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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On 3 October 2020, Chris discussed the possibility of writing a Chris Chan-themed Bible in the Watchmen Discord server The Place.

He mentioned that both the Watchmen and Praetor groups, as well as another enabler, wanted such a Bible to be written (though Kyle disagreed with the wording and called it a lorebook instead). Chris shared some Bible Enabler DMs in which an enabler brought up the Bible idea to Chris. Kyle reminded Chris of other proposed projects which never got off the ground and suggested a Twitter poll to work out which ideas would be most popular.

Chris (as Sonichu)
@everyone, an important topic has been brought up before me.

You all had suggested before that a Bible of the words and wisdoms of Mama Chris Chan Sonichu be written.

Well, y’all are not the only ones who have recommended this.

Our new business group (the medallion makers), Praetor, also ended up suggesting the Bible as well.

It does come off as, non-linear at times...
Chris (as Sonichu)
And tonight on the ipad,...

[Chris uploaded Bible Enabler DMs]

It was suggested to me a third time.

I agree, this Bible of Chris Chan Sonichu is important and an asset in this and the new timeline.

I have a few problems with this, though, because I, Sonichu, alone can’t write this Bible.

That's, a very complicated undertaking, target length?
Chris (as Sonichu)
So, yeah, Mama will end up personally writing the fuller extent of this Bible.


Apparently, I have to begin the book within the remainder of this timeline.


Are they ordering you and yours around?

Chris (as Sonichu)
Aside from taking Mama’s experiences, and what she had written on her Twitter about the Dimension Merge, I’m not sure where else to begin.

Mewtwo has informed me of my getting this book started; between him, Magi-Chan, Mama, Fate and Destiny; no one else is ordering me to do this.

No more Idea Guys. Make this purely your thing.
Chris (as Sonichu)
My actions and words are purly without any trollish influence.

That I can agree with.

Well, this has been used as suffix before...
Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, I am open for your input as well in how to execute this.

At least to get this thing started.

Lainchu (Anaxis)
As long as you feel right about making what you believe you should
Well, we can sort out which projects are most productive and do risk assessment.

The market for this, seems sparse.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, one thing I do know is that I will have to do the further extensive meditation on this.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
But if you feel you are being pushed by outside forces and this undertaking is no longer beneficial to your well-being, you may want to reconsider your path
Ever do a Twitter poll?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mama has, yeah.
I mean, unreliable, but at least something to go on if we have some data.

Going from that, figure a timescale and schedule work, so at least something gets done that we think might have a market.

Chris (as Sonichu)
I will take your suggestion and set up a poll for the creation of this Bible, although it is moot at this point. MANY people in this dimenion are asking for the guidance material on the Dimension Merge.

That sounds good.

Well, some people buy anything, what options do we have to focus on.

We've got, lorebook(not going to say Bible), dating sim, medallions and I think plushies.

Physical merch constrained by fixed cost.

Plushies take a lot of planning but the setup cost for a low volume higher margin thing, can work if you schedule it right.

@Sonichu982 Was going to suggest a poll of those 4 options, of course you get everyone saying yes to a tweet of "are you interested".

Chris (as Sonichu)
We’re talking about a really big book with lots of words in it; I feel people will popularly want plushes, medallions and video games as well. Let’s see how many say “Yes” on the Bible, as that will be larger than any video game or plush.

Especially on this noggin.

That's a comparatively massive undertaking.

Description, isn't doing too great a job on selling it as viable.

Why options are inherently better then a yes/no, lotta sycophancy and sarcastic yeses.


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