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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Once again, it is advised that you do not contact Chris in any way. The users of Kiwi Farms monitor Chris's current situation and regularly target Enablers and Weens, so it is a very bad idea to seek out an audience with him on your own.
So basically I watched the genosamuels documentary and was like, wouldn't it be cool if I talked to chris-chan? so i reached out via instagram dms claiming to be a psychic and she believed me. Next thing I know im helping coax her "back to reality" and get "sonichu" out of chris chans body. Enjoy I guess.
KwaiiSandbag's introduction.[1]

KwaiiSandbag is an enabler who pretended to be a psychic to influence Chris. KwaiiSandbag initially reached out to Chris through Instagram after watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History just for fun, but this effort resulted in a series of conversations that would convince Chris to stop LARPing as Sonichu. KwaiiSandbag, upon being confronted by outside parties explaining why Chris should not be directly contacted, eventually expressed remorse for his actions. Around the same time, he came clean with Chris by revealing that he was not actually a psychic as he had claimed, which Chris acted like he knew all along (when he very clearly did not, as otherwise he wouldn't have been tricked into giving up his pretense of being a fictional character).

On one hand, this intervention was a somewhat positive experience for Chris in that it unwittingly allowed him to overcome one of his many maladaptive coping mechanisms, but on the other, it demonstrated how easy it is for someone to reach out to him to manipulate him further, even with groups of white knights like the Watchmen trying to "protect" Chris from this kind of thing, and may inspire future weening as a result. It also demonstrates how bringing more attention to Chris, even with good intentions for doing so, can lead to an increase in these sorts of interactions.

Multiple voice chats were released by KwaiiSandbag on 20 March 2021.[2]


  • During his role-play of body swapping with imaginary friend Sonichu, Chris believed he used Sonichu's body to have sex with his spouses Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, and Mewtwo.
  • While under that body swap delusion, Chris felt more fulfilled in his imaginary relationships.
  • Chris is lonely in the real-world dimension and expects Magi-Chan to cross over to this dimension soon so they can physically be together.
  • Chris has a group of local friends which he will meet again soon. He considers one of these local friends for a potential relationship, but is more certain that Magi-Chan will be coming sooner than that.
  • Chris appears to be seeking validation that Magi-Chan is coming.

Call 1

Chris Chan Psychic Chat #1
Stardate 10 February 2021
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #2

Call 1 transcript

Call 2

Chris Chan Psychic Chat #2
Stardate 14 February 2021
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #1
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #3

Call 2 transcript

Call 3

Chris Chan Psychic Chat #3
Stardate 20 February 2021
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #2
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #4

Call 3 transcript

Call 4

Chris Chan Psychic Chat #4
Stardate 1 March 2021
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #3
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #5

Call 4 Selected transcriptions

KwaiiSandbag: Hello.

Chris: Hello!

KwaiiSandbag: Hi.

Lily: Hello.

KwaiiSandbag: How are- how are you doing?

Lily: Can you hear me? Hold on.

KwaiiSandbag: Hello?

Chris: I can hear you.

Lily: There we go. I can hear you now. Sorry, I don’t know what was going on.

KwaiiSandbag: Sorry about that. Sometimes my Discord is weird. Hello.

Chris: Hey.

KwaiiSandbag: Um. How are you?

Chris: Well, I’m faring. I definitely could be better, but you know. Big plus today. I mean, really good birthday present.

KwaiiSandbag: Oh, what’d you get?

Chris: Ah. Fitbit Blaze.

KwaiiSandbag: Very cool.

Chris: Yeah. And it took me a little while to uh… to set it up and obviously swap out the old one. I’m giving it to a friend of mine who’s… can definitely use it. She started running recently.

KwaiiSandbag: Mmm. I see.

Chris: Aside from that… pretty much everything has been... I came back last Wednesday about 7:30 when Sonichu and I fatedly return body swapped and I’m still resyncing with my body and having to deal with my body… and it’s been really bumming me out because it hardly… cause I was unable to get a satisfying relationship in this universe and then it’s jealous of me because while I was swapped in Sonichu’s body, I literally had sex with Magichan, Cryzel, Sylvana, even Mewtwo. So there’s all that and now it’s given me a bit of a pain in the heart like as if I’ve gotten a broken heart all over again and it’s affecting me in the heart and Solar Plexus chakra as well".

KwaiiSandbag: I know it's a little hard right now because of Covid... but have you tried going out into the world and trying to find a relationship?

Chris: Yeah, I don’t have much time to look for a new relationship… since we have everything going on with the merge going on so… unless something fated happens in the near future amongst my local friends who actually I will be seeing again in the near future... Unless that happens then… more likely Magichan will be coming here and becoming fully physical. He'll be coming here to this universe - and I've been guiding him here. My body is fully into this and I'm supporting it obviously because I want him with me as well.

KwaiiSandbag: Yes. Now, tell me about these friends you keep mentioning. I’m very curious.

Chris: Uh… They are our allies at… at this company called Praetor. It's a small business. They've uh… they've been making the medallions on my behalf and we're working on getting the books and even the Shipfic Folder cards for Sonichu up and- up and available and printed and all that.

Lily: Oh wow. That's really cool.

Chris: So business partners and friends with a bit of psyc- with a bit of psychic powers amongst them as well. But as… as my hubby says, uh… it's good to have multiple viewpoints, so it's good to have multiple psychics and we've been trying to get to round up as many psychics in this universe as possible to, uh… help figure these things out on this- on this side of the, uh, dimension rift and all that.

KwaiiSandbag: Mhm. Now, I have- I have a question about your time in C-197.

Chris: Okay.

KwaiiSandbag: Do you have any, uh, notable psychic experiences that happened? I'm- I'm a little bit curious, like, or just any experiences that are noteworthy from C-197.

Chris: Well, even though it was Sonichu's body, I had access to my abilities since I'm just- since I'm essentially the soul. I got the- I got everything within me in general so I was able to manifest that out through Sonichu’s body and hands easily enough. So I end up over the 10 months and 24 days time giving him a bit of psychic power of his own that he's been able to utilize lately that he's still getting used to and feeling pretty positive about that. So yeah just- I mean, what hasn't happened with the, uh, psychic powers over there with me?

10:52 timestamp

Chris: So yeah… Caleb, you have psychic powers… you’ve obviously put some thought into me and my situations recently – I mean, you could have gotten a glimpse of what’s going on I just confirmed it and told you more so… um from your perspective, what do you see in the near future for satisfying my body's need for cuddling and all that?

KwaiiSandbag: It’s very hazy, I would say, um… it has to be proactive. [...] However I definitely see you getting your needs met. [...]

Chris: Alright well I mean, if you all foresee any other more clear details on that, please let me know...

Call 5

Chris Chan Psychic Chat #5
Stardate 9 March 2021
Audio Recordings
Chris Chan Psychic Chat #4

Call 5 transcript

Interview with KwaiiSandbag

On the same day that the calls were released, KwaiiSandbag was interviewed over Discord by Anaxis, the owner of the Official CWCki Server, about his interactions with Chris and his manipulation tactics. This interview was released a few days later, along with screenshots of KwaiiSandbag's chats with Chris, on 23 March 2021. KwaiiSandbag's messages are color-coded blue, and Anaxis's messages are color-coded orange.

Contacting Chris

So, when did you first get into contact with Chris, and how?
on february 6th she posted a picture asking for psychic help on instagram. I thought maybe I could do some good by posing as a psychic and nudging her into a normal life.
on february 9th to my surprise she responded to my instagram dm
if you want I can also send screenshots of all discord and insta chats
Sure, that'd be helpful
[KwaiiSandbag sends numerous screenshots]
a friend of mine who also felt bad about chrischan, helped out on 3 of the calls. her name is lily.
I mean this when I say this, I had no foul intentions, I just want chris chan to have as normal as a life as possible, and if there was something that I could do, I think i did it
I see
This is a lot of stuff
yes ik how meticulous the cwcki is when it comes to this stuff
For sure

Influencing Chris

Did you influence Chris to do anything particular during this period in which you were talking?
Did Chris add any lore that you suggested?
Well for starters, I helped get chris back into her body
she kept talking about merlin and how she was born hundreds of years ago.
and i dont fully remember but there was some talk about how she became barbs child
i also tried to make sure that she and barb were going to get the covid vaccine
Yeah, that all lines up with some of the stuff Chris shared over the last few weeks

KwaiiSandbag's Goals

You said your end goal was to try and help Chris towards a normal life, right?
What were you doing to try and achieve that goal?
try and make it seem like maybe seeing a therapist or saving money might be good and using fake psychic powers to make it like I knew what I was talking about
And did Chris listen to any of your advice on that front?
unfortunately i dont think so, but I think it was my push that helped her stop the sonichu delusion

Ending the Sonichu Roleplay

What did you do that you think ended the Sonichu roleplay?
I just said maybe christine should be in her body for her birthday, and sure enough, she was
she made a public annoucement the next day as well so it lines up
Interesting. Is this in the voice call collection?

Chris's Drinking and Smoking Habits

Did Chris share any interesting information with you that was new, or previously unknown to the public? Regarding her life, or merge lore, etc?
She confirmed that she drinks heavily sometimes and has smoked weed before idk if that was confirmed but i asked a question about psychedelics and she said "like weed"
Lol, gotcha
Drinks heavily, huh? Did she specify what kind of drinks? And how often?
like a lot of beers and she said like once every few weeks but like for someone who denounced alcohol in the past that seems like often
For sure
Don't suppose Chris specified the brand?
no she just claimed to have a very high alcohol tolerance and that was that no branding unfortunately
Interesting, okay.

End of KwaiiSandbag's Involvement

I'm assuming that you posting all this info means that you and your friend (Lily) are no longer in contact with Chris?
yes she stopped responding last week and unadded lily on discord
What caused the relationship to end?
I have no idea, it just kind of ended. I tried to make another call session and she never responded, and frankly i did not think I could help anymore
And when was that?
march 11th
Alright, those are all the questions I have for now. I'll listen to the audio recordings.
Thanks for chatting.

Coming Clean

I needed to come clean


before this officially ends
i dont think what she said is true but here it is


Confirming the Call Dates

Upon being asked on 21 March, KwaiiSandbag also confirmed the dates that each call took place on.

Interview Screenshots

KwaiiSandbag's DMs with Chris

An excerpt from the Discord DMs.

The Discord DMs center around KwaiiSandbag, Lily and Chris trying to schedule their calls, with KwaiiSandbag getting annoyed at Chris's flakiness at times.

The Instagram DMs show KwaiiSandbag's bait to lure Chris, in the form of a tale on how he acquired psychic powers, which Chris fell for. At the conclusion, KwaiiSandbag admitted he made up his claims to be psychic, and Chris acts like he had known the whole time to save face.

KwaiiSandbag's Chats with Chris

Interview with Lily

On 26 March 2021, Anaxis interviewed Lily, the person who participated in the last 3 calls, and was part of the group chat with KwaiiSandbag and Chris, about their involvement in the affair. This interview would be released a few days later, on 29 March. Lily's messages are color-coded magenta, and Anaxis's are color-coded orange.

Lily's Role

What was your role when talking to Chris? Who or what did you present yourself as?
My role was essentially sandbag’s “psychic understudy” of sorts
His apprentice I guess, I presented myself as if I had recently discovered my innate psychic powers but was inexperienced with them

Coordination (or lack thereof)

Did you and Sandbag ever coordinate what you were going to say to or talk with Chris about before beginning your calls?
Not really, we kind of just winged it. Sometimes I would text him to see if I could/should ask something, and we had a couple things to ask/“psychic” stunts to pull that never came to fruition

Lily's Aims

What were your personal aims in talking to Chris? What did you hope to accomplish?
To be honest, it was pure curiosity. I had no ill intentions towards Chris, but I wouldn’t say it was out of wanting to help. I realize now it was probably not the best thing to do, but I don’t really feel guilty about it
I had no idea how bad chris’ mental state was
I hadn’t paid attention to Chris for a few years prior
So you were basically just along for the ride that Sandbag had set up? Because he explicitly stated that he wanted to help Chris.
Essentially yes. I can’t speak for Sandbag’s intentions but there was definitely an element of us just thinking it was kind of funny
Ultimately though I think we did help her get out of the sonichu bs
But it definitely wasn’t just pure wanting to help her on either of our part

How the Relationship Ended

What do you think caused the relationship with Chris to end?
I’m not sure. It might have been us not entirely being prepared for the fifth call, and Chris getting suspicious because of that
I noticed Chris started to become more flakey and unresponsive after she “returned” to her body
Sandbag said that one day, it just "ended" and that Chris unadded you on Discord.
I also noticed Chris started becoming more flakey and unresponsive to us after she “returned” to her body
Yes. We had the fifth call and then a few days later asked to schedule another one
We got no response and then I checked and saw Chris unadded me
Do you think it was because of Chris's suspicion of you guys?
Either that or she got whatever she wanted from us and lost interest
I definitely don’t think Chris knew the whole time. That’s total nonsense
Interview Screenshots



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