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This page contains transcriptions of all the messages sent between Naught (also known as Bismuth, Heart ❣, Anon, and various other pseudonyms) and myself, from August 2020 to February 2021 My messages are color-coded green and Naught's are colored gray. I have excised segments that are irrelevant to the greater story of Chris and the Watchmen. The rest of the transcript is mostly faithful, with only individuals marginally-related to all of this drama being censored.

If any editors are reading this, feel free to make use of this page as a resource if you wish.

If you would like context for the content seen within here, please read the Manifesto I wrote.


Accidental Calls

11 August 2020

NOTE: These messages took place after Naught and I had an argument in the Official CWCki Server, and before I joined the Watchmen.

Started a call that lasted 0 minutes.
Can I help you?
I was muting the channel's
I'm sorry?

22 August 2020

Started a call that lasted 0 minutes.
Did you mean to call me?
-nah just tarded


Help With Chris's First Messages

3 September 2020

Hey naught

I'm in need of some help

You might already know what about

Our Person of Interest contacted me with a question that I'm having some trouble deciphering

And I was hoping you could help

Which one?


And yes, I checked

Same account number

He sent me screencaps of some DMs between you two

Which I've been spending the better part of half an hour trying to figure out

Asked a merge-related question, said that he's been communicating with you about it too, so I figured you might have some better insight on what to do

So that we could be on the same page

Oh I was wondering why he asked about Lainchu

He wants to know how to write his way out the time travel merge thing

He sent me the long textwall of messages he sent to you

And he asked the following:

In one of the present wishes from this brain and body being that Bismuth and Meghan being here in this neighbourhood, in Ruckersville; what is the level of the impact of them, and any others from the group, being here towards the As Soon As Possible timing of me with this body going from 1218 to C-197, so I fan finally get this thing and I to Cwcville and all that?

Yeah Lainchu is a keeper of knowledge
Lmao, I just came upon this role

But I'm a fast learner

It's a headache to think over, and mainly Lainchu is at the level where she can comprehend and know which is which and more important to happen in order for me to finally get to Cwcville with this body within as soon as the next few minutes, hours, days, etcetera.
That was one of his messages, right?

Me: So is it a parallel universe or is it time travel?

Yeah I saw all of that

He sent them to me

Chris: Good question

That's where it left out

He wants to be friends rn

I tried to emphasize keeping things organic

He wants you and MKR at his side, it sounds like
Yeah but its going to take time were all in different places
Wait...are you actually planning on going at some point?
It's odd the merge has turned into a metaphor for friend's
Or was that just what you told Chris?
Chris just decides stuff

That'd be almost sweet if it wasn't so strongly wrapped in delusion

I'm friendly with chris

It turned into a friendship of sorts myself and wct and are going to escort him to babscon

So we had to introduce ourselves


Are you positive there's gonna be a babscon?

They set it for next year
Well, I can only say best of luck to you and wct

I'm sure you're aware of the risk you're taking

What should I say to him in the meantime?

His question is so weirdly worded

I once played Lainchu you just comfort him
I think he's asking how soon you guys can get to him?

Well I can do that but I need to know what he's asking first lol

He wants to hangout

Also to know what version of time travel he's going to use

Should I just try to be zen master?

"All good things come with patience"

Or something like that

That's what lain is yes


I'll do my best

The time travel question's answer isn't really consequential one way or another, right?

Thank you he doesnt want to admit hes written himself in a corner
Of course he doesn't
I just sidestep it by giving little bits of philosophy even stoicism and Jung

Letting the conscious and unconscious mind become one

I see

So weird to think that I just joined the cwcki server a couple months ago

And now here I am, chatting with Chris lol

Life is funny sometimes

I've explained to people just treat cwc like a person don't fangirl and you'll be good

It helps you have a good temperament

Yeah, you don't have to worry about me
Ik it's just refreshing
I'll be responsible as I can

Yeah I'm sure it is

Hey Chris look at my Oc

Fuck off


Can I ask if there's an endgame here?

Like, obviously the current objective is to keep Chris happy and safe

Yeah Lainchu is supposed to be able to see multiples timelines
But when things continue not going his way, isn't he going to demand answers?
So if he doesn't like a response that was the other Lainchu
He could drift towards other enablers
That's when I break out the two dollar word's
With less noble intentions
We have another Oc Chris created that'll keep his interest

Plus he asked mkr for more art

If you've noticed he's outsourced his lore and art and only draws 1 or 2 Times a month

Yeah, that's pretty evident
Practical goals are get cwc to deliver on patreon so he can keep his tugboat
Does he ever deliver on that goal?
I messaged josh about this since Anna McLaren got Chris's hopes up about a month ago so watchmen have full reign too use the old school life ruination tactics on people who try to fuck with Chris

He does but he likes to keep it for himself

Usually has 3 or 4 project's at a time

1 or 2 will get half done

Nova mkr Val and I try to keep him happy and motivated

[Posts an emote]

4 September 2020

This is drafted right now:

I understand your urgency, and rest assured Bismuth and Meghan are both doing all that they can to get to you in a timely manner. They are currently dealing with events on their end that are holding them up from taking action, but they intend to join you as soon as these are overcome (barring more unexpected trouble).

How is it? It's very vague but also just absolute enough to say that you'll "eventually" be there

Okay, I'll send
Thank you
Promise I won't keep bugging you with every little thing if this continues lol

This just really caught me off guard tonight

Chris is important it's not a bother

It's only the fail trolls who bother me

Thanks for the help

I appreciate it

And I'll keep you in the loop if Chris keeps DMing me

No trouble glad you have you aboard

[I reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

Concerns Over Chris Keeping Secrets

Hey, what are the chances that Chris would randomly screenshot our convo and post it on twitter or something?

Because if he does it while I'm not RPing as Lainchu, that...could be a problem

I'm not planning it right now, but if the DMing continues then I might make an alt account specifically for the Lainchu role

Just to be safe

He's knows better

That's why we got him 2 phone's and Marvin and josh have access to his Twitter so they can block people or delet anything

I see

Ok, well I guess I'll see how the progression of the DMs goes before making any new accounts

It's taken year's but cwc has made progress even if it's minimal

He was specific about what will be released and not

This stuff stays off the record he'll tweet and say something hopefully settle down and follow the plan

Alright, I'll just play my role best I can
As long as you have the pfp and stay calm that'll suffice

Nova is like the dad

He didn't even notice my name was different

Or if he did, he didn't mention

I guess he didn't notice the pfp before I changed it either

He knows the place is safe
Yeah obv keeping the charade up is easy in the place

In DMs it's a little different

If he's in a lore mood going

Lainchu: hello how are you?

Or whatever puts him at ease


If he doesn't mention it then I guess there's no need to worry about it

Nah just trying to think of tips since when he reaches our to Lainchu or Val he wants advice

Nova work's the medical field so he has a more professional or refined approach

As opposed too me

Credit for Interview

5 September 2020

Hey naught, I was going to add the q&a klop had with you (which he posted earlier) to the cwcki. Do you want to be credited as the watchman who was interviewed?
I guess
Up to you
The naught name I suppose

Ultra Director Textwall

6 September 2020

So...I'm guessing you got the same textwall that I did

Where the question at the end was basically "how do I be a better Ultra Director?"

He even suggested that I collaborate with you, which is probably a good idea so that we're on the same page


That's what i said

I see


What should I say?

I'll help in any feasible way
Do you have an idea or do you want me to throw one out there?
That's what I said

No cwc has had this notion before and it went away so here s hoping

Well, I should say something, shouldn't I?

Not just ignore him


Say "all will be take the necessary steps and don't force this, all good thing's ate natural."


Here, I'll draft something

[Posts an emote]
Interesting query. After having discussed this with Bis, we have come to the conclusion that this is simply something that cannot be forced. Fate will take its natural guide, and if it is meant to be, you will be able to come to a greater understanding of your own abilities in due time. For now, perhaps try to focus on smaller, more inconsequential events; once your greater understanding comes into being, you will be ready to take on the bigger ones as they arrive.

How's that?

Spot on
I can take out the last sentence if it feels too influence-y
I don't see anything objectionable
Okay, you're the boss

I'll send

(I just got a textwalled response) (edited)

I see.

At this point, it is very obvious that I will end up coming to the greater understanding of the abilities, since that is amongst vital to get this body transformed into its Sonichu form for the first time.

And I pretty much do small and inconsequential events; there’s a reason I’m calling it “Adventure Time” when I go out to Raid Hunt and Blind Catch with Pokémon GO, and whatnot.

And it’s boring.

One idea I have is Daily Affirmations; Mama had a top ten list a few years go that she read for a few weeks every night before falling asleep.

Just a question of what to write for the present day ten daily affirmations.

The goals still remain and continue to be over-highlighted obvious and top priority with me.

(I can sense he's impatient)

(I have no idea what "ten daily affirmations" means)

Chris is fascinated by numbers
Must be an autistic thing

What should I say?

I don't know how to approach this one

Is that a religious thing or something that Chris made up?

Well, I guess to him those two things are technically the same thing rn lol

I just said let's work out the details soon

Once we're all on the same page all will fall into place


I'll tell him that I understand his frustration, and that I'm currently discussing with Bis I'm currently awaiting Val's guidance (edited)

To determine our next move


Val will guide you
Oh wait did you mean Val will guide chris?

I edited the above message

No clue Val is a character Chris loves it's a deus ex machina
"I'm sorry to hear of your boredom; I understand that this can be a frustrating time. I will discuss further details with Bismuth and get back to you soon. In the meantime, Val will guide you on the next steps going forward. Expect a message from her soon." (edited)

As long as Val knows to expect a message from Chris

Is that sufficient?

Okay, this'll be the last one of the night

Then I'm going to bed

Ok thank you

He should be asleep

Probably, yes

So should I honestly lol

My selected quote from the textwall tonight is this:

And on further thought, I'd put Barb in the role of Kion; unspecial, yet Very Special.

I can't tell if he's trying to compliment or insult Barb there lol

Maybe a little bit of both

That's cute
Maybe a little creepy too

Chris's Response to My Advice

7 September 2020

New message

[Screenshot of my final message to Chris on 6 September and his first one to me on 7 September.]

Yes, try not to rob yourself of the experience.

I understand you want to move to the next stage but that'd go against nature.

Your wisdom and insight Is still needed here.

That's the answer I should give?

Or was that Chris's message to you?

Something like that yeah
Ok, I will
No I wrote it rn



New response:

...Ugh. The irony of reading that about the wisdom and insight is the timing that I gave a bit of wisdom to Bismuth.

I mean, this body is never going to die for literally almost forever, and it is moreso needed, with all of its wisdom, in Cwcville, back in time to prevent the Covid pandemic, and then returned to Mama at BABSCon 2020. Not 2021.

The experience is appreciated along the way, but among which I would definitely appreciate the experience in actually using the OP abilities tangibly in this Dimension.

But within sound reason and teleported to isolated areas to do so, obviously.

Not to mention that this Temple and its yard and property space is literally an entire in-between between both Dimensions.

I would feel more motivated to let nothing happen upon seeing you and the Magi-Chan, both of y’all are here in 1218, fully and tangibly, here at this house, inside, on an instant moment.

I could literally stop typing, and both you and Magi-Chan will be instantly appearing in the guest bedroom inside this house right now.

(I feel the "be patient" shtick is getting repetitive.)

(But then again, what he's saying is repetitive too)

Send this picture

[Image listing "The Seven Virtues of Bushido."]

Do I accompany it with any wisdom?
He's a weeb he'll like it but if you can yes

Warning Naught Away From Snoo

3 October 2020

NOTE: A discussion about unrelated drama prior to this has been excised.

Hey naught, you know the girl who was obsessed with fucking chris, snoo?

I got her to back down from contacting chris

Snoowarning1.png Snoowarning2.png Snoowarning3.png

So I don't think there's need to make a thread on her as long as she behaves

And I think she's gotten the message at this point


i usually just leave it at if cwc wants to talk to you than you'd know.

but we each have our own approach

that yandereDev parody was weird

Yeah, but as a cwcki server mod it is technically against the rules regardless

But I'll keep that in mind if I have to have this talk with any other users

And yeah, the parody was weird

Star Trek non interference policy people usually kn ow that through cultural osmosis

[YouTube link][notes 1]

Chris's Audio Test Recording

16 October 2020

NOTE: A discussion about unrelated drama prior to this has been excised.

Hey, can I poke Chris and remind him sometime in the next few days about the Q&A? Normally I wouldn't,'s been nearly a month since he answered the last one, and it's getting a little ridiculous. And once the interview/next merge date passes, I'm guessing he'll feel too preoccupied to answer anything.


Sure, ask him to send the voice message so we can test the microphone quality.

Two things at once. Especially since he's into the writing.

Voice message? You mean have him record answering the questions aloud?

On whatever device he'll use for the interview

Ok, will do

18 October 2020

Hey naught, chris just told me he did the audio test with you. Can you send me the file once it's ready? Thanks!
I don't have nitro how do i send it
Oh, send it to this email


I fucked it up you can only hear me giggling
Ohh shit

So the audio is completely bad then?

Unfortunately yes and he answered the questions

God damn it

He wants to watch a movie later so we can do it again
I think I'm gonna just ask him to write them out, it's easier to transcribe that way

Is that alright?

The audio test can be something separate

yeah sure
Hey, can you remind Chris at some point tonight to redo the Q&A over text?
I guess we'll do it before or after we watch the movie
After is probably better

God what a headache lol

[Posts a GIF]

Timing of Q&A Reminders

23 October 2020

Hey, what do you think the minimum amount of time should be from now on before I remind Chris about the Q&A? A week? Two?

Just so that I don't push too hard but also not waste time if possible

He was just online rn, so ig ask him if he's eaten dinner and if he'll answer before or after?
Oh alright, I'll do that

But from now on: post, then bug after a week if he doesn't answer?

Sounds about right

I really hope that doesn't de-motivate him lol

Getting the Test Audio

26 October 2020

Hey, Chris says that he re-recorded answering the questions, and you have a link to the file?
[Google Drive link]
Great! Thanks.
No problem
Audio quality is great! Finally glad these questions got answered lmao

The whole file is good for release, right?

Yeah, I suppose so

The only non-question related stuff in there is him mentioning that it's a test recording

I might ask Neko to upload it to his channel, because idk if the CWCki can take just straight audio files

I think he'd be more than ok with it
Alright, well I'll look into it then ask him

Figuring Out a Response to Chris's Frustrations

3 November 2020

Hey Naught, got this message from CWC earlier today

Hey, Lainchu.

I’ll answer this set of questions later today.

I’m on hardly-sleep and no-dream; got two and a half hours worth of rest so far. Ugh.

Also, want to ask you something, since you’re a big wig on timeline management. I am supposed to be in C-197, not 1218, with this body by now. I am long done with this dimension and this timeline and want very much to get back in time with this fully-transformable and able body (this one that goes from human to Sonichu form and back, and Goddess form and back, and all the other abilities, and so on), prevent Covid, and return this body to Mama at BABSCon, 2020.

How much more do I have to do before the fact?!!!

You know as well as I do that in the end, I need to prevent Covid and return this body to Mama, fully able, in the revised branch of this Omega timeline.

The frustration and stress from still being in this dimension is getting to me.

Any advice on the response?

This is what I ended up writing

I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. We are in a difficult time, and I know this stress can be hard on the body.


It is unfortunately difficult to pinpoint an exact date when it comes to determining these events. Time is fickle, and often changes and warps itself before a certain future is destined to arrive. All I can say is that while I work on attaining greater precision in my analysis of the future, the best that you can do is trust yourself: your feelings, your intuitions, your gut. Only you can know for certain what is right for you, in determining your next steps.


Adversity breeds strength. It may seem difficult now, but you will become even stronger by the end of all this. It is a journey worth undertaking, and one that will be ultimately rewarding in the end. I hope that this is helpful, even though I know it is not entirely concrete. I will let you know if anything else comes to mind that may assist you.


  1. This was a video of the Suitress reenacting the "consoom the cum chalice" meme by YandereDev, which she had posted onto the Official CWCki Server.