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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during January 2021.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), KND, Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ), Peachy, The WCT, and Val.

First Layer chats

Chris, the Watchmen, and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Apex Events

1 January 2021

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Apex Events

Go Public

1 January 2021

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Go Public

Heavy Meditating Day

9 January 2021

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Heavy Meditating Day

Letter and Gift Bag from LAnon

3-4 January 2021

Main article: The Vaughn Interlude#Letter and Gift Bag from LAnon

Transformers Funko Pop for MKR

4 January 2021

[Continued from the end of the above chat on a Letter and Gift Bag from LAnon]

I don't think they have good intentions, its pretty obvious this is a cheap ploy to bait you into giving your trust so they can troll and humiliate you.

People like this are the worst...

I must agree, but can explain more if you want to work through it.

The names are most relevant.

Chris (as Sonichu)
I will see what else I can gather from them in light chat, as well as psychic investigation with our family and allies. Thank you all.

Also, Meghan, I am glad to see you on.

I have something special that I found and thought you’d might like.

The fact that I recognize some of these names is highly disconcerting...
Chris (as Sonichu)

Starscream Funko Pop.jpg


So cute!


Great find~

Chris (as Sonichu)
Wanting to confirm you’re still at your address.
I'll get it and send it to you via text
Ben is ironically another commie terrorist, as per the legal definition.

If I had to guess, we can discount almost all of these.

In what context did they mention these?

Chris (as Sonichu)
I’ll check y’all later.



"The Anonymous Society of the Transreality"

4 January 2021

Main article: The Vaughn Interlude#"The Anonymous Society of the Transreality"


8 January 2021

@Sonichu982 who is your favorite care bear?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Chris loves Swift Heart Rabbit.
That, I didn't expect...
Chris (as Sonichu)
She even has the original plush.

The Place-1st Layer- 08Jan21 - Plushes photo.jpg

good choice
The Angry Birds movie was distressingly good.
Chris (as Sonichu)
And, yeah, next to SH, there’s the plush of Leonard Bearnstein; the “God Bear”.
Aww I had that one too!
Chris (as Sonichu)
Official plush from Regency Square shopping center.

Conjuring Movies

10 January 2021

Chris tells the server that for their Movie Night, they should watch the Annabelle set of movies from the Conjuring horror franchise. He further says that he won't be joining them, as he had a dream that he must binge-watch all six of the Conjuring movies on his own (and with his imaginary friends), implying that watching the movies is a possible way to unlock the Dimensional Merge.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, y’all. Make your movie night tonight a Conjuring one with the three Annabelle movies; I am afraid I shan’t be in your company, but I must binge the sextuplet of Conjuring flicks on my own with Mewtwo and Rosey. The referencing dream I had this morning, and Mewtwo’s confirmation afterwards, told me so. Our ally souls are very diligent at work in helping me get this body, safely, alive and well into C-197.

Twitter DMs

16 January 2021

Main article: The Vaughn Interlude#Twitter DMs

Vaughn's Twitter

17 January 2021

Main article: The Vaughn Interlude#Vaughn's Twitter

Depression Over Reality

17-18 January 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
Sorry to miss the chance, but this time was not good for a movie night.
[posts an emote]

Hope your doing well

Chris (as Sonichu)
I will be in C-197 soon and shortly enough, with this body, alive and well; I have no doubt at all about that.

But, in all seriousness, with the timing, fate and destiny:

So, there's a probable timespan?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Why am I still in this dimension/universe?
Reality is a constant
What reason is there for anything else?

The burden of proof isn't on reality, it never is.

Chris (as Sonichu)
[quotes Kyle's "So, there's a probable timespan?" remark]

Yes, but it is meant to either be figured out, or a total instantaneous moment of surprise.

Which is why I told you time and again, @Nova, to meditate and consult with the Cosmos.

So, still leaves certain indefinites.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I prefer not being forced into things.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I came on to vent a little bit about the fact that I am still not in Cwcville with this body yet.

It continues to be very frustrating. (edited)

It isn't apathy, its a viable alternative.
what does the Cosmo say to you in response?
The drawbacks seem, far too severe to consider.
Not to sound like a hippy, but nature knows best
Chris (as Sonichu)
There is no apathy with me, that is for positive.
In considering which options?
Reality can only be moved so far until it snaps back
Chris (as Sonichu)
I get many various inputs and visions out of all of the remaining infinite possibilities and outcomes; it is difficult to specifically pinpoint a detail most of the time at this time.
We have 2 basic outcomes.
ok, that's good
Chris (as Sonichu)
The merge is happening: no question about it.
Active or passive.
Chris (as Sonichu)
The idea of a passive version means that only here and now matters.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I feel frustrated in the passive aspect of things; it gets really boring at times.
So effort should be focused on reality.
Chris (as Sonichu)
By the way, Both of our universes Are realities.
Attempting to affect outside of that would be deleterious.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Gah! Why am I still in this dimension right now?! Please, let me be in Cwcville right freaking now! Ugh.
it'll be ok, try not to force it
So, which goals can be set permitting either?
Chris (as Sonichu)
And you all know one thing that is also bugging me right now?

Some time recently, Chris felt like prettying my body’s bit for her own identity. I could not pull off wearing a white jacket on my body while I was in it. But the whopper; she put mascara on my face; extending my short eyelashes. It really bothered me.

Would be an interesting goal.

Learning to use some of that stuff.

Chris (as Sonichu)
A passive approach isn't mutually exclusive to an active one.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Kyle, if you suddenly body-swapped with a woman, would you want her to put makeup on your face?
I tend to try to focus on an ideal or an earlier event, and before I know it, it's all good
I've never had this problem.

it works for mua

Chris (as Sonichu)
You, Bis, I can actually see that.

Especially since...

In the here and now you want what you want, practical small goals, security is a healthy focus.
Chris (as Sonichu)
[posts an emote]
Chris (as Sonichu)
[quotes Kyle's "In the here and now you want what you want, practical small goals, security is a healthy focus." remark]

I suppose that’s fair.

I’ll check y’all later. Goodnight.

And Thanks


Praetor Money

18 January 2021

Praetor, when are you going to pay most of that $$$ to cwc?

Because that's what you should be doing, morally and because you don't want to be pegged as jerks like the idea guys. Its really the nicest thing to do, so I ask you please do it. Christine could really use the money, especially right now.


Cash from Praetor

20 January 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
[quotes MKRNightVee's remark, "Praetor, when are you going to pay most of that $$$ to cwc?"]

He actually did; he paid me nearly $400 in cash, as shown in that photo on his Instagram. And I have personally counted all of the fives and ones to result not only in that total, but also so I can deposit it all about 40 bills at a time at the ATM that day.

.img adult Lisa Simpson

[posts an image of an adult Lisa Simpson.]
Chris (as Sonichu)

Mental State

24 January 2021

[Past midnight on 24 January]

Chris (as Sonichu)
I will tell you all one thing, @everyone.

Every day, when this body and I wake up, and we’re still not in C-197 alongside Rosey, but in 1218, I end up again and again feeling that frustration of “Why am I still in this dimension?!”

Yet, I also notice something else each day.

Not only the continued events and everything else I’ve been sensing and experience, but it would appear to me that each time this body wakes up, it is in a slightly different variation of 1218.

And for example

Sega announcing the Re-Release of the Dreamcast; I kinda feel like we went back in time a couple of decades after hearing that, or something, not literally, though. I mean, if not a Dreamcast Mini, but the original console, upgraded, re-released; that feels really out from a different field (not to knock it). Do you all see what I am getting at?

Or at least understand?

Metaphysical change?
"upgraded" really isn't how hardware engineering works.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Regardless, Kyle, the point is still valid.
In terms of hardware engineering, it merits more detail.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Not that
I can explain pipelining and engine design if you want.
Chris (as Sonichu)
The dimension details and changes here.

It is all coming together each and every millisecond.


Danny Boy

24 January 2021

Main article: The Vaughn Interlude#Danny Boy

MKR Receives Funko Pop

25 January 2021

The package made it safe, thank you Sonichu~


I love the funko pop screamie~


Transformers Talk with MKR

31 January 2021

[Shortly after midnight on 31 January]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Also, just to reiterate for @MKR: Between the Transformers G1 Micromaster (and its Seige remake), Swindler, being reminiscent of not only the DeLorian, but also the Gadgetmobile in its car mode, and now we have Gigawatt the actual DeLorian, has it crossed anyone minds that Gigawatt could be considered an upscaled version of Swindler?

January30TransformerToy1.jpg January30TransformerToy2.jpg January30TransformerToy3.jpg

Yes, I see the resemblance, I wonder if they're related.

It's like his little brother

Chris (as Sonichu)
I know, right?
Although being small isn't always an indicator of age with transformers lol
Chris (as Sonichu)
Also, an upscaled version of what fun alt-mode Chris had made of the G1 Micromaster back in the late ‘80s.
I love Cybertronians X3
Chris (as Sonichu)
How are you feeling, Meghan?
I'm alright, its been a very loud day, we had some construction guys as well as my sister's kids so its been a little rough.

But things have quieted down a bit

Chris (as Sonichu)
Must have been rough on Nightvee and the crew.

I take it you got the POP figure I sent you?

Yes, I @ed you when it came but you must have been busy. He's adorable X3 I love him! Thank you so much.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I also thought it was really neat that it was also holding Megatron in his gun mode.

But, yes, we have been very busy with the events coming further into fruition and completion as the dimension merge completes.

Especially during the 2:00 PM, Eastern Time, hour with the heavier meditation.

I had encouraged everyone on Twitter to meditate during that hour on any day they are free to have a link with this noggin.

Which, your time, would be 11:00 am.

I'll try it
Chris (as Sonichu)
Movie night was cool. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and Small Apartments.
I've seen Napoleon Dynamite, the other is new to me? I'll look it up.

Chris's Goddess Past

31 January 2021

Main article: Thinking with Portals#Chris's Goddess Past

Second Layer chats

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

The Watchmen's Skepticism Over Praetor Medallion Sales

16 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Kyle 10:25 PM

Oh look the medallions are "sold out", might have something to do with possibly never existing...

MKR 10:26 PM
Imagine my fucking surprise
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:26 PM
They've been selling them, they aren't making that up
Kyle 10:26 PM
Has anyone actually gotten one?
MKR 10:26 PM
Yeah, no one would buy something that badly made at that price
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:26 PM
We've had a couple users in the cwcki server who bought them and showed pictures of them
MKR 10:27 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:27 PM
So they are definitely making money from this op
Naught 10:27 PM
Nah, they asked me if I wanted a sample I said no, maybe I should ask for one
Kyle 10:27 PM
Really proud that they got featured on the CWCki...
Naught 10:27 PM
That was odd
Kyle 10:27 PM
Not suspicious at all.

The Watchmen Think Chris Should Get All of Praetor's Sales Money

17 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Naught 01:21 PM
They popped online

[Numerous web links]

@Josh praetor is active

GiBi did some calculation, nova nigel and Josh will likely correct it (edited)

236 sales

$25 dollars each

That's a nice $6k they got there

MKR 01:28 PM
Cwc better get almost all of it
Naught 01:29 PM


MKR's Tantrum Over The WCT

17 January 2021

Main article: The Place chats - MKR-WCT Infighting

MKR's Conspiracy Theory About Praetor & The CWCki Server

17 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Kyle 06:50 PM
I don't see many options with Praetor.
Naught 06:50 PM
Kyle 06:51 PM
Josh is kind of the nuclear option, but could at least confirm the money and tell them to stop pissing around, they seem to have stopped making videos at least.

[1 tewi[2] reaction]

That would leave them with a 500 dollar hole in the ground and like zero options to continue fucking with Chris.

Naught 06:55 PM
What do you think of gibis calculation?
Kyle 06:56 PM
At 25 bucks each, 250 sales, that's 6250 in revenue.
Naught 06:56 PM
Kyle 06:56 PM
They work on a percentage of gross...

So, maybe that's 6250 less 33%

4125, assuming Chris is at the lowest bracket of payment. They'd owe him about 412.50

One of their brackets listed was 50 fucking percent...

So that's, a red flag there...

Lainchu (Anaxis) 07:11 PM
I mean, as long as Chris is getting some payment?
Kyle 07:12 PM
That's one factor, but their influencing is pretty retarded too...
Lainchu (Anaxis) 07:12 PM
Well besides the sermon video, what else have they done?
Kyle 07:20 PM
The stun gun and pikachu mask picture.

Remember the militia video that one guy did, thinking they wanted something similar.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 08:53 PM
Militia video?

And if they haven't done any weenish stuff lately, maybe they're just focusing on the business. I still think it's possible that they're not so much malicious as they are naive.

If Josh or one of us just calmly asked if they could stop with the ween stuff, their response would be a good gauge for how willing they are to be cooperative.

If we come at them with hostility right off the bat, that won't come off very well, especially if Chris is actually making money from them (plus he likes them)

If they're talked down and just continue the business while giving chris a fair share, then I see no reason we can't coexist with Praetor.

Of course, if they continue weening anyway, that's a different story, but we won't know unless we try.

MKR 09:13 PM
@Lainchu Are you a part of Praetor? (edited)
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:13 PM
MKR 09:13 PM
You sound pretty defensive of them.

Why is that?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:14 PM
I'm only saying that we shouldn't assume the worst of them if they haven't done anything that bad, and if chris can financially benefit from them.
MKR 09:14 PM
But they have been doing bad things

And we've been at this long enough to know red flags when we see them.

More than red flags actually.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:15 PM
Has anyone tried just asking them if they could stop with the ween stuff?
MKR 09:15 PM
Lel yes
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:16 PM
Like, politely, without aggression?
MKR 09:16 PM

In the beginning

That's why alternative options are being used now.

Naught 09:16 PM
ive been trying to speak to them at all, and no response
MKR 09:18 PM
Your server has been buying up the medallions, is it possible the cwcki server has a sort of business partnership with them?

Or that they originated from there.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:18 PM
Lol, you're really getting conspiratorial here?
MKR 09:18 PM
I'm not asking to be rude or funny.

I'm serious.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:19 PM
I said that we had a couple of users who had bought the medallions and shared pictures of them.
MKR 09:19 PM
Yes but those are the only known purchases.

So far.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:20 PM
Nobody's been advertising for Praetor in the cwcki server
MKR 09:20 PM
Their business practices are shady so...


It might still help if you could keep your eyes open for any talk about them there.

It's just a hunch but I think they're lower tier members

Again, let me make it clear, I'm not saying the cwcki server is behind this.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:22 PM
Well, what you said really did sound like an accusation...

And I always keep my eyes open

MKR 09:23 PM
What I'm hypothesizing is that they are hiding in there. The way they reacted to getting on the cwcki was pure joy so it would be stupid to think they wouldn't want to pe part of the server itself.

Get over it already.

Our dumb playtime feud isn't what this is about

But I appreciate it

As a group they act strong, but if I've learned anything from experience. Find a weak link, or any link, separate it from the others and it will squeal.

They immediately start pointing fingers at eachother.


Naught 09:26 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:26 PM
I haven't had any indication of a member or members who are part of the server that are also part of Praetor
Naught 09:27 PM
these people seem the type to lurk as seen by how they've lurked for years and urked here
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:27 PM
Given how little the Praetor main account on Discord gets use, it's probable that the other members don't use discord that much
MKR 09:27 PM
They wouldn't be so obvious


Lainchu my naive boy

Naught 09:28 PM
I'm telling about how they operate overall


Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:28 PM
Well, if they're just lurking, then there's no way to know it's them unless their names are unbelievably obvious
Naught 09:28 PM
doggo[4] ooperate
Kyle 09:28 PM
Probably lurks on somethings, I'm open to the idea, but they seem like such simps.
Naught 09:29 PM
hey mkr join the call, cats being a bitch
MKR 09:29 PM
The say things when hit with special autistic stimulation

Ok lol

Hold on

Kyle 09:29 PM
Which call?
Naught 09:29 PM
[Discord invite link]
MKR 09:29 PM
Link me
Naught 09:30 PM
I forgot itd here


Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:30 PM
Have fun on your movie night
Naught 09:30 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:30 PM
I'd join, but as usual, my Sunday's are booked
MKR 10:21 PM
@Lainchu cat says your dissatpointed in me? :,C

I thought we had something special.

That's oki

You'll grow to love me, they all do eventually. Except cat, he likes himself more.

Asking About Censoring Names For The Journey to the Merge

20-21 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

20 January 2021

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:17 PM
Alright, I've finished compiling a group of Chris's merge statements and conversations, and I'm gonna post them soon. I'm gonna cut out as much extraneous info as I can, but I wanted to know: who wants their information censored? And how much of it? Just icon, just name, or both, or neither? I'm going to be doing neither, myself, as I've got nothing to hide as Lainchu.
Kyle 10:18 PM
I guess if its at all relevant, I don't mind.

Chris ok this?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:18 PM

He told me to "use my discretion" and that's what I did

[Replying to "I guess if its at all relevant, I don't mind."]


Other people who show up in the screencaps are @Val , @MKR , @Neko Onyx (Kat) , @ภคยﻮђՇ , @Peachy , @KND , and Praetor

Kyle 10:21 PM
Well, fuck Praetor.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:21 PM
Let me know what you want me to do with your respective screennames.
Kyle 10:21 PM
They do jack shit.
Peachy 10:21
PMI don’t really care about my info 🤷‍♀️
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:22 PM
[Replying to "I don’t really care about my info 🤷‍♀️"]

Okay, you also mention living in [REDACTED] in the screencaps. Is that okay or do you want that taken out?

Peachy 10:22 PM
That part should be taken out probably 🤷‍♀️ For safety cx
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:23 PM
Got it
Kyle 10:23 PM
Not really a lot, just merge stuff, so it should be easy to comb through.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:24 PM
Chris also makes mention of @ภคยﻮђՇ and @Neko Onyx (Kat) living in California
The WCT 10:25 PM
Never trust Chris with personal information. lol

thankfully, that's all I told Chris and never got too specific.

Almost everybody knows I'm a Californian.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:26 PM
So it's fine for you?

And what about your Discord name and icon?

The WCT 10:28 PM
That's all fine.

[1 yes[6] reaction]

I haven't been bombarded with DMs and Pizzas (if I get doxed) yet.

Kyle 10:29 PM
Never had a rando DM me, actually.
The WCT 10:31 PM
Where I draw the line though when it comes to giving information to Chris is my actual name.

this should be obvious btw.

Hell, even Marvin made this clear to me once.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:33 PM
No personal info is revealed, just Discord names and icons, but I know some people can be sensitive to that too
Kyle 10:34 PM
I suppose I kind of ask a lot of questions.
The WCT 10:34 PM
It really comes down to certain individuals at the end of the day.

I'm fine with it as long as sensitive information within those messages aren't revealed at all.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:37 PM
Sensitive as in?
Kyle 10:37 PM
Stuff that Dillhole will say more than "wow dood" at, or something. (edited)
The WCT 10:38 PM
[Replying to "Sensitive as in?"]

If you want, you can DM me screenshots of the messages and I'll review each of them.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:39 PM
I'll send them here when I've gotten everyone's answers
The WCT 10:41 PM
I also haven't gotten any DMs or Friend Requests from Smoky's crew since I left their servers and unfriended all of them.

Guess they never cared at all. lol

Oh well, people come and go.

21 January 2021

KND 12:38 AM
@Lainchu i guess ill stay out of christory since im lucky enough to not be included.

censor me up.


Lainchu (Anaxis) 12:39 AM
MKR 12:40 AM
Censor me too
Kyle 12:41 AM
Is it still possible? I mean, he talks a lot and I interject.

@Lainchu Would it impact the quality to redact me?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 12:45 AM
No, it wouldn't. I'd just color everyone differently so they can be differentiated.
Kyle 12:45 AM
Alright, do that then, wasn't aware of the format.


Val 04:25 AM
[Replying to "Other people who show up in the screencaps are @Val , @MKR , @Neko Onyx (Kat) , @ภคยﻮђՇ , @Peachy , @KND , and Praetor"]

Name and profile picture out please if possible <3

[1 yes[6] reaction]

Kyle 04:26 AM
What did Paedo LLC even say?

Usually they keep the merge stuff out of it.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:29 AM
Oh, they didn't say anything in the screencaps. They were just @ed once by Chris in a message (about the sermon).
Kyle 04:29 AM
Ah, fuck it, leave it in.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:29 AM
The only consequence of leaving their name uncovered is revealing the fact that they're in the same Discord server as us.
Kyle 04:30 AM
If the message is still there, people are going to make the connection.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 04:30 AM
Kyle 04:37 AM
They made the sermon, Chris ain't going to ask anyone else about it.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 06:53 AM
@ภคยﻮђՇ do you want your name or icon censored in the merge screencaps?
Naught 06:53 AM
suppose so, yes, thanks in advance
Lainchu (Anaxis) 06:53 AM
Yes to both?

And np

Naught 06:54 AM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 06:54 AM
Okay, so that's me, Neko, and Peachy uncensored; everyone else will be censored (edited)

I'll finish up the files tomorrow

[2 jace[7] reactions]

The Watchmen Complain About Chris's Payout

21 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
KND 12:55 AM
good to hear that chris got paid some at least
The WCT 01:00 AM
he deserves every last penny.
MKR 01:00 AM
Yes, but if they got 6000, 400 is hardly enough
KND 01:01 AM
whats the date on praetor's instagram post showing chris getting paid?

id hope that was only the first check.

MKR 01:01 AM
The WCT 01:02 AM
If he's not getting at least half of the 6000, we got a problem.
Kyle 01:03 AM
Their agreements work in 10,20,40 and 50% of gross after tax.

I figured about 33% off revenue is a reasonable gross, ergo, Chris is in the 10%.

Reviewing the Journey to the Merge, Opposition to Doppelganger Content, MKR Asks if She and Anaxis Have Met Before

21-22 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

21 January 2021

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:05 PM
Here are the edited images. Everyone involved, please make sure that you are censored to your liking. I'm pretty sure I got every instance, but it still merits a double-check, just in case.

[File attachment]

[2 🤔 reactions]

It also won't be named "Watchmen's Place Merge Ramblings" when on the CWCki

@ภคยﻮђՇ @Nova @Neko Onyx (Kat) @Val @KND @Peachy

@MKR you've been cut out of the images completely

Kyle 10:06 PM
Why are some of the formats different?
KND 10:06 PM
ty again
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:07 PM
Just the way the software made them when I censored the names
Naught 10:07 PM
What article is this for?
The WCT 10:07 PM
So I'm censored out too? @Lainchu
Kyle 10:07 PM
Ah, PNG is better for quality, I think its supposed to be loseless.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:07 PM
The ones that were just cropped were PNGs, while the ones that were censored converted to JPGs

[Replying to "So I'm censored out too? @Lainchu"]

I didn't censor you per your request, but I can if you changed your mind

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:08 PM
[Replying to "What article is this for?"]

Thinking of calling it "The Journey to the Merge" or something like that

Since that's kind of what Chris framed it as

Kyle 10:09 PM
The new summer blockbuster.
Naught 10:09 PM
So, it's an article about the merge?
The WCT 10:09 PM
I'll review the screenshots before I make a decision. @Lainchu
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:09 PM
[Replying to "So, it's an article about the merge?"]

More or less

It's a voluntary release of information, basically

I'm framing it as what "Lainchu" would chronicle it as

The WCT 10:11 PM
After review:

you're good to go. (when it comes to the screenshots containing me)

[1 yes[6] reaction]

Naught 10:11 PM
@Lainchu what's the article about?
Kyle 10:11 PM
Oh ya, Chris' metal disk thing.

[1 🤔 reaction]

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:12 PM
[Replying to "@Lainchu what's the article about?"]

It's not gonna be an analysis, just a compilation of Chris's textwalls

It's like the Discord Q&As: they're more for recordkeeping of Chris's words

It's just gonna be a transcription of what he wrote here

In those screenshots

Like a leak, except it's happening with Chris's consent

The WCT 10:15 PM
If Chris and the others are fine with it, there shouldn't be an issue.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:16 PM
Well, the Chris part is covered

The others part is happening right now

KND 10:20 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:20 PM
People involved, let me know if everything looks good or needs adjustment as soon as you are able, please. Thanks.
Kyle 10:21 PM
Mostly focused on Chris, still looking.
The WCT 10:21 PM
[Replying to "People involved, let me know if everything looks good or needs adjustment as soon as you are able, please. Thanks."]


Kyle 10:21 PM
Chris went a whole month without saying anything?

Oh wait, just sorted wrong.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:21 PM
No, I picked and chose what seemed like the most interesting stuff he had to say that wasn't repetitive and had to do with the merge

I also cut out any unrelated conversation, including drama with Opuscon, Ben Saint, Cirrusfire, etc

Kyle 10:23 PM
We're going to get an influx of doppelgangers with the nov 22, maybe?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:24 PM
Chris gets a lot of those already, tho. Just usually centered around things other than "alternate of Chris" specifically

Like alt Sonichu/Magi-Chan/Rosechu, etc

Kyle 10:25 PM
Suppose anyone smart enough to have deduced from the drachenlord thing or a few prior things didn't come in, so maybe some failtrolls on Twitter, should probably remind Chris of this so he at least takes the Twitter with a grain of salt.
MKR 10:51 PM

But you didn't have to cut me out entirely? Just censor my name.

Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:54 PM
I didn't do it on purpose, it just ended up that way
MKR 10:54 PM
Is this a "because you don't like me" kind of thing? Not that it really matters lol. Just be careful what you actually do put in.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:54 PM
Sometimes you'd reply after a conversation was over, so your part would just be cut out
MKR 10:55 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:55 PM
You were in the screenshots, I just didn't know where everything would be cut yesterday

And no, it isn't personal

MKR 10:55 PM
The reason for this is I choose to not interrupt cwc. So I tend to waits until he is done to comment unless its important to interject.

Its ok.

But the doppelganger thing should probably be left out

At least for now

Naught 11:00 PM
its far to recent, these faggot fail trolls read the farms and th cwcki and take notes

but wtf do ik,

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:00 PM
[Replying to "its far to recent, these faggot fail trolls read the farms and th cwcki and take notes"]


Naught 11:00 PM
the doppelganger content
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:01 PM
I mean, if he didn't say it here, I think he'd do it on Twitter anyway

Hell, he might've said it in the past already

Naught 11:01 PM
Kyle 11:01 PM
Implied it.
MKR 11:02 PM
Just leave it out

[Drawing of a Sonic OC saying "psssh...nothin personnel...kid..."]

We don't need more weens pretending to be cwc alternatives.

@Lainchu is it possible we've known eachother for longer than this server?

I feel like we have

Anaxis right?

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:08 PM
The soonest we would've met is when you joined the cwcki server
MKR 11:08 PM
That's strange... maybe I'm wrong
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:10 PM
I didn't have a presence in other CWC-related circles until the Discord server came about, so we couldn't have met before then
MKR 11:11 PM

22 January 2021

I dunno that the doppelganger cap has a higher risk of exploitation than other bits of Chris lore that are public. It's already been established by Idea Guy, who pretended to be an alternate Chris.

[1 cirn9love[8] reaction]

Kyle 01:36 AM
But that Chris is more actively looking now.
Fair point.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 03:00 AM
I don't think it's something weens will look at and immediately get inspired by. They're not exactly the most creative or resourceful bunch.
The WCT 03:13 AM
I think it's been done to death at this point.

people literally just recycle shit and come up with nothing new.

It also doesn't help that Chris is mostly immune now to trolls when compared to 10 years ago. The times have changed, and some just don't know it yet.

Kyle 03:14 AM
Opus is still there.

Final Call on Journey to the Merge Edits

23 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 12:16 AM
So is everyone happy with the censor job? I'm uploading tonight, so speak now or forever hold your peace...

I'll also cut out the Nov 22 screenshots

The WCT 12:17 AM
I'm personally fine with it since it didn't contain anything too sensitive from me.
Kyle 12:22 AM
Seems fine.
MKR 01:18 AM
I guess?

Val's Tantrum Against Anaxis

23-24 January 2021[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

23 January 2021

Val 11:26 PM
I want rouges dox
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:26 PM
Why rogue?
Val 11:27 PM
Hes a fag (edited)
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:27 PM
More specifics?
Val 11:27 PM
Makes money reading other peoples work
Kyle 11:27 PM
Ya, but so is Sernandoe, he's a much bigger fag.
Val 11:28 PM
Same class as gino,metokur,dillon and gibi
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:29 PM
So what? It's not a crime.

And I don't consider Geno to be in the same class as the other cwcki readers

Val 11:30 PM
Are you fucking retarded?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:31 PM
Did I hit a nerve?
Val 11:31 PM
No you just sound retarded
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:31 PM
Val 11:31 PM
Its fine to steal open source shit and pass it off as your own?
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:32 PM
If it's transformative, it's not stealing

It's fair use

NOTE: At this point, Val changed his name to "Lainchu" and profile picture to the Lainchu art, and started deleting any new message Anaxis sent.

The WCT 11:32 PM
My opinion of Geno is mixed, I think his work is of "good" quality. However, my problem with the series is that it creates a new generation of Fail Trolls who don't know shit about Chris in any shape or form.

I mean, we've seen what happened with Sachumo, Knudsen, and PewDiePie making vids.

Kyle 11:33 PM
That's the nature of mainstream content.

If anything, we're more than past the worst of it by a considerable margin.

Has Rouge done Chris stuff in the past?

The WCT 11:34 PM
[Replying to "That's the nature of mainstream content."]

Chris should never be made mainstream in any capacity whatsoever.

Val 11:36 PM
[Replying to "Has Rouge done Chris stuff in the past?"]

Its all he does

Makes at least 500 bucks a stream

Im the new lainchu anything posted by @Lainchu is fake and gay from now on

Naught 11:39 PM
I hate youtubers
The WCT 11:40 PM
[Replying to "I hate youtubers"]

uh, hi. lol

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:41 PM
Seriously @Val ?
Kyle 11:41 PM
It always do be.
Val 11:42 PM
[Replying to "Seriously @Val ?"]

Stop @ yourself

It wont work

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:43 PM
So this is how you react when someone disagrees with your opinion

Says a lot about your character

Val 11:43 PM
[Replying to "So this is how you react when someone disagrees with your opinion"]


Just think its shitty people making money off open source information

Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:46 PM
Alright, that's all you had to say
MKR 11:46 PM
He is retarded, but it's a fact I've come to accept.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:46 PM
We can agree to disagree
MKR 11:46 PM
I like you lainchu

You're silly


Kyle 11:46 PM
Disagree about?

I'm a narcissist, but I'm really bad at it sometimes, also I probably don't need an emote.

[1 chenwhat[10] reaction]

MKR 11:48 PM
Lainchu and cat are our special little boys.
The WCT 11:48 PM
I won't take a stance in this.
MKR 11:48 PM
You don't have to

[2 🏳️‍🌈 reactions]


Naught 11:50 PM
Navar 4get

[2 THISTBH[11] reactions]

MKR 11:50 PM


Val 11:51 PM
[Replying to "We can agree to disagree"]

Given the chance id out you from this server

MKR 11:52 PM
I agree
Val 11:52 PM
I think your a clout chaser
MKR 11:52 PM
Can we exchange him for a better model? 🤔
Val 11:52 PM
[Replying to "Can we exchange him for a better model? 🤔"]


MKR 11:52 PM
I liked old lainchu

She was fun

Surely there's another exceptional individual who paid tugbucks for admin who could assist us without trying to ween out and make christory?


I'll try my best to get along

The WCT 11:54 PM
no thanks.


Kyle 11:55 PM
Professionalism helps.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:56 PM
[Replying to "Professionalism helps."]

Seems to be something those two are sorely lacking.

Kyle 11:56 PM
Don't try that.
MKR 11:56 PM
He says that a lot but I've yet to see any from him, he doesn't respect me or anyone else so I treat him accordingly.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:57 PM
Lmao, is that so?

Why, because I won't let you on the cwcki server modstaff?

MKR 11:57 PM
You be nice to me I'll be nice to you, but to be clear, this isn't for friendship. Its about cwc.

I don't want mod you silly

Naught 11:57 PM
Pwincipals mawget
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:58 PM
Uh huh
MKR 11:58 PM
I just want to test how far I could push you, and its about principles.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 11:59 PM
Pushing people, seems awfully trollish to me...
Kyle 11:59 PM
[Replying to "Pushing people, seems awfully trollish to me..."]


24 January 2021

MKR 12:00 AM
I just wanted to see how soft you were
Lainchu (Anaxis) 12:00 AM
[Replying to "You be nice to me I'll be nice to you, but to be clear, this isn't for friendship. Its about cwc."]

Well, I happen to be of the same mind. I'll be civil if you are civil.

It's simple.

MKR 12:00 AM


The WCT 12:01 AM
We good now folks?
MKR 12:01 AM
I didn't think we weren't?

It's just a discussion

Naught 12:03 AM
[Defunct link to a .mp4 attachment]
Val 12:04 AM
[Replying to "Well, I happen to be of the same mind. I'll be civil if you are civil."]


MKR 12:04 AM
MKR 12:15 AM
Sweep sweep
Val 12:17 AM
Sweep sweep
MKR 12:20 AM
Val 12:22 AM
@Lainchu cry some more fag

Im sure your server will cuddle you and make you feel gud[footnote 1]


  1. According to Anaxis: "For context, in my DMs with Naught, after he dismissed my concerns about Val and MKR's behavior in this conversation, I mentioned that I could sweep the incident under the rug this time, but that everyone has their limits. Naught apparently shared our DMs with Val and MKR behind my back, considering their unprompted messages reading "sweep sweep" that began ten minutes after the conversation had already ended."