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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during May 2021.


4 May

Chris quote tweets a tweet from SEGA Japan asking what kind of wish would people want to make into an emerald.

If there is anything I could wish for at this very moment, I’d wish I had done better at personally keeping and writing personal journals throughout my life, without interruption. 💎⚡️💙⚡️🌕✨

Zap-hog's Revenge (@HogZap)


[GIF of a monkey with text saying "Am I a joke to you?"]

All of you Christorians are not a joke to me at all. Had I done better at journal keeping, you all would have more good and accurate information to work with. It’s my bad that’s not the matter in this timeline.

May The Fourth Be With You

4 May

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, May 4th became a holiday.” May the Force be with you in enlightenment.


[GIF of Yoda with text saying "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!"]

Also, realized another way you can tell you are asleep and dreaming: you look at your touch screen phone, your app icons are disorganized, and you blame it on the firmware update. LOL

[GIF of an IPhone turning left and right]

Romanceable NPC

4 May

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

Post a picture of yourself as both a romanceable NPC and a final boss without downloading new pictures.
Post a picture of yourself as both a romanceable NPC and a final boss without downloading new pictures.

Well, Christorians, here’s another one for the “Chris Chan Sexy” Google Results, and dare I say your next Body Pillow Daki? Go ahead. 😉⚡️💙⚡️


Joshua (@JoshuaCreature1)

Yes, “What?” What comes to your fun little saucy mind at this juncture, little lamb of the trollish?

[GIF of a woman winking at the camera while biting her finger in a seductive manner]

Mandela Effect

6 May

Hey, everyone: I have a word of the day for you all: “Freshappl” (fre, shap, pul).

It means a sudden change in the present universe, dimension, and/or timeline.

example: “I went to the store and bought a bag of apples, and on the way home, it became a bag of oranges. I went through a freshappl as I distinctively and actively remember buying apples and not oranges.”

Better self-love

7 May

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

I did my own version of @CPU_CWCSonichu latest drawing, it really inspired me, so hope there's more to cum! ❤️ ^ ^ ❤️

[Artwork based off of Chris's earlier "romanceable" NPC artwork]

Aside from the lack of quills on the back, this is very lovely, indeed. Good job.


And for the general information for those who asked: I have been working with my body in better self-love. We’ve removed all the negativity and toxic vibes from the past relationships and such with the fakers and haters. And our rebonding work also included sex exploration, so been feeling my improved oats, so to speak.

I definitely would have figured out and found myself a lot sooner had I not been abused with a number of cock and asshole images shoved into my screen, my late websites, and shit from said haters and fakers.

Do not push on anyone who is still in their own soul-searching and self-evaluation developments; it is not only most uncouth, but degrading; like spanking a baby after it was just being born. But, again, I’ve recovered myself, and included my present mentalities and improvements in that to set my boundaries. The few of you all had your respective chances, But taking advantage of my kindness, good nature, and naive mentality at the times, did all of you nor I any positive flavours at all. I am a literal Goddess, and I shall no longer be privy or prone to such shenanigans against my own will and intentions again. I know my self-worth throughout not only here, but throughout the multiverse as well.

That is all for now. ⚡️💙⚡️

Disney Plus

7 May

Finnthepony / Toon Talk (@Finn_the_pony)

Finn quote tweets a tweet announcing that every episode of Wander Over Yonder is now streaming on Disney Plus.

Y'knooooooooooow, if any of you guys are looking for something to waaaaaaaaatch on Disney Pluuuuuuuuus right noooooooow..........might I make a suggestion~? 0w0 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cool! I can always trust Finn to bring in a choice of good vibes and fun! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a cartoon character getting scared and falling to the ground after a spider walks on to their face]

Tree Hugger

8 May

In response to a tweet of a comic with a My Little Pony character called Tree Hugger.

I like Tree Hugger. 😊⚡️
Hey, @ObabScribbler, I think we’ve found your next #AdorkableTwilight comic dub. I’ll look forward to the groovy and flowy voice acting for this one. 😊⚡️

Mother's Day

9 May

Hi, Mom. 😊⚡️💙⚡️



Chris posts this on his Instagram and Facebook.

Hi, Mom. Remember, everyone, regardless of situation, your Mom, Mother, or Motherly Figure had a life and past of her own back in the day before you came along. She has gone through a lot for not only you and yours, but herself as well.

And Barbara Anne Weston Chandler still looks good for her wise age. #happymothersday2021

Also, to whoever found and uploaded the pages and photos from the #RandolphHenryHighSchool 1960 yearbook, Thank You so much for doing that and allowing me to find this old photo of my mom. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Barb-Instagram-1.jpg Barb-Instagram-2.jpg Barb-Instagram-3.jpg Barb-Instagram-4.jpg

Fan message

11 May

Hello Geeky (@hello_geeky)

Wearing the Sonichu one today! Zap to the extreme!! ⚡️ Looking forward to making more in the future to wear, so I promote Sonichu wherever I go. As always, thank you @CPU_CWCSonichu for such an amazing franchise!!

[Photograph of Hello Geeky with a Sonichu medallion around their neck]

Loving, Compassionate, and Kind people like you genuinely humble me. Thank you. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Age 18 to 25

13 May

Aaron (@IAmAaronWill)

Age: 18 to 25

The age where you can build your life or destroy it.

Curious topic, but reminds me. At 18, I had a birthday party with my good friends invited; it was lovely. Later that year of 2000, I graduated from High School with an award for my grades, but no awards for my Talents and personal Progress. On retrospect, the friendships and memories remain of very good and continued developmental value, despite me being naive on dating, and often being in observational mindset. Back then, I became feeling very depressed from having to leave my friends and alone.

Positive side, after turning 18, in March, I discovered my Son, the one-and-only Sonichu Prime, and really developed further from that.

Between 18 and 25, I tried to be socialable, but I was still feeling damage from the Graduation trauma, and difficulties in #PiedmontVirginiaCommunityCollege, the Infamous Sweetheart Search. Back then, I was really still innately trying to find myself, but was more focused/misfocused externally. These days with my better comprehension of not only self-confidence, but also auras, chakras, and my #PsychicPowers and Goddess abilities, I realized between that seven year span, and up til about 2014 with my coming out, I was not attracting others, because my aura was indecisive and unfocused during the time. Not to mention that in later years, I was actually destined for better partners that I authentically love, appreciate, and care about, as they each do me: Mewtwo, Sylvana Rosechu, Cryzel Rosechu, and, of course, our OP, compassionate and devoted, Magi-Chan Sonichu.

I also now understand how uber unique I always have been; back in the early 2000s, I was not attracting others in my search, because my aura literally shielded me and made me invisible to Most and the typical. And with the toxic types finding me offline and online to torment and test me down the road, like moths to a bright light-powered flame. But, also, with me having been undecided about myself back then, as well as it not being in the events of me meeting others in searching, it was certainly obvious that my intentions were being misinterpreted for solicitation.

At least I had started work on my chronicling my Sonichus and Rosechus in our sister universe of C-197, as well as my central self-counterpart from there, despite keeping details lacking and leaving plot holes, as well as going overboard talking about myself as much as I had.

Ah, but come 2007 and my turning 25, I started to venture further towards my light-powered workings and interdimensional Goddess responsibilities, with an informative message video, similar to a gospel, BUT it does not stand the test of time, and I would definitely update it, personally, when I get the moment after the Dimension Merge events are completed.

But, I digress. During that seven year mark of 18 and 25, I’ve actually ended up doing both in going downhill, as well as going uphill. But I needed all this in order to better shape myself to where I am and continue to follow my immortal path with my immortal body, working hard for me, for my loves and family, and for everyone in general.



16 May

Kermitchu!!! (@kermitchu)

I wonder if there's an Actual @CPU_CWCSonichu who comes from a Japanese-Inspired Dimension!!!What are your thoughts? ⚡️🐸⚡️

[Artwork of a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Very much possible, and in fact, I have personally met with this particular self-counterpart of mine.
Funny bit of irony that this particular art piece came into my visual view today, because last night, my loves and I had just finished binging the entire series of #AvatarTheLastAirbender; really good show, I do agree. Also spiritually insightful.

Universe-wide illusion of separation

16 May

Everyone, the barrier that separates us in this universe 1218 and every creature and individual in C-197 is a centuries-old illusion, and our ultimate success is to dispel the universe-wide illusion of separation. We all live, exist, and co-exist together as a collective. ⚡️💙⚡️


Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Everyone, the barrier that separates us in this universe 1218 and every creature and individual in C-197 is a centuries-old illusion, and our ultimate success is to dispel the universe-wide illusion of separation. We all live, exist, and co-exist together as a collective. ⚡️💙⚡️

dimensionmerge #collectiveshift #collectiveconsciousness #enlightenedminds #psychicabilities #psychic #magic #elementals #elementalmagic

May16Instagram1.jpg May16Instagram2.jpg May16Instagram3.jpg

Chris tags a spiritual themed Instagram account called 1111divinelight1111.

GFuel stuff

16 May

G FUEL® @GFuelEnergy

💜 "Like + RT + Comment your fav #GFUEL flavor" to win a 4 Pack of cans! Picking 2 winners tomorrow just because! 🤠
Hey, #Pewdiepie, here’s a shout-out to you, because I like the Lingonberry flavor. 😊⚡️

I also like #SonictheHedgehog’s Peach Ring, and Rainbow Sherbet flavours. Blue Ice comes in fourth to me at present.

Also, to only comment on it: I have also liked the Nemesis Tea flavour, but to me, it felt rather Meh, especially compared to regular tea with lemon.
But, me personally, I would gladly and more than happily put my human form and Sonichu form visages on @GFuelEnergy cans of Passion Fruit/Mint flavour; call it the “Electric Hedgehog Power” Flavour.
And Sonichu Prime and Rosey Rosechu would love to be on @GFuelEnergy cans of Apple/Lemon flavour; that’s “Zappin’ It Up” satisfaction.