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What Chris thinks Kacey would look like as a Pokémon.


  • Chris and Kacey talk about which Pokémon Kacey would be. She's offended because Chris called her a Miltank in conversations with Kim.
  • Chris talks about a troll trying to copyright Sonichu.
  • After just 8 minutes, Chris leaves because of a headache and having to use the bathroom.


Kacey Call 17
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 16
Kacey Call 18

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey, Chris, it's Kacey!

Chris: Hey, Kacey, how are you?

Kacey: Well, I could be a little better right now. You see-

Chris: Aww, long day?

Kacey: The, well... not only that, but I got an e-mail from Kim, and... she told me that you guys were talking about Pokémon, which is... cool and you know, we were girl-talking and all 'cause we've been playing together... um... but anyway...

Chris: Uh... yeah... uh... yeah... I mea-, I was a, I was on a... spur -f-the-moment thing at the time and I thought about it further. I thought you'd be more as a Delibird.

Kacey: A what?

Chris: A Delibird.

Kacey: A Delibird?

Chris: A Delibird.

Kacey: OK... well, thing is... um... even before I get into that... why did you call me a Miltank?

Chris: I thought Milt- I thought Miltanks were cute. I mean...

Kacey: It's a, it's a, Chris, it's a COW! You called me a COW! Do you, do you not know how offensive that is to women?!

Chris: I'm sorry.

Kacey: I mean... you might as well just call me fat or something.

Chris: No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Besides, it, bes-, its somebody just fooling around, you know... it, it was just loose talk, and I'm sorry...

Kacey: OK, Chris... if somebody asked me what I would call somebody, I'd, if it's a girl, I'd make sure that I didn't include things that are like, cows.

Chris: Hmm... yeah... OK. I'm sorry. Anyway, yeah, I, yeah, I apologize, I just sent an e-mail to Kim telling her...

Kacey: I know, but what... what if I called you, like, a Snorlax or something? I mean, how would you feel? I mean, couldn't you at least... a Skitty or something?

Chris: Ah, Skitty didn't come to mind. I'm sorry.

Kacey: [sigh]

Chris: Hmm... [short pause] anyway, yeah... Delibird.

Kacey: [sigh] OK... I... that's the one that gives out, like... presents... right?

Chris: Yeah, but I mean, you're always full... you're always full of pleasant surprises.

Kacey: Oh...OK.

Chris: And you are cute.

Kacey: Well, at lea-, at least it's a penguin. I do like penguins.

Chris: OK. I never thought of, I never imagined Delibird being a penguin, but yeah, I see that now.

Kacey: He, he is a penguin. The Pokédex says so.

Chris: Oh. I guess I didn't read that part.

Kacey: Mmm.

Chris: OK. Well, anyway... uh... yeah aside from that... hmm... I'm not sure I'm in the mood to talk now... I got a bit of a headache right now. And... uh... yeah, I was gonna go hit the restroom, but then, then you called me.

Kacey: Well... are you gonna take, like, an aspirin or something?

Chris: Yeah, I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take a... I'm gonna take a non-aspirin. We, i-, it works a little better than regular aspirin, you know. My parents agree with that.

Kacey: OK, well, it's probably best for you to... like, you shouldn't always take aspirin.

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: So... what happened with you today?

Chris: Ah... what happened with me today... uh... yeah, I don't know if Kim told you that I was e-mailed last night, but, you know, it was like this troll... uh... just claiming to have... already sent, like, sent in this claim for... register the copyright of Sonichu under his name... which s-, which should not be doable anyway... uh... but anyway, eve-, even copied and pasted details, like, if he was actually doing it from the Library of Congress site.

Kacey: Well, I mean... would you be able to prove against it? Because, if you don't have definite proof, and, I mean, just having some drawings isn't gonna do it, I mean, you'd be screwed.

Chris: Yeah, I, I, I-

Kacey: I mean, you did finalize the copyright a long time ago. They're gonna wonder why you waited so long, and... I mean, you're just gonna be out of luck.

Chris: Yeah. OK, you see, OK. One thing is... Yeah, I did, I did regist-, I did put my claim for the copyright... apparently last Sep-, apparently last September. And I found, I found the case number for that... I still have the account on there... on the Library of Congress website. And, uh...

Kacey: Well, I mean, documents are easy to forge, I mean, the same effort you took drawing in the first place, they can use it to get the coypright. I mean...

Chris: Yeah, but anyway, uh... I think I told you before that, like, you know, I was under a misunderstanding about what I sent through the snail mail... so... that's why... and then, uh... I should've gotten... I should request those papers about that time... uh...

Kacey: What about snail mail, you sent something? Or you received something?

Chris: Uh... well look, I filled out the application online, and so, should send something via snail mail, but I was not made clear on what to send in via snail mail... and I shou-, I should have requested those papers back then...

Kacey: Well, did you ever receive a certificate, or did you send it certified mail, I mean, stuff like that you have to send certified mail. If you didn't get a certificate back, then you're kinda out of luck.

Chris: Yeah, I didn't, I didn't get a certificate.

Kacey: Well, then... you can't prove it's yours.

Chris: Oh, yes I can... yes I can but anyway, anyway... anyway...

Kacey: Can't legally.

Chris: EARLIER TODAY... earlier today... I... I wrote a handwritten letter... to the Library of Congress about like, you know... yeah... this guy should not have the rights... to have the copyright on... stop him and... I have proved that I am the original creator... I even found... hand drawings from as early as 2000 to 2001... I mean... I even encouraged them to do FBI investigations between him and me... I would even welcome them to come to my home address to investigate that. I think they would find more stuff here at my house than they would over there! And I... anyway... I sent those hand drawings...

Kacey: I mean... that, that doesn't mean anything to them. I mean, you could be doing that to the actual copyright holder. I mean, they're not gonna waste money on an FBI investigation to do this, you know that, right? It's gonna come down to who has the better lawyer.

Chris: [sigh] Anyway, plus, plus I'm also, uh... got in touch with a copyright lawyer here in Charlottesville... uh... 'scuse me... and my father and I going down tomorrow for a consultation... talk about the situation.

Kacey: Do you have the money to hire him?

Chris: [sigh] At this point it's just a consultation...

Kacey: They can charge you for those. You know that, right?

Chris: Uh, but, I checked with him and I ask-, I asked him all and he said that the consultation is free.

Kacey: OK, but... that's where they... get you hooked in, I mean... just watch out for that, because consultations, even free ones, can turn into... not-free ones.

Chris: Yeah. All right. Mmm...

Kacey: I mean, it's just how the system works. Som-... You know, people do it all the time.

Chris: Yeah. OK. Mmm. OK, well listen, listen I gotta go get my non-aspirin and use the bathroom, so... I'll talk to you tomorrow, OK?

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Alight, you take care. Get some rest yourself.

Kacey: OK, all right. Bye.

Chris: Bye-bye.

[call ends]

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