June 2020 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during June 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Fantasy on exposing the trolls

2 June

Hey, everyone. Sonichu, still here. A fated moment is upon us, as Mama and everyone else had foreseen and experienced before. Pretty much a Let-You-Know for now, but over the past couple of decades, Mama Chris Chan has been Trolled, Bullied, Blackmailed, Deceived, and all that.

No freaking surprises. But in her developing abilities, especially further developed over the past few years, she has learned from seeing into everyone’s intentions, for good, bad or indifferent, and everything else from throughout the farthest reaches of dimensions, space, and all time. So, with that, it comes to no surprise how often people often talk smack and shit behind Mama’s back online, yet they subconsciously mostly are genuinely concerned of her present well-being, as opposed to those few who genuinely want to see her fail.

With that, she even knows, personally, of those in the online communities, in addition to and aside from the Cwcki; there are literally those amongst her favourites in the Brony Community, some of the Analysts, in particular. She has been aware of those who wish to leech off of her success and misfortunes for their own personal gains, including @DHTDillinThomas and @ItsAllSoUgly, but she has been most kind with them and their doings, as theirs were a fated event that she had to witness for herself. Even amongst other individuals, of other Planet Dolan, Sonic Fandom, Lego, and so on into all of the communities, either themselves, personally, with an online anon alias, or with the help of their mod squad (even SNT, herself, would give the person behind that a piece of her mind for talking ill of her, out loud).

But, I digress. In the days to come, while only the truest haters and bad cynicals will find chaos in their minds, but everyone will be considered and exposed. Including [ ], [ ], [ ], and you, [ ]. Even Null will be cowering before the judgment of the good deities, including Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, herself. That is all for now.

Stay Safe, and Zap It Up. ⚡⚡⚡

14 June

The time has come to start listing out the back-talkers who have been speaking bad of Chris Chan Sonichu within up to the past decade. “Oh! A bunch of back-fighters, eh?” 😠⚡️ [image of the Three Stooges]


This is just the first part; there will be more back-talkers exposed.


4 June A reply to JSockess:

Dude, #aquadiamond drew the art, but Mama, herself, typed up the flavour text. So, take it up with her after her return to 1218 on what she typed up.

CPU Blue Heart aids a divorcee

11 June

Replying to a woman who is going through divorce:

You are not alone. 😊💛⚡
So I’ve read, and I was sorry to hear that. But know that you still have friends who will help you through this troubling time.
Well, you have me, and Mama Chris Chan will help you out. Besides, that dude didn’t deserve you to end up like this. It’s for the better. Count your blessings. 🌈⚡
Well, we love and care about you, too. We think of you every day with the Sonichu and Nightstar plushes. Anyway, Mama and I are here to offer our support for you.
Chris Chan Sonichu is watching over you.


11 June In response to an enabler asking about how many Chris's there are.

The Prime of all Chris Chan Sonichus is on the C-197 side of the curtain. ⚡⚡⚡

Enabler 2

11 June In response to an enabler who drew Sonichu in a different style.

Yeah, only in another alt-Dimension does Mama transform into this unicorn with fists. I’ll give you two bolts out of three for originality and cuteness. ⚡⚡


11 June Reply to @CosmicKeyframe, who asked for a new movie where shaggy becomes a werewolf.

Gimme a Reluctant Werewolf sequel, you cowards

Make Shaggy Furry Again

And leave out the car race; that felt needless.


12 June Count Dankula🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@CountDankulaTV):

"Havent googled myself in about a year, maybe I'll try it again just once"

See you in another year

Hey, @CountDankulaTV, I need to talk with you about local Guardian; please DM me as soon as you can. Thanks. ⚡⚡⚡

RedVsBlue pt 3

12 June

Hey, everyone. Gonna be streaming the watch of #TF2AnalysisAnarchy #RedVsBlue Part 3 in about little over a half-hour from now on YouTube. With the iPad, I can actually have it kind of picture-in-picture, for once (although audio may be off-sync with the video on the iPad. ⚡⚡⚡


16 June In response to an enabler who made a medallion of Sonichu and their shitty OC

Very good job so far. ⚡⚡⚡

My Two Bolts

17 June

Hey, everyone. Rosey, Sylvana and I just listened to this video, and I will tell y’all straight up: what they say in this video, regardless of “scripted humor”: they actually are right for the most part about all of that.

For my personal two bolts: ⚡⚡ In actuality of the original FCs amongst us, when a reboot is made, we do not get physically altered to match the media, but rather those “reboots” are all literally accessing alternate dimensions other than C-197. But, we do feel the memories and presence of our respective new self-counterparts. It becomes a literal headache. For example, Sonic, my senpai, still maintains his tan coloured arms. Since “Boom” Sonic was literally chronicled as residing in an alt-dimension from Senpai, he does not get as much of a memory and presence mental overload. But with the new movie, they actually explored a bit better into Senpai’s early days background, but he still maintains his tan arms. As for the internal electricity, he did not get that until the days and events chronicled in the game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3... the addition of the Lightning shield gave Senpai exposure to electrical powers, but not yet actual default abilities. Now, in late ‘03 into ‘04, Sonic did actually personally give me lessons on how to be a better runner and maneuvering of all of the various things.

Shoot, the days of me being a simple wild Pikachu were long gone, so I definitely benefited from the pointers and lessons. What I did on the right-after, that fateful day in Station Square, was on instinct; I didn’t really have a total conscious mastery over parkour yet, obviously. Anyway, Sonic taught me how to better maneuver, maintain my center of gravity while literally running on different axis and walls (not a total “Gravity Rush” gameplay experience, obviously). He even taught me how to break dance and other awesome and way past cool tricks. And we’ve hung out and worked together off and on since then. Sonic did pick up a bit of the electricity from hanging out with me, and it eventually manifest more within him alongside his stored Chaos Emerald energy. Yep, he started developing electrical abilities ...of his own. I, in return, gave him a few pointers on how to handle and utilize that power. He was making Thundershocks by accident in ‘15.

So, yeah, the one thing that Sonic did not have back in the early 1990’s that the movie-makers slipped into this new movie was actually a more present day ability of his.

With that example, in combination with what GiBi and his Doctorate Bro, y’all can take from that what you will.

Also, off-topic, Mcdichael’s dinosaur OC; there are some dinosaur OCs that exist in the present time along with the rest of us in C-197, but they’re mostly about average tall human height of around or at least six feet tall (from head to rear foot, and not counting the long-necked ones). Less in number are the dinosaur OCs that are of original massive heights as depicted in Jurassic Park. Those ...particular Dino OCs have to exist in their own island colonies, while also, at times, commuting to and with our other countries. So, on the comment of his T-Rex arms carrying a couple of us at a time, it does depend on his OC’s present location, but he’ll likely be on one... ...of those “Dinobot Islands” with others matching of his height and stature. Just a let-you-know on that.

Thank you both, GiBi and Mcdichael, for actually getting a lot of the details that Mama has been trying to relay to everyone else all this time right and spot-on. ⚡⚡⚡

I will also add that at the time when Mama was first getting the information and details of the Dimension Merge, she did have her initial doubts off and on, BUT she did not need to at all. The fuller details were being put into her brain some at a time, and when she was asked by those in this dimension, 1218, about specific details; she was not really sure, because she was still learning and getting used to her newfound abilities and powers at the time. So, yeah, point-blank, she did have to keep it vague, but everyone kept insisting, and it backfired on everyone when Mama actually gave a specific timeframe, because not everyone is meant to know well in advance the specific When of the main event and happening. It was wrong to press her on like that, and it remains wrong today to press on about that specific date details. Look in the worldwide news of the past months and recently, and y’all will see the significant artifacts and events being found, and the phenomenon that you certainly don’t see everyday in your dimension, here.

That is all from me for now. Check y’all later.⚡⚡⚡

18 June

Hero Reed (@HeroReed1):

I'm just waiting for people to draw sonichu in a school girl uniform calling sonic senpai we all know it's going to happen
No shame from me on that. 😊⚡️

TSSSF Senpai What.jpg Though that lower-case “f”anfic will be up to that artist at this point. ⚡⚡⚡


18 June

[video of Cher doing a medley of West Side Story and singing all the parts]

That’s some pretty good editing on her crew’s part.

Chris replies to Lauren Faust regarding Pony Life

20 June

Lauren Faust (creator of Friendship is Magic):

Reviewing potential writers and got a "Pony Life" script as a sample. All was well until suddenly I read: "she facetimes with the other ponies on her tablet," --- it was like a brick in the head! Not judging, just surprised.
I don’t blame you; Mama, Nightstar and I voted heavy against #GOPony. We foresaw how bad it was going to be.


20 June

Sweetie Bloom (@BronalystSweetB):

Got a meat tenderizer for my already nerdy kitchen. Whatcha think, @MLPSilverQuill ? 😉
At least you didn’t go for the axe. Still, now there can be lightning in your meals.⚡⚡⚡

Deity-level awful

21 June

"Sonichu" was thoroughly disappointed with the first episode of Pony Life:

Literally the face I simply can not help but make as I watch the first episode of #GOPony. UGH! Freaking @Hasbro executives! 😠⚡🔥

CWC GoPony reaction.jpg

What did Mama say Months ago? That’s right: #GOPony is confirmed Epic Garbage! Ugh! I am soo upset and angry over this abomination! Do you hear me, @Hasbro? EPIC Garbage!

MLP is not for babies

21 June

LittleshyFiM (@LittleshyFiM):

Pony Life seems like an okay kids show.

FIM went above and beyond expectations of what a "kids show" can be though. In that way Pony Life is a step backward, but it could have been worse. It's energetic and colorful with no substance but I'm sure that's all it was trying to be.

You’ll speak different when you hear babies literally egging upset and crying over how awful it is. Nobody is mindless or soulless.

Nep-Leijon (@ShippersDesigns):

so you admit the show is for babies and you watch it? Also babies dont comprehend shows being good or bad
I got news for you: between Gen 1 and Gen 4, MLP is not for babies; it is for us Nerds and not brain dead. And @Hasbro had better listen on that nobody is brain dead, and they need to keep up with the better content that is in G4.

Executiveprotestcard.jpgTSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg

Pray to Chris Chan to cure viruses

22 June

In response to Helena Fiorenza role-playing about sick Pokemon:

Oh, swell. Well, fortunately, it can also take a deity with manifesting healing magic to heal them of such viruses. Pray to Chris Chan; she will be right over to manifest the cure and heal them.


23 June More enabling by Helene G F

Thank Chris Chan C-197 does not have any zombie or virus problems at all. And I’m not counting the mess that was NALACakaNM before the soda rains.


23 June

[replying to a happy birthday message for Sonic]

Happy Birthday, Senpai. 😊⚡️

Sonic Boom

23 June

WizardEli-Films (@WizardOfMagic11):

Without saying it's name, what's your favourite Sonic game?
“Trouble keeps you running faster.

Save the planet from disaster.
Spinning through a world in motion.
Take it all the way!”

This is "Sonic Boom," the title screen theme for the American version of Sonic CD.


23 June

Pencil Sketch ✏🎞Microphone COMMIS OPEN (@vcm1824):

So...I got myself a new drawing tablet!!!!

I got a Huion KAMVAS GT-221. It's slightly bigger than my old one and it has shortcut keys on the sides (which will take some time to get used to) I actually drew this with the new tablet and I like it a lot!

I think Courtney of #ProjectSNT has one of those; I remember she reviewed such a tablet in one of her redesign videos.


25/27 June

Pepperchu! (@pepperxhu):

My shiny new medallions!! Thinking about making VHS... What do you think? [photo]
Very awesome. May I suggest coating them, fully, in dishwasher safe mod podge, or some epoxy; that way, they will last a Lot longer, and can be worn in the shower. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Nep-Leijon (@ShippersDesigns):

you...you dont wear jewelery in the shower...
Oh? So, the Married Couples and Polyamorous Partners shouldn’t wear their wedding rings in the shower? Pfft.

Yeah, it is safe to wear jewelry in the shower. Okay? ⚡️⚡️

Helena G. F. (@PickinyFelliny):

One kinda take that stuff off when showering or washing dishes.
Well, if we’re gonna nitpick; one shouldn’t wear their @fitbit in the shower. That is more common sensible.

check your city

27 June

Jacob Sockness AKA the original Chris Kink (@JacobSockness):

My friend Nick places Canterlot High at ARC in San Francisco. 1500 Howard looks like the the school in the show. Once things return to normal, I'll begin scouting for the portal in this city. You should check your city too.
Actually Canterlot High and where Sunset and everyone are is in Maryland.

Not in California.

aliens exist in C-197

28 June

XenoEnthusiast (@EnthusiastXeno):

Hey chris do my aliens exist in C-197
Yes, on another planet from Earth.

[long thread]

“Christopher” was the name Mister C. And Barb gave to Mama when she was born on February 24, 1982 in this dimension with this body, that still needs to get to Cwcville, fully, safe and well, ASAP. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Mama’s birth name is on Page one of her history; you should know that.


29 June


Greasepit & Exhaust


TFW2005 (@tfw2005):

New In-Hand Images of Selects Greasepit & Exhaust, Alt Modes Revealed https://news.tfw2005.com/2020/06/29/new-in-hand-images-of-selects-greasepit-exhaust-alt-modes-revealed-413775
Cool! Gotta get one of those! Mama has the G1 Original Greasepit #Micromaster set, along with the other three in that line that came out then. Although Partsforming comes to mind at this point.

"Partforming" is a fandom term for a Transformers toy that transforms by removing pieces of one form, then reattaching them to assemble the other form; it is generally considered to be a bad thing.