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And, y'know I would definitely want to make a deal with Funko for making some POP vinyl figures of myself and my family.
A custom set of CWC Funko figures made by Chris

Funko is a company known for producing collectible toys, notably Funko Pop! figures based on pop culture. Chris is a fan and owns several of their products.

Funko Pop!

In February 2018, Chris purchased My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.[2][3]

In May 2018, Chris said he would be interested in Funko making figures of himself and his family.[1]

In June 2018, Chris purchased a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick,[4] as well as My Little Pony's Celestia and Discord,[5][6] spending $45 despite being in the middle of the Financhu Crisis.

In September 2018, Chris showed off photos of his customized Funkos made in his image.[7] One is of Classic Chris, and the other of contemporary Chris. Notably, the Classic Chris figure sports a major design flaw in the form of a crater in the mouth area, however, Chris appears to be proud of his creation nonetheless. Chris also made custom box art for both figures.

In January 2021, Chris purchased a Target-exclusive Transformers Starscream as a gift for MKRNightVee.[8]

In December 2023, Chris experimented with Bing's AI Image Creator tool to create some images of himself as a Funko.[9]


Chris enjoys FunkO's cereal, a specialty food item which comes bundled with a Funko toy. In December 2018's video Address to FunkO's Cereal, Chris addressed Funko, wanting them to both expand the cereal to big-box stores to make it easier for him to buy, and also to sell a version of the cereal without the toy gimmick. It is unlikely Funko could afford this, as its cereal product is highly niche and priced accordingly; in his video, Chris states that he pays $8 for each box of cereal.

Gallery of Funko Pop! figures