CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (July 20th, 2020)

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

The following is a conversation that several Watchmen had with Chris over Google Hangout on 20 July 2020.


CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (July 20th, 2020)
Stardate 20 July 2020
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Chris's Last Will and Testament
CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (August 28th, 2020)


What'd you expect?

The identities of those who participated?


Bismuth: you uh was it wasn't that funny to see i remember uh you showed up in the mat at the internet uh discord server and there was a lot of uh exceptional behavior going on that day to the point where i i don't know if you know who Darkseid Phil is but Darkseid Phil is this individual who does let's plays and he was yeah and uh that on that day he he got kicked off of twitch so everybody in that server was freaking out over that and then half the internet went down because of cloud player so once so by the time you showed up in the in in the mat at the internet server people quite literally couldn't believe that that was that that was Sonichu because yeah and also in the past uh there's also a lot of people also a lot of people you know you obviously know this but there's people who've been pretended to be Sonichu on discord and and on other platforms so they p probably thought it was a fake and since they did and since they don't know you and how you know your your particular style of writing like any any true chritorian would have been able to look at that and tell like oh yeah that's that's

Chris: ...yeah especially with all the things that I've seen and experienced

Bismuth: yeah i i like the way i like the way you bantered back and forth uh forward because you were expecting or you know so uh you know i i don't i'm not sure what you were expecting i don't want to assume anything but the way you said like go ahead and show me your pick you're the the troll you know like you you took care of it like like a boss you were ready to take to take them on and i like it because but if you notice nobody nobody said anything because you know they know even though even though mine is not in there some of the the people who matter in that server know that i'm bismuth that's why that's why i said hi that's why i tagged you and tagged you and said hi i know you've been playing uh dnd recently because you used the term you know chaotic uh you know chaotic good and that confused that that confused some people and i and i was trying to tell them like it's a it's a you know it's a dungeon in the dragon's term you know come on

Chris: yeah

Bismuth: yeah like read a book you know (giggling)

Chris: but yeah i wanted to make sure i was i wanted to make sure they knew that it was me and that meant not mom and not mama Chris chan so yeah i just essentially put my foot forward i'd be like hey i like my dick's mostly pink!

Bismuth: yeah that was but yeah that was funny as fuck that that made me laugh so hard um and you you like just just just as like uh just as Josh you know said to you you brought so much you you bring and you brought so much fucking joy to this world and you continue to do so that's why one of the reasons why you know we you need to remain safe

Spade: yeah you're amazing Sonichu

Bismuth: yeah we want nothing but the best for you

Chris: (mumbling)

Chris: i must be in the same dimension as Rosie that's the most valuable thing i think she's right next to me so it's like we're literally so near yet so far

Spade: yeah

Bismuth: ...That's that's that's really sweet i wish i wish more wish more people didn't try to use didn't uh i wouldn't try to weaponize a Roseachu against you because they know you know that that i i love that little couplet that you wrote you know as long as the birds tweet you shall be my heart sweet

Chris: (laughing)

Spade: it was adorable yeah so corny but cute

Bismuth: no it's not even corny it's cute i like i like it fight me it looks cute still is

Chris: that's a big cuteness oh boy and i like and then i definitely like what the trick was this trick quite tricky at her book you know hey i can see i can hey are you a ship cause i can see us doing meows to me out

Bismuth: that is pretty funny

Chris: it's just you know the stupid cheesy corny flirt lines or something Rosie and i did have back in the day (mumbling)

Bismuth: oh so oh sorry it's just a uh it's an interview with this uh fella named uh Darkside Phil the person that i was mentioning they're doing a little interview with him he's trying to explain why he was kicked off of Twitch

Speaker 3: who's twitch who's interviewing him?

Bismuth: oh uh he's interviewing he's interviewing himself because he's too afraid to because Darkseid Phil is a genuinely like nasty person so he won't go on he won't speak to anybody unless they pay him

Chris: so he's just like interviewing himself is he like playing two different characters himself and somebody entirely different

Bismuth: he's just uh he'll state he'll state uh one thing he'll say like so my detractor said this and then he'll respond to himself

Chris: okay

Bismuth: yeah it's called it's called it's called a hug box and that's one of the reasons that's one of the many reasons why you know you're awesome because you don't you know you're willing to go outside uh yeah you're willing to go outside that box

Chris: yep

Bismuth: not a lot of people are they just want to stay in places where oh you know their their narrow minded views are reinforced

Chris: yeah and then also some also

Bismuth: exploring!

Chris: yeah if they are talking to somebody else they want to make sure they are being clearly understood that they are understanding the other people that's uh that's kind of like the reasons why mama doesn't typically have her ears doesn't like you know phone conversation as much especially when you got the person in the other room that's (unintelligible) conversation with kai and more than half the time uh look at this (unintelligible) all right so it's like he definitely confirms the magic (unintelligible)

Bismuth: yeah it's it's okay it's okay does he does he really speaks yeah does he does he speak that quick? or does he just simply bombard you with information

Chris: yeah he he literally kind of like did the combination of fast and low talking uh he took a baby test he had drank like a bunch like some energy drinks and some sodas before

Bismuth: so yeah soda's not nice soda's does not good for you you know you gotta you know you gotta mix things up

Chris: and he also definitely definitely drinks some water at times as well so there's that yeah

Spade: so it's kind of like a fast mumble?

Chris: yeah that's what it sounds like yes

Bismuth: hmm that's why i try to articulate my words

Chris: yeah you know i get the same level you know according to memory when mama tried talking with Jake over the phone the uh vocals the way that he speaks that's about the same amount that's about nearly this similar difficulty i get from high school it's not exact but similar

Bismuth: yeah that's well that's not a good sign you know you you're into it yeah yeah use your intuition you know it to be true you know

Chris: but of course uh yeah kai is definitely different from Jake he's like the total opposite

Bismuth: well yeah well what i mean by what i mean by that is can you know people who are confused sometimes tend to tend to be the same it's not that he's possibly even malicious but it's just that he could just be another confused person you know because we because we we still don't know uh like uh does did he know did he know about did he know about mama before all of this? did he know about mama from from the documentaries? or what

Chris: no he never knew yeah he never knew about mama Chris chan until the day she went to that first dungeons and dragons session and met him there

Bismuth: i i don't understand how that's possible i i don't understand how that's possible though your mom is so famous yeah my mama's infamous especially remember uh mama left that sign uh out in front of that that how uh out in front of there and even the store owners knew it was news from mama yeah so it's so weird

Chris: and kai is not one of those it goes goes on often with the social medias

Bismuth: oh well he so he had no power so he so he and the rest of the group did not really have much prior knowledge about mama (unintelligible) and everything so it just decides they have they chaos the internet on that point so that was definitely a good thing that we said that channel the others sat down and foreseen in that particular dnd group

Speaker 4: um if i may ask Sonichu is this the person you drew a picture for for their Sonichu oc?

Chris: yeah darkri Sonichu

Speaker 4: yeah that's right because i remember i remember you telling me that that's very interesting i was just curious if that was the same person

Chris: yeah that's yeah that's him

Speaker 4: okay

Bismuth: uh yeah no that was a good question to ask yeah that's actually something that you

Spade: try to talk to us and like hang out we're not

Bismuth: yeah exactly just come yeah yeah just come hang it just come hang out with us you know we all

Chris: difficulties as well

Bismuth: i mean we i mean every each of us each of us here do come on like let's we're we're all we're all we're all friends here we we all do i don't know there's nothing yeah there's nothing for him you know there's nothing for him to be scared of just

Spade: and It feels like he's avoiding us and that makes me feel suspicious and i feel like it would just make everything yeah... it makes me nervous

Bismuth: yeah well uh that val really doesn't like it either because uh for obvious reasons

Chris: yeah well val's psychic and you know he can always ask for protection let literally go find kai and visit him personally

Bismuth: well kai won't speak to val no on on any on any level that's why that's what's worrying he keeps blocking himself off yes yes on every on every level on every on every level in every place and multiple times ... i know i yeah i i understand it's frustrating and it's not and it's partially not your problem but the thing is kai has inserted himself into your life and into you know into mama's life and sonni and Sonichu's so just be careful

Speaker 4: it's something that you know that would pique interest you know it's a very specific interest

Bismuth: yeah yeah and and also the whole dungeons and dragons thing and not knowing it just you know doesn't something

Spade: how do you live in Ruckgersville and not know who Chris chan is that's just kind of

Bismuth: yeah

Chris: (unintelligible) Virginia

Spade: oh

Speaker 4: okay that makes a bit more sense

Spade: yeah okay

Chris: (unintelligible) 64 to take y'all to keep that strictly confidential

Everyone else responds: yeah

Bismuth: well you know you you know anything that you anything that you or mama tell us is confidential stays confidential

Chris: yes thanks

Bismuth:any time

Speaker 4: the other thing that um piqued my interest was the fact that kai you know i'm still new i'm i'm not i don't know too much um ... huh?

Speaker 3: uh i'm not really too familiar but go on it's all right

Speaker 4: um oh shoot my train

Chris: (unintelligible)

All: (laughter)

Spade: sorry

Speaker 4: i was just like wait

Speaker 3: um by the way how you how's your night going Sonichu

Chris: well going fair going as well as it can be to just go to this dress up earlier today as was telling everybody else and uh and very much taking a break by binging stuff bending cartoons on hbo max

Spade:: i hope yeah i hope you're enjoying it because there's a lot of good cons on hbo max right now

Chris:: they got hannah barbara classics on there

Speaker 5: do they have any 90s cartoons on there by any chance?

Chris:: 90s cartoons?

Speaker 5: yeah

Speaker 4: like rocco's modern life cat dog

Chris:: yeah they don't have nickelodeon on there

Speaker 5: no i'm talking no cartoon network i'm talking about old school cartoon network do they have it because hbo is owned by warner

Chris:: yeah uh the only thing i found on there that's from past day cartoon network so far was og powerpuff girls

Speaker 5: oh awesome

Speaker 3: i don't like the new version of the powerpuff girls

Speaker 5: no that no that person sucks ass

Spade:: like why did they take the boobies away like what's so offensive about boobs people have them they feed their children with them

Speaker 5: miss Bella

Chris:: were children they weren't supposed to have

Spade:: oh no not the powerpuff girls like all the other female characters in the show they like removed all well

Speaker 4: like like the mayor's assistants and all that and the teacher and stuff they just like it just seemed really unnecessary to change their designs in that way

Speaker 4: um i haven't watched the reboot i just saw like the one episode where they were all twerking and i was like i i can't i'm sorry

Speaker 5: i don't blame you yeah that show is a piece of shit anyway it's like that new uh uh my little pony cartoon that just showed up

Chris:: and even and i even yeah i mean i'm continuing to watch that you know at least once one time per episode and just you know continue to monitor it they have pure new voice and discord now

Speaker 4: yes my favorite my favorite peter knew my my big mac sorry geeking out

Chris:: and the premiere episode get this mount volcan nope oh yeah okay that came out yesterday

Speaker 4: i did i did i need to catch up on that

Chris:: yes and uh also even dr wolf commented like you know you got these you got these short episodes are like about five minutes or so i'm trying to fit a life lesson in in in them but it's like there's definitely not enough time to validate such such lesson as as well as in the episode g and the episode g4 did

Speaker 4: here's like here's my like personal view on it i feel like it's pinkie pie's view of her friends that's what i feel like

Chris:: yeah it's a quote dr wolf when i heard him it's all go go go go go

Speaker 4: yeah it's to me pony life seems like just the pinkie pie and

Chris:: just not think about it to even get the most bit of enjoyment out of it and even even with this brain it just essentially stays off and i was going and i went into the into the uh pilot of the series you know which is neutral expectations even though i even know everybody have foreseen how bad it was going to be and then you saw the uh the tweet at post sales like just drowning i just couldn't help but crowd the majority of this show

Speaker 4: oh yeah well for me it was like you know it's just like the only thing i could ever credit is they literally took the my little pony and made them my little ponies that's pretty much all they did but

Chris:: and by the way captain yeah we might heard it about this but kathy west sucks not watching spike in go pony but top of the sink

Speaker 4: yeah and i heard i was like hmm that's really interesting but you know i mean it would be nice to have the original spike

Chris:: yeah basically i mean the main six are original voice actresses but yeah discord saying nope

Speaker 4: that discord meme where it's like he takes out his eyes and he he rolls them like dice and throws them away that's how i feel

Chris:: that one yeah i mean our original discord in c197s equestria definitely is like rolling his eyes all over the place but having just seen you know cz 69 discord video nope nope nope

Speaker 4: um but what my back to on my train i caught my train

Chris:: yay!

Speaker 4: i meant to say that the thing that concerned me about kai or at least put a little made my hair stand up was that they did on vice the channel vice released the documentary of you of your mama so and i know a lot of people watch tv vice at least the channel so i was a bit surprised

Bismuth:: wow i forgot i forgot about that spunk yeah that's a good yeah good on you i forgot about the vice piece because so many people have done that

Chris:: uh huh yeah are you talking about like cable television

Bismuth:: yeah devices yeah vices everywhere uh vices made very very mainstream

Spade:: yeah

Bismuth:: so yeah there's no way that you could you know could not run across it

Spade:: yeah i watched it i love their documentaries they're awesome

Chris::(unintelligible) where kai was living previously for like well over a year uh he has not he has not had too much access to cable television so he has highly unlikely seen this vice channel at all

Bismuth:: is that one of the reasons why he had to borrow money for groceries

Chris:: no no no that's not the case it's not that he needs a no he did not it was not borrowing money at all it's just that he was low on money for himself and he needed more food so i opted so i opted to help him out there

Speaker 4: that's very kind of you yeah you know

Bismuth:: yeah you you or mama yeah

Chris:: all right so now back to this

Bismuth:: wait was it was it your your idea or was it mama's idea

Chris:: uh part yeah partly my idea but yeah originated from mama she put into my put into my mind and then i ended up thinking of it and yada yada it happened

Speaker 4:okay

Chris:: okay that's this vice channel there's they've been airing the documentaries of chris chan over there on that cable shadow

Speaker 4: yes i saw it myself because um actually i was flipping through channels because you know um my brain is kind of a ... cloud i

Chris:: don't know we all have cloudy brains

Speaker 4: yeah well you know how my brains work it's like an archive of libraries you pull a book and then sometimes you lose the book and you misplace the book it's it's it's very different um but i was flipping through channels and i saw a commercial for vice um and it caught my eye because i saw it said chris chan and i was like hold on that's very odd so that's why i tagged you in that twitter tweet saying well your mom i tagged your mom in that twitter tweet saying would you would you watch this because i was i didn't know if you were aware but yeah i i know a lot of people watch vice especially for documentaries or just you know that's what they mainly do if i'm correct i don't watch too much of it but i know that mostly cops and reality shows are on there

Chris:: hmm i'm trying i'm looking i'm just googling uh you know vice channel and chris chan and i'm not seeing much results for cable channel although there is apparently there's a vice tv app

Speaker 4: yes they have an app too but it's a channel on dish network because my parents haven't but it's too expensive for me i can't afford cable or the cable dish packs stuff of that nature

Speaker 5: who even watches cable tv anymore i just fucking pirate

Chris:: um yeah we still have we still have cable we may and we definitely mainly end up using it for our wi-fi but we also have it on for pretty much the music channels yeah pretty much been doing we've been pretty much doing the majority off television show watching via the via the internet

Speaker 4: yeah that's fair i mean nowadays hulu netflix those kind of channels are taking over cable because it's more accessible and cheaper you know but yeah i didn't know vice had an app i just saw it um on the television and then on the twitter on twitter um it talked about airing on a sunday i remember ...

Chris:: let's see

Speaker 4:i can send you that in the um discord server the quick quick court if you guys want that

Bismuth:: yeah

Speaker 4: yeah i'll send that

Chris:: oh i just did a google advice tv channel there's a wikipedia article on it apparently it says here that it's an american basic cable channel based on digital the digital media company and print magazine same name owned by a joint venture majority owned by a&e networks known as viceland until december 2nd you know learn something new every moment

Speaker 4: well i i i don't watch a lot of it i mainly say on cartoon network and stuff of that nature

Chris:: yeah so so did mama yeah

Spade::cartoons are awesome cartoon cartoons

Speaker 5:oh yeah!

Spade:: so Sonichu have you seen the new um teenage mutant ninja turtles series rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

Chris:: yeah

Spade:: yeah i'm really into it

Speaker 4:it's it's actually pretty good i was i was i'm not a huge fan TMNT but i gave that a chance and i was like you know what that's not bad yeah

Spade:: it's pretty entertaining

Speaker 5: i grew up watching the 2003 uh show that was on that was a good one that was on for kids tv

Spade:: brings me back to the old saturday mornings on the fox box watching kirby sonic and turtles

Speaker 4: orgetics yeah that too

Chris:: yeah mama watched the classic ninja turtles back in the 90s and she also did and she also checked out the crossover movie and she's also watched some of the cg on nickelodeon

Spade:: oh yeah i love that one too i love them all i just like turtles

Speaker 4: i like turtles i love that yeah

Spade:: ironically i like turtles i am that meme i suppose they're just such cute little critters!

Speaker 4: um my friend actually saved a huge soft shell turtle on the road the other day he sent me a picture of it and i was like whoa

Spade:: poor baby i hope i'm really glad he saved it oh yeah he's doing the middle of the road though silly think i know it was mind you it's a flat those flat soft shell turtles like they normally stay in the water i'm they anger pancakes yes they they zoom they zoom but yeah like i think it was because it was raining that day and um i live in the south so a lot of creeks and stuff rise and fall in this area because of the humidity so yeah it might have got out of the creek or something

Spade:: yeah it's possible that it didn't have enough water or food to sustain it so he's looking for a new puddle to curl up in

Speaker 4: yeah but it's like it was huge it's like about it's like um it's a very thick turtle

Spade::i like soft shells they're funny looking

Speaker 4: my favorite ones are the little yellow belly sliders oh yes ... (unintelligible)

Spade:: there's the ornate box turtle which has like a little yellow belly and yellow spots on it yeah that's probably not what you're talking about though if it's slider anyways turtles

Speaker 4: it's the ones with the red on their side of their face

Spade:: oh yeah yeah i know what you're talking about that's a red-eared slider yeah i thought they were yellow bellythat might have been my mistake nah they have yellow bellies they just they're called the red eared slider common for pets because they're so cute

Speaker 4: but people just don't know how to take care of them and it makes me upset it's

Speaker 2:really sad

Chris:: they really have red ears?

Spade:: um yeah they have red markings that go across their ear sort of moon shaped ones it's

Chris:: they're very very tiny and they're super super fast they are turtles are super super fast

Speaker 4: yeah well some of them some of them some of them watch out wisely rabbit

Spade:: indeed

Speaker 4: definitely

Chris:: let me see some maybe cecil tortoise was one of those red red moon turtles

Speaker 4:probably

Spade:: it would make sense

Chris:: yeah and that name is actually memory cause mama and murray and likes the looney tunes show

Speaker 4: oh

Chris:: you know she remembers you know that that turtle is his name is cecil and yeah by a cecil turtle and he was working in an office out of his chair he has his co-worker julie she'll help him take it off that back (unintelligible)

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