Chan (Classic): AN "F" IN ENGLISH?! ERRRGG!

Chris Chan (Classic): Another bunch of haters bite the dust! An anudder one gone and anudder one gone, anudder one gone!

Human Chris Chan (Modern)

Human Chris Chan (Modern) voice clips
Stardate 14 December 2020


Chris Chan (Modern): possibly cut-off HAME-HA!

Chris Chan (Modern): I'll show you!

Chris Chan (Modern): Chaos! Control!

Chris Chan (Modern): Taste my aura!

Chris Chan (Modern): Commodore 64: The pro computer with pro power!


Chris Chan (Modern): Here's how we do it with Byzantine r-r-r-r-results!

Chris Chan (Modern): Guh!

Chris Chan (Modern): exhale Calm mind, clear mind, meditate. inhale Let's go!

Chris Chan (Modern): Time to answer some prayers.

Chris Chan (Modern): Ah! A good day between dimensions.

Chris Chan (Modern): I'll show those haters what I'm made of.

Chris Chan (Modern): Time to draw these pages up!

Chris Chan (Modern): Hu-yah!

Chris Chan (Modern): I am lovin' this moment!

Chris Chan (Modern): Seven rings in my haaaand! voice wavering

Chris Chan (Modern): Another page colored in!

Chris Chan (Modern): Unf!

Chris Chan (Modern): Hay-yah!

Chris Chan (Modern): Zoom!

Chris Chan (Modern): Boing! imitating a spring

Chris Chan (Modern):high-pitched Wee!

Chris Chan (Modern): Woosh!

Chris Chan (Modern): Breathe it in!

Chris Chan (Modern): Zoom.

Chris Chan (Modern): Electric Hedgehog power!

Chris Chan (Modern): Well! Awesome job!

Chris Chan (Modern): Eh. Good enough.

Chris Chan (Modern): Yep. We got a C. Meme that up.

Chris Chan (Modern): I've hardly ever earned a D in my education.

Chris Chan (Modern): My brain and my mouth, may not sync at times, but that was pitiful.

Chris Chan (Modern): Esselent! You have done very well.