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Geno Samuel

Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History is a webseries created by producer and musician Geno Samuel, which began in February 2018. It is essentially a documentary about Chris's life, similar to Sachumo's. However, while Sachumo's film is an abridged summary of Chris's life for newcomers, Geno's videos go into greater detail, each video being around 30 to 40 minutes long. The series is in chronological order, taking several videos just to cover Chris's life before his internet fame, and Geno has said that he plans to step through the densely packed events of 2009–10 in increments of a few months. The series is still ongoing, and Geno predicts that it will be around 50 episodes long by the time he reaches the present day. Geno plans to continue the series incrementally until ultimately it reaches an end. Chris is aware of the series, and has commented on it several times over Twitter and YouTube.

YouTube account

Geno attempted to monetize his GenoSamuel2 channel. On 13 June of that year, when it was his turn to be reviewed by YouTube staff for the monetization program, they instead issued community guideline strikes due to the clips of bullying featured in the videos, and as a result his channel was terminated.[1] Geno confirmed that he did send an appeal form, but YouTube never gave him his channel back. Fans reuploaded all of the episodes made prior to the strike and Geno created a new backup channel on YouTube where the series would be uploaded from then on.

A week later, Geno revealed on the backup channel he would be taking a long break from the videos, stating that he was getting tired of always having to have Chris in his mind when making the documentary. He said that he will continue working on them sometime near the end of the year.

On 3 January 2019, he announced on his Twitter in the form of a teaser poster that the series would be coming back on 24 February 2019, which also happens to be Chris's birthday. The new series contains updated audio, additional and corrected information and some modifications to prevent another takedown. He also mentioned that he would not be monetizing the videos out of respect.

Geno said that Chris knew of the original run of the series and approved of it.[2]

In July 2020, Geno announced the series would go on hiatus again until August.

Mentions by Chris

In August 2019, Chris, while in his phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan, began "binge-listening" to the series[3] (suggesting that, like with the Sachumo documentary, Chris couldn't bear to actually watch the videos). Chris would make comments on the videos as Magi-Chan via Twitter, and as himself in YouTube's comment section.

Chris's interest in the series continued after his phrase of role-playing as Magi-Chan ended, eventually watching the series as opposed to just listening.

  • "quite curious, when you think about it, from the Animal Crossing Video, Christine calls for Sonic Heroes being GameCube exclusive; she gave premonition to the Nintendo-Exclusive Sonic titles.[4]"
  • He noted exactly which cartoons and games Megan Schroeder had introduced him to over a decade prior "just for the record and Megan's reference", those being Soul Calibur and Tekken OC Yoshimitsu, also saying he'd been a fan of My Little Pony and Sailor Moon before meeting Megan.[5]
  • "You made me laugh when you stiltedly read, 'You don't have to tell me twice. But back in the Stone Age...' Just simply how you said it cracked me up.
    Reminder, the end of that joke is,
    ' Really needed to tell them twice'; you couldn't get it through their heads at all.[6]"
  • Chris viewed his past homophobia with regret.[7]
  • Chris commented on Part 24 in YouTube's comment section, claiming that he had known Alec Benson Leary was a troll, among other dubious remarks:
I remember those times, and it was cringing to hear myself drone ON and ON just in thinking he was going to clear those ads from my old website. Subconsciously, I had always Known he and his crew were Trolling me the whole time, and it showed in how I reacted later on. And, yet, while partly oblivious, I Was Trolling Alec At the time. And I take no shame in it, because he was Trolling Me. I saw through his charade and showed it in how he treated everyone in my few pages, as he had already done, and worse, in his pages. It only added fuel to the nobility of pulling the plug on the Cwcipedia to save myself, my arts, and my peoples and family, he from the shit I was having to deal with from those bastards. Psychic Powers were strong within me in the later part of this video. And they have only gotten stronger over the years into now, despite my having the many more trials to endure and learn from.[8]
  • Chris tweeted on Part 31, about the 100 2270 video he filmed on 7 October 2010:[9]
Chris watches CCCS Part 31.jpg

This Part, starting from 16:30, I forgot I made this video. It was soo Stupid, it is genuinely hilarious.

Rolling on the floor laughing

I guess it was in the high-energetic, loud voice I used that day to imitate Liquid Chris. ALOL!

“yamosexual”? Get ready for a meme of that word.

In summer 2020, during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu, Chris continued commenting on the series.

Hey! Firstly, that door to the bathroom downstairs was unable to close at all back in 2013 and early ‘14. Second, Why the Hell would you read that personal shit about Mama with the penis thing? Oh, My Chris Chan! Why did Kim have to be such a literal Troll to totally expose these things when they were shared with her in strictest confidence? “Kim Wilson”, if that is even your real name at this point, Mama may forgive you to an extent, but I, Sonichu, am truly insulted by this shit stunt you’ve pulled with her trust in betrayal over the years.[11]

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