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Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?
This is where the trouble all began.
Sean's avatar on Discord, on his Neko Onyx account. Drawn by MKR.

This page contains selected transcriptions of messages sent between Sean Walker (also known as Neko Onyx, Kat, Conner, and the WCT) and myself, from October 2020 to August 2021. My messages are color-coded green and Sean's are color-coded orange. I have excised segments that are irrelevant to the greater story of Chris and the Watchmen, which are mostly discussions about politics. The rest of the transcript is mostly faithful, with only individuals marginally-related to all of this drama being censored.

If any editors are reading this, feel free to make use of this page as a resource if you wish. Be warned, though: there is a lot of egotistical cringe in this page, courtesy of Sean.

If you would like context for the content seen within here, please read the Manifesto I wrote.


Test Recording for Discord Q&A 9

NOTE: My initial communications with Sean leading up to my banning from the Watchmen were with his Discord account named Neko Onyx, which was later deleted.

27 October 2020

Hey Neko! I've got the test recording that Chris made answering the Q&A questions. I was wondering if you could upload it to your YouTube channel? Maybe put up a recent image or still of Chris as the background video?

I already cleared it with Naught, he said it's okay to release


Do you have a file or a link to an unlisted video?

Great! Here's the link to the audio:

[Google Drive link]

Don't make the video public yet tho, I'm still transcribing the file

I want the page to be ready when the vid goes live lol
Once we're all set, I'll upload the video and forward it to [REDACTED].
(because the vid itself will be unlisted)
You can name it whatever, but it's technically Discord Q&A 9
Update: Audio/Video Recording is almost ready to go.

I put up a Still Photo of Chris from a couple years ago to make up for the lack of video.


Send me the link when it's uploaded

It's ready.[note 1]



I'll let you know when the article is up

Are you currently transcribing the material as we speak?

Which I now realize may be a little bit moot if YouTube does it automatically lmao

But whatever

Was that what you were gonna say?

I prefer a direct translation instead of relying on YouTube's crappy captions.
Yeah, but YT's are a good starting point

You just need to clean it up

And also correct some words as well.
Anyway, yes, I'm transcribing currently

It's mercifully short, unlike some of Chris's livestreams

Or other vids

What is Chris even using to Record?
Audacity, he says
no, the mic itself.

It's pretty good.

Oh, idk

You'd have to ask Naught or Null or whoever is helping him with that

"Christorical Figure Status" and the Watchmen's Role

Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?
Idk, if you're trying to get that role on the Farms then you'd be better off asking Null than me lol

Assuming that's what you're talking about

Naught once told me that [REDACTED] is in charge of that. lol
Or do you just mean in general?

Oh, then ask him

well, also in general.

In your opinion.

I suppose?

The Watchmen have been pretty instrumental in putting together information over the last few months from direct contact with Chris

I'd say the group has been a Success so far.
Idk if that's credit that will be seen positively tho, not everyone thinks that the watchmen are good for Chris
Compared to the Guard Dogs. (edited)
I suppose so, but I don't forget that successes are built off of others' shoulders

The failure of the Guard Dogs allowed the Watchmen to exist

We already did one thing that the Guard Dogs couldn't do.

We stopped Sockness. lol

I can understand why people might laugh at me for trying to befriend/defend Chris, but from my perspective, he's gonna need all of the help he could possibly get as Father Time seeks to claim Barb.

Once she's gone, everything else will be left in Limbo.

What can the Watchmen realistically do in that scenario tho, besides provide emotional support?

Is there a plan in place?

I know that Null is gonna visit Chris and help him set something up, but anything beyond that? (edited)

[Quoting "What can the Watchmen realistically do in that scenario tho, besides provide emotional support?"]

honestly, the only thing the Watchmen can do is prevent more possible grifters and potential trolls from Chris.

It's quite embarrassing that people still think its 2009.

People can't let go of the past
[Quoting "I know that Null is gonna visit Chris and help him set something up, but anything beyond that?"]

I think a group home might be his next stop.

if you ask me, I think once Barb dies, the Chris Chan story might quietly come to an end. (that is unless he's still allowed to use the Internet) (edited)

Hmm, perhaps

Discussing Joseph Draft

[Quoting "People can't let go of the past"]

Even though I love the Geno Samuel series, I unfortunately think it has kicked off a new generation of trolls.

this literally happens every single time whenever anybody makes content about Chris.

I hope the Geno series will be the last of its kind.

He is bringing it to a slightly more mainstream audience, certainly
That's part of the problem.

By bringing Chris to the Mainstream, normies who aren't familiar with him are gonna do shit that most on the Internet don't find funny anymore.

And I think it would ruin what made Chris special in the first place.

The good thing is that no other Christubers have the same professionalism and editing quality that Geno does, so I don't see them growing very much
Draft was the only dude that could've rivaled Geno, but he packed up and left. lol
[Quoting "By bringing Chris to the Mainstream, normies who aren't familiar with him are gonna do shit that most on the Internet don't find funny anymore."]

That's what happens with a lot of stuff that starts out special in one way, but then grows so large that it has to dumb things down to accommodate to a larger audience

What happened exactly with Draft, behind the scenes?

Draft's doc was DOA.

The moment he showed it off to the Farms in combination with that Kickstarter, it wasn't going anywhere.

And it only got worse when Megan decided that she didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

Why did Megan change her mind?
Think about it. Imagine being one of Chris's victims in the past and getting bombarded with a shit ton of fail trolls trying to send you shit on Facebook that you don't want to see. (edited)
True, she probably got an uptick of abuse after Draft unveiled the trailer
Even though it's been a decade, Megan is still feeling the CWC-after effect.

She was originally willing to talk, but decided to maintain her privacy.

However, she has taken advantage of her E-Fame by selling some well-made toy animals.

I would imagine so

Chris at one point implied that someone (maybe Naught?) had a copy of the doc footage. That true or is the doc gone forever?


Naught told me that the Doc is long gone.

I could be wrong, that's just how someone I was talking to interpreted one of Chris's tweets

When people were commenting on the trailer (my reupload) they were all asking or begging for that film to be released in some shape or form.

Some were even dumb enough to believe that "I" was Joseph Draft. lol

People are gonna be scrounging for that footage for years

Just like with the call after Bob's death that never got released

And is probably long gone

I would love to see that if it ever got leaked.

Naught once told me that Draft ended up doxing himself on the Farms so that anyone else wouldn't have to.

And I think that was the end of it.

Yeah, I saw the post

What an idiot

Guess it was supposed to be a "take away their power" moment

I've been called a drama hysterical queen, but Draft is on another level. lol
I don't think he quite got what that meant, tho...
In the past, I ended up almost being a distributor for Draft.

I would've loved to have published his works (cause I thought he was good at what he does) but nothing ever materialized.

You have a company or something?

The WCT would've just hosted his content.

Oh, I see
He requested me to keep his name a secret in the credits had things went through.
Huh, ironic
So basically, he would've been the Older Wildcat. lol

it's a shame really, I was actually fine with him.

Yeah? What was he like?
He seemed like every other person I've talked to in VC.

In other words. Another Sperg. lol

He sounded and talked like an adult.

Until he became unraveled, evidently
well, yes.

It's been over a year since I've interacted with him.

And I'll probably never get to talk to him again.

He's likely erased himself from the internet at this point
For his sake, he had to.

Otherwise, he would've gotten his own thread.

Hey, in the recording that Chris sent, you hear that metal clinking?

You suppose he had one of his pets next to him while he did it? (edited)

Page is live!

You can make the video public now, btw

It will remain unlisted.

But the link will be available via Kiwi Farms and the CWCKI.

Sure, that's your choice

Hosting The Create Unknown Uncut Video

28 October 2021

Hey man, Anon told me that you were gonna have me release the Uncut Chris Interview.
A nickname for Bismuth.

So he wants it released?

I came to ask you about having the recordings released uncut.
Well yeah, I'm down to, I just wanted to make sure it was okay first
He basically said to me: "Nice Lainchu recorded it were going to put it on your channel"
Alright, that's cool

Just give me a couple days to edit it

I need to remove some personal identifying information (edited)

Then it will be ready

Since I had a good talk with those folks, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and release it right after their Edited Interview gets uploaded to YouTube. (edited)
Yeah I was gonna say, we shouldn't steal their thunder

Especially since we didn't pay to sit in on the interview

They've gained my respect.

So I'll let them have the clout.

Not to mention they're paying Chris too
From what it sounds like, they played by the rules completely.

Professionalism is hard to come by these days

I'll get it to you as soon as it's ready

03 November 2020

NOTE: A discussion about politics just prior to this has been excised.

it's fine.

btw, how's the editing going?

And will anything be left out?

I started on it yesterday, but Premiere was running so slowly that I gave it a rest

No audio should be left out

Just some visuals

The important stuff (Chris and the hosts) will still be there

I also let the hosts know that we plan on releasing the uncut version, and I asked if they wanted their faces to be cut out, or how long they wanted us to wait before release

They've yet to get back to me

good that you let them know.

And like the other CWC-related stuff on my channel, it will remain unlisted.


It's for archival purposes, after all

The link to it will go to the CWCki and the Farms.

in case if you're wondering why I keep CWC-content unlisted on the WCT, it's because I don't want the WCT to be primarily known for being a Chris-channel.

That's fair
And since I've long privated/unlisted the Original Version of the CWC Comprehensive History parts 1-13, I kinda wanted to put that part of my channel's past behind me.

It also doesn't help that some Kiwis now recognize me. lol

Do you not want to host the video?
I'll host it.

The WCT's small but decent size will help it get up there.

And as long as I don't anything stupid in the future, I'll be fine.

Getting on the cwcki doesn't really have to do with size, so much as whether or not the video has something substantial to contribute to an article

Or if it has Chris himself on it, obviously

KF maybe is different, idk

Unless you were talking about your channel?

I was mentioning the WCT.
Oh, okay, I misinterpreted

I'll try and get it done in the next few days, but I can't guarantee when it'll be ready

Also gotta hear back from the hosts, see what they want

I'll keep you posted

Alright. Thanks for the talk as always, I hope tomorrow doesn't go too bad. lol

Have a good night.

Yeah, same.


05 November 2020

Hey, slight change of plans on the video

The create unknown guys got back to me and basically said that they wanted to make sure they had ownership of their own content (understandable) but also saw the purpose of archival, so what they proposed was that they host the video on their channel a few weeks after their own upload. It'd be unlisted, just for the cwcki/farms to embed.

And since we always have a copy, we can reupload if it ever goes down

Seems pretty reasonable to me

Get back to him letting him know that I agree with his conditions.

[I reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

First Randy Stair Discussion

06 November 2020

NOTE: A discussion about politics just prior to this has been excised.

bruh, I accidentally got CWC into Randy Stair.

[Google Drive link]

What's randy stair?
He was a Cow that I did a Documentary on in 2018.

He killed 3 people before shooting himself.


Wonder how many other cows chris follows

Chris is also sorta getting into that Thaddeus McMichael story as well.

Another Cow I did in 2019.

He got arrested for Child Porn.

I wonder how cows see other cows

Do they look at others to feel better about themselves? Do they see them as competition of sorts?

He's aware of DSP.
DSP is one of the more well-known ones, even among those who don't frequent the farms

Sean Gets Kicked From the Place

03 December 2020

Hey, I noticed you left the place. Everything okay?
Bismuth kicked me out.
What? Why?
He told me:

"you're too open with the cwc stuff, you need a break focus on your scripts and don't worry about being the new captain; we'll stay in touch".

He didn't block me or anything too bad, but he thought I needed a break.

Did a specific incident spur this on?
He thought I was being too open about CWC on the Farms.

Do you agree with him?

not really.

Nobody has been spamming or messing with me since my CWCki entry.

Do you think he had other reasons for doing this then?
no doubt.

I think he also kicked me out for also being too political in the non-cwc channel.

And he also wanted me to focus on my docs instead of CWC.

Hmm, sorry to hear
I'm still friends with Chris and co regardless of my removal. And I'm confident I'll return to the Place when all is good again.
That's good at least
My Internet life hasn't changed too much since I've became a Christorical Figure, so I don't really see the need for me to be removed from there.

hell, I didn't even harass Josh either. lol

Did you take that up with bismuth?

Or did you not argue at all?

There was no argument that took place.

I just got randomly removed.

That's a little weird

I feel as though bismuth should've had a chat with you first before going straight to removal

it doesn't really make any sense.

tbh, I think he did have a conversation with the other mods prior to my removal.

I've got that feeling too

Not that anything was said to me lol

The only folks that really talk in there were me, MKR, Kyle, and Bismuth.

Josh occasionally and maybe you and peachy, but that was it.


Very strange

[REDACTED] and [REDACTED] barely speak, but when they do, it's usually important stuff.

and like I stated earlier, it's possible I might be allowed back in, but I just don't know when.

CWC himself has taken a liking towards me, and it would hurt to see him wonder where I am.

Well, let's hope it's sooner than later then
I'll be honest, I don't think I'll be allowed back in until February-March 2021.

And throughout that period, I think I'll use that time to try finding other things to do.

Btw, have the TCU guys lifted the embargo yet?

I actually just sent them the video link, but they haven't responded to me yet

And the link expires tomorrow lol

So I'll have to make a new one if they haven't downloaded it yet, which is annoying

You can still hand me the video and I'll keep it on private until they give a response.
Sure, that works

[GoFile link]

Password is [REDACTED]

lol, it already expired.
Oh fuck


take your time, I'll wait.
I'll let you know when I reupload

Questions About Me


you know, I have a question. How long have you been a CWCki editor?

Not long at all

A few months

I only became one after the discord server opened

How did you ended up rising within the ranks?
It's unbelievable, everything that's happened because of that discord server lol

I was an active and sane member, and I guess Klop saw some sort of potential in me

So it was Klop who promoted you?
I joined the modstaff, and when he quit Lainchu for the first time, I offered to step in


And now I'm the owner of the server lol

So much has happened in such a short time

Does Marvin (MIPS) still own and operate the CWCki?
Believe so, haven't heard otherwise

Though his role is fairly passive overall

I've tried to ping him and ask if he could change something on the site and he's difficult to get a hold of lol

Relationship With Chris, ProjectSNT, BABScon

How would you describe your relationship with CWC?

cause you already know mine, it's good.

I dunno, it's relatively professional, or as much as it could get with chris

I send him the questions, he sends me answers

Sometimes he'll ask me for spiritual help, and I'll give him some vague advice that usually satisfies him

He hasn't DMed me in a while tho

me neither.
Might ask Bismuth to poke him, it's been nearly a month now since the last Q&A

And I've been reminding him weekly lol

I hope BABScon 2021 happens.

COVID vaccine is almost here.

He's all motivation when it comes to raging at the SNT fanfic, but can't be bothered to answer 10 questions a week
so why is he angry about that?
[Quoting "COVID vaccine is almost here."]

Maybe so, but distribution will take some time, and idk if by March it'll get to enough people for them to consider it safe to hold the convention

[Quoting "so why is he angry about that?"]

I'm assuming it's another Asperchu-like situation

Except this time it's more personal because it involves someone he wants attention from (SNT)

The reason why I want BABScon to happen so badly is because I want CWC to come out West. And if he drives all the way here, it would be the journey of a life time for him.
He believes that the author has committed murder in another dimension against his fictional characters

He was talking about some revenge shit last night, which was a little disturbing

never take fanfics seriously. lol
Not that he'd do anything

Not in real life at least

he'll get curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd at worse.
[Quoting "The reason why I want BABScon to happen so badly is because I want CWC to come out West. And if he drives all the way here, it would be the journey of a life time for him."]

I'm curious to see if he'd do it at all tbh

This is someone who's never driven beyond one or two state borders before

Just imagine all the vids he'd take from his phone and post it on Twitter or YouTube.
Let alone across the country

Certainly would be more interesting than the current dimensional merge bullshit

It would probably be only for a few days, but many could regard as one of the greatest moments in Christory.

knowing Chris, I think he can pull it off.

Would you and naught still meet him there if he were to go?
Me? Absolutely.

Naught, idk.

He's a very shadowy and ghosty person.

I'd consider it tbh, if I was going to be in California during March

But I don't think I will be

Realistically, life in Cali should return to normal around June-July.

(that is if the vaccine is a success)


Lotta ifs

Sean's Ban Theories

11 December 2020

hey man, when you're available can I have a discussion with you?
Sure, what about?
I won't share any screenshots, but I've gotten a better understanding on why I was kicked from the Place.

I just got done DM'ing Naught, and he explained that my ban was a result of my recent politisperging there along with the gay jokes that I played around with while there.

And the decision that was made to kick me out was not just his decision, but Kyle and MKR's as well.

From what I remembered, I followed all of the guidelines and never posted anything political in the channels where CWC can see them.

I'll be honest, after hearing these recent revelations. I don't know if I'll ever be welcomed back at all.



Sounds like they were looking for reasons to get rid of you

I don't want to get tin-foil hatted and all, but I think my recent shift towards the Left might've pissed them off.

Nova especially.

I even told Naught that if he wanted to ban politics from the place, he could.

And I'd follow the rules.

Wouldn't shock me tbh

Hilarious that they were so sensitive about that that they'd want to be rid of anyone who didn't agree with their political views

What's that thing that conservatives like to call liberals? Snowflakes?


Either way, they could always just mute the politics channel and ignore the discourse (like I did)

like I told you in the past, I think I may be allowed back in within a month or two.

However, it all depends on what goes on between Naught and I.

What does he want out of you?
If I'm on Good Behavior in other servers that we're in together, maybe.

but to be honest, it's not the end of the world.

I'm still in good hands with CWC along with having decent ties with other Farmers. So if I were to never be welcomed back, so be it. But I hope I am since I loved talking with CWC.

He shouldn't essentially be forcing you to restrict your own behavior in other places, that's pretty fucked up

You can still talk to chris in DMs, right?

[Replying to "You can still talk to chris in DMs, right?"]


Well, you have that at least
If I am allowed to come back one day, maybe I'll be given a role similar to Chris.

In which I can access channels where he's allowed to read while being unable to read the others.

Yeah, maybe

Difference is that you already know the second layer exists

Unlike people like Praetor

My knowledge of the second layer while having the same role as Praetor and CWC could pose as a potential problem. (at least to them) (edited)

But I keep secrets locked away when I'm required to.

I guess I don't know if they kicked you out because of personal difference or because they had legitimate concerns that you were leaking info or something like that
That's another reason why I might've been kicked.

I've been a little too open about my friendship with CWC.

But I never spilled the beans.

And most people don't really seem to care.

And another possible reason for why I may have been kicked was maybe due to my ties with Smoky Chris.

I barely talk with him and his crew, but Naught doesn't like him for trying to participate in Fail Troll operations.

What's smoky Chris's story? I've heard the name but never known much about him.
He's a wannabe Geno Samuel.

And he made docs about Chris last year.

And what did he do that upset Naught?
He got shit wrong in his series.

(it was called Beneath the Bridge)

That was it? Just inaccuracies?
And some of the people that he covered in that series weren't even Trolls at all.
like Megan Schroeder for example.

And he was also one of the leads of the CWCVille Rebellion shit.

(which I myself used to be a part of)

What was that?
1 year ago.

There was a group of failed trolls that took advantage of Chris's fantasies.

And since many viewed CWCVille as a dictatorship, they started a fictional rebellion.

mostly to get under his skin.

And that's where Naught found and recruited you?
He found me in 2018 when I was making my Randy Stair series.

And since he saw potential in me, he pulled me away from Smoky's group.

Second Randy Stair Discussion

14 December 2020

ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan and Randy Stair The Greatest Crossover In History
Stardate 10 December 2020
Made By Dillin Thomas
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

oh god...what have I done. lol

Oh, that was your doing?
Remember when Chris had that lengthy Twitter thread?

even though he discovered Randy Stair first (via my documentaries), he asked me some things about him.

So in a way, yes. This was my doing.


Wonder if Dillin knows that lol

Honestly, If I were to take credit for such a thing. I'll probably get bombarded with Weens in my comment sections.
Then it's probably best that you don't
It makes me a little angry that people are getting mad at Chris over having something in Common with Randy, but people shouldn't be surprised at this point.

Randy and Chris actually have stuff in common with each other, it's just that Randy is more excessively violent than Chris.

Chris can be violent in his own way (as Christory has shown), but he will never be as violent as Randy was.

Let's hope not
Knowing CWC, he won't.

And he also outlived Randy as well. (edited)

Chris outlives everyone

He's an immortal goddess, remember?

yes. lol

But literally, he outlived Randy (he killed himself in 2017).

And tbh, I think CWC is an overall happier and more peaceful individual.

For as long as the status quo remains, at least

TCU Uncut Published

20 December 2020

Create Unknown Chris Chan UNCUT
Stardate 16 December 2020
Made By The Create Unknown
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Uncut interview has been published

woah, that was unexpected.

I thought I was gonna be the guy, but oh well.

Yeah, they took a little while, but they pulled through in the end

They said that if some disaster happens and they take the video down, we're free to reupload it ourselves

So I'll let you know if that day ends up coming to pass

Thanks for being my backup tho


Discussing MKR's Behavior

How are things going btw?
They're alright

MKR is being pissy at me because she was removed from the cwcki modstaff, lol


payback for me getting removed from the place.

Lol, if you want to interpret it that way
more like karma tbh.
But yeah, she's really on my ass about it and not backing down

Even contacted my predecessor to yell at him

wut. serious about that??

And she literally will not believe a word I tell her

And I'm being pretty much transparent about it


I told her that [REDACTED] removed her, she said "do you have any proof?"

how am I not surprised.
And then proceeded to DM him angrily
I like MKR and all, but she has Karen tendencies.
Yeah, I've noticed

Like, her reasoning was just "I had it before, so now I want it back"

Didn't even try to pretend like she was interested in actually moderating the server

Have you interacted with Bismuth about any of this?

Should I?

She hasn't been harassing me or anything, just being a bit of a nuisance

do you think he has a right to know?
The argument happened in the place lol

He definitely saw it

Didn't take a position tho

Not publicly at least

that says a lot tbh.
For all I know, MKR could've been angrily DMing him too

[Replying to "that says a lot tbh."]

Is that good or bad?

It means he's either neutral or maybe he agrees with the decision.
I think he just doesn't care

He doesn't care about the cwcki server, really

so in other words, neutral.
Yeah, probably
Maybe you could jokingly let her know that if she wants to be a mod again, I have to be allowed back into the place. lol
I think he trusts me enough not to take any action, despite what MKR said

The sad thing is, I'm kind of their best asset on Discord

Since I'm the owner of the biggest gathering place for people interested in Chris on Discord

pressuring isn't it? (edited)

being at the near top of the mountain.

They see nearly everything that I do, only place they don't see are the mod backrooms

Which I've already told her, the mods aren't conspiring against the watchmen lol

[Replying to "being at the near top of the mountain."]

I think that's why she wants it back

She feels threatened

And wants her power


She's already near the top as well.

Anybody who has an interaction with CWC is already there.
It's like, she gets to talk to Chris on the regular

What else does she possibly want???


Anyway, even if she was genuinely interested in moderating, I still wouldn't give it to her

I'll be honest, the reason why I hope to be allowed back into the place is due to liking my interactions with [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED].
She doesn't have the mental fortitude for moderating fairly

Not to mention that she's a pretty infamous Christorical figure at this point

[Replying to "Anyway, even if she was genuinely interested in moderating, I still wouldn't give it to her"]

the fact she's REE'ing out about it at all kinda disqualifies her.


And on top of all of that, none of my fellow mods actually like her lol

So I don't think it'd work out

At least the CWCVille Supreme Court can impeach its justices.

Did Chris tell you that?

[Replying to "Did Chris tell you that?"]

uh, I was kinda joking about that.


It does sound unusually intelligent for Chris's fantasies

The CWCVille Supreme Court also sounds like has it more than just 9.
It's an all-Sonichu court

No humans allowed

Was it Bismuth, Chris or Null that packed the court?

It was mayor Allison Amber

Before she was defeated by Brendan Frasier

makes sense.

And at least I'm one of the more originalist dudes on there.

In Christorical terms, being an originalist to me is being old-school.

Pre-2011 activities and such.

so anyway, jokes aside.

I'm not too surprised that MKR got kicked out, and what was the reason again?


being unlikeable?

Inactivity, at the time

In retrospect, not being fit for the job, too

We had some incidents involving non-mods having mod abilities

Which is what led to us to do a small purge of inactive members

if I was offered the chance to replace MKR, I don't think I'd actually do my job tbh.

I got some better things to do outside of CWC-related stuff, and Discord policing isn't really my thing most of the time.

That's fine, it's not for everyone

Getting Chris to Pressure Naught

NOTE: A discussion about unrelated drama as well as politics just prior to this has been excised.

So question, do you think it would be possible to get Chris to pressure Bismuth into letting me back into the place? or is that something I may have to negotiate with him on for myself?

Like I told you before in the past, I'd be willing to only view the first layer only.

I don't think Chris would be able to articulate an argument for you (edited)

And using him to convince Naught might make things worse tbh

This one is probably on you

thought so, and Bismuth would get mad as hell at me for trying to weaponize Chris.
It has happened too many times already and it's gotten old.
Sorry to hear
Like I also stated before in the past, I'll wait a couple months or so to see if I'll ever be welcomed back.

And if nothing happens by then, that's a sign that I might've been shooed out for good.

Whatever works for you

I don't think you're missing all that much tbh

Just a lot of Chris's ramblings

Being there in the moment is what made it exciting.
Nothing of substance

Yeah, I suppose so

I'm not as Power or Attention hungry as the others when it comes to CWC since I'm on my way to achieve E-Fame through other ways, but I loved to interact with Chris in the Place whenever he'd come online.
Of course
one last thing before I head out for the night, in the event that Chris has some important that he wants me to see, let me know. (or if there's anything you want me to reupload)

And I'll gladly do as you request.

Sure thing
I hope you get a good night sleep, and let me know if any more Karen REE'ing from MKR occurs. (edited)
Lol, same to you, and I will

Chris Helps Out Sean

24 December 2020

Chris gave me an invite to the Place and it's now confirmed that I've been banned.

WCT Ban Proof.png

Update: I've been allowed back in!

(first layer only so far)

Well, that was a quick turnaround


Chris begged Bis and Kyle (who was against me of returning) but Chris managed to convince them to give me a chance.

It turns out that I was actually kicked due to me "accidentally" leaking a little too much from the place.

Even though most people from what I know don't really care.

I don't know if you go too much into the server anymore, but they seem to be allowing Dillin Thomas scare them for some odd reason.

I check in there every day, even if I don't always post

Who knew that chris would be the key here

Wdym by letting DT scare them?

say, didn't I tell you sometime ago that it would be Chris that actually rescued me?

[Replying to "Wdym by letting DT scare them?"]

They believe that Dillin is using knowledge of the place to milk content.

he's a hardcore grifter.

That stupid operation to try and get him to act like he believes Chris's delusions is the root of this, probably
WCT Ban Discussion 1.png

WCT Ban Discussion 2.png

judging by these screenshots, what do you think?

Was it really a result of mistakes on my part or did somebody get their feelings hurt?

Not really sure
If I actually committed mistakes that led to my kicking, then maybe I did deserve it. But if I was kicked out because of my personal views, that's bullshit. You don't have to agree on everything to be on the same team.
Haven't gotten an indication of a reason beyond what they've said to chris

Yeah, I agree

I fucking despise Kyle and MKR's politics but I deal with it for the greater good of the op

MKR is a strange one. She's a lesbian but is more Right-leaning. lol

I mean, there are tons of LGBT people out there who tend to have more conservative views, but mostly fiscal ones.

Right leaning LGBT people make me roll my eyes harder than anything lol
I could care less if they're fiscally conservative, but if they try to have social conservative views (or be a part of the Trump cult) then there's a problem.
I chalk it up to a form of self-hatred, but that's just me

Anyway, welcome back to the place

I'll be honest with ya.

A half of me believes it was an attempted Coup by Kyle/MKR to get me kicked out. (edited)

but thankfully, Chris undid the damage.

And since politisperg season is almost over (January 20th is when it ends) I'll probably talk less politics.

[Replying to "Anyway, welcome back to the place"]

thank you. This is already a better christmas than last year. lol

Keep this to yourself, but I will tell you this much
Kyle and MKR were complaining in the second layer that you "tattled" to chris
Why don't they say that to my face then?
Naught too
and now that you've just mentioned it, this smells and looks like a failed coup.
Idk what their intentions were, but I don't think it's for the practical reasons that they claim
The fact that there's a mistrust between me and the group is a disgrace.
Anyway, you never heard any of this
[Replying to "Anyway, you never heard any of this"]

I won't mention it to anybody pal.

but seriously, this left a sour taste in my mouth.

I don't blame you
They haven't VC'ed me in a long time too.

that's not a good sign.

I have a feeling they'll attempt another coup in the future.

But at least I know one thing, You and Chris have my back.

Yeah, as long as you're in Chris's good graces, you're safe

At least for the time being

Chris is pretty much the Veto.

or the Swing Vote as they say.

[Replying to "Yeah, as long as you're in Chris's good graces, you're safe"]

I view Chris Chan as my friend and not my adversary.

Christmas Discussion

27 December 2020

hey man, I hope Christmas went good for you.
It did, thanks

Hope yours went well too

So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol

[Replying to "Hope yours went well too"]

There weren't a lot of people, but it was more than enough to me that it would be a decent Christmas.

For what it was, it exceeded my expectations. 8/10.

[Replying to "So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol"]

They wouldn't dare with Chris watching, and you being back so soon

[Replying to "For what it was, it exceeded my expectations. 8/10."]

That's good

[Replying to "That's good"]

I got 3 pairs of headsets.

more than I wished for, but I'm grateful regardless. (tbh, It's actually a nice blessing)

Why do you need 3 pairs?
I originally requested only one.

And I too was surprised by that.

One of my headphones had completely worn out and I needed it to be replaced so I asked for one, but I guess things were so messy this time around that nobody considered it. lol

Well, hopefully that means you won't need replacements for a while then
that's the best part.

If anything, it's insurance.

Clyde's Photo

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but this is the dude that voiced Clyde in those tapes.

Mao Bamboo Ling.JPG

Yeah, I've seen it


Is there any information about him on the CWCKi?
About him personally? No, not really

Only recently was it elaborated how many identities he played

The Wallflower's Identity

29 December 2020

Question: who do you think the Wallflower was?

judging by what we know, I think it's quite obvious. lol

Her real identity is out there already

[REDACTED], I believe her real name is?

We just can't talk about it on the cwcki, or the server

Honestly, I think the Wallflower is none-other than long-legs.

in other words, Emily (or Kim Wilson)

Oh, no

She's someone completely different

Emily/Kim is super super careful about maintaining her secrecy

Whereas Wallflower wasn't careful at all, and therefore got exposed

that's strange, I thought the Wallflower was Emily since they reacted to Chris in a similar way.

The emails that were sent between Chris and the Wallflower remind me a lot of how Emily would brag about Clyde. lol

Important Tweets

two things:

1.[note 2]

And 2.[note 3]

Oh boy
Chris isn't actually that far when it comes to the merge.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are beating the crap out of each other right now. lol

Wish they'd both finish the job, lol

Back in the Second Layer

Update: I can see the 2nd layer again within the Place as a result of being promoted to B: Bravo.

(but only findings)

Well that's good

I guess they don't want you discussing politics anymore?

it just happened randomly right now.

I can see Second Layer, but only the findings channel and nothing else.

Wonder who did it

Ah, just checked the audit log

It was probably Bismuth.
It was Naught

Wonder if the others are aware of it

I think he figured that I was being on Good Behavior lately so he decided to allow me to see at least one part.

I think I'll be able to see everything else after Biden is sworn in.

[Replying to "Wonder if the others are aware of it"]

maybe, maybe not.

They'll all know once I start posting in there.

Yeah, I guess so

Animosity from MKR

31 December 2020

It seems that MKR has forgotten that I can read this chat



Keep this to yourself, obviously, since you're not supposed to see this

this is disgraceful.
MKR sure has a chip on her shoulder towards me for some reason
We're supposed to be on the same team.
I guess because of the mod situation
i'll be honest with you, these screenshots make me very concerned about my friendship with Bismuth. (edited)
Same, I guess

Haven't seen him say anything bad about me but he seems compliant with whatever MKR is saying

Funny enough, the most rational person in that argument is Nova

"Why do you care so much about something that you think sucks anyway?"

Yeah exactly

Prediction for 2021:

The Watchmen will dissolve into Civil War and break up.

all because of politics. 🤦‍♂️

Well, they all seem to be on the same team on that front

We're the only odd ones out, and it looks like they already don't think much of us

In the event that such a Civil War happens, we need to keep Chris on our side no matter what.

he's the swing vote in this situation and is probably the only thing keeping this ship afloat.

If they want to express their problems with me, you tell me what the problem is directly, not behind my back.

I don't really care if I have their approval or not

But the way they're going about it is still cowardly

Were you blocked by any of them on Discord yet?
Not to my knowledge

Why, have you?

doesn't look like it.

I'm still friends with all of them.

While they all seem to hate the cwcki server, MKR is the only one who openly expressed animosity towards me

So hopefully that means I'm in alright standing with the others

If Chris were to ever find out about any of this nonsense, he'd probably tell them off.

We already saw how he handled my kick from the Place.

They can't afford to lose Chris.

I might start taking screenshots/backing up the server information

Chris has a lot of messages in there, and even if they're gonna be kept secret for the time being, I don't know what the others will do at another turning point in Chris's life

I don't want to risk everything getting wiped clean

If I were you, I'd start beginning that process now just in case.

This is bullshit. I can't believe that this is even happening.

Let's not jump to conclusions just yet

Just proceed with caution for now

I've known the whole gang for over a year and I (for the most part) have never done anything that would ever jeopardize Chris or the server in general. (edited)

I've been getting picked on more than usual since I was allowed back in, and it leads me to believe that I'm not wanted there. I won't leave, but I'm aware that there is a sense of hostility against me. (edited)

"Go Away Cat"

2 January 2021

NOTE: A brief exchange containing personal information has been excised.

"go away cat".


She's a bitch and she isn't even trying to hide it
What is she trying to do?

provoke a fight or something?

Her Coup attempt failed the first time and it will fail again. lol

All I did was give a harmless retrospective of Sockness and I think that was it.

3 January 2021

Just being a cunt, it seems

Doesn't need a reason

the next time we ever VC, i'll let her go on the attack while recording the conversation.

I won't try to say anything, but this shit has to be documented imo.

Best of luck
Nova at least has been keeping his cool around me.

Discussing Miss L (Larry Vaughn)

4 January 2021

These e-celebs are making the biggest mistake right now. lol
Remember all those Twitter handles Chris gave to us in the place?

A good number of them have a significant following on the Internet.

That kind of makes me believe that most, if not all of them, are not associated with whoever Miss L is
Miss L reminds me of Q for some reason. lol
And she just took a bunch of semi-popular people on the internet and used them to bait Chris

Q? Like QAnon?

Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure that's what she was trying to emulate
if that were the case, that's gotta be the dumbest thing I've seen yet.

This op is DOA.

The idea of Derek Savage working with Rogue is laughable
Doomcock being among those surprised me the most.
I guess I'm just curious which accounts, if any of them, are actually in on this op

And which were just thrown in there for supposed credibility

MKR's Toxicity

17 January 2021

Wow, I just read that screed MKR wrote against you

What a bitch

She also referred to me as a mole?

oh yes.

[Screenshot of MKR writing several paragraphs arguing with and A-logging Sean.]

[Screenshot of MKR insulting Sean and telling him to shut up, preceding the chat in the above image.]

Naught for the most part remained neutral.

And he did give me some nicer advice on how to avoid this shit from happening again.

If you recall in the past, I didn't actually cry back to Chris and such.

I just politely asked him if it was possible to get back in.

MKR is the most toxic person in the group by far

If anyone should be removed, it should be her

But I suppose Naught and the others feel they need her for her art

probably. lol

She made this for me. - (edited)

The WCT avatar.png

Yeah, well, it's thanks to her that I have the Lainchu icon as well
Naught likes it, but after the treatment that MKR was giving me lately, I feel like boycotting...
You should stand up for yourself

Don't let her walk all over you like that

I mean literally, I apologized for whatever mistake I made, and she still doesn't think it's genuine.

I'm getting pretty close to my breaking point, but the only reason why I'm holding myself back is to make myself the better person here.

MKR is proving to be a bigger child than Chris is in a way.

She's never going to acknowledge your actions, you may as well save your breath.

Now that she has her reasons for hating you, she's going to hold onto them as long as she can.

I mean, I've apologized about the cwcki mod situation and she still hates me, lol

Let's be perfectly honest:

One day, MKR will get a thread on Kiwi Farms.

(that is if the site is still up)

She already has one, but I don't think it's been updated in a while

oh yes you're right.


The thread wasn't updated since August 2020.

And if she does keep up with the behaviors, I might consider updating it.

However, getting Naught's support is critical.

If you leak stuff from the place, you'll be kicked out permanently for sure
indeed, that's the problem.

I know you have my back in a counter-coup, but we need more support.

And this shit is something that will have to remain private...forever.

Not even Geno can know. lel

Geno wouldn't care

This drama doesn't involve chris directly

Chris if anything is an innocent bystander.

I mean, what can I do?

MKR is very likely to take a shit on me again and I really want to curse out at her, but I'm a little worried about Naught potentially banning me if I do anything. (edited)

but knowing Naught privately, I think he'll allow me to do just that.

Have you tried talking to Naught? I know he's not exactly in your corner but he seems a little more reasonable than her
Naught for the most part is a very calm and decent guy when you get to know him personally.

Unlike MKR, he gave me "helpful" advice rather than shitting on me.

She can't be reasoned with

Once she has a vendetta, she's not gonna get over it

The difference between MKR and Naught:

MKR: "you're a nigger faggot, I hate you".

Naught: "don't tell crimson anything, he leaks heavy".

It's obvious who the real adult is here.

What do you suppose this mean?


A mole in the past?

A mole for who?

Look at how Nigel and Naught also behave.

a complete 180.

From best to worst:


A tie between [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/[REDACTED] (edited)



Val (edited)








Nova can be an asshole at times, but at least he puts shit behind him.

I don't appreciate him calling me a closeted gay or his politics, but at least he has thick skin.

What do you suppose the mole comment meant?
look back at the past, what did you do that pissed her off?
The only thing that comes to mind was her being taken off cwcki modstaff then not being given back her role

That's literally it lol

Wasn't even my action at the time, I just don't want to give mod powers back to her

She's not someone who should be in a position of power


look, knowing her and the shit she's been through along with not being too appreciated IRL (for obvious reasons), I can sorta understand why she would be so bitter.

I think that's what she and Val hate about the cwcki server more than anything: that they have been denied control
[Replying to "look, knowing her and the shit she's been through along with not being too appreciated IRL (for obvious reasons), I can sorta understand why she would be so bitter."]

however, it isn't a good excuse to be a piece of shit towards others.

Which is why they shit on it constantly
[Replying to "I think that's what she and Val hate about the cwcki server more than anything: that they have been denied control"]

I know Val, he definitely shouldn't be a janny in that server. lol

he's nuts, but he and I mostly get along fine.

It's the tantrum-throwing attitude of "well I never wanted this because it sucks anyway!"
It's no wonder why she voted for Trump.

it makes more sense now.

They've got so much in common

CryCWC[note 4]

look at me, I'm a YouTuber/Watchmen/Friend of Chris. Do I beg or want power at all within the CWCki server?


because I don't need it, nor do I show that much interest in it anyway.

People need to remember that being a moderator in a Discord server dedicated to the greatest lolcow of all time isn't the most honorable thing.

If anything, it's just a hobby. Not something to get all angsty about.

It isn't, but given how much she worships Chris I'm sure she feels she deserves a spot up there
get outta here with that. lol

If Chris were to ever know what MKR was really like, he'd probably be on our side.

That'd take a lot of convincing

Chris isn't exactly the best judge of character

I think the only way that Chris would start having problems with her is if MKR snapped at him for no reason one day.

I'm not saying i'm going to provoke it, but if anything, it needs to happen by itself.

She's [sic] never do that

She simps over chris way too much to ever get mad at him

She blamed me for asking Chris to consider letting me back in.

I didn't beg him to let me back in, I just asked. Two completely different things.

So if anything, it will have to come down to Naught.

I'll try talking to him via DM or Voice Chat about MKR sometime in the future, because this shit is getting out of hand. (edited)

Because if somebody like me were to ever join the Place and face the same bullshit as well, it could be a disaster.

Discussing the Catalyst

24 January 2021

NOTE: This discussion is in reference to an argument I had with MKR and Val in the Place that night, the context of which can be fully evaluated here.

Really starting to be over these idiots
how come?
Did you not read that whole thing?
I did.

And to be honest, It wouldn't surprise me if they were just messing around with you.

They've got a funny way of going about it
They do the same thing to me tbh, and it does get annoying to me. (edited)
Doesn't make it right

Do you really believe that them "messing" with you isn't just their way of showing you their barely veiled disdain for you?

Maybe it's different for you, but that's exactly what it seems like to me

It's very frustrating. But I got no choice but to put up with it.
Naught could do something, should do something (edited)
He's a Chaotic Neutral, he's most likely not going to do much.
Mark my words, shit like this is gonna make the group fall apart

Thanks to his negligence

Sean Gets Re-Promoted

4 February 2021

NOTE: A discussion about Discord functionality just prior to this has been excised.


Good news.

Last night, I've been re-promoted to Alfa in the Place after a month of good behavior. (and also because my B-Day is close)


Let's hope it sticks, lol

And knowing how bad things can easily get from here on out, I'm making sure that the folks who used to hang out with me a couple years ago never return.

such as this guy.

[Screenshot of a Discord user sending invites to a small server.]

Since you're probably not aware of who he is, this is Sperg. I met him in 2019 along with Smoky (who used to make videos on YouTube)

Always good to cut the toxic people out of your life

Talking About Praetor

8 February 2021

Nigel Uno is being overly paranoid imo.

I like him, but he needs to stop taking these Praetor folks too seriously.

Yeah, I've been getting tinfoil hat vibes from him

about that...

If you go to the Temple OS Server that Naught owns, he's quite Far-Right.


Not shocking tho

He's not as overly political as he was a while back, but when he does get political, he's Radical.

I sorta used to think the same way as he once did, but I walked away from it. (probably for the best)

Now in regards to Praetor, I think its only a matter of time before they get kicked out of the Place or they leave on their own will.

The problem though is that Chris still likes them.

Right, which is why I think we shouldn't be trying to drive them out until Chris no longer favors them

Otherwise, the only difference it'd make is that we can't even attempt to monitor their activities anymore

this is kind of a similar situation to me when I was kicked.

however, the difference though is that I don't try to monetize off Chris.

And I actually want him to make most if not all the profit.

Ngl, I don't think that's a realistic expectation

Frankly, as long as Chris is getting some money, I don't think it's worth trying to dispute with them

Because they hold all the cards right now

Like I once said in the past. -

Chris is the key swing/veto vote.

He's the primary reason I'm still in the place.

The Praetor Call

NOTE: Most of this discussion was a reaction to the Taser Discussion in the Place as it occurred in real-time.

enjoy the show.
What did I miss?
not much.

Only 5-10 percent.

Who's talking? Caden?

This is a big moment for him.

His voice is deeper than I expected

I'm recording btw

same here pal. 🙂
Good, we have backups then[note 5]
If Praetor fucks up enough, they're either leaving or they'll get kicked.
I hope the others don't push them towards that, because Chris is still clearly on their side
this call is already entertaining.

This is the CWCVille Supreme Court in session.

Too bad CSPAN won't broadcast this. 😦

but Geno might.

So is this gonna be released then?

Not yet.

Unless the others want it public, we won't release yet.

Because if it is, then Praetor is gonna know obviously
If there's ever an episode on this by Geno, it will come out in 2023. (edited)
Nah, it'll be sooner. He got something like 30 episodes out last year.

I think he'll get to it this year.

Get to the present I mean

Assuming it's public
I think the only way this will end up public is once this saga is over and done with.

oh shit. lol

[GIF of Stephen Colbert wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn]

I never thought i'd hear Chris REEE.

shit, Chris is coping.

what's the recent gif's meaning?

That's in response to "Praetor being an idea"[note 6]

But I don't think they saw it

it is definitely not an idea. lol
Don't make threats that you can't keep
I'm trying to let them know to not fuck up.

they currently are.

Third Randy Stair Discussion

12 February 2021

hey man, did you see Chris's recent tweets regarding Tara Strong?

Naught's getting a little cranky over Ember being there. (because I made a doc that Chris liked)

And the subject of that doc killed 3 people. (and himself) (edited)

I haven't been looking. Who's Ember?
A little while back, Chris and I were talking about a man (who many compare to Chris) named Randy Stair.

And that guy killed 3 people.

I made a documentary about him that was made 3 years ago in the style of Geno's series, and Chris himself liked my Randy content as well.

After watching it, he actually had the audacity to compare himself to Randy.

He also talked about Randy in DMs as well.

6November2020 chriswctrandystairdiscussion1.png

6November2020 chriswctrandystairdiscussion2.png


So Chris is basically comparing himself to people in the docs you make?

Naught is upset that chris keeps getting inadvertently influenced by your docs?



Yeah, I saw that
Is this CWCki material to you?
I mean, if Chris keeps bringing it up, then maybe
well then, we'll just have to wait and see.

Praetor and the Watchmen's Tug-of-War

13 February 2021

hey man, this just in:

[Screenshot of a portion of the argument that took place between Chris, Kyle, and MKR over Praetor, with only Chris's first paragraph written.]

Uh oh
I don't know if you're watching, but if you are, it seems like Chris is convinced that the group is getting in his way of the "merge".

this reminds me a bit of the Idea Guys.

Looking for someone or something to blame
[Screenshot of Chris's full updated message from the same argument.]

updated. ^

I saw

The best thing to do is just let things cool off for a bit

Lay off Praetor, and let Chris come down from whatever funk he's in

But as MKR has shown, the others are not going to listen if I even suggest that

So I'm not going to try

honestly, we might as well just let the shit flow.

Because no matter what happens, Praetor is in the losing position.

Are you so certain?
Let's imagine a scenario where CWC does end up zapping himself. -

can you imagine the level of backlash they'd get?

Rather if they're scared off by the group or if Chris ends up zapping himself it doesn't really matter.

Praetor dug a big hole by associating themselves with Chris and they're going to pay for it.

And say Chris doesn't zap himself? Say that the taser video never even happens?
Praetor will eventually be scared off in that scenario as well.

like literally, anybody that does some sort of business with Chris is signing a death note for themselves. lol

They've stuck around this long. If doxxing doesn't scare them, what else will?
Here's the thing, they're mostly still with their parents. And if their parents were to be contacted about their recent activities on the Internet, they might pull a Bob and cut it down.

But if their parents don't care, we maybe seeing a first in Christory where a group like this can't be taken down. lol

The point I'm making is that it won't matter if we try to drive them off, if Chris is still on their side. Even if Praetor leaves on their own, Chris will still take it out on us, like he did tonight, might even drive him away.

This is why I thought it best to try and compromise with Praetor, instead of being out and out hostile. But evidently, that's not the Watchmen's modus operandi.

Instead, MKR and Nova think it best to make demands while holding no leverage. They're almost as bad at negotiating as Chris is.

the Watchmen are trying their hardest to get Chris to switch sides. And if they can't do that, Chris will probably leave soon indeed.
And then what?
before I get to that, another thing to consider is Naught's opinion on the matter. He's asleep now but I think he has a plan to deal with these folks.

And if Naught can't do shit either, the Watchmen might go for the Nuclear Option. (Null)

What plan could he possibly have besides doxxing? That's all I've ever seen him do in response to a threat.

I'm sorry if I sound cynical, but I'm getting a little fed up with everyone doing the same shit and not realizing their tactics aren't working

[Replying to "And then what?"]

In response to this, they will have failed. Nothing more can be said than that.

The group is too concerned about Chris being screwed over again as he was million times before.

oh great, Uno and Nova are disagreeing now. lol

This is just between you and me, but I'm not gonna lift a finger to help them if they start falling apart. It's clear they don't want my help, so I'm just going to sit back quietly, chronicle what Chris asks me to, and watch as it falls to pieces.
I'm on the side of the group in this, but my role isn't as militant as theirs.

like you, I'm watching it all unfold.

I mean, I'm not rooting for Praetor in this scenario either
Remember, you're witnessing a potential episode of the Comprehensive History. And you must treat it as much. lol
If they want to get their hands dirty trying to take down Praetor, that's their prerogative
out of the previous trolls I've seen throughout Christory, I think Praetor is probably the most difficult to take down in years. (edited)

especially when you have Chris on your side.

I wonder when Null will think it appropriate to step in

If he'll do it before the watchmen deem it necessary or not

Joshua Moon is the Nuclear Option for the Watchmen.

If shit gets too hairy for even Naught to handle, he'll hit up Josh. And whatever happens after that will be an ugly result.

Chris will be mad no matter what happens.

Yeah, he will. I only wonder where that will leave him, or the rest of us.
Josh is probably going to have one of those one on one chats with Chris like has in the past.

In a way, Null is almost like family to Chris. So the chances of him listening to him are much higher than the rest. (including me)

Naught Leaves the Place

just great, naught left.
Yeah, and now Nova's the owner

I'm surprised that Naught just jumped ship without warning like that

Wait, Nova owns the Place now?
welp, there goes the place. lol
I know
imo, he should've handed it to me.
Suppose it could be worse, MKR could've gotten it

I think Nova was the most neutral person to give it to overall

But that doesn't mean I'm not still nervous about it
It should've been me (not because I wanted the power, lol) but I feel like I had the same kind of Shadow figurehead role like Naught. (edited)
You literally have a YT channel...
ok, maybe you now have a point there.

Handing a server that crucial to Christory right now to some random obscure YouTuber is kinda risky.

but from my defense, I'm not the kind of guy who would abuse his power unless his the majority say action must be taken.

I'd be benevolent.

And to be frank, you're too polarizing among the others to be given it

Same could be said about me

I thought about you taking control as well.
If I had, you can guarantee that MKR would've immediately begun conspiring to make another server
Maybe Naught had a good reason to hand it to Nova of all the people.

and to be frank, Nigel would've made a decent pick too.

The tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

I think not

He's nuts, but when he isn't talking politics, he is intelligent.

Far greater than the others.

But Nova does have something that the others (including me) don't have.

He's probably the most sane of the pack.

NOTE: The following message exchange is referencing antagonism and interrogation I was receiving in the Place from NovaKyle and MKR.

lol MKR.
Let's hope that Nova is reasonable
I'll do my best to stay on his good side even if he likes to poke at me.

btw, I'm surprised that Josh didn't get control.

Josh is barely there
choose your words very carefully man.

Naught's Return (and His Past)

17 February 2021

Hey, don’t tell anybody but..

Naught’s coming back.

Did he tell you that?
We had a private discussion and he told me that he’s ready to return.
Hm, short break

Wonder if he's gonna get ownership back or leave it in Nova's hands

He’ll definitely get the Alfa role back for sure. (edited)
Well, obviously

I guess I also want to know if he actually is going to take some action in this Praetor situation

He kind of let it lie while Nova was more actively pursuing them

Naught at this point might just sit back and watch things unfold.

There’s a reason why people say that helping CWC is next to impossible.

Because it's true
Naught is one of the Old School era trolls, he knows Chris better than both of us. lol
Old school? How long has he been around for?
Not 100 percent sure, but he’s been here before the CWCKI was even a thing.

So he’s from the Golden Age.


I wonder if he part of the PVCC trolling group

Keep this between you and me, but he was there.

He was more of a similar role to me back in those days.

He must've been really young, like a teenager?

Holy shit...was he Bluespike???


Around the time he found Chris, he was Mid-Late High School.

[Replying to "Holy shit...was he Bluespike???]


I didn't realize his history extended so far back
I discovered Chris Mid-Late High School too btw.

If I continue to play along the way he and Josh did, I’m probably going to play a larger role in this story a lot more than I do nowadays. (edited)

Josh was around 20 years old when he first found Chris.

And 7 years later, look at him now. lol

Yeah...I don't envy him, personally
I don’t know if I’ll be here in the next 5-6 years, but if I some how am, it wouldn’t surprise me at all since I’ve grown closer to Chris. (edited)
I don't know if that's a goal to be aspiring towards
I made mistakes in life that some could compare to those that Chris has made himself.

And because of that, I relate well to him.

Naught's officially back, normalcy has been restored. lol

Looks like Nova is currently retaining ownership tho
I'll ask Naught if he'll try to reclaim it.

if he doesn't, then that means he's okay with giving it up.

I don't super care as long as Nova doesn't start listening to MKR whispering in his ear

It was more secure with Naught as the leader, but as long as Nova keeps his head on straight then I don't mind

let's be honest, Naught may not be the owner anymore, but he's still the leader of the Watchmen.

Naught is still the puppet master, and Nova would be dumb to turn on him.

Double crossing him is a fatal mistake that nobody (regardless of how powerful they are in their server may be) should make. (edited)

Exile From the Place

19 February 2021

Seems that I have been booted out of the place without warning (edited)
oh really?
Oh yes

And Nova just gave me the runaround when I tried to ask why (edited)

I'll ask MKR in DMs.
[Quoting "I don't feel the quality or reliability of your work is up to snuff when you only rarely come by, for reasons I can't be sure of."]

He didn't elaborate beyond that

He's feeding me a line. If he really wanted me to improve my "work" then he would've said so, not just boot me and not say anything.

Safe to say you got coup'ed.
So it seems
and maybe your days as "Lainchu" are over.
Oh, I'm not ready to give up quite yet

Chris usually doesn't pay attention to my DMs, but he might if I tell him I was kicked

They should've at least demoted you to first layer.
This wasn't done for practical reasons. It was so overtly personal.
I think you might've also been kicked out due to your stances on Praetor.
If that was the case, that'd be hilarious

Considering that Nova was chastising me for "not giving my input enough"

I think it was a factor.
If I gave my input and they didn't like it, why would I be motivated to give it again?

It's a lose-lose

They don't know it, but I was an asset. I'm the owner of the largest Chris Chan-centric Discord server, and I have eyes on everyone.

I'm currently discussing with MKR on your banning. She might give me a detailed reason why you were kicked.

I'll describe it, but I won't show or tell you too much. (since I want to maintain good ties with them as well)

ok, MKR has given me permission to let you know on their behalf on why you were banned:

Reason 1: They don't trust you.

Based off of what? Lmao

Not once have I done something untrustworthy

And MKR's instincts or whatever doesn't count

Basically, after Naught got incapacitated and tired of dealing with CWC 24/7, Nova and MKR felt you weren't too trustworthy. (I've yet to know why) (edited)

It might have something to do with your position on Praetor. (edited)

Again with fucking Praetor, lol

They've really let their paranoia get the better of them, haven't they?

I've yet to get some clarity on that, but I assume that's the reason why. (subject to change)
I literally told them the other day that Praetor is a problem

But naturally, they didn't listen

Vile bitch
she gave me permission to forward that to you btw.
It's because of me that these dumbasses are still allowed in the cwcki server
Are they still there?
"We're the new bosses" fuck right off

Yeah, for now

Maybe not for long, though.

If you can somehow do what I did when I got kicked, then maybe you'll be allowed back in. (but only get first layer)
Idk, that worked when Naught was in charge

They don't seem as reasonable

And I'm not about to grovel to them

Naught was mixed, but he still liked me.

I don't know what his stance is on you.

Idk if he liked me but he did trust me

Did anyone else get the boot or was it just me?

just you I think.
Oh, real fucking nice
"More that if there was ever a leak...

Him begging is the most work he's done in over a month." - Nova


For what?

What's the context of this?

now he says:

"I implied it, if he wants to help, he can do it on an outside basis by reporting to me, if you want to include yourself in that loop, go ahead."

Well idk what he means by "outside basis" but I'm not here to be Nova's lackey

His inability to give a straight answer is nothing short of fucking astonishing

he's not the most specific person.
Yeah, I've noticed
"I don't like the idea of someone just kind of lurking and only showing up to be arbitrarily disagreeable.

Makes me suspicious."

Were they afraid I'd leak something? Literally every single info release I do has the permission of either Chris or Naught, or both.
[Replying to ""I don't like the idea of someone just kind of lurking and only showing up to be arbitrarily disagreeable. Makes me suspicious.""]

Arbitrarily disagreeable, excuse me for having opinions that you don't like.

I have to deal with them being white supremacist trump supporters, and I keep my mouth shut.

This is beyond absurd.

If I was leaking info without permission, they would already know by now.

What a bunch of morons.

"If he wants to be useful enough that we can verify that there isn't something sketchy going on, he'll be welcome to come back." - Nova
Yeah, well, they're always gonna be suspicious
"Anon can verify that at one point early on he was.

Leaking information to someone on the farms" - MKR

"I tried being civil with him early on but ever since the leak I grew more distrustful and his attitude started to piss me off.

Bottom line, he wasn't in it for cwc

And he didn't do anything useful, if anything it was very much the opposite." - MKR

It's much easier to prove that someone is doing something wrong than prove that they're not doing something wrong

Idk what the fuck she's talking about

The only person on KF that I give info to is [REDACTED], who is already on the server

And I only give him stuff that's already been cleared

Do these idiots not realize that information release is a form of protection for Chris?

The reason people like the Idea Guys came about is because there was a drought in Chris content

Periodic releasing of information can discourage would-be weens because Chris is entertaining to them already

"I tried being civil with him" no she fucking didn't

"We are capable of releasing it ourselves

He just wanted the fucking fame."

Lmao, I don't sign any of my work

It's as "Lainchu" who people don't know the identity of

The idea that I'm doing this for "clout" or whatever is nothing short of ridiculous

"Didn't really stop Praetor.

If Chris needs something released, you want to give it to him?" - Nova

Didn't stop Praetor? Since when was that my job?

I'm running out of ways to express how fucking dumb this whole situation is

"The fact that he's trying so hard kinda proves he's got something to hide. But that's just my intuition." - MKR
Her intuition is fucking bullshit
"Just tell him to cool it." - Nova

"Insulting me is real convincing." - Nova

Are you sharing my messages with them?


you wanted an explanation, right?
I didn't ask you to be a gobetween, I can message them myself if need be

Yeah, but you don't have to tell them that I was throwing insults at them!

alright, i'll end it there.

I did ask them if they wanted to DM with you, and they kinda said no.

I apologize for not asking for your permission. (I probably should've asked earlier)
Yeah no shit
would you have been okay with it if I did ask?
If you asked and I said yes, the yeah [sic], I would have
cause if they didn't want to talk with you, I would've been your only choice.
If I knew that you were trying to communicate to them like that, I would have said "tell them x" (edited)

I appreciate what you were trying to do, but this wasn't what I had in mind

I definitely should've asked you earlier.


Whatever. What's done is done, and now this probably made things worse.
I also wanted some form of discussion taking place at the same time.

And sadly, it's bad.

What's bad?
The relations between you and those two.
I wish Naught could have some balls and try to tone shit down for CWC's sake, but considering that he's choosing to not get involved at the moment, that says a lot.
No kidding
Since he recently came back to the place, he's probably taking a Neutral approach to this.

btw, MKR requested me to send you this:


I'm so sorry that this is happening.

What, am I bothering you now too?
I'm just trying to mediate.
Yeah, well maybe it wouldn't have if you didn't share every message I sent verbatim like that
she's asking you to unblock her and have a chat in DMs. (so I won't get involved)
She's not blocked lol

Idk why she's having trouble

And she's the last person I want to talk to rn

If I were you, I'd do it.

Its stressful, but I had to deal with MKR myself.

What would that possibly accomplish?

She's just gonna curse me out then tell me to fuck off

When I got into a beef with MKR, I really had it with her.

And we exchanged insult after insult until we both got tired.

Not to mention that Naught helped me get my shit together.

Yeah, well it seems they like you a bit more than they like me
I was in your shoes man.

It sucks.

Try chatting with her right now btw, she's willing to talk. (be prepared)

No, I'm not in a good state of mind right now
alright, understood.

Sean Returns

21 June 2021

NOTE: After a protracted period during which I didn't speak to any members of the Watchmen, an account named Conner contacted me, belonging to Sean.

Hey man. Long time no see, it’s Neko.

If you’re available to chat, let me know. Some serious stuff is going on behind the scenes. (keep it between us btw)

The Watchmen are on the literal brink of collapse.

In case if you’re wondering why it’s about to fall. It’s due to Naught (allegedly) turning on me by doxing me.

What happened?
Nothing is 100 percent, but it’s looking more likely that he was the one who doxed me.

He was recently banned from Kiwi Farms and was ran off another Lolcow site for his poor decisions.

Josh explained that he was canned for socking, advertising, and for giving himself positive stickers via his socks. (edited)

I’m still in the place, but I don’t have much longer considering the situation I’m in.

I saw that he was banned from KF by Null. What makes you think that he doxxed you?
I’ll hand you the evidence.

This was the account that doxed me on KF.


It’s gone now, but I still critical information [sic] that proves it was Naught.

Him going after one of my alts.


And here’s his activities on said account:





Him going back to his Rika thread:



Knowing his typing style and such, I am 99.9 percent sure it was him.

All of this is a potential scandal in the making that could lead to the fall of the Watchmen.

The leader of the group doxing his own people just because he didn’t want to share his KF account with him.

You guys shared a KF account?
At one point, we did. But he must’ve forgotten the password. lol

This is what probably did it.


Why were you sharing it in the first place? Don't you each have your own?
[Replying to "Why were you sharing it in the first place? Don't you each have your own?"]


I thought I could trust him since I was confident he could make some good and informative posts. But I never imagined he’d get mad at me because I didn’t comply with his request.

I’m trying to also VC with him to understand why he did this, but it’s hard to get a hold of him now since he abandoned the server we co-owned for another one where only certain people he “trusts.” Are invited. (edited)

And I think he might be using a whole new account on Discord.

What's the account?
Won’t disclose that.

But I’ve long changed the password to it.

And I’ve been using my main account for a while now.

Which is Psychic Espeon.

I never shared that one with anybody.

I saw that your main Discord account got deleted a couple weeks ago.
I got banned

You’re talking to a new one right now.

The reason why I was banned was because Naught got me into a server I never used and that server was banned along with its members for violating Discord TOS.

I was mad that day. lol

I see.

I also saw a few months back, a guy named OP made a thread about you on Onion Farms. What's his relation to Naught?

To the best of my knowledge, Naughts inner circle is unaware of who actually doxed me.

[Replying to "I also saw a few months back, a guy named OP made a thread about you on Onion Farms. What's his relation to Naught?"]

Lol that guy.

I used to really despise him, but now him and I have sorta came together because of what happened.

He was a guy who we invited into our Discord server (big mistake), and Naught was accused of grooming him and trying to sell his nude photos for 100 dollars.

How the hell did that accusation come about?
He made this thread as a counter to OP’s thread on him (which was a shitpost) and the admins on this site have been shitting on him for doing such things.[note 7]

Summarized by one of the mods.



I guess that they were technically friends before this?

How did Naught even get Opee's nudes in the first place? Was he catfishing?

[Replying to "How did Naught even get Opee's nudes in the first place? Was he catfishing?"]

That’s the allegation.

[Replying to "I guess that they were technically friends before this?"]

It’s complicated. We both saw OP as another cow.

Opee did send me some bizarre threats back in April, demanding I unban him and Naught from the cwcki server.

he was obviously joking with you.

at first, I was originally against Naught's banning since he was the leader of the Watchmen after all, but I lost respect for him after what recently happened so keep him banned all you want.

[Replying to "he was obviously joking with you."]

I'm not so sure. He also sent me gore after I didn't respond to his messages.

[Replying to "I'm not so sure. He also sent me gore after I didn't respond to his messages."]

thats what he does.

he likes to annoy people.

also, I tried telling Nova and MKR what happened.

and they believe that the person responsible was that crazy mom that defended her daughter from my criticism of her.

some even thought it was my ex girlfriend.

however though...Laur was ruled out once Dianne gave me this impression:


[Replying to "and they believe that the person responsible was that crazy mom that defended her daughter from my criticism of her."]

Responsible for what?

[Replying to "Responsible for what?"]

for doxing me.

I even told Meghan that I was 90 percent sure that it was Naught.

I still needed some extra evidence at the time prior to realizing myself that it was him.

On the 17th, I was 90 percent sure. But today, I'm 99.9 percent sure.

I tried to tell them that it was him that did it, but they weren't convinced. And they thought that Naught would never do that or something like towards me or other members of the group. And that I was just accusing him for no reasons. (edited)

And last night, I talked to Josh (Null of Kiwi Farms), and he confirmed my suspicions.


The Watchmen are no longer alive in my book.

its dead.

And I should've listened to you 4 months ago.

I know I may sound a little rushy, but we have to get Chris out of the place.

if MKR and Nova are still loyal to Naught, this is a problem.

I'll still attempt a coup against him, but I can't say for sure if I'll succeed in prevailing.

Sean's VC With the "Toxic Trio"

22 June 2021

Last night, I had a VC with Kyle, MKR, and Naught. And things don't look good at all.

in fact, I recorded the major parts of that call and the things I've been told made me skeptical.

and things escalated to the point where Naught actually threatened me.

[Audio file attachment]

What preceded this?

Watchmen Call (June 21, 2021)
Stardate 21 June 2021
Saga WatchmenWatchmen Watchmen

here's the full call.

its 46 minutes long.

What are you going to do?
I had a few ideas in mind.

archiving the whole place before I get kicked out.

(again and probably for good)

Telling Chris everything.

Though he'll probably be oblivious.

Sean's Plan Begins

24 June 2021

I'll be talking to Chris soon.
What are you planning on saying?
give me a moment.

i'm telling another former watchmen about what happened.

I'm afraid I'm not familiar
I don’t know if we might do it but we might make a group consisting of former Watchmen.

Hey Anaxis, when was the last time you spoke with Chris?

Can't remember. Been a few months, though.
you still friends with him on Discord?

btw, when Nova kick you out of the place, Chris was really upset about it.

[Replying to "you still friends with him on Discord?"]

I think so?


there might be a new group to replace the watchmen. I don't know if it should materialize, but I thought about it in the event I'm successful in what I'm planning on doing.

I plan on letting Chris doing as he pleases with no intervention since I believe he's not controllable.

I will not allow any White Nationalists, Schizophrenic crazies, and clout chasing people to dictate Chris's every move.

and btw, when you were kicked out, the Watchmen replaced you with me as Lainchu. (edited)

SPOILER: it failed.

Chris to this day still recognizes you as Lainchu.

and his voice is what matters.

When I was doxed, Meghan went as far as to believing you were the one that doxed me because of me unofficially replacing you.

and I know you're not like that at all.

To this day, Meghan and Nova are still salty about losing to Praetor. (who Chris still communicates with)

25 June 2021

Hm. I see.

What's your plan?

[Replying to "What's your plan?"]

A few people know (including [REDACTED]) but me and other people are collaborating on a thread that aims to expose the core Watchmen’s true colors.

a little heads up:

I'll be recording my next VC with Chris.

How come?
i'm talking to him now.
Anything interesting?
i'll let you know.

The "Coup"

[Discord invite link]

you talking to Chris?

He's talking to me. What's going on?
Coup D'etat under way.

The Watchmen are about to fall.

What did you say to him?
It was about my doxing.

and Chris took my side.

I recorded the whole thing as well.

Huh. That's good, then.
Come and join the successor to the place.
I will, in a little while.
Contact [REDACTED] as well.
based on how things are looking, I'm going to be successful pulling in this off.
You know that Naught and the others will stop at nothing to get chris back. I wouldn't declare victory just yet.
[Replying to "You know that Naught and the others will stop at nothing to get chris back. I wouldn't declare victory just yet."]

I warned Chris about the lying and manipulation that they'll do.

I told him that they did the same thing with me.

And I also told him that they smack talked about Anni of Praetor. (and he got angry)

Just keep on your toes, is all I'm saying.

Chris is unpredictable.

I'm ready for war.

If they want Chris back, they better prove that I'm wrong.

word for word isn't enough.

26 June 2021

[Audio file attachment]

Disintegration of the Watchmen (and Article Update Pressuring)

I joined the server.

Who is The Fool?

[Replying to "Who is The Fool?"]

member of Kiwi Farms.

don't worry, he's ok.

27 June 2021

banned from the place!

for the last time.

I also unfriended both of them.

the Watchmen have officially broken up.

now its all about the battle for Chris's heart.

Both of them being Kyle and MKR?

Naught isn't around anymore so its us vs Kyle and MKR.

and btw, since you're a CWCki editor, I think its time for us to make an update.

you can move both of us to "ex-members."

[Screenshot of the table of contents on the Watchmen's CWCki page, circa 27 June 2021.]

If info about the watchmen's disintegration becomes public, that's the time to edit their page.

Not yet, I don't think.

but if this becomes public, will you change it?
Of course I will

But making a big deal about it now kind of betrays the intended secrecy of the new group

Best to wait until these events unfold naturally

It chris or Kyle or MKR say something

Chris himself has even acknowledged that.

[Replying to "Best to wait until these events unfold naturally"]

this part.

After all, the public doesn't know that MKR is still involved with chris because that info was never made public

According to the cwcki, she's an ex-member

in reality...

she never left.

Exactly. But nobody knows that except for us.

The watchmen's dissolution is the same deal, at least for right now.

Plus, the illusion that the watchmen group is still whole and continues protecting chris is a good psychological barrier to anyone trying to get close to chris.

It's not perfect, but it's there.

The idea of the watchmen is a better deterrent than the actual group itself.

so in your eyes, there are two Watchmen groups?
Two versions of the same kind of group, you mean?

its technically now split between two factions.

The Lainchu/Neko faction and the MKR/Nova faction.

I suppose. But that doesn't need to be public information.
if this gets out of hand, of course it will go public.
Of course it will. But we don't want to rush that along.

If secrecy is the intention here.

one of the biggest mistakes that was made during the existence of the Watchmen was the fact that the group was even a public thing.
That only happened late in its existence tho, right?

Around when the cwcki server was founded was when their existence became public

[Replying to "That only happened late in its existence tho, right?"]

January 2020.

[Replying to "one of the biggest mistakes that was made during the existence of the Watchmen was the fact that the group was even a public thing."]

obviously, the Watchmen may sound a little intimidating to its enemies, but I think it would be a little more menacing if it returned to its roots as a Ghost group.'s a little too late for that now, isn't it?

however, I'm not giving up all hope.

On them?
more like the new group being kept a secret.

and no, I have zero hope in Meghan and Kyle.

they're a lost cause.

If you want the new group to remain a secret, then keep the battle between yourself and the others seem like a personal one, like you're motivated by revenge. Not because of a desire to protect chris from them.

Make sure that the existence of myself and everybody else in the new server don't cross their minds at all.

its both tbh. I want Chris to be free of their bullying and exploitation, and I want them to feel the same pain of betrayal as I did. (edited)

welp, we got a war.

[Screenshot of a DM sent from NovaKyle to Sean, simply reading "Wrong."]

What's the context of that?
its basically him reacting to Naught's thread.

he's crying foul despite all the evidence being put against him.

What server is that in?
not a server.

he DM'd me.

he's a psychopath.


Anything interesting?

he just sent that.


Well, we knew they'd put up a fight
If they want a fight, they'll get one.
Just be mindful about where you direct your energy. If chris is pried away from them, they might not be worth the fight any longer.
If Chris gets away from the place, I'll block them.
You suppose that chris will do the same?
that will require a lot of convincing.

and in fact, Chris predicted this would happen.

Predicted what part of it?

Chris Leaves the Place


Chris just left the place.

Huh, can't believe it actually happened


Wonder how Kyle and MKR are gonna react

[Replying to "Wonder how Kyle and MKR are gonna react"]

they're gonna cope and seethe over me.

The Fool Messes With the Watchmen





Looks like the fool is having some fun

Sean and Aliases

28 June 2021

hey man. There's something I'm thinking of doing.

I thought about creating a new alias.

Because now that it appears that I'm in control, I thought about making a new persona and such.

If you want. But won't that just confuse chris?
If this all goes public, that's where I may need the new alias.
Sure. But usernames are just usernames.
because once all this is over, I plan on making a new discord account whose sole purpose is to own a couple Discord Servers that I own at the moment.

including that one.

I guess your dox is connected to the WCT/Neko Onyx identity
[Replying to "I guess your dox is connected to the WCT/Neko Onyx identity"]


publicly, I want people to think I retired from CWC stuff.

privately though, I'm still talking with him.

That might be difficult if you continue to do the YouTube stuff and chris continues to show up.
it is what it is.

people can speculate all they want.

I think you're maybe overthinking this.
[Replying to "I think you're maybe overthinking this."]

lol. I've been told that many times.

You can easily pretend you don't talk to chris anymore even without coming up with a new identity.

I did it for months after the watchmen exiled me.

should I just embrace it?
But if it makes you feel safer, then go ahead.
honestly though.

maybe I should embrace it.

most don't care anyway unless something big happens.

Almost nobody on Kiwi Farms cared about us.

Give them no reason to care, and they won't
I'll do my best.

The Call that Ended the Watchmen

[YouTube link][note 8]

the call that ended the Watchmen.

You gonna publicize that?
[Replying to "You gonna publicize that?"]


only a few will be allowed to see it unless I say otherwise.


Sean Gloats (and Kiwi Farms Discussion)

[Picture from Chris's Twitter depicting a Tarot card named "Letting Go."]

Chris is clearly hinting at the fall of the Watchmen.

Seems like it


[REDACTED] and the Fool are still leaking content.

and as Naught once said: "this is kino."

I saw
Are they ever going to get over losing Chris to me?
Probably not
"idk, still hasn't got back to me."

Kyle doesn't understand that Chris hates him.

And his attempt to rat me out to Josh is even funnier.

I don't know if you're aware man, but Kiwi Farms is currently under attack right now so Josh has bigger things to worry about atm.

Chris himself hasn't exactly been transparent about why he turned against kyle and mkr, so it's somewhat understandable that they are confused about what's happening

Under attack from who?

[Statement from Kiwi Farms about the then-ongoing DDoS campaign caused by the alleged suicide of Byuu/Near.]

people from Twitter have been Ddos'ing the Farms because people are blaming the site for causing some irrelevant programmer to kill himself.

however, there's still no concrete proof that person is actually dead.

Well, KF has been a breeding ground for some questionable content in the past. Wasn't it subject to an FBI investigation or something?
one of the guys that runs (his name is SIGSEGV) did get a knock.

other than him, I don't think so.

Its banned in New Zealand though. (for obvious reasons)

they're so fucking stupid.

its obvious what I told him.

Kyle even saw the thread.

Well, the point I was making was that KF will always be under attack due to its nature.

Sneasel (a former KF mod) pointed this out:

[Screenshot of a post on talking about the state of Kiwi Farms, by a user named "brimstone."]

To them, I think they aren't making the connection between your thread and Chris abandoning them, since he was barely mentioned until the very end
I mean, if they want to talk shit behind my back along with thinking I'm collaborating with Praetor or what for a few dollars, that's fine by me. lol

if anything, they're just gonna add more to that thread.

and besides, the thread is already a smashing success view count wise:

[Cropped screenshot of the Naught thread's stats, reading 84 replies and 3K views.]

30 June 2021

[Screenshot of MKR on Discord (assumedly in the Place), writing "Kat should kill himself."]

did you also see what she posted on Twitter?

my god her attempt at cancelling me is embarrassing.

I saw
Its only going to get worse for her.

once the CWCki gets back up, they're in trouble.


More Article Update Pressuring, Praetor Call, Twitter Bot

now that the CWCki is back up, what now?
since Meghan had came out about me, will the Watchmen article be given a major update?
Oh, maybe. I guess ask [REDACTED] if he wants to update it. Idk how I feel about editing an article that I'm technically involved in. He'd be a more objective writer, I think.
btw, the Praetor call is also now available.
Great[note 9]
No thumbnail? Just black?
Should I put a thumbnail?
Not necessarily. Might catch the eye a bit more, though.

1 July 2021

NOTE: The following exchange is in reference to a bot I set up in the Knights of CWC server that automatically posted Chris's tweets.

The Fool just asked if you could have the bot post his replies. (since Chris has a Tweet-chain going on)
I can try to mess with the settings but idk if it would work

The Watchmen's Purge

5 July 2021

Kyle is on a power trip right now. LMAO
Oh yeah?


he kicked out Fool, [REDACTED], and my sock account.

Maybe he figured it out
they're trying to figure out who's been leaking stuff.
How'd he even know someone was leaking?
that's the problem.

by kicking out 3 people at once, they'll never be able to figure it out.

instead, Kyle and Meghan will assume that Fool and [REDACTED] are my agents. lol

I'm surprised [REDACTED] wasn't kicked yet.

He's always been good at keeping the neutral position
I've been quietly talking with everybody in DMs about this recent purge by Kyle, and while most know what's going on, we won't discuss it in the CWC and Friends server until things are safe. (edited)

or until we get a better understanding what's going on.

Makes sense

Even More Article Update Pressuring

also when you're able to, can one of the editors fix this section?

[Screenshot of the "Breakup of the Watchmen" segment of the Watchmen article on the CWCki, circa 5 July 2021.]

I think some corrections need to be made.

in fact before it went up, I even showed [REDACTED] my own draft.

What part needs fixing?
I'll share with you my draft because it sounds more comprehensive imo.

"While tensions within the group have been known since the ousting of Lainchu, (which came not long after the call with Praetor) the group began to collapse when in mid June 2021, The WCT (aka Wildcat or Neko Onyx) was doxed on Kiwi Farms by a mysterious member named "Nightmare", who was banned shortly afterwards by Null. As screenshots suggested, signs have pointed to the Watchmen's leader Bismuth (also known as Naught) as the perpetrator. (who had been banned from Kiwi Farms by Null on June 15th for allegations of socking and advertising) When Wildcat confronted Bismuth during the group's movie night on June 21st, Bismuth denied the allegations and threatened to dox Cat even further in an attempt to intimidate him. And despite all the evidence being provided, Kyle and MKR took Bismuth's side in the dispute. Without their support, WCT then proceeded to inform Chris about the infighting that was taking place, and after being given the evidence provided by Neko, Chris chose to side with WCT, recording a brief audio file saying: "Fuck Bismuth."

"On June 29th, MKR would make multiple tweets which suggested that Chris had cut all communication with her in favor of the Wildcat, tagging Chris's twitter and posting: "Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor." She then followed up with baseless accusations against Wildcat, claiming that he was messing with Chris's mind and that he was working with Praetor."

[REDACTED] told me that the issues that you had with the group are not public info and that Naught's socking shouldn't be added in. (even though we aren't definitive in that regard quite yet)

[Replying to "[REDACTED] told me that the issues that you had with the group are not public info and that Naught's socking shouldn't be added in. (even though we aren't definitive in that regard quite yet)"]

I tend to agree with him tbh

if you don't want your issues with them to be public info, I respect that.

but I do request that the rest of this be integrated:

In mid June 2021, The WCT (aka Wildcat or Neko Onyx) was doxed on Kiwi Farms by a mysterious member named "Nightmare", who was banned shortly afterwards by Null. As screenshots suggested, signs have pointed to the Watchmen's leader Bismuth (also known as Naught) as the perpetrator. (who had been banned from Kiwi Farms by Null on June 15th for allegations of socking and advertising) When WCT confronted Bismuth during the group's movie night on June 21st, Bismuth denied the allegations and threatened to dox WCT even further in an attempt to silence him. And despite all the evidence being provided, Kyle and MKR took Bismuth's side in the dispute. Without their support, WCT then proceeded to inform Chris about the infighting that was taking place, and after being given the evidence provided by him, Chris chose to side with WCT, while recording a brief audio file saying: "Fuck Bismuth."

"On June 29th, MKR would make multiple tweets which suggested that Chris had cut all communication with her in favor of WCT, tagging Chris's twitter and posting: "Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor." She then followed up with baseless accusations against him, claiming that he was messing with Chris's mind and that he was working with Praetor." (edited)

let me know if you want to make some further adjustments. (edited)

Respectfully, if you want to make those changes, take this up with [REDACTED]. I feel morally conflicted about editing an article that's partially involving myself, and I think he'd be a more objective editor. That being said, I still agree with his assertion that the stuff about Naught's socking and banning on KF is kind of irrelevant to Chris, and he may still hold that belief.
I understand.

thanks for giving me your input though.

Sure thing.

Sean's Channel Gets a Strike

6 July 2021

I wouldn't be surprised if this was an ongoing retaliation operation.


my channel just got struck just as things were calming down. Some may think its the site's bot, but there's a possibility that Naught has gone crazy.

Possibly. Could be Kyle or MKR, too
I've been talking to Kiwi Farms member Arm Pit Cream and he believes that the Watchmen have gone on the offensive against the WCT.

they must be REALLY mad that I prevailed in the recent coup d'etat.

Wouldn't surprise me, you've kind of made yourself their primary enemy
this is fucking sad.

why can't they just take the L and walk?

They've dedicated large portions of their lives to "protecting" chris. They're not gonna give up that easily.
they're so pathetic.

"oh, we lost Chris we're gonna strike down a channel that he likes!"

It's the only ammo they've got
Chris loves my channel.

I don't know if you're aware of that. lol

Oh, I think it was more about getting back at you than punishing chris

Assuming they were the ones who did it

why are they like this.

I liberated them of having to babysit Chris.

They don't see it that way

They see it like you stole their favorite toy

taking candy from a baby.
or more like two babies.
Did the strike affect your existing videos? Because the full Taser Discussion is down now.
[Replying to "Did the strike affect your existing videos? Because the full Taser Discussion is down now."]

its private.

I'll reupload it elsewhere.
[REDACTED] is online, I'll ask him if MKR and Kyle might've been planning some ops against my channel in the place.

CWC and Friends talking to Praetor (February 8, 2021)
Stardate 8 February 2021
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge PraetorPraetor Praetor
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked

Good, you reuploaded it
you can change the embed link on the article itself if you're able to.
Maybe do the same for all of your cwc videos that link to the cwcki?
can you give me a list of them if possible? or should I look for them.
I know for sure that one of them is discord Q&A 9

The one where chris recorded the audio

I even DM'd the sergeant at arms on Kiwi Farms for help.

to be honest, I think the Watchmen are aiming to destroy the evidence of these conversations taking place. (edited)

Maybe so. But they can't.
As a wise man once said:

"once you put something up on the Internet, it has every right to stay up."

CWC Discord Q&A 9 (October 26, 2020)
Stardate 27 October 2020
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge WatchmenWatchmen Watchmen
Audio Recordings
Discord Q&A 4

CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (August 28th, 2020)
Stardate 28 August 2020
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge WatchmenWatchmen Watchmen
Audio Recordings
Discord Q&A 9

Oh yeah, Q&A 4 too
[Replying to ""]

Q&A 4 is within here.

you can change the embed link for it on the CWCki if you want.

CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (July 20th, 2020)
Stardate 20 July 2020
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge WatchmenWatchmen Watchmen
Audio Recordings
Chris's Last Will and Testament
CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (August 28th, 2020)

last one. ^

Forum Drama

9 July 2021

Hey Neko

I saw you added part of a DM conversation about Naught getting banned from the CWCki Server to the lolcow thread

Can you please remove the post? You don't have to make a statement about it or anything (that'll just draw more attention to it).

I don't want the server associated with this drama

[REDACTED] told me the same thing earlier.

yeah, i'll do it.

Thank you, I appreciate it
the dude has recently been getting more aggressive lately to no avail.

he's been going around posting my dox all around Discord.

(and I reported him to the mods btw)

Even those who have been friends with him for a while have also began to call him out.

10 July 2021

oh man, Meghan is going full out.

[Screenshot of posts apparently written by MKR, insulting Sean, on an unknown forum.]

The situation is only going to escalate if you continue firing shots back
it will eventually die down at some point.

nobody has infinite ammo.

Sean Reflects on the Past

26 July 2021


looking back at these old place chat logs left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't look at them, then

Those days are over

its bad and it made me cringe, but it also makes me curious.

I regret not leaving the server when you got kicked out. But I also didn't want the old group to try doxing me. lol (edited)

but it happened anyway, oh well.

Difficult Choice

1 August 2021

NOTE: This conversation took place immediately following Chris's arrest for incest.

hey man.

guess its official.

We have a difficult choice to make.

I guess so

Let's not jump the gun though

Wait until we hear more

The Feds have confiscated his Phone.

and they might look into his Discord stuff.

Where did you hear that?
I can tell the cops have taken away his phone.
Well, I'd guess that

Feds taking it and searching it is something entirely different (edited)

The Prospect of Leaking

2 August 2021

Did you record the call we had with chris a few weeks ago? The one where he first mentioned the "mystery lady"?

The circumstances were different at the time. And I was respectful of Chris's privacy.

You planning to leak your DMs with him?
As of right now. I might.

I'll blur out my tag.

I've already handed over some of them to Joshua Moon.

If chris ever happens to mention the Anaxis name in his messages, can you blur them?
[Replying to "If chris ever happens to mention the Anaxis name in his messages, can you blur them?"]


Lainchu is fine

Thank you

I might leak my DMs at some point too

But I'm gonna wait until the heat cools down a bit

Now that Chris is pretty much gone permanently. Everybody is probably gonna start leaking their stuff with him.

its only a matter of time.

Did you block him?
Does blocking erase the message history?
I don't think it does. (at least on Chris's side for example)

if you want to delete all your messages with him, you'll need this:



Do you also have Chat Exporter?
I do
I'd recommend you backup all your stuff with Chris.
I intend to
[Replying to "if you want to delete all your messages with him, you'll need this:"]

If you have Chrome, add the Violentmonkey extension to the browser.

after that, install the program.

What is it?
[Screenshot of the download page for "Undiscord."]

after you install version 4.2. Use Discord on said browser.

you'll see a trash can at the top right corner of your screen.

I see, thanks

You wiping your messages after backup too?


I already did a few hours ago.

Regarding the Knights Server

3 August 2021

Hey man.

can I have a word with you regarding the Knights server?

Sure. What about?
Now that Chris has been arrested, what are the chances of his phone being confiscated?
Idk, depends on how deep the investigation goes

Shouldn't be a problem for the server, though, since he's now kicked

there's a concern amongst my peers that the authorities might find his stuff.
What stuff specifically?
Chris's messages.

I can't say I blame them tbh, they're scared of the cops. lol

I think the Knights server specifically should be safe

Unless we get ratted out by one of our own

If the police go through his phone, I think they will notice Chris having convos with us but they'll notice how all of the messages on our end got deleted. (edited)
Well, we can't help that
don't be surprised if I ended up changing my alias on here.
I doubt they're going to try to subpoena discord for the identities of random people on their platform

I don't think they're gonna look that deep

Bella might be a possible of interest.
I think we might be giving the local police too much credit
well. They're not the FBI. lol

If it was the Feds, it would get scary.

Exactly my point

They might do a light scan but probably won't dig very deep

I think the police got more than they need to charge Chris.

Given the opportunity, I think they'd do it rather than look for reasons not to

Remember, Null couldn't get the FBI to investigate the idea guys despite everything they did to chris (edited)

I doubt any online randos will convince the local police to dig into anyone online, including Bella

The Farms have already done that part.

The "Final Interview"


De-list your video

Someone mentions me in it

oh shit.

I forgot to edit that part of you out.

You serious?

That's literally the one thing I asked of you

which part is it?
You didn't even run it by any of us before publishing?
give me a timestamp.
Forget the part, private the whole thing!

We can figure that out later

alright, give me a moment.

alright its privated.


Christ, I can't believe you did that

I was planning on leaking stuff. And I was able to edit you out for the most part.

but it seems I didn't do enough.

This is not the time for leaks man

The heat is way too hot rn

KF is looking for any reasons to delve into the identities of leakers

I really, really advise you lay low and not release things for right now

You've already been doxxed once before

I was willing to take the risk.
Well, I think the game is different when people other than yourself are involved
I know that.
Look, for the good of everyone in the Knights server, can you please hold off on releasing any more leaks?

At least until after this craziness all blows over?

how do we know when it will end?

this may last for a while man.

I doubt it

In a couple weeks, when reports about chris are no longer daily, people will lose interest

I'm facing a lot of pressure right now from a lot of people.

including the people.

That call you released was just between you and chris, right?

and it was recorded back in late june.

Which means one of you mentioned me
have you seen it?
I obviously can't listen to it because it's gone now, but what was the context?
well, I just got news.

the whole thing has already been archived.

Oh, wonderful

I can't believe this

If you are going to release anything else, I really hope that you scan through absolutely everything and cut out the parts of anyone who didn't want to get dragged into this

this is it for now.
If anyone asks, I was there as an observer.

I'm sorry man.

I should've told you earlier but I was being rushed.

By who?

Does someone have a knife pressed against your back? (edited)

the people.
This is not something we should be careless about
now listen. I really don't want to talk further right now about this situation, and I plan on laying low for a while. (for real this time) All I can tell you is that you fight and wait this thing out, and that's that.

I appreciate your concerns, but I ask you at this time is not panic when things get out. Because I won't be the last one. More will.

You haven't exactly given me reason to trust you when it comes to handling sensitive information
like I said, I'm laying low for a while once things chill down. I maybe gone for a few days, a week, or maybe longer. Nothing is assured at this time.
Did you mention other people in the call too? Like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?

Right now I'm listening to the unlisted version you gave me some time ago and were all mentioned in there

Several times

Do people really care though? cause from what I've been seeing on Kiwi Farms people were only focused on me.
They might not, but I pretty publicly own the cwcki server

It'd be different if nobody knew who I was

I was sent this by a user not too long after your video went up


So yeah, this could definitely bite me in the ass

Especially considering how much I've told everyone in that server from day one that they should not contact chris

I wouldn't worry about a few jokers on Discord.

if it was the Farms, it would be a problem.

Yeah, well it's not like there's no crossover at all
If nobody cares about you outside of Discord, you have nothing to worry about.

I'm taking the heat.

And I'm ready to pay the price for talking to Chris for 2 years.

I really hope that this doesn't go south

Considering how many people have been doxxed in the last few days

all I can suggest to you at this time is to keep calm, lay low, and don't give anybody a reason to go after you.

which is what I'm doing.

That was exactly what I was doing before you went and released that call!
nothing else is getting leaked from me after this.
I sincerely hope not

Well, you mentioned that I was Lainchu in the original call

I don't want to talk about it. (edited)
I'm just really disappointed in you
everybody's been in disappointed in me in the past 30 minutes.

before I go, I'll leave you with this:

I apologize for not consulting you guys earlier, and I promise I won't leak anything else after today until things calm down. (partially at least)

Convincing Sean to Step Away

4 August 2021

Hey Neko

I need to talk to you about something

I saw in the knights server earlier that you were contemplating ways to deal with the Bella situation

And I want to tell you that doing anything at this point will just make things worse

If you release screenshots, no matter how innocent you try to present yourself, the Farmers are still going to accuse you of withholding screenshots and keeping the full story away from them in order to fit your narrative

Im sure you’re aware I got doxed again. And this time people are really lynching me.
Drawing attention to yourself earlier was a mistake, but the only way you'd have a chance of getting out of this relatively unscathed is if you go completely dark. Shut off any methods of online communication. No KF, no lolcow, no YouTube, no nothing.

I saw. And I get this impression that you think doxxing is the worst thing they can do to you.

But you're wrong.

so what’s your overall warning.
People are speculating that Bella could be investigated as a criminal as part of the investigation into the incest claims

Oh shit.

And if people think that you're associated with her, then you'll have more than just some forum lurkers breathing down your neck
The Feds.
Some investigative body. It's not certain, of course, but I don't think it's worth the risk.
So are you telling me I should take the beating and just wait it out? (edited)

Go dark, completely

You already took the hit and nothing can be done about that

But the more you try to make yourself look innocent, the less the Kiwis will believe that you are

And they know your real identity

So if you get reported, it won't take long for authorities to find you

Shut off any social media accounts, make yourself unreachable

Private your YT channel

Don't give them more reason to look into you further

You know…

I was talking with [REDACTED] earlier.

And I told her that this will most likely be the end of my time on Kiwi Farms.

It was fun while it lasted, but it’s now clear that I’m the new target.

It seems that way, yes

If I were you, I'd disappear

At least for a while

Until this drama is no longer the front-page news

I told [REDACTED] I might consider pushing all of my future projects until 2022.

Because this shit will not go away for a while.

And I wouldn't try to make myself the centerpiece of anything Chris-related anymore

[Replying to "Because this shit will not go away for a while."]

I don't think it will

So, what do you think?

Should I retire the WCT?
I think that might be for the best

You told me yesterday to lay low and wait until it all blows over. Well, I think the same applies to you.

Even moreso, because you're directly in their crosshairs.

While people like me and [REDACTED] are on the periphery.

This makes me sad man.

2 years.

All for nothing.

It's a sacrifice, I know

But it's time to evaluate what's really important here

My mental well-being.

Not to mention any future you'd want outside (or inside) of the online space

What are you going to do, then?
I’ll take action.
I hope you do the right thing
I don’t think there’s anything I can do at this point.

People will shit on me no matter how hard I try to prove my innocence.

I agree. So are you going to do as I suggested? (edited)

I know it's not an easy decision. But I do think it's the best course of action at this point.

You think you don't have a choice, but you do: you can choose to walk away.

5 August 2021

And never return.
Who would’ve thought it would end like this.

And me being at the center of it all?

Guess you could say you flew too close to the sun
I can blame Naught all I want, however…

the reality is: I should’ve never joined the Watchmen.

And maybe in a way, Naught was trying to save me all the trouble when he kicked me out back in December 2020.

I could be spilling BS though.

Well, I will say that I felt a certain relief after I was kicked out. No more looking over my shoulder constantly.
Maybe I should’ve just left permanently after that.
No use dwelling on regrets.
It’s normal to think this way.

Though I get your point.

Of course it is. But it's not going to help you move forward unless you learn from your mistakes.

And ensure that they never happen again.

I’m definitely going to go down in Christory.


For the wrong reasons.

Nobody in Christory is a hero.

Not you, not me, not MKR, Nova, or Naught

Not Bella or Fiona

We’re all villains.
That’s the worst pill to swallow.

Even when we try to help, we still end up the same as everyone else.

Christory repeats itself
Hopefully one day, people will realize that I was innocent all along.

By the time it comes though, I’ll be long gone.

What should I do with the Knights server?

Probably best to delete it

It served its purpose

A buddy of mine told me the same.

I’ll make an announcement later in the morning. But I’ll continue to keep in touch with people privately. (edited)

Sounds good to me

What about your other social medias?

I’ll private them.
Including your Discord account?
It’s already been privated.

maybe in 2-3 months, shit will mostly calm down.

However, my time frame of coming back in some way will not happen for a long time.

Reinvent yourself, maybe

You and your brand

You'll know when the time is right to come back

Smoky Chris was able to rebrand and people have forgotten about him.

[Replying to "You'll know when the time is right to come back"]

It also depends on the community.

My days on Kiwi Farms are over.

I could come back to YouTube, but I may have to rebrand my channel.

Take some time to reflect. Figure out who you really are, and the person you want to be.

And the content you want to make. (edited)

I’ll keep in touch with you since I think you’re a nice guy, and maybe a few others.

But let it be known, I’m not going to be as public as I used to be going forward.

I think you shouldn't be public at all

At least for a while

I’ll see what happens in 6 months.

The temptations are strong ngl, but I’ll do what I must to resist.

You can do it
I also think it would be best that I also don’t do any CWC stuff anymore.

I’ll discuss it privately with you and a trusted few, but no longer with everybody else.

[Replying to "I also think it would be best that I also don’t do any CWC stuff anymore."]

I agree. Leave that chapter of your life behind.

Chris is gone.

What do you plan on doing?

Definitely going to dissociate with certain people who were adjacent to Chris. Gonna keep my head down for a while until this event blows over. Moderating the CWCki Server hasn't exactly been fun with the recent upsurge in members, so maybe I'll take a step back as well.

Might be time to evaluate my own priorities.

The CWC community felt fun before July 30. Now it just feels utterly depressing and horrifying.

7/30 is indeed Christory’s 9/11. (edited)

Things will never be the same after this.

No, they won't
The Kiwi Farms to me will also change in the aftermath.

and not in a good way.

the recent chaos that’s been hitting the site lately will end up resulting in its eventual shut down.

And Josh is in serious cope over this.

I hope it collapses, now that Josh has been thoroughly made a fool of (edited)

But I'm not holding my breath

And the new users that have been coming in are also total idiots.

You’ve seen how they treated me, they’re literally making the Farms live up to its negative reputation.

It's never not been that way, it's just a lot more visible now after Chris hit the mainstream
You know what Naught once told me a while back before everything hit the fan?
Long ago, he once told me about how the Kiwi Farms was better prior to 2016-17.

In which the site was more focused on quality within its forum, and the community despite being small felt far more connected.

Chaos was rare, and the site as a whole seemed to have been a better place back then.

But as you know by now, Josh has grown increasingly arrogant and egotistical with his site’s growth. And because of that, the site’s overall quality had began to decline, and a flux of god awful people started to join.

The Farms already had some questionable people, but the site was never really the same after 2016.

America’s political divide had spilled over there, and it was a shit fest.

[Replying to "But as you know by now, Josh has grown increasingly arrogant and egotistical with his site’s growth. And because of that, the site’s overall quality had began to decline, and a flux of god awful people started to join."]

Josh is an abhorrent site owner, and his pride keeps him from realizing that.

Kiwi Farms will inevitably be gone one day.

but it’s legacy will be felt like a bad scar in the history of the Internet.

I’m sure by now, you’re aware of the ever changing laws of the Western World. And it has Josh and his username panicking about the future of the Farms and the Internet as a whole. (edited)

Let it be known, in the next 5-10 years, the Farms will cease to be more than a memory.

Let us hope so
I’ll be an older man by then.

And hopefully a changed one.

We all will be, hopefully
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the past few years?
I guess it's to know when to make a change for your own good, and your own happiness, even if the prospect of change itself is terrifying

Oddly appropriate, isn't it?

What about you?
Never trust crazy people on the Internet.
Also very appropriate
Almost everybody except a few that I’ve met in this community are mentally ill or autistic in some shape or form.

And while they can talk shit about me, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they have similar problems to me as well if not worse.

This is why nobody will ever take us seriously. It’s nothing more than a bunch of idiots bad mouthing each other for no good justified reason at all.

It’s sad really.

That's the internet for you
I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but let’s just say I were to stop now. What can the next few months look like? (edited)
You mean for you or for the CWC community?

it’s hard to predict I know, but what can I expect?

because I know that a lot what will happen next depends on me.

Well hopefully, with you cutting off any more leads, KF will stop looking into you. The more time goes on, the less they'll think about you. Maybe you'll be brought up every once in a while, but eventually you'll be forgotten. And with nowhere else for you to be found, nobody will try to seek you out.

If Bella does get wrangled by the authorities, it's hard to say whether or not the same will happen to you. But give KF less to work with and you'll fade into the background, hopefully not worth the time of anyone who tries to find someone to blame for the imprisonment of their favorite lolcow.

I can't guarantee things will go entirely smoothly, but your chances of slipping away quietly will increase if you commit to doing so

I think the time frame will be 6 months.
Maybe. But I'd err on the side of caution.
I’ll have a moderator quietly delete both of my accounts prior.

[Replying to "Maybe. But I'd err on the side of caution."]

We’ll just have to wait and see.

It could be 6 months if not a whole year.

Possibly. Wait and watch, and you'll know.
For my well being’s sake, I’ll also stop visiting the Farms. (edited)

I can review the damage once all comes to past, but I can’t do anything other than that afterwards.

[Replying to "For my well being’s sake, I’ll also stop visiting the Farms. (edited)"]

I think that's an excellent idea.

I’ll also rebrand the WCT to something else within the next few months.

Once people partially forget, I’ll quietly do what Smoky Chris did and do just that. And then I’ll sit by for another 3 months.

I think a thread on me will realistically be around 30 pages or so. But all remains to be seen. (edited)

Like I said though, I’ll review the damage after a certain period of time passes by.

Sean Can Go to Hell

You're lower than scum, you know that?

I tell you genuinely good advice, try to get you to walk away from all of this quietly, and your response is to stab me in the back?

Why? Why would you do this?

Why would you leak a bunch of information right after you swore you'd stop?

[Replying to "Why would you leak a bunch of information right after you swore you'd stop?"]

I was going to have somebody else leak stuff along with having you and the others names redacted. But I guess Bella beat me to the punch.

by all means though, I know you're angry.

And this was not what I planned.

You kept talking about it. You didn't exactly step away.

MKR was fucking right about you. You are just a clout-chasing YouTuber.

You can go to hell.

After this exchange, I blocked Sean's Conner account and ceased all communication with him. I would delete my Discord account altogether shortly after.


  1. This link has been non-functional since Sean wiped his main YouTube channel.
  2. A tweet from Chris that said "The Merge is on."
  3. A tweet from BABScon announcing their delay of the 2021 convention.
  4. This was an emote cut-out of Chris's crying face during Q&A NO MORE.
  5. Unfortunately, I found out afterward that my recording didn't work, otherwise I might have released the full thing before Sean did.
  6. I had posted a GIF in the Place of Jared Leto's Joker clapping his hands and saying "I'm an idea" from the film Suicide Squad.
  7. All links are now inactive; however, an archive to this thread can be found here (warning: NSFW).
  8. This was a link to the unedited version of the "final pre-jail interview" audio, in which he mentions several Watchmen members by name to Chris.
  9. This link has been non-functional since Sean wiped his main YouTube channel.