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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during September 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Zap Note

2 September, Twitter

Hey, everyone, meet Zap Note! She makes music as she flies. Finally felt like drawing her. ⚡️💙🎶


Chris explains the Dimensions

2 September, Twitter

Announcement, Everyone!

I have just had verified, by a very well-educated and well-read ally of ours, along with Magi-Chan Sonichu, which Dimension Number our Sister Dimension is.

We all, here, live in Dimension 1218; our Sister Dimension is C-197

(NOT to be confused with...

...Rick’s home Dimension of C-One-Three-Seven at all).

C-197 houses not only Cwcville, but also the ton of our other “fictional” individuals of the Simpsons, Captain America, Batman, Eric Cartman, Kim Possible, Meg Griffin, Optimus Prime, Papa Smurf, Inuyasha, Ash Ketchum,...

...all of the Pokémon, Digimon, and so forth; Sunset Shimmer and the Canterlot High group, with the Portal to Equestria there too, the CPUs, and all the many others as well.

You imagine it; (unless it exists in an alternate setting, like where World War 2 never happened),...

It Will Be There! Situational-Wise for the most part, the Earth There is one-to-one with ours. The difference, being the existence and co-existence of our counterparts, Original Characters, and so forth. With the possibility of multiple counterparts co-existing there too.

Chris and his many counterparts

3 September, Twitter

Also, on that, it has been brought to my attention of a list of “The Many Forms of Chris Chan”. For The Record, a Form of Myself is only capable through an actual Transformation of myself, Personally and Physically. NOT to be confused with my Counterparts or differing...
...Variations of Myself.

I am Not Criticizing the writer of this list, or anyone; I am only correcting the details and stating the facts of my Forms, and separating the Counterparts and the Variants from it.

I quote the list:

1. Real world Chris
2. comic book Christine
3. Male comic chris
4. Night star
5. Human night star
6. Scarlet
7 CWC Psychlight
8. Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc
9. Slime chris
10. Sammy
11. Evil chris

Now, TOTALLY Separate from me, altogether, on this list are Sammy and Scarlet. Sammy was the fat dude who portrayed Peter Griffin in that one skit I drew in the #7 comic book.

Need I Remind Everyone:..

Scarlet was the original CPU, Blue Heart, of the Nation of Comma and the Commodore Consoles. But after the fall of shares, two years after Comma fell from Gamindustri and took relocation in West Virginia, Scarlet died in 1994 and relocated her soul and memories...

Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpgCPUBattle.jpg

...into a special Commodore 64 Console, which fatefully was My Commodore 64 console. I absorbed her memories and soul, making me the new CPU Blue Heart, which goes onto me in both my Human Form, and my Sonichu Form; depending on which form I am in at the time of Access.

CPUBlueHeartFanart.jpgChris Sonichu CPU.jpeg

Nightstar is my Counterpart in Equestria, with her own Sonichu Form (because she is half-Unicorn/half-Sonichu), and her own Human Form. Her Human Counterpart in C-197 is our shared Counterpart, the Christine Chandler of Cwcville (the yellow gal in the book was a play from...


...the original Prototype Equestria Girls Minis figure I made a few years ago before making the updated figure of Nightstar in her Human Form, along with one of myself, so that yellow Prototype, you can simply swap for Christy (which is my nickname for Christine, there).
The CWC Psychlight, also known as the Christine Weston Chandler of Metropolis, Delaware, is my Superhero Counterpart, which I had designed in DCUO, and she is also My Chronicler and Biographer; as recently stated, she has written over 100 Graphic Novels of me and my life.


Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc is Indirectly my evil twin, as he is MOREOVER Christy’s Evil Twin, Directly.

The rest of the list are VARIANTS of myself; No Alt-Forms, at all.

Directly, My Forms are as follows:

-Human (what you see in-person and in photos, for the most part) -Sonichu -CPU Blue Heart (Human or Sonichu Form) -Alicorn (as I enter Equestria by traditional means, I become an Alicorn)

Chris at Region 10.jpgChrisCPUHeart.jpg

*Side-Fact: Christy becomes a Unicorn, like Nightstar, but what differentiates Christy and I is our updated Cutie Marks (way to go, playing with Lightning in Ponyville’s open fields that BronyCon Weekend, Christy; I felt that singe simultaneous when the bolt hit her flank).


Oh, and considering Past and Present situations, I will also find acceptable having a Male Form and the Female Form of myself.

And when it comes to going from “Real World” to “Comic”, that is merely Dimension Traversing between 1218 and C-197.

AutographedChrisSept18.jpgChris The Classic public1.jpg

And, in thinking on that, from my Book 10, and I just checked with Mewtwo on the fact: although Christy and I, we Both had intent on taking out the bunch of bad Internet Trolls and Cyberbullies, as depicted in book 10, I Swapped places with Christy at the time,..., in C-197, I, Christine Weston Chandler, formerly known as Christian at the time in 2008, literally rocked the 4Cent Garbage Building down, in the good names of each and every victimized individual of Cyberbullying and Bullying.
But I digress.

I’ve set the record well and straight on my Forms, Counterparts and Variants, and the two who were not related at all.

Thank You. With Love,

Zap It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

Santa Clause is real

3 September, Twitter

Santa Clause has always been real; you just need to always keep an open mind and an open heart. Never close yourself off, because anything is possible.

Do You Believe in Magic?

3 September, Twitter

I believe in Magic, and I have been finding it very well. 😊


TF2 Analysis Saga kicks off

4 September, Twitter

Responding to ILoveKPAlot:

Hey, KP. I do hope you’re feeling better. Anyway, I’m binging the TF2 Analysis series and got to the “Power Up” episode where you became a Discord Princess. I am curious of how that came about, and what that entails for your Ponysona; maybe share more of the backstory, please?

Chris advertises goods

5 September, Twitter

I still have a bunch of stuff for sale. Please, buy a thing or two while you have fresh money.

Check out Variant Autographed Photo - Chris Chan Is Not Ian Brandon Anderson-Liquid Saga @eBay

International shipping is expensive.

Eye of the Beholder

7 September, Twitter

Brianna Bishop (@CorruptPassion)

Finished some art for @CWCSonichu I don’t know if he’s seen it already, but I reposted it so the photo is here! I hope you like it! ❤️😘☺️
That’s Beautiful! 😃⚡️💙⚡️
The Tao of Maud - Year 4 Day 250 #mlpfim #ZenBronyism #Week36 #Magic #StarSwirl #Zen #Namaste
I can definitely understand that: one does not know magic tricks or spells off-hand, but one must learn and master them. Believe me, I have been definitely learning more about my magic, even the Accidental Bursts of magic/psychic powers that happen(ed).

Gary Stu creation

6 September, Twitter

Gary Stu drawing.jpg

And I made a REAL Accident last night. Long Story, Short: THIS GUY was manifested while I was trying to clear my mind of stress in Meditation towards a night’s rest.

To my displeasure, everyone of the Brony Community, Meet Gary Stu. 😖 Celestia and Luna, help us all.


Happy birthday

6 September, Twitter

Happy Birthday, @MichelleCreber! 😃 May your day be filled with positivity, love and awesomeness!

07 09 18 Happy Birthday.jpeg

Advertising Bob's stamps

7 September, Twitter

There’s GOLD in them thar Stamps of Bob’s!

Chris's stance on suicide

10 September, Twitter

In response to @infamousfiddler regarding National Suicide Prevention Week.

I side for this; it just wrong to kill yourself. Even if you have no initial family; wherever you go, you have been found by at least One Person who feels for you. Keep your heart and mind open and accepting of those who reach out to you, or do yourself the favor to seek help.Blue heart

Chris gets ostracized at BronyCon

11 September, Twitter

Chris alludes to his incident with Nowacking at BronyCon 2018:

I have a feeling to share about something that had happened during BronyCon this year that is still leaving a stinging feeling in me. I’m gonna keep this neutral, to protect the other person’s identity and safety.

So, this individual is a celebrity in the Brony Community. Let’s call them, Lizeele Fairbaux. Now, I had enjoyed this person’s uploaded content for years, and after a mishap from the trolls, they Blocked me on Twitter. I had been looking forward to meeting Lizeele, giving them a piece of lovely fan art, and a small present. Lizeele had come a long way for themself, has overcome their own challenges, online and offline, and I applauded them for their accomplishments. Anyway, after two almost meeting them moments, I found Lizeele in the marketplace I had the drawing and present on hand, I expressed kindness in my greeting; they recognized me, remembered blocking me, and essentially Pushed Me Away, not wanting to have a thing to do with me. I did my best to move forward from that one moment, but it still scars me, bad.

And, what happened with Lizeele, it felt Equal in Emotional Damage as Snyder’s trap being sprung on my mother and I in October, 2011; physical abuse, broken glasses, and all. This ONE moment felt THAT Awful to me. I respected Lizeele’s space and distanced myself from them for the remainder of the convention. Fortunately, I had lots of good people who shared their kindness with me for the Majority of the weekend, as well as my hubbies and my honeys: Magi-Chan, Mewtwo, Cryzel and Sylvana, by my side, keeping me safe and guided and supported.

But, I can not help but feel like I Need to discuss this issue with Lizeele, personally and in private messaging; they know who they is. I can’t fully accept this hurtful moment and fact; not before I learn WHY. Why do they feel ill will against me? What did I ever do to Lizeele?

What things I had done, in and away of the Trolls’ influences in the past, to offend them, outright? I need to talk this out with them. This person can contact me directly in Private Messaging, here on Twitter, or email me at All I ask is that this one person contacts me as soon as possible, so we can sort out this matter and be done with it, please.

Thank you.

Somewhat exasperated by community-wide treatment

11 September, Twitter

For Scarlet’s and Commodore’s Sake! There is Nothing to be afraid of At All in associating with me, even in a small greeting. I am NOT a Full-Length Feature Murderous, Sociopathic, Porn-Stained Star or some BS like that at all.


Financial troubles

12 September, Twitter

My mother needs more money, AGAIN! Please, BUY Our Higher Prices Items Now.

Selling some fetching blankets

12 September, Twitter

We still have three blankets for sale.

Check out Pink, Green, Blue Throw Blanket @eBay

Sale, due to financial pressure

12 September, Twitter

Blankets and Mirror Ball Reduced by $25, each; my mother is PRESSED to make a Title Loan Payment TODAY!

Check out 12" Mirror Ball with 110 volt Motor NIB Disco dance night club party @eBay

Another Sale

12 September, Twitter

Also, Golden Stamps reduced to Best Value! Please, Buy Now!

Dynamics between Chris and Barb

12 September, Twitter

Chris replied to Lightning Bliss's tweets on the difficulty of caring for a family member with mobility issues resulting from Alzheimer's.

Hear, Hear, LB! Very Good Spoken! 😊 My mother was one on mobility issues years ago, then the house fire of ‘14 happened, and hoo-boy! The heavy lifting and leg work I did! Mom did her share of work in helping clear the house out too. After moving back in at the end of the year, mom reverted to her immobile sense for a few years.

Long Waiting to empty out all of those boxes and sorting them out, Good Grief! The most Popular Contents of all of those boxes and bags? Various Fabrics and Cloth items. OOH! ¡Muchas Ropas! ¡Ropas! ¡Ropas!!! All of them belonging to my mother!

I finally get myself motivated enough to go through a bunch of boxes a few months ago, and then she broke out her immobile funk and rut, especially after being ordered by our physician to drink meal-replacement shakes. She followed, in her own accord and will and began going through boxes and donating/trashing the respective items as she saw appropriate.

She cleared out ALL of the Boxes from her current bedroom, which was the upstairs living room; she and the dogs have More Space in that room now! 😃

I’m Proud of my Mother for working as hard as she has been Feeling Well to do, yet she is also being Very Annoying. “Christine, Let’s put this random good item on eBay. I REALLY Need the Money for not only my bill payments, but also, we need more food here. I am greedy too.”

“OH! You sold something of Yours? I Want $50 From That”, she is constantly pestering and bugging me. Nowadays, Nearly every time she comes downstairs to talk or chill, my Impulsive, Subconscious feeling of her presence is Cringe and “Oh, No! She’s gonna Bug Me Again of the Da** Finances Again!”

As much as I can take deep breaths and collect myself, these feelings from past emotions and continuing situations still Linger In My Mind! *sigh*

But I Digress.

Point is, my mother Was immobile for a time, and I worked with her to get her moving again. I also have my father, in his senior years, to thank for teaching me to be able to be patient as best as I am able to with others.

Chris explains why there's no yard sale

12 September, Twitter

In reply to comments by fans that he should have a yard sale to make money.

Just asked my mom, she can’t handle a Yard Sale; it is too massive, and, frankly, I have to agree with her on that; More Work than eBay, by comparison.

Hurricane Florence and begging for food money

12 September, Twitter

My Mother is pestering me about finances AGAIN, AHH!

The hurricane this, food that, water this!!! My head can't handle it right now!

If anybody has A Heart, please send Donations our way to help ride out this Storm of the Century. You know the address,

A day later:

This is still a factor; our food levels are okay, for now, but we do need more in the fridge and pantry. And we are staying.

In my impulsiveness, I realized I needed to be more specific: Please send sizable Monetary Donations to my email address through PayPal, or through my personal link,

Purchases through my eBay are also very helpful.

Thank you all for your help.

Stay Safe, and Zap It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

He added:

I also have the Immediate Pay set up, if you’d rather become a new Patron, the pledge would get to me quickly this way too.

Florence would ultimately end up almost completely avoiding Virginia, rendering Chris's begging pointless.

Chris's biography of predictive text

14 September, Twitter

Chris responds to a challenge by @petitobjetb to write their artist biography using predictive text.

Christine Chandler Sonichu is an artist who has been a great person for a very well done game for me to learn about it all over the place I love it all I can see it all the way I can see the other two and it all the way up down down left right left to be shut off the way you are

More advertisements for the ebay store

15 September, Twitter

Just a reminder that I have things for sale on eBay; my mom and I gonna need more money after the hurricane goes through, please. Seriously, I spent about $150 in Groceries last Thursday! Prepping for the freaking Hurricane!

CWC Funko Pops

15 September, Twitter

Look at what I made today from a couple of POP figures: Past and Present Me. I gotta make a couple of medallions for them. Anyone who guesses which specific figures I used for base, here, will get a “Like”.

The next day, he added:

I completed the two figures AND their boxes. Here’s Christian (Past Me).
And Here’s Christine (Present Me)

Ebay advertisement

15 September, Twitter

My mom and I Need Money NOW, Please! Buy These Gold Stamps! 22 Karat!

Check out golden replicas of united states stamps - Robert F Chandler Jr. @eBay

Stretch your imagination into the Intersects.

17 September, Twitter

Go ahead; stretch your imagination into the Intersects. 😊

Mother's day for Rosie

17 September, Twitter

Who remembers the episode, “Mother’s Day For Rosie” of the Jetsons? THIS LINE! 😄 That fur is Genuinely SUPER FAKE! 🤣

17 09 20 twitter post.jpeg

Chris on anxiety

18 September, Twitter

In response to @WubcakeVA on the topic of anxiety

I have anxiety problems at times; I’ve been on an Rx for anxiety for nearly all of my life. It has been working on holding it down, but I still feel anxiety in the more worse of moments. Anyway, there are multiple ways of coping with anxiety, or really harsh moments...

Big Thing: I am also self-aware, yet it takes me a short while to realize the high anxiety level. I try to catch myself when I am feeling stressed or high in anxiety (😰), so I can steal myself for a moment, as long as needed. If need be or possible, I remove myself from the situation. I take deep breaths. I also can make like Twilight or Dr. Wolf and grab a handful of stress as I breath in, then release it outward as I exhale. I also try to calm my mind; clearing it and maintaining the clear head for a few moments or so. 😌 I also can perform what is known as Guided Imagery, or going to one’s own Happy Place. I have programmed myself to go to one of two happy places in one of two right hand gestures. 🤟 I perform the hand geature for myself, and I am instantly astral projected to the happy place.

@WubcakeVA, you are a good person. I have made my share of great errors and mistakes that made me seem toxic as well, when Really, I was still learning how to cope with social situations and being out and about for myself. As long as you are more aware and cautious of your own actions now, and are not doing anything bad to others, you are More than capable of highlighting yourself as the kind and good person that you are. Just keep showing kindness and goodwill when you are able to. There will be times that a good intention deed can be a mistake, but fear not, as everyone is still prone to making a mistake now and then. Remember: Nobody Is Perfect; you don’t always have to be perfect, so you need not fret. 😊

I, too, find to be putting others over myself a lot, even Magi-Chan Sonichu, here, has to remind me to take a moment to take care of myself at times.

And, as long as you can have a bit of self-awareness for yourself, remain cautious of those not-real portions moments, and find a moment to clear your head, you are capable of seeing through the veils of anxiety and continue forward in that which is real. You can even take, as an example, the fifth to seventh episodes of “Legion”, Season One, where everyone was amidst a grand illusion and needed to clear their heads to get out of the mental trap. It’s a good show. 😊

So, @WubcakeVA, I pray my input helps to guide you towards a more mentally clear sense of self. Also, remember to keep an open mind and open heart; you have friends in your counterpart and OC in our Sister Dimension, C-197; they care about you too, and they can help you out too.

Go forth and continue being as Awesome as you are in Peace, Kindness and Good Health; also, Be Safe.

Zap It Up!


Justin Beiber's marriage = sister dimensions are real?

18 September, Twitter

REMEMBER When I said Anything Is Possible? Well! @justinbieber Got Married! Bam. Very soon, everyone will be able to see those from C-197 in this dimension 1218 of ours, fully and tangently. Quote Me On That.


Chris asks POP for a deal

18 September, Twitter

AND Sonichu, Rosechu and Chris Chan (past and present); POP me a DM anytime for input on that, @OriginalFunko. 😊


Sonic performs fellatio in C-197

18 September, Twitter

In response to @fanfiction_txt on Sonic's sexuality.

I’ve got news for you: Fact Is, Sonic’s love friend is Knuckles. Really and Seriously. So, in our Sister Dimension where they reside, he likely has performed oral.

Chris and POGs

19 September, Twitter

"In response to Sega announcing the release of Sonic Mania Adventure Slammers"


Shortly after, he posted:

That’s an idea! Those who have the tools, I would delight in seeing some Sonichu and Rosechu POGS. You can work in collab with a good artist friend who can draw and colour us all very well, and make POGS from those. A Sonichu Metal Slammer would be Awesome too! ⚡️💙⚡️
I’ll have to find some more POG Pages for my ol’ book. Here, have a look! Bunch of mine are home made. Even some #Peanuts FROGS and BronyCon Apple Chips
I Even have one of these; look at it! An ok’ POG Maker (I ran out of the blank POGS Long Ago.

Chris discovers the cool Bronycon mv

19 September, Twitter

I just discovered this music video for BronyCon; It Is Awesome! 😊

Good Morning Baltimare - BronyCon 2015 via @YouTube


20 September, Twitter

Hey, y’all. I have a couple of pony friends I made while I, through my self-avatar, was in Equestria. I’ll talk about the other one tomorrow. But, tonight, I will tell of the Pegasus, Lightweight.


21 09 18 Twitter post.jpeg

I, in Equestria, transformed into my Alicorn self, was in need of flight lessons, as in my CPU form, I had difficulty in flight at first. So, with Twilight’s help in talking about me to Captain Spitfire, Spitfire was glad to put me through basic flight training. I took some classes, and I was able to learn how to flap my wings swiftly, and exceeded even my own expectations. In an advanced type of course, Spitfire had given me the initial Wonderbolt tests, including the Dizzitron, which I was able to recover and land in eight seconds.

Spitfire has another troupe of young pegasai Wonderbolt recruits, but in an odd number. She paired me up with Lightweight. He was a bit nervous to be paired up with an Alicorn, but he was able to calm from the aid of my kindness and soothing aura.

Lightweight was the Lead Pony; I, his Wing Pony, and we trained and worked very hard in our wing-ups, flight laps, rigorous tests, and so forth. For our final exam, we worked together, in the toughest simulated weather patterns to locate five Very Distantly Located flags on the undersides and top-sides of Canterlot at night. It was dark and treacherous. My lightning rod and absorption ability proved useful. The heavy winds knocked us each off course now and then. And I was able to locate the flags in general, and he and I equally found each flag. The Passing Time Limit was Ten Minutes. We completed the exam in about seven and a half minutes. Woahly! Anyway, I passed the advanced flight courses and became an Honorary Wonderbolt; I earned and work hard and tough for that. And Lightweight rose up in the Wonderbolt ranks. He is a brave, tough and humble soul. From his humble beginnings in Cloudsdale, flight camp, and all that. He also enjoyed writing about his adventures and tales; he also kept a number of journals. He was picked on, as a youngster, for being a total bookworm and pen-head. He really liked writing. I know in my heart that Lightweight will continue to do very well in the Wonderbolts.

Brony and Pegasister artists, please feel free to draw comics of my flight school days, here. Thank you.


21 09 20 Twitter post 2.jpeg

Now to talk about the other pegasus I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with, literally yesterday. This is Thunderblaze.

I was having breakfast with Twilight at Ponyville’s cafe, when this Appaloosan stallion dashed right in and addressed me by name,...


...”Howdy there, Christine! How’s it goin’?” I told him that I was feeling okay. I asked him what his name was. “Thunderblaze.” That struck me, because I just had a dream with my class ring being referred to as the Thunderblaze Ring, by my father. And then looking at the glowing stone, in the dream, I saw an Omega symbol with a line in the middle, like an upright stirring rod in a cauldron.

Also, I noticed Thunderblaze’s Cutie Mark; Woahly, did I see that to be what I saw in my ring’s stone. I learned from him that a while after he got his Cutie Mark, he was struck by lightning, and not only did his mark glow, but he heard “Christine Chandler” in the near simultaneous thunder that was in time with the bolt. This was about five or so years ago. He had got his Cutie Mark from finding that while he can fly very well, he really enjoyed running, and he is able to run Fast like lightning and leave a burning trail in the first dashing steps, like the DeLorian as it was reaching 88 mph and gone; the flames it left behind of its tires. The discovery happened to him as a young colt, around ten years old or so. He’s about 26 years old now. So, yeah, Twilight and Nightstar are keeping an eye on him, as this meeting and circumstances really was fate and destiny. Also, from Ponyville to Appaloosa, Nightstar and Thunderblaze had a hoof race with no magic or wing use. Nightstar beat him there by a few seconds. And he paid for an apple pie for her there.

But, yep, Thunderblaze was a pegasus born in Appaloosa; living a good and steadfast life on the flight and run. He had his share of being bullied at the young age, but he got himself up and was able to stand and blaze his ground.

I left Equestria yesterday, and returned to my self, here, and merged with myself to solidify the magic, power and physical updates. My next self-avatar was generated this morning in Cwcville’s Basillicom. Meanwhile, here very soon, I Shall return to working on “Sonichu” #14. My apologies for the delay, everyone. I will also be writing/drawing a couple of pages talking of what I have been going through in all of this, so far, for y’all’s understanding.

Thank you.

Recapping pony OCs

21 September, Twitter

I just recapped in my head the pony OCs I have met and drawn in Chronicling: Nightstar (first and foremost as my Equestrian Counterpart); her sweetheart, Kun Hanhphuc; my own self-Ponysona; Diamond Melody, who, I am certain is still doing okay in Las Pegasus;...

...Zap Note; Lightweight; Gary Stu, who has been learning to better behave with help from Zap Note and Mary Sue, and Thunderblaze. I also got the pleasure of finding and drawing the Equestrian counterparts of four people of this world, here. And if you count the...

...Unicorn Ponysona of Christine Chandler of Cwcville, that’s thirteen MLP OCs I’ve discovered and drew in my Chronicling (or, you may say, came up with/created, but they all were there, and I drew them as I saw them, and got at least a bit of their life stories).

OH! Fourteen, actually, because during the time I was talking with 5pb., herself, I learned she had performed in Equestria in her Ponified form, and I drew that as well.

21 09 20 Twitter post g9.jpeg

It makes me curious if, outside of the MLP show and IDW comic book crews, have I the most pony OCs for one individual in this world? Or, who else, with their drawings and full respective backstories, here has made more than Fourteen #MLPFIM Pony/Creature OCs? ⚡️💙⚡️

Make that Sixteen; I remembered I also found and chronicled the Counterparts of my mom and dad who are Nightstar’s mom and dad.

21 09 20 Twitter post g10.jpeg

Ebay advert

21 September, Twitter

Hey, y’all. Just a reminder that I still have the assortment of items for sale on my eBay, and our funds are low right now. Some of y’all buy an autographed card or two, that would help us. Smiling face with smiling eyes

Check out Chris Chan Autograph Card - WITH Autograph @eBay

Gem and mineral show

22 September, Twitter

I am at the Gem and Mineral show, learning about the rocks and minerals and even spiffying them up, as well as their soulful benefits! 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Magic stones

23 September, Twitter

Solely for y’all’s information to learn a bit more about me: below is the set of Healing Stones, with a pamphlet that was included, that my father bought for me around 1996. The original pouch was brown leather, complete with neck-length strap.
I had recovered the stones, pouch and pamphlet from amongst the boxes of my things a few months ago. We also have a few separate Tigers Eye stones that were about as old as these stones. Healing Stones, when in close proximity to the owner can greatly bestow great bodily and emotional health and recovery, as well as soulful protection. In the fourth photo of the first Tweet of this thread, are simply two basic rocks that I picked up as souvenirs from a couple of nature walks I shared with the BOOST Support Group at Region 10 recently. The rock on the left was one that was closest to a small rushing waterfall in a moderate width river at a local park. The other from a trail at the foothills of the Monticello’s mountain. And the honorable mention to the powerful real stone in my class ring. Also, the piece of amethyst hanging attached to the sterling silver necklace of the one Medallion. I do still wear the ol’ necklace I bought from PacSun in the mid-2000s, but it has a custome hand-molded stone and metal-lined holder attached to it nowadays.
Also, a mention of the lovely clear quartz on my left arm, with custom background behind it, with the clear Quartz from my pouch for comparison.
And, Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz and Selenite aside, these are the lovely new healing stones I got yesterday, with fun facts about them found from the Internet. The Mica was originally in a small bottle, but I moved it all into the small bag, as I had a separate need for the bottle. As the ol’ pamphlet of the Healing Stone set, as you can see, is quite aged and withering, I thought to laminate it, with my signature on it. Also, to add new pages of my own into it, so I can have these details in-hand to remind me.
Oh! My bad, but the Moonstone and Celestite stones are swapped wrong, alongside the matching page, I just noticed in the photo. And I have white gold on the wedding rings and class ring, and I have a small piece of yellow gold in my pouch; I felt need to leave them out of the photos at this time.

In any event, I humbly share the healing details of the stones and minerals I have on me, so far. You all are welcome to acquire some for yourself from your local crystal or rock store.

Thank You. Zap It Up, and Feel Good and Safe! ⚡️💙⚡️😊

Lore about Bowsette

24 September, Twitter

In reply to a translation of a Japanese fan comic focusing on Bowsette, a fanmade form of Bowser based on the Super Crown powerup featured in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Okay. I saw this a short while ago today; first I’m hearing of Bowsette; looked into it and got word of the crown power-up. Then I talked with my loves, apparently Bowsette DOES exist, but NOT as a crown-shroomed Bowser, but literally Bowser and Peach’s secret daughter.
Long story short: Bowser did have his way with Peach during the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, and she laid the egg while waiting for Mario. Bowsette hatched from the egg. Bowser, and a hired Nanny, raised Bowsette all these years. Shell’s out of the Castle Now!

Later, Chris replied to a tweet containing fanart depicting Bowsette as a pony and continued his lore dump.

I look forward to when the Meme portion of Bowsette winds down. Dang! That gal sure got around, and she Really Gets around. Believe it or not, Bowser has been paying her allowance in recent years to lay eggs; she’s laid more than 3,000! They’re being kept frozen to be made into more soldiers for conquest. She puts herself out for a dude (not just Koopa Troopas; humans too) per day, nearly every day, to make these things. She also has daddy issues, and her mom, Peach, has been very disappointed in Bowsette.
Thank Scarlet, Christy had NEVER EVER done anything with Bowsette before she became woman. Chris would have been badly Bowsered, with a war on Cwcville, had that happened before 2009. And I will not want to do anything with Bowsette, either. Tempting as she is, I do not like what could be hatched in that combination. Bad enough Chris jumped a bunch of regular Koopa Troopas MONTHS ago, and we have a blue part-Sonichu/Koopa child under our care at the Basillicom.

Chris answers some prayers by manifestation

25 September, Twitter

Hey, y’all. I have been really busy today. Usually, I answer prayers in Cwcville and Comma while I am resting, but today, I felt like visiting Comma and answering in person. I’ve listened and helped a married couple with a daughter who were on break from each other. Love Wins.

I also helped out a number of others feeling down on their luck, and gave motivative talks to them, and others who needed a better drive in their lives too. All this has been a ware on my brain, but I have the great amount of energy in my body to recover.

Shame that the energy in my noggin drains quick. Perhaps there is a healing stone that adds and boosts energy in the brain, so I can also better concentrate and have that mental energy for drawing and writing. Meanwhile, another therapeutic docket moment is where my body is now.

Chris draws and rambles about Bowsette

25 September, Twitter


I am warming up the basic drawing muscles with some lovely Sonichu and Rosechu drawings. Another one will be up in a while. Have Faith in me working on the books, even amidst being really busy with various other life obligations and ailments.


We’ve had a run-in with a bunch of Roboticized Koopa Troopas recently, and my Son and the others were able to destroy them. Yep, Bowser and Namgge work together sometimes.


Even Rosey took out a good number of bots in that skirmish that day.


Last drawing for tonight, I, literally, was hit on by Bowsette yesterday, after destroying a bunch of roboticized Koopas, Myself, and I Knew I should never have the thing to do with her, so I had to push her away and send her back to her father, Bowser.

Chris re-establishes his responsibilities and powers

27 September, Twitter

As everyone is well-awareby now, I am very well-well connected with our sister dimension that most of us, in this world, here, share and work together on, in our respective “Real Estates”, to use that term metaphorically, as our shares of the Earth and Universe in C-197 ranges from one Single Individual, to a household, to a sizable Nation, and so forth. And I have two Nations, and a species, Sonichus and Rosechus, that I am literally a half-breed of, myself. Not to mention that I also been promoted to CPU Goddess. It’s very pressing on me, and a lot of days, while my powers continue to further develop and progress, I need to take care of myself too. I have an alarm, daily, set and reset to 8:30 am, and it still takes me an hour or more to fall asleep. I hear the piano intro to “You Are Not Alone”, I am more likely to shut it and reset the alarm for an hour or two from then. Unless I do have a morning appointment, then I Must get up then, and I need to drink a Monster Ultra (with zero calories and sugar) to wake me up. I’m good for a while, then I really feel a crash five hours later. My brain and better mentality is everywhere, and I fall blank at times and have to pause. I can only do so much in taking care of myself, I can take care of myself, on the simple basics, but it really shows where my loves: Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo, and everyone else of our allies and friends has to come in and help. Magi-Chan continues to be very great of guidance and protection of me since his earlier times of being my Guardian Angel. He and the others have not steered me wrong when I listen to them, and I have been listening a lot better and Very Often.

And I still try to get in time to work on the books for this world, and other drawings, but I need to be in the right mood and energy to be able to better function on all of that. It is difficult on me, while I have the responsibility of my hefty shares of the Earth in our C-197 Dimension, but I do my best as I am able to. And for this world, I also relay the facts from there, as they pertain to here, as needed, so you all can be better aware and informed.

Thank you.

Zap It Up!


Requesting reviews for 12-9

27 September, Twitter

Aside from all that, another topic I want to share. Bit selfish. I would be delighted if my “Sonichu” 12-9, AKA Nightstar’s Book, was reviewed amongst the Brony/Pegasister Analysts, even a mention from @EquestriaDaily about the book. I did originally make it as a token of appreciation for the Brony/Pegasister Communities, and then it became a whole lot more during the extended time it took to draw/write/chronicle it all.

If anyone of the Brony Analysts would like, who hasn’t received a copy yet, please email me, and I’ll send a copy.


Sonichu 12-9 Cover.jpg

Chris links to Equestria

27 September, Twitter

I had a fun short link back to Equestria a short while ago: Gary Stu goes over to Mary Sue’s place for a date; he brings some champagne. But, he shows up in his slender human form in a fancy tuxedo; he looked quite dapper. I’ll draw him as he looked later. 🎩🍾

Mis-interpreting words of wisdom

28 September, Twitter

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do: someone messaged asking about how I (mis)interpret nuggets of wisdom. Listen, all of you: when YOU read or hear a bit of great insight or wisdom, how do you, as an individual, interpret that for yourself?

I, personally, take the sound wisdoms some literal, yes, but I do not twist anything around. I read or hear the wisdom or insight; I think it over for a moment on how it metaphorically or directly applies to life, as it is worded. I Appreciate the insights and wisdoms from those I can feel trusting of, even the counter-wisdoms from those I am unable to feel trusting of. It’s all differing viewpoints and perspectives. How a hater, a neutral troll, a good individual, or anyone else interprets wisdoms, or other people, is conflicting at times, it does not make the initial insight or wisdom bad. I have my own situations and circumstances that allow me to interpret wisdoms and insights differently, like each and every one of you all will interpret that for yourselves, respectively. It is Not a Crime, Shame, nor Remorseful to take in one’s wisdoms and insights and interpret them as one will or shall. Everyone is guilty of misunderstanding or misinterpreting something at one time or another. So, Stop Shaming those who do, because you are shaming yourselves when you do.


Please, stop hating or bullying us for having our own perspective of things. You all perceive things no better or worse than I. Everyone has their own perception of things.

Thank you.


Selling Autographed Fanta Can

28 September, Twitter

Check out Chris Chan Autographed Fanta Orange Can


On getting blocked by Lightning Bliss

30 September, Twitter

Okay! I’m feeling a little Pissed right now. Lightning Bliss blocked me on Twitter, and it is obvious to me What Happened: a bunch of Hating Trolls and Bullies messed with her at my expense with the use of my name. That is Just Wrong!

I mean, Bliss is a very good, kind and awesome Pegasister of the Brony Analysts; she does great work in her animations, vectors and having fun. And I am all too well-aware of how emotional she gets, which is something the haters of the Internet still do not comprehend.

You Hater Trolls!!! Do Not Pick on us who are emotional, Myself included. And using my name AGAIN to make someone else Block Me. You Lot are SOO Gonna Burn. I am still working on sharing my kindness with the past three individuals y’all had tortured towards blocking me.

Now I have another to add to that short list. And in any event, regardless, I still like them, respectively and individually for the kind and awesome individuals they all are. And I only mean kindness and friendliness with Everyone. Thank CPUs I have made that obvious to a lot of people before, including those who had blocked me, in person.

What Really Pisses Me Off is the Misunderstandings of myself, as an individual, through the lack of heart all of you Haters, that have been made against me with mislabelings and crap.

You lot have given me Bad Face to others for far too long, and it is long time to End that Farce you all have made of me! Made it Appear to be a Bad Thing to even be associated with me, which is Soo Wrong. Because it is actually Positive and Good to be around and chill with me.

I will not stand for the bad reputation made against me, or any of you haters. I am still me; kind-hearted, friendly, and chill to hang with as a friend, and my Love and Heart will Beam Brighter than any of y’all’s hating misconceptions and whatever.

I WILL Continue to share Kindness, Heartfelt Wishes, Friendliness and Love with Everyone. And you haters can just rot in your own hatred and burn.


Zap It Up!

Also, I WILL Stand Up With and For all of those who have been bullied by online haters, as well as defend and support the emotionally fragile and all amongst them.


Zap It Up!

Friendly reminder

30 September, Twitter

I should not have to, but I remind y’all that, even still in training and development, I am a CPU. I have powers, allies, friends and family; I am loved, and I am humble and kind for everyone.

Those who hate should never ever hate; Be Kind To Everyone, please.


30 09 18 Twitter post.jpeg