March 2023 Praetor Interview

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The members of Praetor are known to make up things for shock value and got into contact with Chris to leech off his notoriety. Take what they say with a grain of salt.
The interview

On 11 March 2023, Kiwi Farms user themarchivist2 got into contact with Praetor in regards to some of their new Etsy listings, and they eventually gave out updates on Chris's current condition:

  • Chris is still in contact with the group, calling them twice a week in regard to their store.
  • Chris is still receiving his monthly tugboat.
    • Some have argued that his is unlikely, as the program is suspended if an inmate is sent to a mental institution for more than 30 days, and Chris spent 64 days at Western State Hospital and was declared incompetent to stand trial at that time. On the other hand, Chris made several substantial purchases following his release from jail, including a car, so he evidently has some source of funds.
  • Chris does not receive in-person visitors at jail, putting a recent alleged account by one Redditor[1] into question.
  • Chris has grown a beard due to shaving restrictions at jail and not receiving HRT.
    • If Chris did grow a beard in jail, we never got the chance to see it, as he was clean-shaven in his release photo and has remained clean-shaven since then.
  • Allegedly, a return to the Internet is "inevitable [...] in a matter of months".


The Marchivist
Hey, what's the new listing?
Etsy removed our signed Tasers. If you'd like an image, you can easily find them on YouTube as the channel SuperMega unboxed one. Chris has autographed each, and they are all fully functional.


The Marchivist
Alright thanks! Also if you don't mind me asking, have you heard from Chris since november? And can you confirm or deny that Heilberg sent out cease and desists?
Chris calls twice a week to deal with the store, as no listings are made with out his express oversight. As for the cease and desists, we'd just advise that folk stay out of any trouble. Chris's cash has been accumulating, as the money he gets from both the store and monthly disability hasn't been touched while incarcerated. This "second coming" he keeps mentioning seems to also include goals to put Heilberg on retainer, and sue a couple of choice folks.


The Marchivist
Has he ever mentioned the purported "jail visit" from January?
Christine doesn't receive visitors. Both the lack of recent letters and having no visitors is intentional, as Heilberg advised us to close any way for ill-meaning folk to get close.

A note is that any visitors that come would have made notice of the fact that Chris has a beard. Lack of hormone or razor access has let him grow it out. He shaves it only when allowed and under supervision, as is CVRJ policy.

--- ­

The Marchivist
Thank you for being so receptive! Last question if that's alright, when would you guess Chris will return to the internet given what you know now? I understand you probably don't have any super accurate predictions, but when would you infer?
We won't spoil anything, but a return is inevitable. Christine will be back in a matter of months, with plans far stranger than anybody could guess. He's had a long time to prepare, and has been writing A LOT.


The Marchivist
You've been using 'he', is Chris identifying as a male again?
Truly, Chris doesn't give a shit either way. The only one out of either Chris or us who remembers what the pronouns are is his lawyer.

Unless leverage is needed. In which case, Chris is a proud woman and always has been.


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