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Chris in Catboy Ranch

Catboy Ranch is a Discord server associated with Keffals. Chris is a member, having joined on 17 October 2023.[1]


Unclear date, leaked 27 January 2024[2]

hold on let's consult a sonic lore expert @JCWCSonichuPrime1982
You prayed?
So, what is the Sonic Lore question?
The bio-lizard only existed on the Death Egg. Shadow and the Bio-Lizard were manifested at the same time by scientific creation.
The Bio-Lizard was originally the Ultimate Lifeform prototype, but it was too powerful, and needed a counter lifeform to down it when needed because, hence Shadow the Hedgehog. So, technically, they both are Ultimate Lifeforms, but the lizard was not as omnipotent.
Anyway, look forward to the Past Ideas Reemerging Part 3 video in a little while; I am editing the video right now.


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