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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in December 2015.


Chris obsesses over Dr Who, gets a headache, plugs his merchandise and begs for money and gifts.

Chris's Posts

A Fun Visual

1 December 2015
Bedsheet cat.jpg

How about a fun laugh? Check out the fun visual I caught. What is it? I thought it was a stray white cat that wandered in.

Chris added:

It's part of the bed sheet.

I'm also liking "Doctor Who" on Netflix. Jolly interesting show. :)

Sonee and Rosey Amiibo

1 December 2015

Want to give 'em a hug? Might not be recommended. LOL. Sonee and Rosey Figures to be added soon to Cwcville Shopping, and inexpensively; $20 apiece or both for $30. Part of the Third Wave set.


Kenneth Engelhardt suggested:

You know what would be cool: You could make a set of little stuffed Sonee and Rosey figures and have a brandname like "Sonichu Huggies".

Chris replied:

I like that. I will take that under advisement; probably hire a plush maker to help with that.

A Polite Threat

On 2 December, Chris posted on the "GameStop" Facebook wall. He included a link to a YouTube video in which he suggested that others do the same.

2 December 2015

Unban Me from my Four Local GameStop Stores, please, or you all lose business, as well as have continuing Bad Karma.

Chris Be Trippin', Yo

2 December 2015

Just Really feeling off today; had too much sleep, feeling dizzy, blank and off-center. Oi! - feeling Off Beat.

He added:

I feel like I might be, what you may call, tripping, even though I am not on any of your high-inducing drugs and whatnot. My head is here and there right now.
Stress, I think.

Remote and Wired Vibrating Eggs

4 December 2015

I have personally undergone my own experiment with vibrators on the breasts, ‪#‎vibratingbra‬. I bought two remote and wired vibrating eggs. For a whole week, I have placed the vibrators between the outer sides of my breasts and inside my bra, and turned them on to stimulate the blood flow into my breasts about 15 minutes a day. After the week, my breasts do feel and appear to me a bit larger, and also More Firm. So I definitely would call this method of natural breast enlargement, coupled with some natural or Rx estrogens, quite plausible.

And not only that, the vibrations upon my breasts does feel good.


Kenneth, 5 Dec, 3:58 pm

I've got an idea: Why not do some autographed sexy modeling photos with some sexy lingere from Victoria's Secret. As a bonus, why not include a little bag of Hershey's chocolate kisses. Have a little Christmas special. You've already sold a bunch of those autographed photos. This might just work.

Here We Go Again

Chris linked to his protest video of 29 November and wrote:

4 December 2015

Also, I Was able to get GameStop's attention on the problem at hand. I have posted my video onto the GameStop timeline. I have learned it Was successfully on their visitor page, but then was removed. That is a start, but due to their removing of it, as well as not contacting me, still, it would appear as me being ignored. This will not stand.

I encourage you all to copy the link to my Embargo video, and Spam it to GameStop's Inbox, as well as repetitively onto their Facebook Timeline and Twitter Feed.

We have to let them know that we, you all and I, will not take the injustice and be left ignored! If left unchecked and unresolved, GameStop will be getting away with being UNFAIR TO AUTISTICS, AND LGBTQ, PEOPLE!

Stand Tall with me! Spam the Video with the tag line: "UNFAIR TO AUTISTICS, AND LGBTQ, PEOPLE!" onto GameStop's timeline, feed, inbox and boards.

We shall Not Be Banned for our emotions and beliefs! This mess started with a peaceful protest, but that is overwith; now we have to make them accept our apologies and unban us all!







New Book Offer

4 December 2015

**Update Announcement!**

I will be making price adjustments on the prices of my books. Firstly, they each will be reduced by $2.00 in price. For this, I will be ordering each book, or each order set of books, directly from my publisher and sending them directly to you, the loyal fans and consumers. And optionally, for one dollar, I will send one book sleeve and card back per book.

Second, for the two dollar difference, I will have the book(s) sent to me and I will personally autograph and sleeve them.

You see, when it came to the books, I have had to wait and make my orders to Lulu in the bulk, and the waiting gets tiring for me. And while I am very appreciative in the requests for my autograph on each book, the wait and the time on being able to ship from my home, is consuming on me at times.

I pray this will work out well and reasonable for you all.

Also, I will be setting up a three book bundle with one of each book included. No autograph will be included, as the orders will be shipped directly from my publisher. And I will personally send a set of three book sleeves and cards to you separately from Lulu; that will be included in that price.

As for the four new figures I've completed the prototypes of: Sandy, Zapina, Sonee and Rosey; I will have those listings up shortly after I draw and design their respective package cards.

Thank you all for your continuing patronage and support.

Have a good and safe day.

Bleeding Unfair

7 December 2015
Gamestop vs cwc.jpg
GameStop envelope.jpg

We have received a response from GameStop, and it is certainly not good news at all. But, we must Protest Further. Because, not only me, they have a habit of BANNING Multiple Customers. They Discriminate of ANYTHING Battletoads. They Destroy ALL of their unsold games, instead of Donating them to the Hospitals, Children and whatnot.

"GameStop; BLEEDING UNFAIR to Autistics, LGBTQ, and practically Everyone!"

‪#‎HRC‬ ‪#‎HumanRightsCampaign‬ ‪#‎Autism‬ ‪#‎AutismAwareness‬ ‪#‎BBB‬ ‪#‎BetterBusinessBureau‬ ‪#‎GameStop‬ ‪#‎LameStop‬

Chris linked to a YouTube video entitled, "Gamestop is Cheap and Greedy."

A little while later he linked to a new self-created video and added:

P.S. This does not affect my ability to acquire the material figures for the figures I make and create, but mildly more difficult. I still have eBay, Amazon, and Importing.

Cancel Your Pre-Orders at ANY GameStop! Sell your old games at a Pawn Shop or on eBay! GameStop is not worth it.

Jessica Quinn suggested:

If GameStop is so vile, why would you want them to lift the ban so you could shop at such a place with terrible policies? Wipe your hands clean of this place hon and find something else.

Chris replied:

I feel it is principal, also morally, should the banning be All lifted, I would surely forgive them of their misdeeds. My friend and manager is looking over the letter I have typed up in response; I should be mailing that out very soon.
Also, points on the PowerUp, discounts on Pre-Owned items, Amiibos included, and fair deals there.

BBC Overdose

8 December 2015

I have just watched episode 4-1 of ‪#‎DoctorWho‬; what a good guest star lineup on the spaceship Titanic. A spot of "Keeping Up Appearances" with Clive Swift and "As Time Goes By" with Geoffrey Palmer. The show gets more appealing by the episode. :)

I do enjoy the British Comedies as well. Mr. Humphries could have been asking "Are You Being Served?" on the ship as well; that would have been a good complete BritCom set reminiscent of our PBS Saturday Nights.


13 December 2015

Seriously, though, monetary donations would be be Most appreciated. And you can Opt Out of having your name in the book (or remain anonymous) if you wish.

(link to CWC's Wish List on Amazon)


14 December 2015, 1:21 pm

Chris linked to the Donations listing on Etsy.

18 December 2015, 3:52 pm

Orders and Donations are still greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Amazon Wish List "Glitch"

Trolls had deleted items from Chris's Wish List by using the "Buying it Elsewhere?" button.

18 December 2015, 9:31 pm

Chris linked to the Wish List.

Two days later, he commented:

Chris, 20 Dec, 3:16 pm

I'm fixing the Wish List; apparently it needed more details, and I had to re-add the items. My bad.

Chris reveals his measurements

21 December at 7:18 pm

I just checked my Wish List again; I was not aware of how the Wish List works on Amazon, but upon further inspection, I have learned that it got cleared out the first time, because people have purchased the lot for me. Or, at least, as far as I can tell. If I do end up with two PS4s and cameras, I will personally donate one of them, as well as the double figures, to a local children's charity. If y'all are still looking to gift more for me, I am adding more new things to my list.

And, DONATIONS through my listing on Etsy would be very much appreciated as well.

Thank You All; this has been a very nice holiday so far, and still to come. And I wish each and every one of y'all a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Chris, 9:00 pm

I also would like pretty dresses of blue or red. My measurements are 44/39/40.

Personal Video Greetings

22 December at 3:26 pm

Personal Video Greetings!

Who would like a nice Holiday Greeting from me today or on December 25 this year?

For a $50 Donation, from now up to the 24th, I will record individual Holiday Greetings and upload them onto my YouTube just for you!

Please, be sure to let me know that is what you would like for your request in the purchase message, or PM on Etsy.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa!

Lulu Account Suspended

26 December 2015

I hesitated to inform everyone, but Lulu has Suspended my account on their website, because they considered my work "Fanfiction", and were concerned on the copyright and all that s***. This has been on for a couple of weeks. The last number of Number 0 Books I've shipped out over a week ago were the last I have been able to ship out, available to me. I have talked with the people of Lulu, and they are Unreasonable and Won't Listen. UGH! I am working on finding another good publishing site, and updating my book files along the way. Currently, I am looking into publishing through Create Space (and Amazon piggybacking on that); this has been a LOT of Headaches and Stress upon me. As soon as Possible, I will be able to catch up on the book orders. Meanwhile, I sincerely apologize for the delay, and I appreciate everyone's patience in this dilemma. I Hate for making me Have To Go Through All of this Worse Stress and Mental Torture!!!

Lulu Sucks Blah Blah Blah

29 December 2015

I am still working and pondering over the book printing troubles. I have deactivated the book listings on Etsy, and posted an Update note on the Donations listing. I Promise to have the book orders fulfilled as soon as I am back up and running. has Really driven me towards lost focus and lost peace of mind. For all who have ordered a book or more than one, I am unable to issue refunds, as I have had to pay my bills and support this household. If you want a figure or two instead, or a medallion, I can make a coupon code for the total amount paid, and that can be applied towards those items. Please PM me on Etsy if that is what you would like. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Have a good and safe day.

Threatening Lulu's Executives

29 December 2015

I feel like asking if someone would go to's building and punching the executives there for causing all of this distress and upset upon me.

Merp slurp me wop filkin gee duop he cho.

Chris elaborated further on his threat, saying to a Kiwi Farms user[1]:

Well, find their building and punch an executive into caring.

I don't necessarily mean that literally, but I feel so off that it's hard to think clearly. But I feel like I would want to do that if I could.

Feeling Hurt

29 December 2015

Headaches, stress, dizzy, out of focus; feeling hurt.

Happy New Year And Enjoy the Ball Drop

31 December 2015

Happy New Year, Everyone. I'm still feeling woozy in the head, from ALL of the recent stress, and believe me, I'm Stressed, so I'm resting. Enjoy the ball drop. Donations made through my listing would be greatly appreciated at this time as well. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage.