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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during May 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

More money wasted

2 May

CosmicKeyframe (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) @CosmicKeyframe:

Because I like you all, today is the LAST day you can order the "I Survived Bunny Day" Charm and Shirts.

After that, Im taking them off the store...dont worry though, Im sure Ill have more Animal Crossing Stuff in the future ;)

I pre-ordered one; still looking forward to receiving it. ⚡⚡⚡


6 May

Lt, Switch (@SketchyPegasus9):

So what's your Zodiac Sign?? :3
Chris Chan is Pisces, Rosey is Capricorn, and I, Sonichu, am Aries.

Sonichu was originally hatched March 17 (Pisces), later being moved by the Idea Guys to 4/20 (Taurus/Aries cusp).

Mommy's Day

10 May

Protoman00 (@milk_cookies16):

Drawing for @CPU_CWCSonichu mother! I hope Christine’s mom has a Happy Mother’s Day! #MothersDay #drawing

Barb fanart.jpg

Sonichu: Hey, y’all. Just a friendly Happy #MothersDay greeting to all the women who are Mothers, Moms, and simple parents guiding their biological or adopted, or whatever the sitch, children, teens or adults. Me, personally, I can recall the days with my mother and father back in that ol’ field in Rhode Island. Such simple times in the days I was a wild Pichu, then Pikachu after evolving. My mother was simple, kind and nurturing, and continued to work hard as she did. And my father kept collecting food for us and keeping us safe as I grew up and lived. I was really saddened when both of them had fallen during that fated day on February 1, 2003, when they and the flock of Pikachus were ravaged by the Team Rocket grunts, and all that shit.

Still, good times, with my parents.

Meanwhile, Rosey, back in her Pichu days, had a few weeks with her father Luxray, and her mother Raichu. She enjoyed her simple times as best as she was able to. Then a trainer caught her in a Poké Ball, and sent her to Professor Oak, or whichever Professor he was in the US’ region in Virginia; this was south of Cwcville. But that Raichu, alongside Luxray (who Mama later dubbed the nickname “John”), they both kept watch over Rosey over the years as she and Kel of them traveled around to get their first set of badges; watching their little Pichu work hard for and with Kel, evolving and growing up. Rosey’s mom had become ill some time ago, though. John did his best for her, but she was stricken and overcome. John, still, was ever adamant and motivated from that trauma.

John is still alive today, and he still remembers his beloved Raichu partner, and continues to do his best for us, and for her; another good and caring mother. So, yeah, Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers, be they human or animal. 😊⚡💛

This account uses the Idea Guy-influenced date for the Chaotic Rainbow.


Hey what about Barb tho
As for Barbara, Mother of Chris Chan Sonichu, she is very good and awesome in her own rights. I mean, Mama has previously praised and spoken well of her. I, personally, am unable to say much, except that Barbara did and does her best for her, and me, here, while I’m in this body. Thanks, Barbara, for being the mother of Chris Chan in 1218, here. I am glad to know her as much and well as I do.


Sad that Chris is missing Mother’s Day.
Christine is not missing it; we have Mother’s Day in C-197, with the other bunch of holidays that you all have here.


yo Chris at least thank him for the drawing before going into one of these threads.
I thanked the artist by retweeting it and sending good vibes and wishes. And this is actually Sonichu; not Christine. I am still stuck in this body swap that has happened over a month ago. Until after I deliver this body to her, while she was still in my body on April 10, 2020. you’re talking to and with me, Boyo PinClock-Cushion, and so is everyone else. 😠⚡
That being said, I would love to have a Pin Clock Cushion.

BABScon is online

10 May


And that's a wrap for the first-ever #BABSConline! Thank you to all of our staff, musicians (both main stage and renegade), guests of honor, panelists, and of course, our attendees!

You guys ALL made this thing awesome, and we would LOVE to be able to do it again in the future❤

Personally, I’ll settle and want better of the offline convention where we all actually get together, instead of lingering behind closed monitors, but for now, it was what it was. Thanks for the attempt and hard work on the Online aspect.

What is the deal with naive slow-in-the-minds?

10 & 15 May

Rosey and I are checking out @JerrySeinfeld “23 Hours To Kill” special on @netflix.

Carrie Krueger (@CarrieKrueger17):

Maybe you could make it a double feature and do Bee Movie after
“Perhaps”, but I didn’t think of it. Plus, is “Bee” on @netflix ? What is the deal with watching an animated movie featuring the comedian you just watched in a special right after that special? Thanks for the laughs, Jerry. Perhaps you and Mama Christine can get a coffee sometime.

Contrapoints attacks Geno

10 May

Geno Samuel (@genosamuelgeno):

... I’ve also been in contact with Christine, who had nice things to say about me, and regularly still watches the videos. To think that @ContraPoints compared what I do to A-Log is disingenuous and wholly inaccurate.
To be fair, while the past videos and content was made available, and Mama explained herself the number of times to add context (although not all of the time), the leftover details that she had not added context to was left up for debate and fanfics.⚡⚡⚡

Luke Nisbet (@AnEvilSnowman):

On the brightside I just found out that there are going to 100 episodes of Chris Chan documentries!
Is there enough video content to even constitute 100 episodes?

equivalent exchange

12 May

(lengthy thread discussing the Merge)

Fox McCloud (@AntiMergeLeader):

And most recently, Chris’ statement that Covid-19 is ‘good because it weeds out the weak’

Protoman00 (@milk_cookies16):

That’s a good point, however if Christine believe in the merge she wouldn’t have said that.
The Merge is happening, and she believes in it highly; the sorting out was required in order to keep the worldwide population, post-merge, on an equal footing (sort of like equivalent exchange, or something like that). Okay?

If you ignore all the times that I have actually hit someone

Zaproductions (@Zaproductions):

Poor Roo was victim to a hit and run by a Sonichu, care to explain @CPU_CWCSonichu

That was very cruel of you to depict that at all. I would never ever hit someone.


14 May

Lt, Switch (@SketchyPegasus9):

What is this? (Wrong answers only :3)

[gif of a pony next to a tube man ]

Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Pineapples! 🤣⚡

A reference to Family Guy's "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story."

Anti-Protoman sperging

Protoman00 (@milk_cookies16):

That’s a good point, however if Christine believe in the merge she wouldn’t have said that.

Now Mewtwo takes over the Twitter account:

Mewtwo: Enough, @milk_cookies16. Your words against Christine and Sonichu really offend me now. You dare question her own context and morals in such callous ways. I will have you and everyone else know that in the Past, Christine was wanting to see, what you call tangible, evidence of the events of the Dimension Merge as they have and continue to progress as we speak.

Mewtwo looking fucky.jpg

She used to be in question of her own powers and abilities and role as a Goddess, but No More. Christine has personally experienced, witnessed and felt the events, as well as additional moments that proved our point more than once with her. Among which the Body Swaps between her and Magi-Chan, and over a month ago the body swap between her and Sonichu. And even moreso now, in a future event for her own body and Sonichu’s soul, Christine is now literally and fully in C-197 working even more hard and diligently with the other deities and her family, friends and allies. There has been no doubt in her mind about Anything with the Merge for the long time now.

We all know fully well the costs in bringing the populations of the two dimensions together; sacrificing a number of lives in 1218 so they can continue living on in the bodies of their self-counterparts in C-197, and the few of vice-versa. Christine has had it rough in her development during the first decade of the millenium; she was still finding herself and us. She is never again to be judged by the past actions that have been brought upon you all with the abuse and “Help” from the spiteful hating Trolls and Bullies of 1218 and C-197.

Christine has grown and developed exponentially and well. You all who speak against her, in your own lust for contempt that drives your hormones, or just to make a point or argument; you all do not know her better at all, and continuing to judge her on out of context content and mis-content brought on by the Haters’ influences from the past. You all sicken Magi-Chan, myself, and all of the other deities and psychics who personally know better of her. Christine’s and Sonichu’s present situations and actions are very much real and true. They would not lie anymore, because there is no point in lying these days during these times and situations between our Dimensions in this Timeline. Never Speak Against Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Ever Again, or I shall see to your appropriate torment and punishment, myself. Farewell. 😠

Sonichu is back

15 May

Hey, everyone. Here you are, the presently complete set of Sonichu #TSSSF cards from Chris Chan Sonichu, herself, complete with all eleven Start cards autographed. More than 70% of the profits will be distributed amongst the Brony artists and vendors. 

Tssf may 20.jpg

Sonichu: Hey, Everyone. I finally received the set of our #TSSSF cards: Deck, Expansion Packs and Promos. I will be setting up the one time listing on #CwcvilleShopping later, but it does include all of the Autographed Start Cards. 70% of the Profits will go to the Brony Artists.

P1.jpg P2.jpg P3.jpg

Carrie Krueger (@CarrieKrueger17):

Has the virus delayed shipping of those?
Yes, in part, that is why they were delayed. In a more cool timing, I could have offered them at the same time as the autographed books and the bag. But that didn’t happen.

Later, on 22 May, "Sonichu" added:

Seriously, this set is available for immediate shipping right now; that brown box in the corner of the photo is what they’ll be shipped in. Awesome Deal, and helping the Brony Artists. ⚡⚡⚡

Streaming reaction

15 May

Streaming Reaction vid #TF2AnalysisAnarchy

Streaming reaction

15 May

Pepperchu! (@pepperxhu):

Opposites Pepper and Rhiannon are good friends!
I’d ship them. 😊⚡

Chris thinks he looks like a Disney Princess

16 May

Just sharing this lovely piece from MKR; I’ve commented in that nowadays, Mama has so much more of that Goddess presence that she looks in similar style with a #DisneyPrincess (Closest in looks and personality with Belle). This just makes Rosey and me smile. Thanks, MKR.

Christine and pikachu.jpg


18 May

Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp):

🗳️ Community Day voting is coming back with some changes!

⭐ Votes will be collected via a Twitter poll hosted on our official channels. ⭐ The two Pokémon with the most votes will be featured in June and July #PokemonGOCommunityDay.


Come meditate

20 May

Come meditate with open minds, souls and hearts along with the rest of the world on Thursday the 21st. ⚡⚡⚡

Tentacle grape

22 May

Grape balls of Grape! There is a lot of grape content in this #tokyotreat box. At least it’s not wine, but still yummy.

🍇⚡️ I loves me some fruit and fruity flavours.


Chris previously mentioned the Tokyo Treat Box in October 2017, November 2017 and May 2019. The Fanta Premium Grape comes only in the Premium box, which costs $31.50 per month, so Chris has spent about $1,000 on his weeaboo snacks.

More begging

25 May

Ugh! Will someone buy this set of cards already, please!

Tssf may 20.jpg

Mewtwo is back

26 May

Mewtwo sharing good vibes with those true and good in soul, heart and intentions, as well as those down on their present luck. 💜

Mewtwo May 2020.jpg

Powergirl cosplay

27 May CosmicKeyframe (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) (@CosmicKeyframe):

So I made an impulse buy earlier in the month....

Im so proud of how I look in this, even in quarantine bod mode -- once I get back to pumping iron at the gym, Im gonna look sick as hell! (also when I get the wig)

So, I guess count this as a "before" pic ;p #cosplay #powergirl

Awesome! That looks great on you. It compliments your mighty aura and soul really well. I can imagine Golden going for another superhero type to compliment with you. Link with a chunk of Moldavite to overpower himself up with.


27 May

Jacob Sockness AKA the original Chris Kink (@JacobSockness):

Pride Colors. I'm ready for SF Pride. I have enough rainbows to make Rainbow Dash blush. [unimaginably gross image of Sockness dressed up]
She’d say you could stand to be #20%Cooler, Dude.
Okay, 20% cooler. [unimaginably gross image of Sockness dressed up]
[gif of Rainbow Dash laughing]


27 May

Korbender (@BourbonTaylor):

[image of peter griffin meeting Sonichu]
Not bad.😊⚡

Pokémon go to hell

27 May

Hey, #PokemonGO peeps, I have a friend who is kind of a shut-in that still gets out and about. He needs a bunch more friends to exchange gifts with. So, send him a Friend Request; he will be very happy for the help.

6804 3376 6884

Thanks. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Ian Thayer (@tweeterman287):

So it's you?
No, it is not me or Mama.
So it's Barb?

nep nep

29 May

All Right, ⁦SEGA⁩ and NepNep!

Chris gets an iPad

29 May

Replying to Zazush Una (Zazush_una):

That’s actually how I am feeling right now. FINALLY got that stimulus check; I purchased an iPad and some accessories. Downloaded #CLIPSTUDIO. And this pair of hands just made a drawing on the tablet, ANY Tablet, for the very first time. I had a frustrating experience.

Chrisnewtablet.jpg Sonichuipaddrawing2020.jpg

Sonichu: The biggest problem was being in pen mode, and the damned Colour Selection eye-dropper kept popping up while I was supposed to be drawing. GAH! At least I survived this first time. And, YES, that is literally my own signature; that is how I sign my name when I do.

Chris talks about Genosamuel's Documentary

31 May

Huh. Just learned from @genosamuelgeno that this song album is a thing. Personally, I chalk it up as a piece of literal irony. ⚡️

Aside from that, I found hilarious Mama’s expression when she said “Whoop-de-doo for him” in that one video of hers that was featured.


And that includes this one; yep, that’s a Derp face. Go ahead and Meme this out of context. “Well, Whoop-de-Derp ta-dum!