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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during November 2023. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter under the username CPU_CWCSonichu.

Livestream announcement

2 November

Look forward to another Live Stream tomorrow at about 5 or 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time; Q&A and Medallion moulding.

Comment on fancomic

3 November

💙🩵Vapor🩵💙 (@sadcat_location):

Well, here are my first pages! @CPU_CWCSonichu

[uploads fancomic images]


I sense an obvious set up or trap for that alternate First Sonichu, but I can vibe with it.

Running late

3 November

[Chris quotes his post from the previous day]

Running a little late; will be on shortly enough.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Code

4 November

Chris shares his Animal Crossing code.

Here is my ACNH Dream Code for anyone with #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons.

Animal Crossing Dream Code.jpg

Rosey's yellow cheeks

6 November

Just so everyone knows, Rosey Rosechu Prime had practiced her electrics a lot over the years; her cheek sacs have become prominent. They are yellow. I just updated her Amiibo figure to reflect this.

Yellow Cheeks. She does not need Raichu ears; she is good the way she is and has been.

Roseyyellowcheeks1.jpg Roseyyellowcheeks2.jpg
Roseyyellowcheeks3.jpg Roseyyellowcheeks4.jpg

Livestream announcement (10 Nov)

10 November

I will be doing a Q&A Live Stream later today.

Whining about MLP G5

10 November

Also, @Hasbro and, PLEASE Only Stream G4 MLP and Equestria Girls, and Stop Streaming G5 MLP; Nobody Cares for it at all, and seeing them even occasionally pop up in my Subscription Feed does, indeed, bother me. MLP G5 Does NOT Exist YET in this Timeline, Period. It should Never Exist until well After My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic Season Fourteen, Episode 26.

Divine Forces are at work to make this right and so. You all have the chance to make this easy on yourselves by removing Everything MLP G5 and Resuming MLP G4 Immediately.

I have spoken; Please, remedy this posthaste and immediately.

Offering to work with Nintendo

10 November

And, @NintendoAmerica, I have your next set of Pokémon in a lovely trio of games spanning the USA; you would be very well and Divinely advised to work with me, directly, on that. Three Elite Four Teams, 24 Badges, over 160 new Pokémon, counting Rosey, Rosechu, Vamprosa, Sonee, Sonichu and Metonic, very good story elements, and the return of Mega Evolutions with more of them. I look forward to personally working with you, officially.


11 November

Hey. I just wanted to comment that I have been enjoying Duolingo in freshening up my other language. Though, for feedback, I feel Conjugation should be within the second or third Unit of the Lessons, and a major focus for the proper conversations in the various languages. Outside of that, thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️


11 November

#TF2AnalysisAnarchy reminded me of the 6-2-1 (Convention) Rule years ago. That was a common practice with me, in general, which aided me in weight loss.

But in recent days, my Body has been feeling a bit woozy at times. My friends made me realize that I could be eating more, especially considering how tall I am. So, I’m readjusting my meal plan for filling breakfast/brunch and dinner, while enjoying Fruits and/or Salad at lunch or snackage throughout the day.

I am thankful for the 6-2-1 Rule, but as a guideline like the Bible, we are meant to keep it as a guideline in our minds, souls and hearts and think outside of that in common sense for ourselves, respectively.

Every religion and scripture is a piece of the Bigger Truth; they combine in all to form that, in a way. But Meditation and Connection with the Cosmos, Akashic Records and Alpha/Omega Point well beyond our Universe’s and Timeline’s Core and Matrix puts further insights and revelations into all of us to really understand ourselves and the truths and to put them to Good use with Light Power and Righteous Paths. ⚡️💙⚡️

Ad for OfficialCWCmart

11 November

The Medallions are back in stock. Also, look forward to the printed Sonichu Books and even the Sonichu and Rosechu #SecretShipficFolder cards coming soon, even another expansion and a few more Promo Cards. ⚡️💙⚡️

[links to OfficialCWCmart shop]


11 November

X - Pic-11Nov2023.jpg

Seething over conventions

11 November

Just sharing this; enjoy.

[links to four Bing AI pictures, generated off the following prompt: "Christine Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia not being blacklisted nor banned from anywhere in a timeline where her name was never ever dragged and tarnished by the online trolls and bullies, including the really Toxic, Darkest Sinning ones, and that she is welcomed and deeply appreciated by everyone, spiritually and authentically with kindness and with no judgment of her faults at all."]

Chris's link is archived here.

Sonic Prime mech

13 November

In response to Sonic the Hedgehog's tweet about a clip from Sonic Prime:

And I thought “Chaos Sonic” was really annoying, but this mech was just weak.

Rant against incest fics

13 November

Field Marshal Dinkledash:



I actually feel the same in that I would like everyone to refrain from their perverted and strange ideas and dreams about I and the Sonichu and Rosechu species and evolution lines. I do see all of you and your fiction writings, and I don’t even have to consciously read them.

DespicableFoolRevamped asked:

Care to give examples of what you mean by "strange ideas and dreams"?

Chris replied:

How the smut-fics, in general, Including those with the “self-cest”, the “incest” with Sonichu Prime and Rosey Rosechu Prime with I, and even that which included between mother and daughter; a few of you were indeed thinking, and even less actually wrote it out, long before July, 2021. I am not defending it whatsoever. Congrats on discovering and manifesting distant alternate universes and timelines that need not exist or happen. The absurd is often appealing, because it is unexpected-funny, but the ones who thought and/or wrote/drew it out hardly have any empathy for those alternate-universe individuals and their universes out of the multiverse that we reside in.

Be careful what you think and or wish for, you might manifest that with yourself in the hot seat; good luck with that timeline shift, respectively, for yourselves, mind, body and soul, rather or not you can even unconsciously fathom or process it.

In response to Chris's above rant, nathan asked:

Can you pls start the dimensional merge so I can have a harem of hot men?

Chris answered:

Oh, you’re praying for a “Romantic Killer” outcome for yourself, I see. Good anime, by the way.

MLP and Sonic

13 November

Field Marshal Dinkledash
Dreaming of Luna #6 - “NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!”

[posts fanarts of My Little Pony character Luna]

Put Luna in Green Hill Zone, please!

Personality type

14 November

Im a Pear mixed with a beanpole 😂

X - fruitspersonality.jpg

Definitely an apple


14 November

Miss Hyde
Concepts for @GFuelEnergy x Scott Pilgrim: featuring the League of Evil Exes, Scott, and Ramona. @netflix Scott Pilgrim animation is out 11/17! Which is your fav?

[posts art]

Ramona’s Tea Time and Double Dragonfruit; put both of those in cans. 😋

Debunking drawing

15 November

Thanks for the commission @CPU_CWCSonichu this is some quality art right here 😘

X - fanart Plautistic.jpg

Sorry, but I did not draw that.
but it has your signature silly
Nope. That signature is not mine; I would have dotted the I in “Sonichu” as well.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

18 November

I binged #ScottPilgrimTakesOff yesterday; as foreseen, this show not only expanded well beyond the movie and the graphic novels, but went beyond and metaphysical. I really enjoyed and like it.

I personally recommend it, highly; only on #Netflix. I’m also looking forward to #Saberspark’s review or quick vid on it. I know he will have rave details to say about it. ⚡️💙⚡️

[posts a gif of Scott Pilgrim character Ramona Flowers]


19 November

In the various media that has been made, there are some that are not relevant with our Timeline in the non-magic dimension 1218, and will not happen from the C-197 half or on the future Earth in this timeline. For example, not everyone from that which was cited to have happened in the past, such as in the days of Knights in the United Kingdom and Spain, will be alive today. Such as Johan and Pee-Wit. Yet the Smurfs are immortal, so they are still alive to this day. Any apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic media is not relevant in this timeline, thus those individuals and events are in another alternate Universe or Timeline, period.

Media which is canonical in this timeline is deeply appreciated by those who have actually seen or foreseen the future, or even just from the general vibrations of the media. Hence, the case of My Little Pony Generation 5 (“A New Generation”, “Make Your Mark”, etcetera) is Absolutely Not meant to exist At All until After My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Season Fourteen, Episode 26, Not Season 9, Episode 26; Very Premature and Must be remedied for Televised, Animated like MLP FiM, complete with further, expanding stories of Everyone in Equestria AND on Earth (in Equestria Girls), despite Hasbro’s Excecutives and sinful Greed. To have brought Anything MLP G5 in this soon, in part, triggered World War Three between Russia and Ukraine; like the stone that the girl in Tokyo would have tripped over that would have caused a gas station explosion that Kusuo Saiki removed to prevent it. The worst of the events have yet to be manifested, and can be remedied immediately Right Now with the simple change from #Hasbro to completely remove and shelf MLP G5 and resume MLP G4 and Equestria Girls, Immediately and Posthaste.

Also, the Sonichu video games and #Pokemon Lightning Bolt, Diva Pink and Battery Charge Blue with my personal collaboration with #Nintendo and #Sega, period, with National PokeDex numbers 978 to 983 changed to Rosey to Metonic, respectively, and a total retcon and alteration of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Because if not done willingly on the Divine Timing at present and manifestations, posthaste, then it shall be Forced into manifestations by Divine Forces and Divine Plan with further details that I, Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime, can’t consciously know, specifically, but I know Unconsciously. Paradoxes and such.

[posts a gif of My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle studying calculations]

Video game

19 November

What’s the game that came out you wanted to play but just haven’t found the time to get through yet?
Pokémon Scarlet, actually, for more than one reason.

Joke drawing

19 November

Kay's Art and Whatnot
(I probably should specify that I never commissioned Chris for this drawing, this was made as a joke)
I knew it.

Livestream announcement (20 November)

20 November

I will be doing a Live Stream later today; I will be going for a few hours of Gaming, featuring #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons, #Tetris99 and #SonicSuperstars.

PO Box

20 November

Okay, everyone, Kind Fan Mail, Safe For Work (SFW) Fan Arts and gifts can be mailed to

P.O. Box 3037
Lynchburg, VA 24503
United States.

Thank you all very much for your continued support and kindness. #LoveConquersHate

Caden Peck is known to have recently gotten a house 25 minutes away from the PO Box location.[1]

Reply to Saberspark

21 November

You watch Scott Pilgrim Takes Off because you're a fan of the original comic and movie

I watch it because Chris Chan expects it of me

We are not the same

Well, to be fair, it was more foreknown and highly likely. I’ve enjoyed your work. And I empathize with putting up with worse shows when there are better. It makes one really appreciate the art and quality in general as opposed to something considerably slapdash. I’m a fan of authenticity and compassion behind said arts and media.

First video game

22 November

Fiaura The Tank Girl
Without saying anything else in gif form, show your first video game
[posts a gif of a Commodore 64 game]

Almost to 100k

22 November

This is very cool, I’m so close to 100,000 Subscribers on #YouTube. I thank everyone for contributing and for their kindness for this blessing. ⚡️💙⚡️



22 November

See me paint the 3D Printed figure a few times in intrinsic detail on my trio of #YouTube Shorts.


Sonic game

22 November

Show a gif of a sonic game that came out when you were 10 years old! I feel old 😭
Sonic (199)2

[posts a gif of a Sonic game]

Thanksgiving Thanks

23 November

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone. I am thankful for the progressions and further developments of myself and in everyone who are open for and finding the Light Powered paths for the better. And I am thankful for the authentic, kind and compassionate friends and individuals in my company and reach.

[posts South Park gif]

OfficialCWCmart commission slots

23 November

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I have opened five slots for Commissions on the Etsy store; these will be drawn on a near future Live Stream, so be aware and cautious of your requests. I promise to keep the names of those who pay for these private and not said on the stream.

Also, keep it Safe For Work; memes, to an extent, are okay. Nothing sexual or too violent. If the request is not well, we reserve the right to refund and reopen the slot for someone else.

Common Sense rules apply as well.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

[posts gif of an anime woman drawing]


23 November

Field Marshal Dinkledash
Random Stuffing #3 - Derpy organizes the Great Turkey escape, which was foiled only by the fact that turkeys can’t fly.

[posts My Little Pony fanart]

Gobbles! Classic Timmy.

Tweet a dragon

24 November

Sally the 🍇🚂 Rabbit
If you see this, tweet a dragon
Discord Pokemon.jpg

Trump art

25 November

[quotes his own tweet chain from July 2021]

And now, he’s been kicked off the Ballot. Kra-kow! ⚡️💙⚡️

Make Your Mark

25 November

In reply to DRWolf's tweet linking his YouTube video "Make Your Mark" Doesn't Know What it Wants to be...

Exactly! And it is in that bunch of oxymoron and paradox that further affirms what I have foreknown and foretold years ago that it is, indeed, premature and not yet supposed to exist at all.

Magic: the Gathering

25 November

I've never played Magic actually, but it does seem like an intriguing card game.
It is. I’ve played some with a few Commander Deck Tournaments, and with a few friends before then. It has quite the learning curve when it comes to greater strategies.

Family Guy commission

29 November

This is a commission I finished drawing on the 27th, this week; the title is “Addressing the Toxic, Darkest Sinning Minority”, with Peter Griffin, himself, being such an individual. Allow me to explain, please:

I consider this a statement where I am there with Sonichu, but I am addressing Peter like I was addressing the really Toxic, Darkest Sinning individuals who are narcissistic and/or arrogant. I am expressing that I would like to guide him to better habits on the Light Powered paths and intuitions, but due to him really closing me out and his worse history, I express disappointed emotions and expressions.

And Peter’s both confused and “What The Hell?” In his mind that someone on God Level is that disappointed, yet still compassionate, of him.

Also, seriously, Megan Marie Griffin is too good for him, Lois and the others in that family. She’s been lots of patient with them, and they still low ball and beat her up over the years.

On that, I have been patient with y’all over the years, and I feel concerned and disappointed with the few who continue to see me in an outdated, misunderstood concept of an individual and want to ostracize and mock I, others, and even yourselves based on the individuals of your past who had influenced you for the self-harming worse. For I have matured deeply and found myself in my soul searching and meditations.

But I digress. ⚡️💙⚡️

CWC-Family Guy art commission Nov2023.jpg

Criticizing Kiwi Farms, "I am not a Lolcow"

29 November

I will also state another fact or two:

I am quite aware that the intentions of those on Kiwi are not great, present individual I am taking to included in that.

Regardless of what near future collabs I go into, there is mockery from the minority, but I foreknow and anticipate with counter plans for such mockeries with my blessings that prayfully will allow them to see the Light Power and Good that will pull them away from their toxic and darkest sinning ways.

With that stated, I am more than aware, as I have made clear, of the likely usage of I as leverage in the popularity of one’s content and self, as well as any “Lolcow” content. I am not a Lolcow, and I feel concern and disappointment with those who sees others in their respective “drama” and stressful situations as comical.

I feel pity for they who do not have empathy upon the pains of others, including myself, as well as not being open for the present and future, better individuals they are more than capable of being in Light Power, Good and Righteousness. I also feel pity in all who are unable to feel and appreciate the deeper spiritual, soulful aspects of the authentic and mutual appreciation and compassion of others.

In general, I want it very clear that I humbly wish you all authentically have no intentions of making or promoting any mockery of I or anyone with disabilities or any aspects that may feel “cringeworthy” to you, including that which you may be, yourselves, that you may feel discomfort and fear upon from the likely upbringing of dislike upon such from those who you have resided and/or worked with I. Your respective developments as individuals.

I am not the “Lolcow” that I was mislabeled as back in the late 2000s, and I do not identify as such. We all have our respective situations that should be appreciated and accepted with kindness and understanding.

If you all would please, I am to be appreciated and understood as the more mature individual that I have become and shall maintain from my further soul searching, literal meditations, and even my psychic connections with literally everything there is, was, and shall be.

There are that which goes deeper than the physical and surface levels. The sparks from authentic mutual spiritual attraction and destined situations in soul bonding between individuals and friends is real. If you do not appreciate or have been able to be open soul, open heart, and open-Minded for that, much less experienced it for yourself, that’s more pity I feel for you.

Meditate on that for your selves.

Blocking Bronies

29 November

And I wish for Everyone who have blocked me on Twitter from among the Brony community to read the above and meditate for themselves on all that, please. Thank you.

Be safe and well with Blessings and Light Power of Righteousness and Good.


Pokemon GO question

29 November

In response to the Pokemon GO's Twitter account:

Why haven’t I seen Sobble or Scorbunny in Pokémon GO?

My Little Pony gif

30 November

💜 Starlight Glimmer 🌟
If you see this, tweet a GIF a pony you love.
[posts a gif of Vinyl Scratch]