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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in September 2015.

Chris's new cover photo for September.


  • 1 September - Chris tells the trolls to shape up.
  • 1 September - Chris announces that he's just completed a belly-dancing course.
  • 1 September - Chris pressures his fans to take advantage of his Blake Amiibo bundle offer on eBay.
  • 2 September - Chris announces that he has moved his business from eBay to Etsy.
  • 3 September - Chris creates an album of photos of his adventures at OmegaCon.
  • 3 September - A Facebook note promoting Chris's Etsy merchandise appears.
  • 4 September - Chris releases eleven new pages of Sonichu #11 in a new album.
  • 6 September - Chris answers questions about his new comic pages.
  • 7 September - Chris announces new custom Amiibo for sale on Etsy.
  • 11 September - Chris posts an image of a flyer for his Etsy shop.
  • 12 September - Chris announces that he has started taking pre-orders for Sonichu #0.
  • 14 September - Chris uploads revisions to Sonichu #9 and Sonichu #10.
  • 14 September - Chris makes a request on behalf of William Waterman regarding new Audiobooks.
  • 15 September - Chris passes on another message about the Audiobooks.
  • 16 September - Chris announces the release of an improved version of the Punchy Amiibo.
  • 19 September - Chris lets everyone know that he is having a good time at the Cville Pride festival in Charlottesville.
  • 22 September - Chris reviews Amiibricks.
  • 23 September - Printed copies of Sonichu #0 are now available on
  • 25 September - Chris announces new Slaweel Ryam and Count Graduon Amiibo for sale.
  • 25 September - Chris informs his fans that he has done a radio interview, but doesn't know when it will air.
  • 26 September - Chris unveils a new drawing of Count Graduon with plenty of pointless character background.
  • 30 September - Chris requests money so that he can buy a fake vagina.

Chris's Posts


Chris shared the YouTube video "Top 10 Types of Internet Trolls", from WatchMojo, and wrote:

1 September 2015

This video is an eye opener; all of you haters better reevaluate your lives. I state that, regardless of any out of context definitions it may stir. Moo.

A friend queried:


Chris clarified:

Hater's are going to twist my words around anyhow. So I gave the post a random end. I'll say "moo" if I feel like it. Moo!

Kenneth replied to the post with "A Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors." Chris wrote back:

Why is this relative to the post?

Kenneth explained:

It is marginally relevant and it is kind of humorous as well. I saw this posted years ago.


I still do not understand.

Kenneth tried again:

A little bit of the material that you saw in the video was taken from this.
Flame warriors have behaviors that share some similarities with trolls.

Kajra Re

Chris shared a page and announced:

1 September 2015

I have just completed a seven week Beginner's Course for Belly Dancing with Khalima Sikorsky. Not only did I learn and benefit from the booty and bosom shake and rotate, but I have seriously improved in my posture with the repetitive practicing of the beginning belly dance posture, the belly tuck with untuck, and bosom thrusting. I might be exaggerating a bit; do not take my words out of context.

You all can too learn all this for improved posture and fun dance moves to exercise with. I personally recommend Khalima, because she's not only a Great Instructor, but her positive attitude and good vibes with energetic movements are positively infectious and delightful.

He Spelled It Correctly for Once!

Kengle shared a viral video, and Chris commented:

1 September 2015

That's Genius!

Last Chance, For Real This Time

1 September 2015

Last Chance for a Great Deal: Blake Sonichu Amiibo Figure, Sonichu Medallion, And an Autographed Photo; for only $50! Offer Expires with the Listing's End Tomorrow the 2nd!

The Clock is Ticking

1 September 2015

About Seventeen Hours Left from now for this Bundle Offer Deal! Five Figures, Five Medallions and Five Autographed Photos Left! Will Ship Today, Wednesday the 2nd, or Tomorrow, Thursday the 3rd! Immediate and Quick! Order Yours Now!!!

We Know, We Know

1 September 2015

**See Post Below this one.

Chris Moves to Etsy

2 September 2015

***Attention! The earlier Bundle Offer below this Post is still in effect on its eBay Listing until it ends later today.

I am Moving Shop to; it is Definitely an Improvement from eBay. So, come on down and request a Medallion, a Commission, a Photo, or simply Donate towards Book #11 and Beyond!

Listings for Sonichu and Rosechu, and CWC, Amiibo Figures are Coming Soon.

Have a Great Day!

2 September 2015

It is definitely Easier and Better than eBay.

You're Welcome, Chris

On 3 September, Chris created a new album called "Scratchin' da Vinyl DJ," featuring photos of his adventures at OmegaCon.

3 September 2015

Me as Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 at Omegacon 2015. I could not have better put this album together without the help of the people who can't communicate anything but hate when they mean love and kindness. Behind Everyone's Backs, they scoured the Internet for these photographs and screen caps. Thank you, Haters! LOL!

He added on his timeline:

Haters should learn and master a second language to communicate: Caring/Compassion/Kindness 101.

Another Etsy Reminder

On 3 September, Chris posted a rare Facebook note:

3 September 2015

I am on; come check it out!

I am Moving Shop to; it is Definitely an Improvement from eBay. So, come on down and request a Medallion, a Commission, a Photo, or simply Donate towards Book #11 and Beyond!

Listings for Sonichu and Rosechu, and CWC, Amiibo Figures are Coming Soon.

Sonichu 11 Continues

On 4 September, Chris created a new album called "Sonichu Comic #11." This included not only the old pages (making their first appearance on Facebook), but eleven brand new pages of the issue. He also created albums called "Sonichu Comic #9" and "Sonichu Comic #10," but with only their covers to serve as placeholders. As he discusses here, major revisions would be necessary before they could be re-revealed to the world.

4 September 2015

Here you go for now, Eleven New Pages for Book #11! I will make effort to draw a few pages per week, and add the pages into the album maybe every other week. But I can't make any promises, because of any unforeseeable variables and circumstances.

I will also upload the pages for Books 9 and 10 after I finalize the edits I am still planning on making.

Plus, I would want to allow time for making medallions and figures within the months.

I am getting back into the swing of drawing, writing and coloring my pages. The stories resume! And I am not letting too many cooks into this kitchen like I did inadvertently with the haters.

Have a good and safe day now!

It's Not the Mailbag, But It'll Have To Do

6 September 2015

To answer a couple of statements: I picked Call of Duty, because it has been a popular game. And after checking World At War being released November of 2008, right before December of 2008, it felt most appropriate. And I have played a number of FPS games before; look at my Trophy List. I never played COD, so, I took liberty of imagination and guess on its content. Anna has nothing to do with the choice of the game or situation; she and I are still friends.

Sonichu and Robbie demonstrates Christmas Spirit for Stephanie; they have neighbors; I had not introduced many of them yet.

I started the book on the date on the cover; I got distracted by life going-ons and lost the habit for the years.

The druggie, that appeared in book 10, and again in 11 to wish Blake a Happy Kwanzaa; his Name IS Inos. NOT "Sone-chu the eclectic hedgehog poke mon". Inos. The rest of what he said to Ultra Sonichu while high was a Pun Set; play on words; NOT his name. He has recovered now in December of '08. One more time: His name is Inos. Enjoy his one-time appearances, and enjoy making up high fanfiction about him.

Also, all of the drawing Commissions I had done for everyone: past, present and future: all of them are Not Cannon with the actual pages. I May get an idea or two based off the non-cannon content in future pages. But literally: they're Not Cannon.

Thank you for your continued support, and have a good and safe day. Look forward to the Amiibo Figures going up on my shop very soon.

The Amiibo Hit Etsy

7 September 2015
Amiibo Set.jpg

The Sonichu and Rosechu Wave 1 Figures, and the CWC Three-Piece Amiibo Figures, are all now listed on my Cwcville Shopping Page! Also, more donation options with better gifts of gratitude. Come check it out!

Haunakah, Kwanzaa, or Whatever

11 September 2015

Here's my flyer for the shop. Enter the Promo Code on it for Free US Shipping. Repeat Customers get a Discount Code (NOT to be used on Donations) good for $10 off their next purchase; good until the end of the year.

Order your collectible Sonichu and Rosechu figures, medallions, or full drawn and certified commission before the middle of November to guarantee their arrival to your house before Christmas, Haunakah, Kwanzaa, or what holiday you celebrate.

Self-Publishing News

12 September 2015

I have found a self-publishing and printing site that can and will print my books into paper, and digital, format. I have made my estimates for any allowances, and especially for the printing costs and so forth. And therefore, the Preorder Listing is now up. The number of books I will have shipped to me for autographing and sending to those who preorder them, will depend on the number of preorders I get. Hurry in to reserve your copy to get to you around Halloween.

Also, look forward to the uploading of the updated #9 and #10 books later tonight, onto their respective albums here on my Facebook pages.

Thank You, and have a great and safe day.

Chris added:

Also, Everyone who Donates at the Minimum of the $50 Level, will also receive an autographed copy of the upcoming printed #0 Sonichu Comic Book upon completion and release. (Offer Expires on October 31).

Sonichu Sanitized

On 14 September, Chris uploaded revised versions of Sonichu #9 and #10. He attempted to explain why his creative energies had been blocked for so long:

14 September 2015

I am realizing a subconscious thought that has plagued me before. I'll try not to digress too long.

The online drawn Parodies (drawings and pages(?)) of my own actual content. Especially the mal-content and dark ones that have spammed into my various online and U.S. Mail inboxes.

All of that not only offended me, but really threw me off. My main focus was never intentionally on such a topic on my main good family of electric-hedgehogs. And some of which (cough)Asperchu(cough), were soo badly drawn. That was like throwing a pencil into a jar of black ink; too odd and disorienting.

Another detail was seeing My Family under control of others towards abusive and twisted directions that were not to my taste, nor any satisfaction at all.

And then the obvious Too Many Cooks; all that input from others distracted me to a really bad extent. Overwhelming!

I realized that from such was why I had felt need to attack the bad draw style. And that was why I had felt need to draw my counter-attacks on these people the way I did in my later pages. I had felt unable to take a parody of my work from someone else and leave it. The constant Mislabels of Gay on me And my Family was most unhelpful as well.

But I now feel in a better place, and understand the reasons of the hatred against me and the Parodies of my work therein. I know better to take only the good, and forget the bad.

That's all. Have a good and safe day.

Audiobook Suggestion

14 September 2015

At the suggestion of a friend, although the past ones weren't originally run by me beforehand, I am going to ask the people of the Sonichu Audiobooks to not start casting any roles for the new Sonichu Audiobooks until a voice actor named Paramultart shows up with his voice samples.

My friend extends his gratitude in advance. Have a good and safe day.

Chris Plays Switzerland

15 September 2015

I am only being a messenger in the following:

Paramult does not like, nor appreciate or care for, the responses of the people, quoted from their forum, of him being the new audiobook voice actor. And to quote him, he said, "I am a way better voice actor than whoever the attention-whore person was in the forum."

Again: I am only a messenger in this topic. I remain neutral on the topic; I am not taking any sides. I recommend directly talking with Paramult, himself, of any and all responses on the topic and issues.

Have a good day.

Improved Punchy Amiibo

16 September 2015

I have just finished making three Punchy Sonichu figures in his new pose, like the one I drew. I feel more please with this new pose than the original on my prototype. And I made great use of the original spikes off of the original head piece by splitting them down the middle to make the more accurate style of his quills.

Also, be sure to order a Sonichu and/or Rosechu Amiibo Figure of your choice, collect them all, or buy a whole set for yourself of Wave One. And the CWC three piece set as well (Chris Chan Sonichu counted only in the CWC set). To best have at least One figure for yourself, or as a gift, by Christmas, it's best to order before the first week of December. Or to order a whole set by the end of October.

And more of my electric-hedgehogs and others coming soon in Wave Two of my Sonichu and Rosechu Amiibo Figures.

I look forward to autographing and sending out the printed versions of my Sonichu Book #0 around Halloween. Be sure to reserve your copy. Also, everyone who Donates at least the $50 level will have their name put on the Book #0 reserve list as well. This offer also goes to people who order at least any two of my Amiibo Figures on the same transaction as well.

Thank you all for your continuing support. Have a great and safe day. :)

William wrote:

He looks just like knuckles!

Chris countered:

yes and no; he's Punchy Sonichu. He still has the style of the smaller eyes. I feel a lot better with this pose and style than the one on my own prototype.
AND he is not gullible or punching-is-always-the-answer like the echidna either.
It still grinds my gears that in's Death Battle, Donkey Kong slam bams Knuckles for the win.

Still Want Woman

19 September 2015

I am at ‪#‎CVillePride‬ . Having a good and safe time. Only complaint is no woman friend/partner to cuddle or hold hands with.

It Seems To Be Helping

On 20 September, Chris gave a five-star review to Our Own of Charlottesville, a counseling and mental health center. He had been associated with a booth for this center at the pride festival.


22 September 2015

I personally would recommend an AmiiBrick for displaying any of the Sonichu, Rosechu or CWC custom figures. I am satisfied with them.

The AmiiBrick is good; it functions as stated; my Amiibo figures fit snugly into the bricks, and the bricks attach well onto my Lego plate and bricks.

All in all, for a good method of storing/displaying your original and/custom Amiibo figure(s), I would personally recommend one or more AmiiBricks, so they would be less likely to fall off or out upon impact.

There is room for slight improvement to make them more flat on the sides. And the top portion can be better flattened and the pegs aligned to better make that sandwich between a 2X2 or a 2X4 on top, the brick(s) or plate on the bottom, and any bricks around the putter sides of the AmiiBrick. Although sometimes, sandwiching the AmiiBrick's corners is recommended.

William scoffed:

Why would you need them to attach to the Not-Legos? Can't you just... display them wherever they want and trust they won't fly away by themselves? This is one of the dumbest ideas for an accessory I've ever seen.

Chris responded:

I disagree with you, Billy. I placed my personal prototype set of custom figures on a flat, separated kid from a Skylanders Tackle Box, on top of a column of Lego storage cases. My arm hits the thing, and a few of my figures fell off.

A short while later Chris added:

Okay, maybe not sandwich the bricks as much. Anyhow, I do still recommend the AmiiBricks.

Now Chris is on Lulu

23 September 2015

The Printed Copy of my Number Zero books is now available for direct order from If you want it autographed, the listing on Cwcville Shopping Center has been updated to reflect that.

Everyone who has preordered, and everyone who has made a donation to me of at least $50 before today, will receive their Autographed copies before Halloween (estimated) as promised.

Thank you for your patronage and support. Look forward to Book #1 to be up next month, as well as more pages for Book #11 to be drawn and uploaded onto my Facebook page here.

Billy asked:

Printed? Is this in real-quality pokemon card/book/magazine paper? It's not plain old computer paper anybody can print themselves, is it?

Chris replied:

It is good quality paper.

And there will be a new book per month until caught up, then it would be varying times after that. But I assure everyone that I am drawing and writing new pages diligently. And fulfilling the orders timely as well.

And, to everyone, I am offering a Coupon Code good for $10 off an order of $100 or more (not to be used on the Donation listing). It is good until the end of the year.


Slaweel Ryam and Count Graduon Amiibo

25 September 2015

Hey, Everyone! To add the villains a bit early for the good guys to battle against in imagination play, I am bringing a piece of Wave Two of the Sonichu and Rosechu Figure Set: Count Graduon and Slaweel Ryam.

The prototypes are yet to be made, but they can and will be made, alongside the figures ordered, within four weeks after making the listings just now. Go ahead and check the listings out. Also, here is a Coupon Code good for Buy One Figure, Get the Second 30% Off: BOGO30OFF.

Also, later today, I will draw then upload a Fresh Drawing of what Count Graduon looked like when he was alive.

Return of KCWC

25 September 2015

You're listening to WTJU, 91.1 FM; the sound choice of Charlottesville, VA. Coming up at 3:00, we will have an interview with local artist, Christine Weston Chandler, who will be sharing her story of coming out as a Lesbian TransWoman.

"We couldn't make the Pride Festival last Saturday, and she had registered to be interviewed. So, Miss Chandler, tell us about who you are."

Or maybe Sooner; I just walked into WTJU. Tune In and hit Record.

I stand corrected; the Interview has been recorded, but will be airing on a later date. What do I know? I don't know everything. LOL. Anyhow, I will be informed of the air date, and will inform y'all of that as well, so y'all can tune in and enjoy it as well.

Stay tuned for Count Graduon's Cannon face and attire from when he was living before being ensphered, drawn and uploaded later today.

The increasingly autistic William asked:

Does he have a cannon for a head? You know, like that one form of Smithy?

Chris replied:

Cannon to the Comics and Content; Graduon does not have a Cannon for a face. Why did you take the term literal? My autocorrect capitalized the "C" when I typed it from my phone.

Muffin Top and Goatee Equals Bad Guy

26 September 2015
Count Graduon alive.jpg

Here you go, Ladies and Gentlemen: Count Graduon, Alive. And he even wore a girdle to hide his muffin top back then. His facial features are sharp, hence the sharp chin, sharp nose, sharp eyelids, and even his eyebrows were thick and black like his hair. And he constantly half-shaved to maintain a goatee. And his cheek scar marks him well too.

Kenneth asked:

So are you saying he was born and died during the Middle Ages?

William asked:

Girdle for a muffin top? I thought a girdle was for your waist? What do you mean, muffin top? Born in 1357? This guy is medieval? This is... not what I was expecting, but cool, I guess.
Okay... I've heard (and been reading) some discussion regarding the count's imprisonment by the Cherokian clan; how is that possible? He's some medieval white guy and he supposedly met his doom by them in 1409? How did they come into contact? Did he hitch a ride with vikings? That can't be, because 1409 is way after the last battle between knights and vikings was in 1066 (A Dark History: Vikings by Martin J. Dougherty), and the columbumbian era started in 1492. Did the Cherokians somehow come to Europe to imprison him in his own wand? The fans want to know. Will you show his canon backstory? (As in a real, drawn story, not just expository text after-the-fact) Also, it's cool that he's a count, because Count Vlad Dracula of Wallachia was also a count, and he was undead for 600 years after he drove off the Turks from his homeland!

Kenneth had another question:

Christian are you aware that the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) swept over Europe from 1347 to 1351? How did Graduon's parents survive?

William proposed:

Possibly they didn't, thus they never had the chance to teach him the social skills needed to get a sweetheart.


Marriages were arranged by the families involved back in the Middle Ages there was no sweetheart search: Graduon may have been connected with royalty.


Dang. Graduon didn't have parents to arrange a marriage for him. He got screwed over in the game of Kick The Autistic hard.


Graduon would have been married according to the Roman Catholic Church unless he was Orthodox (which would have been very unlikely). This was before the Protestant Reformation.


Angelica Rosechu is a catholic, right? She can sleep with whoever she wants in the church attic, so I guess that's how Graduon laid with so many women; but he never fell in love? But he's a wizard, which catholics believed were conspirators with the devil, so it makes no sense for him to be accepted by the church, therefore they would have persecuted him instead of married him.


If the Catholic Church was persecuting him, he could not live openly in society so he would have to live a secret life.
You know what would be really cool. If Graduon was secretly a werewolf.
Hey Christine why not have Graduon as a dual persona (like that horror movie Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde). One persona would be Count Graduon, the other would be a female werewolf. That would rock.

Chris finally replied to all this nonsense:

A LOT of thought provoking feedback. Firstly, I was just inquired about Graduon's Nationality...

That is an informative question. See, he was in Medieval times; the times of castles, Queens and Kings, Wizards, Witches and Sorcerers; reminiscent of around Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table and all that sort of rot. I had not really thought of Nationality, but if I had to say, I would definitely put him around London or UK.

Now, from top to bottom: Born and Died (by royal order beheading) during the Middle Ages, yes. Graduon was mildly overweight, and had a wide gut; he wore a girdle to maintain a set-width profile.
To make a rewrite in history: Graduon's Apprentance originally was the one who preserved his soul in a sphere for a future release. Some time after the pilgrage, upon relic collecting, the original glass sphere with the spirit was broken in transit, and Graduon possessed the nearest body. And through the person's eyes, he refreshed his memory of the spells and sorcery from the locked away books at night. After the original soul and body made a move to America for a method to cure himself of the "split personality" and "mental disorders". It took the Cherokees (long before the Trail of Tears) to recognize the second soul and using the Native American rituals, crafted a new glass sphere onto a wand made of tree bark, and exorcised Graduon's soul from the person and into the wand. Then the tribe put the wand into a case and buried it deep into a cave. And after being excavated in 2000 by modern day archeologists and placed in a Virginia museum. Slaweel had been studying and practicing magic and witchcraft all her life, but didn't turn out perfect. When she visited the museum, she heard Graduon's call from the wand. And possessed by his spells, she stole the wand with undetected escape. With his help, she was able to dispel the enforcements with great powers. And later on, opened up a fake college under the similar name, brainwashed everyone who came in, and that catches us up.
His birth was successful, and his parents survived for the first four years of his life. He was adopted and taken underwing by a sorcerer. Angelica was not yet alive; what's wrong with you, Billy? But he had not told the women he was with of his sorcery. He did have to keep his magic under-cape.

Graduon was never a werewolf. Graduon was never a split persona; the only thing closest was when he possessed the relic collector. And Graduon HAD to work around HIS schedule and put up with his daily things. Graduon did not take kindly to possessing an occupied body after that.

Thank you for your feedback; let the Medieval Count Graduon FanFiction Commennce (as long as I am cited as the inspiration in those items).

Spoiler Alert: It's a Fake Vagina

30 September 2015

Hey! Who wants to do me a Really Big Favor? Past context, unrelated things and all, I have just heard and learned of something of great interest to me: a Vee-String. They are pricey. To be curt, if anyone offers me a really big donation, which part of would allow me to order one, that person may discretely request a printed photograph of me modeling in it, in addition to the gifts of the $500 or $1000 levels (not at all on any of the lower levels). This is not a mandatory thing, but would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

If you must know what a Vee-String is, steel yourself and click here, ideally when not at your place of employment.

Chris quickly deleted this post.