Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 2

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Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 2 is the second of the calls between Chris and Alec Benson Leary, which took place on 28 January 2010.



Alec lets Chris ramble on about the ads on the CWCipedia again before the topic changes to subjects that make Chris feel uncomfortable in his Mailbag. On the subject of Rosechu's gender and pointed tail, Chris attempts to get Alec to believe he meant for the original Raichu's tail to be dull all along and becomes angry when Alec points out that he is lying.

Chris goes on to discuss how he feels that Asperchu is a living, breathing creature in another universe with thoughts and feelings who wouldn't want to be named "Asperchu." Alec claims that Asperchu is unable to have a desire to be named something else because Asperchu doesn't exist, and Chris responds by repeatedly calling him "naïve" for not believing in a cartoon world similar to that seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

They both agree to disagree, then move on to the lack of updates in Sonichu. Chris blames his biological clock for his inability to upload new pages and explains how the creative process of his work requires a pain-staking thirty minutes of typing dialogue. Chris admits to using Photoshop, but says that since his comics are hand-drawn and hand-colored, in his TRUE and HONEST opinion (and that of his mother, apparently) Sonichu is the superior comic. Alec points out that he draws his comics by hand, even if it's with a graphics tablet, and that his art doesn't have any less "personality" than Chris's work.

Chris returns to complaining about the CWCipedia adspace, hinting that the only real reason he's negotiating with Alec at all is to get the Asperpedia ads removed. Alec brings up Simonchu, and Chris falsely[1] denies Simonla was ever inspired by Simonchu. When that Alec explains that Evan wants Simonchu and Simonla written out of the comic, and that Evan may consider taking legal action, Chris replies with "I'll think about it". Unsurprisingly, Evan did take legal action.

Alec Calls Chris

Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 2
Stardate 28 January 2010
Featuring Chris; Alec
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu
Audio Recordings
Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 1
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He might have a point here


Chris: Hello?

Alec: Hi, is this, uh, is this Chris?

Chris: Yeah, this is Christian Chandler, may I help you?

Alec: Hey Chris, this is Alec Benson Leary again, how are you?

Chris: Oh! I would have expected you to call at 9:30, uh, but anyway...

Alec: Oh! I actually did try to call at 9:30, didn't get an answer so I thought I'd try again, you-you're quite a difficult man to get a hold of, Chris.

Chris: Hmm... Yeah, I can talk for a few minutes, so let's try not to belabor this conversation.

Alec: Not at all, I don't... I don't wanna drag anything out. Um, well first I'll ask you if you have anything, uh, specific that you want to bring up, cause I know that you had to go kinda abruptly last time, and I thought maybe that there was a point you didn't get to or anything.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: Okay... Wanna go ahead with that?

Chris: Umm... well first off, you know I have, um...I have gone to the CWCipedia recently, its the Ads are still super-sized, but, they are more of a mockery towards me now, and I do not appreciate that.

Alec: Yeeeaaah, I'm sorry about that, Mao is kinda, he got a little bit of a temper, you know, h-he-he is kinda mad about this whole... the mailbag situation, emails getting deleted and all that sort of thing. You know, I-I-I um, I saw in, uh, one of your mailbags, that you said that I delete, or uh, modify a lot of my e-mails. I don't know where you got that impression, actually, I don't do that. You know, I try to answer every e-mail I get thoughtfully, and fully.

Chris: Well, that's probably easy for you...probably easier for you because, yours are not as... mean and cruel and condescending as the ones I have been getting.

Alec: Have you been getting a lot of mean ones that have not been go into the mailbag? Cause, the ones I've see... a lot of them, well they do get critical at points, but I... I dunno, it seems like they been, they just kinda wanna, you know, have some questions answered.

Chris: Yeah, But I wish they wouldn't have'ta go so critical.

Alec: Like, uh, what do you mean, like uh, what are some of the things that you found just kinda crossed the line?

Chris: Like-Like they talk about... Like they talk about copyright issues and crap...

Alec: [Trying to talk] Well that is...that is kinda of an important issue, I mean...

Chris: [Interrupting] BUT-but I have my own copyright registration, that slip of paper I got from the Virginia Library of Congress...

Alec: Yeah, uh, I noticed one of the copyright related e-mails was um, someone asked if they could see, just some letter, or some evidence Sega or Nintendo gave you, uh, permission to go with Sonic and Pikachu, and that kinda stuff for Sonichu's origin story. Um, you know, if you provided those, that would silence those kind of e-mails right away.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: I mean, you do have copyright of Sonichu, but you would still need to show Nintendo's permission to publish it, you know what I mean?

Chris: Hmm...

Alec: 'Cause it has Pikachu in the origin story.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: Yeah, yeah, I think that would be a good idea to show everyone in the mailbag, you know, that would shut up that line of questioning right away.

Chris: Yeah, but there's... also... the homosexuals, and uh, other topics, ugh, I can't remember them off the top of my head. Yeah, there's quite a few.

Alec: Like the accusations that Rosechu is a boy? I think, that was kind of a big thing-

Chris: Yeah-

Alec: People were going after-

Chris: But I, I mean, yeah, that's only before the rainbow strike, I mean, the point where that Raichu- female Raichu is within the rainbow, that would be after the rainbow strikes that Raichu.

Alec: Hmm.

Chris: And with the power of the- with the power of the Chaotic Crystals.

Alec: Well you know-

Chris: I-it was with a point, it was as point to the end of that tail, in the two panels that preceded it, the tail was definitely dull at the end.

Alec: Uhh, well, you know, the- as far as I know, the original comic does have a point tail, like a male has, and that's- that's still on your website, isn't it?

Chris: I-

Alec: You know, one thing I thought about was the gender differences in the Pokémon, that didn't, Nintendo didn't do that until a while after you created it, Sonichu, right? So, I mean, I just don't get why you didn't go with that. That would've been a good explanation, but instead you kinda lied to your fans.

Chris: What do you mean, lied? I did not lie, I mean, you look at the two pictures before the rainbow hit, the tail is dull on the tip.

Alec: Oh, well, I see that in your picture that's on the front of the CWCipedia, but on the original comic he had a pointy tail, or she, I mean.

Chris: The original-

Alec: I've seen the original.

Chris: That's because- look, outside, that's just a line that is going outside of the square, whatever goes outside, does not necessarily count.

Alec: Uh, it doesn't look like it goes, like, outside the panel here, but... I mean, y'know... I don't really know. I know that you don't... you probably should have corrected that mistake, but you left it in. I mean, I'm just trying to- I mean, I just kinda wish that thing had gotten nipped in the bud. It kinda sucks, but this is like, a huge point of contention right now.

Chris: Yeah. Al-also, you know, another thing, I've actually found, I've actually found a forum of my loyal fans, and I have just read some posts about the ads that have been placed in the CWCipedia, and they really don't like 'em either.

Alec: Hmm.

Chris: So, I'm not alone in that.

Alec: Well, alright. Well... you know, uh... if they wanted to buy the ad-space that's, I'm sure they could too. I mean, again, y'know, the ads, I'm gonna keep trying to talk to Mao but it's really his area. Mao's kind of the boss of the ads, I'm just kind of the artistic genius. Mao does the business work.

Chris: Yeah, that definitely do not appreciate that- that drawing of me, in a diaper, and then just copying and pasting my signature to that.[2] That's just wrong.

Alec: Well, you know, um, I noticed that even after our last talk you continued referring Asperchu as Mitch. I thought we had that cleared away. I thought you knew he was Asperchu, I mean Asperchu is my original creation.

Chris: Yeah, maybe so, but still-

Alec: And I think you still have the impression that Asperchu is a Sonichu, and you know that's not true, right? Asperchu is not a Sonichu.

Chris: Hmm, yeah, okay, but still think about this, y-y-y-you picked- you gave him the condition of Aspergers.

Alec: Yes, that's correct. Oh! That's another thing. I think you, I think you thought that I gave everyone that appeared on my comic Aspergers, but only Asperchu has it. Just Asperchu.

Chris: [Sighs] Well-

Alec: Okay, you were gonna say something?

Chris: A-anyway, still, I think you could understand, since you have Aspergers and conservely, with my Autism, that we would pref- we don't really don't wanna be treated as sep- as treated as quote-unquote, "special" because of our mental conditions, we want to be treated as equal individuals.

Alec: [over Chris] Well, that's certainly true, but how do you think I've been portraying Asperchu as being treated, y'know, different?

Chris: Try putting yourself in the shoes of your- of your Asperchu. If- if you, I mean, not only would you want to be treated as an individual equal, but-

Alec: That's how I portray him, he does everything normal people do.

Chris: But you would not want a name that empathizes the mental condition, you want a name that is more manly-

Alec: Well y'know, Chris, we don't choose our names. Our names are given to us. Asperchu never chose his name. I mean, think of it this way, the name "Asperchu," if you think of that as a detriment- I don't, but if you interpret the comic that way- think of it as a personal, sort of, character flaw, if you will, that he has to work to overcome. All good characters have character flaws.

Chris: Yeah, I mean-

Alec: And, and, it's fiction. Sometimes characters don't always live the happiest lives in fiction, but that's part of what makes good fiction.

Chris: Yeah. Hmm, yeah, but still, think about it, what if your-

Chris: -parents had named you "Asper?"

Alec: Uhh...

Chris: Just to foretell that you had Aspergers, that you would have Aspergers.

Alec: Well...

Chris: You would not want that [stammers] you were being treated- wanting to be treated as an equal in society, you would not want to be called "Asper" because-

Alec: But Chris-

Chris: Because that emphasizes the mental condition you have.

Alec: Okay Chris, that's part of the, again, character flaw, Asperchu has things weighing him down, he has curses and... y'know, not literal curses, but he has detriments to his life that weigh him down as a character, and he has to work to overcome those. That's part of what makes a good character. You wouldn't make a character that's just all powerful and perfect in every way and has no real problems ever, would you? That'd be kinda boring. Complex characters have problems that they overcome.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: And it takes, it takes time, too, to overcome a serious problem, I mean, you just renamed him "Mitch," and that wouldn't do it, y'know you can't just go and snap your fingers and just wave the problem away and- 1. That's not realistic, and 2. That doesn't make for good fiction, I mean, all the drama you're building up, y'know, your readers really wouldn't really like that if you just kinda hand-waved it away, don't you think?

Chris: Alright, yeah, okay, but still-

Alec: Think about it like this: Superman is named "Superman" because he's super, right? And y'know, Superman is one of the most- [is cut off]

Chris: I mean- as- as-as an individual, within his own world, outside of your control, Asperchu would not want that name, he would be in agreement with me, and would probably want to change his name to something like "Mitch."

Alec: Ah, but the thing there is, Asperchu is not outside of my control because it's a comic, and I am the creator and, y'know, manager of his comic universe. So, I- as his creator I decide what Asperchu wants and what he doesn't want, and what his personality is like.

Chris: Hmm.

Alec: I mean, don't you think?

Chris: Fairly. I mean, have you ever watched the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Alec: Yes I have, it was a good movie.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, you got the whole toon world there, and within that, it coincides with the comic as well, and every individual comic, published or unpublished, drawn altogether. And within the world, actually, would reside your Asperchu, but he would be with his individual thoughts since you gave him an adult attitude within his, within his individual thoughts, he would- he would hate having the name of Asperchu 'cause it emphasizes his mental problem.

Alec: Umm...

Chris: His special condition. And he's like, his process of wanting to move from that, and become more acceptable in society, that he would not want a name that would make him feel...

Alec: Okay...

Chris: Like as if he's still living it, even after he's fully recovered from it.

Alec: Okay, but Chris, um, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, that was still a movie, and everything in it was predetermined by the movie writers and director, and there is no alternate cartoon world in reality, I mean, cartoon characters don't actually think and feel things. Okay, here's a question-

Chris: Well, you obviously are naïve about that, cause you're not fully underst-, you're not understanding that possibility of that universe actually existing.

Alec: So you do believe that, um, when an artist creates a cartoon character, that character becomes real? That what you're saying to me?

Chris: Within that universe, yes.

[Raucous laughter can be heard in the background]

Alec: But the universe is fake. I mean, the Asperchu universe exists on paper and in my computer. It's just, it's whatever I write it to be. Oh, here's a question for you. Okay, so if you think a character would want, you know, and appropriate name, a good name, not a name that calls them out on something, or sets them back, um... "Sonichu" is the name of a species, correct? I mean, there's Sonichus and Rosechus, those are a species, right?

Chris: Yeah, but, he was the first one, the first original Sonichu, and she was the original Rosechu-

Alec: So, wouldn't they want their own-

Chris: [indignant] And-and they each came up with their name, on their own, [contradicting Sonichu #0, where Kel gives Rosechu her name] and they did not need a nickname to go with that.

Alec: Yeah, but Chris, if you're a human being would you be comfortable just being named "Human"? Or "Man"? I mean, you wouldn't- would you be comfortable if the name "Christian Weston Chandler" didn't exist, and you were just called, "Man," or "Person," or something?

Chris: Hmm.

Alec: I mean, y'know Homo sapiens-

Chris: Yeah but I would [Chris and Alec talk over each other]

Alec: ...Homo sapiens.

Chris: Yes, but still-

Alec: Homo, homo.

Chris: I was not the first human being, and I actually had parents who gave me that name. Sonichu came in, he had to come up with his own name-

Alec: Well, Sonichu had you who gave him that name didn't he? I mean, within the comic, you, Christian Weston Chandler, are Sonichu's father, right? I mean, why wouldn't, why wouldn't your cartoon self give him a name?

Chris: Uh, that's the cartoon me, versus the real me.

Alec: Okay, but isn't the cartoon you... Okay, like you said, cartoons are basically real, I mean, so shouldn't the cartoon version of you be just like you? Wouldn't you want to give your child a name? I mean you-

Chris: I did give him a name, he's the original Sonichu, so therefore, it's as such.

Alec: But all the other Sonichus also have nicknames, or secondary names, so, so the first Sonichu, I gotta think is feeling kinda left out.

Chris: Well, he doesn't feel left out. He accepts that, and he's happy with it, just as Rosechu.

Alec: Okay, well, I don't think Asperchu feels left out because, y'know, he's just my cartoon character. He's my property, y'know, he's my intellectual property, that's what he is. You can't have a person as property, so you know, he's my property, he's not a person, he doesn't feel things, he doesn't think.

Chris: Okay, well still, what if you could actually could see- what if you could actually could see the child with your girlfriend or wife? Then, would you feel that you own that child even after you have raised him from being a baby, to, let's say, late teenage years where that child would feel more like and individual and independent being?

Alec: [clearly frustrated with Chris's nonsense] Chris, you do understand, that a child, a human being is substantially more that a comic character, right? They're not the same thing, they're not even close. Of course I would name a child, children are real, and children are not our property, I mean if I had a child, I would give it all the love and support it needed, but it is it's own person, he or she, I should say. Where as a comic character is just, it's whatever you draw on paper or in Photoshop. I mean, I draw Asperchu on paper, that's the only place he exists. And then I upload him onto my computer and that's where he exists, and he exists on the web. So I have a character, he grows, but he's never a person.

Chris: Hmm. Well anyway, this is confusing to think about. Okay- well- yeah...

Alec: We can agree to disagree.

Chris: Okay, what if As- what if the shoe was on the other foot- what if Asperchu created you?

Alec: Well then, I'd be a comic character, myself, and I wouldn't have any thoughts and feelings, so that's a moot point.

Chris: You think that comic character [sic] wouldn't have its own thoughts and feelings?

Alec: NO!

Chris: You are naïve.

Alec: Chris, you have told me that you think a comic character is fundamentally as much of a person as a real human being, that is the naïve thought.

Chris: No, you are-

Alec: I'm a writer, I'm like the god of the Asperchu world. I decide what goes on in Asperchu's world, I decide, who and what Asperchu is and what he thinks and feels, if anything, which he doesn't, because he's still just a character on paper, y'know, when I put the pen down, Asperchu stops being there. Nothing exists in Asperchu's world that I haven't drawn.

Chris: [sighs] Boy, you are-

Alec: And it's naïve to think that there's anything more.

Chris: [sighs]

Alec: You know, I'm, uh- I think we should agree to disagree on this point.

Chris: Alright.

Alec: Um, because we have our own thoughts on that. Um, I kinda ask you about- I'm actually getting some letters about Sonichu, about why you're not updating daily, and I was kinda curious about that.

Chris: I- for your information, I am updating daily. I draw two pages- I draw and color my two pages a day. I can't help if I don't have access to my computer or if I can't get to it right away, besides which, my biological clock has been fickle on me and it's making me go- making fall asleep earlier.

Alec: Well, I understand-

Chris: [talks over Alec] And it's difficult to rearrange my schedule, and get back in- in a sync-synchronized routine like I would be.

Alec: Maybe you could get an alarm clock. You know, I- I'm just kinda curious, like, I know it takes, what, like an hour to do each page, about what you spend, I would kinda guess. Um, I'm just kinda confused why you'd spend an hour to draw a page, but not take that extra sixty seconds to upload it. I think consistency is important thing-

Chris: But, wait, it could take- it takes more than sixty seconds to scan it in Photoshop, then upload it. It would probably take like half an hour for all that work.

Alec: I didn't know you did Photoshop work with your pages. What do you, what do you use Photoshop for, if I may ask? I'm just kinda curious. I thought you just-

Chris: T-t-to change it from more hand-written text, to more legible typed text.

Alec: Y'know, If I remember right, I think kinda one of the criticisms you had about Asperchu was that it was not completely hand-drawn original. Because I do use Photoshop in part of my creative process, but it sounds like you do kind of the same thing. Which is, you know, that's fine. Digital, digital media is where our world is going, but I thought- see I thought you drew it all on paper and uploaded it.

Chris: I did draw it all on paper. The only part I edit in Photoshop is the text; what you reeead.

Alec: 'Kay, I thought so. Well, it just seems a little hypocritical, but you do use Photoshop in the creative process, but you criticized me for it. Don't you think?

Chris: No, actually, what I thought, is that you skip the hand-drawing and you draw everything on your Photoshop with your computer mouse.

Alec: Well I don't- here's what I do. I do sometimes draw the pages on paper, um, I'm kinda trying to shy away from that because, our society wastes so much paper, so I'm trying to be a little more socially responsible. But what I do, I use a tablet, and I draw on that, and that's basically the same thing as pen and paper, it's, uh, what I draw goes directly on the computer screen. So I don't use a mouse.

Chris: Hmm.

Alec: Yeah, it's the same thing-

Chris: Okay, but still, it looks crappy compared to mine. Even my mother agrees.

Alec: Oh, hey, hey, hey, c'mon that's a little insulting Chris, what do you mean, "crappy"? I mean, my mother says my comic is the most beautiful comic she's ever seen too but, I kind of think that's because she's a supportive mother. You know, mothers are supposed to support their children in their endeavors. And I have, y'know, got 20,000 fans now that love it too. None of them are my mother. My mother doesn't actually use a computer, I just show her the print-outs. [silence] Y'know, I get complimented on my art all the time.

Chris: Hmm.

Alec: I mean, it's okay to disagree. I just, I'm curious why you think it's crappy?

Chris: Because it's computer drawn. It's not originally hand-drawn.

Alec: I just told you, it is hand-drawn. It's hand-drawn on a tablet. What do you mean, it's not an "original hand-drawn?"

Chris: It don't have the old-fashioned original pencil or pen markings, that's what I have.

Alec: So, because I don't have smudge-marks on my paper, is that's what you mean? That was another reason I went with the tablet, because I got a lot of smudge-marks on my paper when I was doing math and I had to spend extra time erasing it. Y'know is- okay, by comparison, could I say that our cars are not true original transportation because people should be using old-fashioned horses? You use Photoshop for lettering and effects. We're one in the same here, Chris.

Chris: [sigh]

Alec: And-and again, I just don't see why, the exact method I use to draw determines the skill of my art. Weren't you um, I remember recently, didn't you put, like, a live picture of yourself in your comic for some Guitar Hero theme? I mean, you didn't draw that part in, did you?[3]

Chris: I-I-It at least allows me, to put myself in my work. See, a bigger difference between drawing with a tablet or mouse versus hand-drawn is that you see more personality with the orig- with the pen-marking, and color—and marker coloring versus what's... what's digitally entered-

Alec: Well, if you feel that way. If you feel that way, I respect your opinion, but, I mean, y'know, 20,000 fans can't be wrong, and not a single one of them have ever said anything.

Chris: Okay well-okay well, l-let me give you a better example on that. Okay, say you got, uh, two letters, two exact same letters from a person, from the same person. One hand-written, and one computer typed and printed, which one would you think would have more personality, or would appeal to you better?

Alec: I honestly don't remember the last time anyone wrote me a hand-written letter. I don't even remember the last time I wrote a hand-written letter, I type everything, every kind of- I mean, typing looks more professional.

Chris: Professional, yes, but-

Alec: I mean, hand-written wouldn't get you a job, or anything.

Artist's depiction.

Chris: At least I have had all the practice of hand-writing, and that- there's more character, more personality put into it, in hand-writing versus what you would just see, everyday in a monosynchronic [?] sense.

Alec: Well, you know why you see it everyday, everywhere, Chris? You see it everywhere, because it works. Because that's what people prefer.

Chris: [Sigh]

Alec: I think we're getting kinda off-topic, I mean I just- I kinda wanna go back to, um, I understand it can be difficult to get to your computer and upload things, you know in a timely fashion, sometimes, you're not at your computer, things like that, but, I mean, Sonichu's your franchise, a lot of fans I know are getting kind of, y'know, fed up that you don't have pages uploaded everyday. I mean, Sonichu is your, that's your franchise, right? I just, I dunno, I mean, I got a lot of stuff going on in my day too, but I make sure to get at least one or two pages uploaded everyday. Which has been more difficult since my school term started, 'cause I'm in full time school, and, y'know, I work still, I'm still working at the station but... that's just a recommendation, but... again, I know it's difficult, but I recommend that you try. That's all I'm saying.

Chris: Yeah, well, I am drawing- I have been drawing the pages, and like I said, I cannot help it if I can't upload on some days, but at least I do upload them in the bulk on when I can upload.

Alec: You know, for a while, for a couple months, you were uploading most everyday weren't you? I mean, has something, has something, has your schedule gotten busier recently or something?

Chris: I've been falling asleep earlier. And with that, it's hard- and with that it's harder for me to readjust my schedule.

Alec: You know Chris, if I fell asleep on my job, I'd probably lose my job. I mean, Sonichu is supposed to be your big franchise, right? I mean... if fell asleep while drawing Asperchu and I started missing days, I would buy myself and alarm clock. Or I would upload them earlier, before I knew I was gonna get tired, or whatever.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: It's just-

Chris: Anyway, anyway I haven't been able to get my schedule around and I just haven't been able to get it in sync yet.

Alec: What's uh... if I may ask, what's... has something been going on that's been throwing your schedule for a loop? I mean, you-you haven't made videos in the past couple of days but you know prior to that, you were making videos fairly frequently, mostly attacking me.

Chris: Originally did- originally when I did the videos it was not necessarily on a daily basis, that's not like, journal, a video is not like a journal to me.

Alec: Well but, you know, if you spend five, ten, fifteen minutes making a video, that's time you could be uploading a comic. But instead you make videos attacking me.

Chris: [sigh] Pl-plus, the battery power on my digital camera is fickle.

Alec: What does your digital camera have to do with uploading pages? I'm saying you shouldn't be using the camera, you shouldn't be making videos. You know why I haven't made any videos, Chris? It's 'cause I don't have time, I'm uploading pages that and- that and I don't wanna-

Alec: -make death threats to people on the Internet, that's not a... I mean, you know- you know you really hurt my feelings when you started doing those Chris, because, like I said you started as my inspiration and a couple months later you became my troll.

Chris: [sigh]

Alec: I know you have trolls, you know, it sucks.

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: It really sucks to have people attacking you like that, but you became my troll.

Chris: Alright well... you know, how 'bout you just tell Mao that I... if he just... I'll leave y'all alone, let y'all do your thang... y'all take your ads off my website.

Alec: That's just not a... that's not a sound business move for me, Chris. Those ads are bringing in a lot of viewers.

Chris: [sigh] So, put 'em on another website.

Alec: Well, what if that website tells me that, y'know, they don't want them there, then should I move to another website, and then another, and then another... Mao's job is to bring in fans for me, that's what he's doing and he's doing it well, and that's why I keep him-

Chris: Well, Mao- Mao never asked me before he could- before he put anything up there or before he paid off Jack Thaddeus.

Alec: Well, he doesn't have to, that's the way ads work. You buy adspace that's publicly available. Advertising is not under your control.

Chris: Ye-yeah- But I was- but I was never there to witness that monetary transaction, I was never there for that quote-unquote "agreement."

Alec: You don't own the site, Chris.

Chris: What?

Alec: You don't own that site. Right? I mean, the money from the ads go to keep the site up, that's my understanding.

Chris: [sighs] Actually, you're wrong, you see, Mao ga-put- gave that to €2,000 directly to Jack Thaddeus. actually put that €2,000 into the CWCipedia funds, so. therefore, Mao never saw his money in his money in the CWCipedia funds, they just went straight to Jack.

Alec: Um, I'm not really sure. I've never spoken to Jack, I don't know anything about what he and Mao talked about, y'know I'd kinda like to help you out, honestly I would, but I'm still a little... I'm a little miffed that um... even after we had a pretty good talk last time, but you still kept going with this whole "Mitch" business. I mean, you took my character, and altered him. You say, you say that I didn't get permission to use Sonichu, but you didn't get permission to use Asperchu either.

Chris: Yeah, well...

Alec: Or Simonchu! I-I-I almost forgot to mention that, Evan wanted me to talk to you about that, about using Simonchu. Y'know, Simonchu was his creation and you used that without permission. And he asked you several times, not- to get rid of Simonchu and Simonla, or whatever her female form is. But-

Chris: Yeah, but actually, Simonla was never very inspired by Simonchu... I took an original Rosechu, I changed her to a ground color, gave her the complexion, added an armadillo shell, and then a few drills in appropriate faces- places.

Alec: So kind of how I took a Sonic, and make him yellow, and gave him a goatee and glasses, and a Buddha belly, and thus was born Asperchu. And, it was- you thought it was a parody, but it just happened to be... that kinda what you're going with, for there? I mean, why didn't you just say that to Evan in the first place, 'cause he has been e-mailing you for a long time.

Chris: I-I told him- I responded- I told him that in response- in response to why those messages in the mailbag, but apparently, he had not read that.

Alec: Okay, uhm... let's see, I'm looking at the Simonla at your CWCipedia here, um, you say that... I'll just read what it says here: About on or before August 26, 2008, I received an e-mail from Evan George, uhh... submitting his Sonichu Fan Art to me, then later submitted his idea for Simonchu, it did not strike as good at first but for a few months, I wanted to create a ground type, um... so from Simonchu, I created Simonla Rosechu.[4] That's on the Simonla article for your CWCipedia. I mean that's, smoking gun, Chris, that's proof, that you used Simonchu as a base.

Chris: [groans]

Alec: I'm... y'know I'm not trying to attack you with this but I really think this is evidence, that you should get rid of Simonchu and Simonla, write 'em out. 'Cause the facts are right there Chris.

Chris: Well, actually it was not like that, I typed it in because Evan was badgering me as such, and it just stuck in my head, and pretty much stuck... when I typed it in originally.

Alec: Why would that just stick in your head, why would that happen? Why would it stick in your head, unless it's true?

Chris: [trying to think of an excuse] I put it in there to make a mockery out of him!

Alec: Well, then you kind of... kind of lied about it to people, didn't you? I mean, 'cause everyone else thinks that's the honest truth.

Chris: Well, I can stick- well I can change that and fix it.

Alec: Doesn't matter, you already established it. I mean, when it comes to, like, copyright, and that sort of thing, Chris, I mean, the one thing that matters more that anything else is documentation, and history. And all of your documentation shows that you used Simonchu as inspiration. You acknowledge legal liability here. Whether it was a joke or not, you wrote it like it was real. And Evan's been pester-

Chris: [big sigh]

Alec: me to talk to you, 'cause apparently you're ignoring his e-mails... although you ignore my e-mails too. I mean, like I said, it was a pain just to get a hold of you. I mean, for a guy who has so much to say to me, you are hard to get a hold of.

Chris: Hmm.

Alec: I mean, you, you, I'm just I wanna let you know, that you do need to comply with Evan's demands, 'cause he's talking about litigation, and that if he wants to go get a lawyer over this. He said that he'd, that he'd back off if you acknowledge, in the comic and write Simonchu and Simonla out, and y'know, say that they will be done and gone forever. He has the copyright for Simonchu. I mean, would you be willing to do that? Write 'em out?

Chris: I'll con- I'll think about it.

Alec: Okay, well don't think too long. I mean, this is a serious issue.

Chris: [Sigh]

Alec: I'm just- I'm just trying to give you advice, Chris.

Chris: Yeah-

Alec: I don't wanna see litigation come out of this.

Chris: Hmm... anyway I'm feeling tired right now.

Alec: Okay well, maybe I'll let you go, um... you have a good night, Chris.

Chris: Alright, goodnight.

Alec: Goodnight.

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