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BlueSpike PSN Chat 3.7 was a second continuation of the third PlayStation Network chat between "Julie" (BlueSpike) and Chris, held on 18 February 2009.

The last few minutes of the conversation are missing from the recording and were not transcribed. The summary below gives an idea of what they talked about.


  • Julie apologizes for cutting Bob talk early
  • Chris returns, Julie is sick of people doubting her country
  • Chris says they were looking at a map
  • Bob says hello, sounds very friendly, talks about how they were looking at it on a map
  • Chris talks about how the map could be wrong
  • Bob sounds like a grizzled war hero with the way he says 'USSR'
  • Bob says something about gypsies
  • Bob talks about country shifts and says that he has been around 81 years and has watched the world change a lot -Bob says it's hard to keep track of countries
  • Bob says people don't seem to care where the countries are in the world (TRUE) and that he knows a lot of them - Bob collected stamps in the 1930's; his first stamp was from Romania in 1935
  • Bob has been interested in the world since he was ten years old.
  • Bob believes in the United Nations while the countryside people do not feel that way
  • Bob has tried to educate Christian on such matters but Chris is retarded (long story short)
  • Bob is frustrated by other people not caring
  • Bob says he's a loner, that he worked for GE as an engineer
  • Bob has seen the world, the country
  • Bob's favorite eateries are in the Cleveland, Ohio area
  • Bob used to visit a Nigerian company in Cleveland's west end
  • Bob recounts a Hot Dog stand, his trip there the food he liked there
  • Bob has different controls in the area
  • Bob worked with Goodrich and Goodyear
  • Bob believes he's had an interesting life and he is very world-conscious


  • Bob apologizes for not acknowledging Molvanîa
  • Bob talks about gymnasts in Eastern Europe
  • Bob asks about the black sea, Julie has to cover.
  • Bob talks about our schools not teaching geography


  • Bob retired 20 years ago and hasn't had a chance to talk to people about stuff he knows =(
  • Bob had to show Chris where Australia was
  • Bob likes foreign music, and has 15-20,000 music records.
  • Bob likes Boogie-Woogie
  • The young people aren't interested in what's around them
  • Bob wishes Chris was more interested
  • Wants Julie to teach Chris something
  • Bob's favorite music city is Vienna, Austria
  • Bob bashes them communists
  • Bob asks about Molvanîan folk music
  • Bob likes Tchaikovsky, a composer
  • Talks about Soviet Rule
  • Bob's best friends are foreigners
  • Bob has controls everywhere. He has lots of friend in Australia
  • Julie wants a nap
  • Bob wants to talk about Julie's folk music
  • Chris returns and talks about Barb being asleep and unable to talk to Julie
  • Bob says Barb sleeps a lot because they're old


  • Bob has nearly died several times, and had a lot of heart problems.
  • Attributes his stamina to being Cherokee (I kind of believe him over Chris)
  • Chris chimes in and says that Bob said that Chris has kept him alive
  • Julie had to take a nap.
  • Bob says that Julie can talk to him anytime
  • Something about keeping Christian straight ????????
  • Goodbyes are exchanged
  • Trolls discuss love of Bob vs horrible Chris
  • Troll calls this long convo 'Grandpa Trap'
  • Trolls loooooooooooooove Bob
  • Praise for Julie's SHOTA abilities
  • A Rosechu character shows up sounding like Chris, but it's some girl who is learning about Chris
  • Approve of Bob's Cherokee
  • Thinks Chris takes after Bob
  • Bob was happy to talk to Julie


BlueSpike PSN Chat 3.7
Stardate 18 February 2009
Featuring Chris, Bluespike
Saga JulieJulie Julie


(overlapping voices)

Unknown: Sorry but, uh, hello.

Chris: Julie?

Unknown: HI!

Julie: Hi, Chris.

(In the background you can hear the loud 'Hi!' from above. This feedback continues throughout the recording.)

Chris: Oh, there you are.

(sounds of rustling)

Julie: I apologize for that. I'm just very fed up with people doubting Molvanîa.

Chris: Oh. He's looking at a map.

Julie: 'k.

Bob: Hang on a second.

(tap-tap-tap, rustling, silence)

Chris: Eh go ahead, say something, Julie.

Julie: Oh, that sounds a lot better.

Chris: Ah, there you go. Alright, here's my dad.

Julie (enthusiastically): Hello!

Bob (enthusiastically): Hello!

Chris: That's Julie Molbania. She came all the way from Molvanîa.

Bob: Molvanîa, we were just looking at it on the map. It's, uh, ah...

Chris (cutting in): (Indistinct) For your information I looked at the map with you and, uh, you know, the Czechoslovakian Republic looked like the outline of the Molvanîan map I saw on the Internet, but I could be wrong.

Bob: Anyway, next to, uh, [long string of consonant sounds, I think he's saying 'It looks like it was a part of the'] former Soviet Union. USSR.

Julie: Hmm.

Chris: (Unintelligible, sounds like 'he makes less money?')

Bob: It's gypsy country! You got gypsy violins there?

Julie: Hmm. Oh yeah, I see. 'Cause the thing is, I quit a while ago, Chris, because i-i-it I don't know why, people doubt Molvanîa so much. It's...

Chris: I was listening on my earpiece, dad.

Bob (matter-of-factly): I see.

Chris: Just to let you know.

Bob: Well. All the countries keep changing. Like I keep telling Chris, I've been around for 81 years and I've seen this world change a lot and it's hard to keep track of which countries are what countries any more or what they were earlier.

Julie: Yes, I underst-

Bob: Also a lot of people, very few people, really, seem to care what, uh, uh, where the countries of the world are, they don't even know. I happened to know a lot of 'em 'cause I collected stamps back in the 1930s.

Julie: Ah, that's interesting.

Bob: And, uh, I got my first stamp. First foreign stamp was a stamp from Romania and it shows the former child-king of Romania riding on a white horse and I guess that was 1935, 36, somewhere in there, so I...I've still got that stamp, as a matter of fact.

Julie: Ah.

Bob: But very few people really, particullary in this country, really understand the makeup of the world. I have been very interested in the world since I was 10 years old, and that was 70 years ago and, the, uh, I'm very fond of and I really truly believe in the United Nations, but you won't find anybody else in my countryside or around here, I think, that does. (laughing) But anyway, I'm very world conscious.

Julie: Yeah.

Bob: And I've tried to train Christian in being conscious of the world, but it's awful hard for him to understand because he knows about Charlottesville and he knows about our little county here in Greene County. And he knows about places that are 50, 100 miles away, but he doesn't really comprehend a thing. Countries or cities or anything that's really farther away. Like I don't think he really comprehends Europe or Asia or anywhere like that and, uh, I think it hard that...most people [don't?] think about that or comprehend that. I'm kind of a loner, and I worked for General Electric while I was working as an engineer and I traveled all over the world and all over the country, which is fortunate because Christian was telling me you're up in the Cleveland area and some of my favorite eating spots are in the Cleveland area.

Julie: Ah, that's interesting.

Bob: In fact, uh, I used to go visit an engineering company called Western Engineering over in the...uh...west end of Cleveland and, uh, around the corner from Western Engineering was a little spaghetti place and hot dog place and we used to get hot dogs and beans and hot dogs and sauerkraut there every day for lunch when I went up there. And so, and out at the airport, when I used to fly into the airport I used to get there at 10 or 12 o'clock at night. I used to go to the motel there and in the motel at the airport they had a little restaurant that had the best split-pea soup you've ever seen in your life. I spent a lot of time in Cleveland and, ah, I got a lot of controls around there.

Julie: Huh.

Bob: Automation of different types of industries. Like I worked a lot with Goodrich and Goodyear down in Akron and at Kent, down in Kent University. I have a whole bunch of controls for GE down in a little town called Ravenna.

Julie: Huh.

Bob: Now you may have heard of Ravenna

Julie: Yeah, I have.

Bob: Because they have a big German population, I guess, in Ravenna. And, uh, I've got a whole bunch of controls there, too. It was an int-interesting life I had. [Ed.'s Note: Bob's voice here has a sad tone. Your life is interesting, Bob.] I'm still, I'm still much more world conscious than, uh, I think most of the people in this country, anyway. At least, I think so. Most people you ask them where a country is and they could say 'Is that on this planet?'

Julie: Hmm.

Bob: They don't even know about it. At least I know about most of 'em. Some of 'em change. Christian got all upset because I didn't know where your country is.

Julie: Huh.

Bob: But then I guess your country was part of the Soviet Union at one time, wasn't it?

Julie: Yes it was, yes.

Bob: So (garbled) all those states I've always wondered, I know there was 14 or 15 different states that comprised the USSR and I always wondered when they broke up back, what, 10, 12, 15 years ago, how many of those states became independent, independent countries. 'Cause I know that Ukraine was one of 'em and I know Belarus was one of them.

Julie: Huh.

Bob: And because that's where all the famous gymnasts come from.

Julie: Hmm.

Bob: But, uh, I haven't heard of yours.

Julie: Uh...

Bob: Your country, but it's sandwiched in there between Romania and Bulgaria, I guess and, uh, do you have an outlet to the Black Sea there?

Julie: (garbled, sounds like 'Huh?' or 'Yeah.')

Bob: I was looking at the Black Sea area on the map, and I don't think that your country actually--you don't have an outlet to the Black Sea, I guess.

Julie: Uh. Um. (pregnant pause) I dunno. (long garbled section, something about schools teaching cooking, I think?)

Bob: Yeah, that's the way the schools are here. They don't teach ya about all these other places. 'These are the other countries,' and things like that. I think I'm kinda unusual.

Julie: Yeah.

Bob: You won't find many people like me around 'cause I'm a firm believer in the United Nations and, uh, I always have been and I collect the United Nations stamps also. I'm-I'm, uh, since I've retired which has been after 20 years, I guess, I really haven't had much contact with people so long to get to talk about this much. I've tried to teach Christian and whether he's got any comprehension of the world or not, uh, I dunno. He had a tough time with Australia a few months back before he finally got it through his head where Australia was. But I-I love the foreign countries and foreign music 'cause I love music, and I've got maybe 15 to 20,000 long play records of classical music and, uh, some are classical music, jazz and blu-

(recording stops)

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