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This page contains DMs between Chris and Dillin Thomas.

Coping on ProjectSNT

Unknown, leaked on 23 December 2019

Chris DM'd Dillin to talk about ProjectSNT. Dillin made a video on the subject,[1] however eventually closed his YouTube channel. One quote from the conversation was preserved:

SNT, herself, was force-transported there as well to help with the situation. She and I took out the Rokat operation that was going on there and saved a falling-apart CS-89

Incest Call confirmation

30 July 2021[2]

[links to a YouTube upload of the Incest Call]

Chris you know I hardly ever hit you up, but I feel that this needs explaining.

Can you tell me what this is?

Keep faith, and distance yourself from the drama and chaos going on today. Know that remaining bad vibrations of the world are being sorted and weeded out today. A detail that fell into wrongest of hands can light the paths for the good intentioned and light powered individuals.
Chris did you do it?

Yes or No?

I have been cool with you and have tried treat you like a normal person, I think that you can at least return the favor with an actual response.

I'm gonna have to talk about this and it would help if you could explain what this is to me.

I am not at liberty to discuss about this. And I ask you, please, Dillin, to not drag, yourselves into this drama as well.

This is a test of the remaining weeded out toxic individuals who would take advantage of such details.

You and Taylor are stronger and better than this.

It bothers me that you can't say yes or no Chris.

I know the audio was messed with.

I just wanna know if it's true.

I will trust you with the simple answer, then. I ask you both to please not screen cap or share even this simple answer.


This is my test for you both as well.

Please, prove me right

I won't screen cap it.


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