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Kyle's test image for a dating sim

A dating sim is a simulation game. From December 2019, some Watchmen members such as Kyle, MKRNightVee, AquaDiamond8, and a Deleted User expressed interest in making a Sonichu-themed dating sim game with Chris's participation. The idea was Kyle's.[1] Kyle claimed that a game would be preferable to attempting to sell physical merch, and that it could potentially bring in $100,000 in revenue.[2] However, the plans fizzled out as no game was released.

Chris did not express much interest. When informed of the project concept on 10 December 2019 in The Place Discord server, Chris called it a valid idea, but was content to allow server members to develop the project on their own, being distracted with both his fixation on Wild Sonirisu and a cold. Kyle tried to convince Chris into agreeing to work on dialogue, but Chris demurred.[1]

On 16 December, after several server members had been discussing plans for the project, Chris posted in the server but did not comment on the plans, instead remarking on his fantasy lore.[2] On 29 December, Chris acknowledged they needed his input on it, but mentioned prioritizing other things, such as binge-watching the animated series Guardians of the Galaxy.[3]

On 8 September 2020, Kyle again brought up the dating sim business idea to Chris. In the ensuing talk, it was only agreed that the game be kept to a "T" rating, as Chris did not want M-rated content within it.[4]

According to MKRNightVee, who commented about the sim project in November 2023, plans had been to include Chris, Sonichu, Rosechu, NightVee, the Chaotic Combo and Blake as dateable options. MKR was to do art, another Watchman was to do coding, and another to do backgrounds, and they were to have Chris write out the scenarios, but he lost interest in the project.[5]

In June 2021, Helena Fiorenza also proposed to Chris a dating sim, hoping he would help promote the idea on his social media.[6]


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