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Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?
This is where the trouble all began.
Sean's avatar on Discord, on his Neko Onyx account. Drawn by MKR.

This page contains selected transcriptions of messages sent between Sean Walker (also known as Neko Onyx, Kat, Conner, and the WCT) and myself, from October 2020 to August 2021. My messages are color-coded green and Sean's are color-coded orange. I have excised segments that are irrelevant to the greater story of Chris and the Watchmen, which are mostly discussions about politics. The rest of the transcript is mostly faithful, with only individuals marginally-related to all of this drama being censored.

If any editors are reading this, feel free to make use of this page as a resource if you wish. Be warned, though: there is a lot of egotistical cringe in this page, courtesy of Sean.

If you would like context for the content seen within here, please read the Manifesto I wrote.


Test Recording for Discord Q&A 9

NOTE: My initial communications with Sean leading up to my banning from the Watchmen were with his Discord account named Neko Onyx, which was later deleted.

27 October 2020

Hey Neko! I've got the test recording that Chris made answering the Q&A questions. I was wondering if you could upload it to your YouTube channel? Maybe put up a recent image or still of Chris as the background video?

I already cleared it with Naught, he said it's okay to release


Do you have a file or a link to an unlisted video?

Great! Here's the link to the audio:

[Google Drive link]

Don't make the video public yet tho, I'm still transcribing the file

I want the page to be ready when the vid goes live lol
Once we're all set, I'll upload the video and forward it to [REDACTED].
(because the vid itself will be unlisted)
You can name it whatever, but it's technically Discord Q&A 9
Update: Audio/Video Recording is almost ready to go.

I put up a Still Photo of Chris from a couple years ago to make up for the lack of video.


Send me the link when it's uploaded

It's ready.[note 1]



I'll let you know when the article is up

Are you currently transcribing the material as we speak?

Which I now realize may be a little bit moot if YouTube does it automatically lmao

But whatever

Was that what you were gonna say?

I prefer a direct translation instead of relying on YouTube's crappy captions.
Yeah, but YT's are a good starting point

You just need to clean it up

And also correct some words as well.
Anyway, yes, I'm transcribing currently

It's mercifully short, unlike some of Chris's livestreams

Or other vids

What is Chris even using to Record?
Audacity, he says
no, the mic itself.

It's pretty good.

Oh, idk

You'd have to ask Naught or Null or whoever is helping him with that

"Christorical Figure Status" and the Watchmen's Role

Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?
Idk, if you're trying to get that role on the Farms then you'd be better off asking Null than me lol

Assuming that's what you're talking about

Naught once told me that [REDACTED] is in charge of that. lol
Or do you just mean in general?

Oh, then ask him

well, also in general.

In your opinion.

I suppose?

The Watchmen have been pretty instrumental in putting together information over the last few months from direct contact with Chris

I'd say the group has been a Success so far.
Idk if that's credit that will be seen positively tho, not everyone thinks that the watchmen are good for Chris
Compared to the Guard Dogs. (edited)
I suppose so, but I don't forget that successes are built off of others' shoulders

The failure of the Guard Dogs allowed the Watchmen to exist

We already did one thing that the Guard Dogs couldn't do.

We stopped Sockness. lol

I can understand why people might laugh at me for trying to befriend/defend Chris, but from my perspective, he's gonna need all of the help he could possibly get as Father Time seeks to claim Barb.

Once she's gone, everything else will be left in Limbo.

What can the Watchmen realistically do in that scenario tho, besides provide emotional support?

Is there a plan in place?

I know that Null is gonna visit Chris and help him set something up, but anything beyond that? (edited)

[Quoting "What can the Watchmen realistically do in that scenario tho, besides provide emotional support?"]

honestly, the only thing the Watchmen can do is prevent more possible grifters and potential trolls from Chris.

It's quite embarrassing that people still think its 2009.

People can't let go of the past
[Quoting "I know that Null is gonna visit Chris and help him set something up, but anything beyond that?"]

I think a group home might be his next stop.

if you ask me, I think once Barb dies, the Chris Chan story might quietly come to an end. (that is unless he's still allowed to use the Internet) (edited)

Hmm, perhaps

Discussing Joseph Draft

[Quoting "People can't let go of the past"]

Even though I love the Geno Samuel series, I unfortunately think it has kicked off a new generation of trolls.

this literally happens every single time whenever anybody makes content about Chris.

I hope the Geno series will be the last of its kind.

He is bringing it to a slightly more mainstream audience, certainly
That's part of the problem.

By bringing Chris to the Mainstream, normies who aren't familiar with him are gonna do shit that most on the Internet don't find funny anymore.

And I think it would ruin what made Chris special in the first place.

The good thing is that no other Christubers have the same professionalism and editing quality that Geno does, so I don't see them growing very much
Draft was the only dude that could've rivaled Geno, but he packed up and left. lol
[Quoting "By bringing Chris to the Mainstream, normies who aren't familiar with him are gonna do shit that most on the Internet don't find funny anymore."]

That's what happens with a lot of stuff that starts out special in one way, but then grows so large that it has to dumb things down to accommodate to a larger audience

What happened exactly with Draft, behind the scenes?

Draft's doc was DOA.

The moment he showed it off to the Farms in combination with that Kickstarter, it wasn't going anywhere.

And it only got worse when Megan decided that she didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

Why did Megan change her mind?
Think about it. Imagine being one of Chris's victims in the past and getting bombarded with a shit ton of fail trolls trying to send you shit on Facebook that you don't want to see. (edited)
True, she probably got an uptick of abuse after Draft unveiled the trailer
Even though it's been a decade, Megan is still feeling the CWC-after effect.

She was originally willing to talk, but decided to maintain her privacy.

However, she has taken advantage of her E-Fame by selling some well-made toy animals.

I would imagine so

Chris at one point implied that someone (maybe Naught?) had a copy of the doc footage. That true or is the doc gone forever?


Naught told me that the Doc is long gone.

I could be wrong, that's just how someone I was talking to interpreted one of Chris's tweets

When people were commenting on the trailer (my reupload) they were all asking or begging for that film to be released in some shape or form.

Some were even dumb enough to believe that "I" was Joseph Draft. lol

People are gonna be scrounging for that footage for years

Just like with the call after Bob's death that never got released

And is probably long gone

I would love to see that if it ever got leaked.

Naught once told me that Draft ended up doxing himself on the Farms so that anyone else wouldn't have to.

And I think that was the end of it.

Yeah, I saw the post

What an idiot

Guess it was supposed to be a "take away their power" moment

I've been called a drama hysterical queen, but Draft is on another level. lol
I don't think he quite got what that meant, tho...
In the past, I ended up almost being a distributor for Draft.

I would've loved to have published his works (cause I thought he was good at what he does) but nothing ever materialized.

You have a company or something?

The WCT would've just hosted his content.

Oh, I see
He requested me to keep his name a secret in the credits had things went through.
Huh, ironic
So basically, he would've been the Older Wildcat. lol

it's a shame really, I was actually fine with him.

Yeah? What was he like?
He seemed like every other person I've talked to in VC.

In other words. Another Sperg. lol

He sounded and talked like an adult.

Until he became unraveled, evidently
well, yes.

It's been over a year since I've interacted with him.

And I'll probably never get to talk to him again.

He's likely erased himself from the internet at this point
For his sake, he had to.

Otherwise, he would've gotten his own thread.

Hey, in the recording that Chris sent, you hear that metal clinking?

You suppose he had one of his pets next to him while he did it? (edited)

Page is live!

You can make the video public now, btw

It will remain unlisted.

But the link will be available via Kiwi Farms and the CWCKI.

Sure, that's your choice

Hosting The Create Unknown Uncut Video

28 October 2021

Hey man, Anon told me that you were gonna have me release the Uncut Chris Interview.
A nickname for Bismuth.

So he wants it released?

I came to ask you about having the recordings released uncut.
Well yeah, I'm down to, I just wanted to make sure it was okay first
He basically said to me: "Nice Lainchu recorded it were going to put it on your channel"
Alright, that's cool

Just give me a couple days to edit it

I need to remove some personal identifying information (edited)

Then it will be ready

Since I had a good talk with those folks, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and release it right after their Edited Interview gets uploaded to YouTube. (edited)
Yeah I was gonna say, we shouldn't steal their thunder

Especially since we didn't pay to sit in on the interview

They've gained my respect.

So I'll let them have the clout.

Not to mention they're paying Chris too
From what it sounds like, they played by the rules completely.

Professionalism is hard to come by these days

I'll get it to you as soon as it's ready

03 November 2020

NOTE: A discussion about politics just prior to this has been excised.

it's fine.

btw, how's the editing going?

And will anything be left out?

I started on it yesterday, but Premiere was running so slowly that I gave it a rest

No audio should be left out

Just some visuals

The important stuff (Chris and the hosts) will still be there

I also let the hosts know that we plan on releasing the uncut version, and I asked if they wanted their faces to be cut out, or how long they wanted us to wait before release

They've yet to get back to me

good that you let them know.

And like the other CWC-related stuff on my channel, it will remain unlisted.


It's for archival purposes, after all

The link to it will go to the CWCki and the Farms.

in case if you're wondering why I keep CWC-content unlisted on the WCT, it's because I don't want the WCT to be primarily known for being a Chris-channel.

That's fair
And since I've long privated/unlisted the Original Version of the CWC Comprehensive History parts 1-13, I kinda wanted to put that part of my channel's past behind me.

It also doesn't help that some Kiwis now recognize me. lol

Do you not want to host the video?
I'll host it.

The WCT's small but decent size will help it get up there.

And as long as I don't anything stupid in the future, I'll be fine.

Getting on the cwcki doesn't really have to do with size, so much as whether or not the video has something substantial to contribute to an article

Or if it has Chris himself on it, obviously

KF maybe is different, idk

Unless you were talking about your channel?

I was mentioning the WCT.
Oh, okay, I misinterpreted

I'll try and get it done in the next few days, but I can't guarantee when it'll be ready

Also gotta hear back from the hosts, see what they want

I'll keep you posted

Alright. Thanks for the talk as always, I hope tomorrow doesn't go too bad. lol

Have a good night.

Yeah, same.


05 November 2020

Hey, slight change of plans on the video

The create unknown guys got back to me and basically said that they wanted to make sure they had ownership of their own content (understandable) but also saw the purpose of archival, so what they proposed was that they host the video on their channel a few weeks after their own upload. It'd be unlisted, just for the cwcki/farms to embed.

And since we always have a copy, we can reupload if it ever goes down

Seems pretty reasonable to me

Get back to him letting him know that I agree with his conditions.

[I reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

First Randy Stair Discussion

06 November 2020

NOTE: A discussion about politics just prior to this has been excised.

bruh, I accidentally got CWC into Randy Stair.

[Google Drive link]

What's randy stair?
He was a Cow that I did a Documentary on in 2018.

He killed 3 people before shooting himself.


Wonder how many other cows chris follows

Chris is also sorta getting into that Thaddeus McMichael story as well.

Another Cow I did in 2019.

He got arrested for Child Porn.

I wonder how cows see other cows

Do they look at others to feel better about themselves? Do they see them as competition of sorts?

He's aware of DSP.
DSP is one of the more well-known ones, even among those who don't frequent the farms

Sean Gets Kicked From the Place

03 December 2020

Hey, I noticed you left the place. Everything okay?
Bismuth kicked me out.
What? Why?
He told me:

"you're too open with the cwc stuff, you need a break focus on your scripts and don't worry about being the new captain; we'll stay in touch".

He didn't block me or anything too bad, but he thought I needed a break.

Did a specific incident spur this on?
He thought I was being too open about CWC on the Farms.

Do you agree with him?

not really.

Nobody has been spamming or messing with me since my CWCki entry.

Do you think he had other reasons for doing this then?
no doubt.

I think he also kicked me out for also being too political in the non-cwc channel.

And he also wanted me to focus on my docs instead of CWC.

Hmm, sorry to hear
I'm still friends with Chris and co regardless of my removal. And I'm confident I'll return to the Place when all is good again.
That's good at least
My Internet life hasn't changed too much since I've became a Christorical Figure, so I don't really see the need for me to be removed from there.

hell, I didn't even harass Josh either. lol

Did you take that up with bismuth?

Or did you not argue at all?

There was no argument that took place.

I just got randomly removed.

That's a little weird

I feel as though bismuth should've had a chat with you first before going straight to removal

it doesn't really make any sense.

tbh, I think he did have a conversation with the other mods prior to my removal.

I've got that feeling too

Not that anything was said to me lol

The only folks that really talk in there were me, MKR, Kyle, and Bismuth.

Josh occasionally and maybe you and peachy, but that was it.


Very strange

[REDACTED] and [REDACTED] barely speak, but when they do, it's usually important stuff.

and like I stated earlier, it's possible I might be allowed back in, but I just don't know when.

CWC himself has taken a liking towards me, and it would hurt to see him wonder where I am.

Well, let's hope it's sooner than later then
I'll be honest, I don't think I'll be allowed back in until February-March 2021.

And throughout that period, I think I'll use that time to try finding other things to do.

Btw, have the TCU guys lifted the embargo yet?

I actually just sent them the video link, but they haven't responded to me yet

And the link expires tomorrow lol

So I'll have to make a new one if they haven't downloaded it yet, which is annoying

You can still hand me the video and I'll keep it on private until they give a response.
Sure, that works

[GoFile link]

Password is [REDACTED]

lol, it already expired.
Oh fuck


take your time, I'll wait.
I'll let you know when I reupload

Questions About Me


you know, I have a question. How long have you been a CWCki editor?

Not long at all

A few months

I only became one after the discord server opened

How did you ended up rising within the ranks?
It's unbelievable, everything that's happened because of that discord server lol

I was an active and sane member, and I guess Klop saw some sort of potential in me

So it was Klop who promoted you?
I joined the modstaff, and when he quit Lainchu for the first time, I offered to step in


And now I'm the owner of the server lol

So much has happened in such a short time

Does Marvin (MIPS) still own and operate the CWCki?
Believe so, haven't heard otherwise

Though his role is fairly passive overall

I've tried to ping him and ask if he could change something on the site and he's difficult to get a hold of lol

Relationship With Chris, ProjectSNT, BABScon

How would you describe your relationship with CWC?

cause you already know mine, it's good.

I dunno, it's relatively professional, or as much as it could get with chris

I send him the questions, he sends me answers

Sometimes he'll ask me for spiritual help, and I'll give him some vague advice that usually satisfies him

He hasn't DMed me in a while tho

me neither.
Might ask Bismuth to poke him, it's been nearly a month now since the last Q&A

And I've been reminding him weekly lol

I hope BABScon 2021 happens.

COVID vaccine is almost here.

He's all motivation when it comes to raging at the SNT fanfic, but can't be bothered to answer 10 questions a week
so why is he angry about that?
[Quoting "COVID vaccine is almost here."]

Maybe so, but distribution will take some time, and idk if by March it'll get to enough people for them to consider it safe to hold the convention

[Quoting "so why is he angry about that?"]

I'm assuming it's another Asperchu-like situation

Except this time it's more personal because it involves someone he wants attention from (SNT)

The reason why I want BABScon to happen so badly is because I want CWC to come out West. And if he drives all the way here, it would be the journey of a life time for him.
He believes that the author has committed murder in another dimension against his fictional characters

He was talking about some revenge shit last night, which was a little disturbing

never take fanfics seriously. lol
Not that he'd do anything

Not in real life at least

he'll get curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd at worse.
[Quoting "The reason why I want BABScon to happen so badly is because I want CWC to come out West. And if he drives all the way here, it would be the journey of a life time for him."]

I'm curious to see if he'd do it at all tbh

This is someone who's never driven beyond one or two state borders before

Just imagine all the vids he'd take from his phone and post it on Twitter or YouTube.
Let alone across the country

Certainly would be more interesting than the current dimensional merge bullshit

It would probably be only for a few days, but many could regard as one of the greatest moments in Christory.

knowing Chris, I think he can pull it off.

Would you and naught still meet him there if he were to go?
Me? Absolutely.

Naught, idk.

He's a very shadowy and ghosty person.

I'd consider it tbh, if I was going to be in California during March

But I don't think I will be

Realistically, life in Cali should return to normal around June-July.

(that is if the vaccine is a success)


Lotta ifs

Sean's Ban Theories

11 December 2020

hey man, when you're available can I have a discussion with you?
Sure, what about?
I won't share any screenshots, but I've gotten a better understanding on why I was kicked from the Place.

I just got done DM'ing Naught, and he explained that my ban was a result of my recent politisperging there along with the gay jokes that I played around with while there.

And the decision that was made to kick me out was not just his decision, but Kyle and MKR's as well.

From what I remembered, I followed all of the guidelines and never posted anything political in the channels where CWC can see them.

I'll be honest, after hearing these recent revelations. I don't know if I'll ever be welcomed back at all.



Sounds like they were looking for reasons to get rid of you

I don't want to get tin-foil hatted and all, but I think my recent shift towards the Left might've pissed them off.

Nova especially.

I even told Naught that if he wanted to ban politics from the place, he could.

And I'd follow the rules.

Wouldn't shock me tbh

Hilarious that they were so sensitive about that that they'd want to be rid of anyone who didn't agree with their political views

What's that thing that conservatives like to call liberals? Snowflakes?


Either way, they could always just mute the politics channel and ignore the discourse (like I did)

like I told you in the past, I think I may be allowed back in within a month or two.

However, it all depends on what goes on between Naught and I.

What does he want out of you?
If I'm on Good Behavior in other servers that we're in together, maybe.

but to be honest, it's not the end of the world.

I'm still in good hands with CWC along with having decent ties with other Farmers. So if I were to never be welcomed back, so be it. But I hope I am since I loved talking with CWC.

He shouldn't essentially be forcing you to restrict your own behavior in other places, that's pretty fucked up

You can still talk to chris in DMs, right?

[Replying to "You can still talk to chris in DMs, right?"]


Well, you have that at least
If I am allowed to come back one day, maybe I'll be given a role similar to Chris.

In which I can access channels where he's allowed to read while being unable to read the others.

Yeah, maybe

Difference is that you already know the second layer exists

Unlike people like Praetor

My knowledge of the second layer while having the same role as Praetor and CWC could pose as a potential problem. (at least to them) (edited)

But I keep secrets locked away when I'm required to.

I guess I don't know if they kicked you out because of personal difference or because they had legitimate concerns that you were leaking info or something like that
That's another reason why I might've been kicked.

I've been a little too open about my friendship with CWC.

But I never spilled the beans.

And most people don't really seem to care.

And another possible reason for why I may have been kicked was maybe due to my ties with Smoky Chris.

I barely talk with him and his crew, but Naught doesn't like him for trying to participate in Fail Troll operations.

What's smoky Chris's story? I've heard the name but never known much about him.
He's a wannabe Geno Samuel.

And he made docs about Chris last year.

And what did he do that upset Naught?
He got shit wrong in his series.

(it was called Beneath the Bridge)

That was it? Just inaccuracies?
And some of the people that he covered in that series weren't even Trolls at all.
like Megan Schroeder for example.

And he was also one of the leads of the CWCVille Rebellion shit.

(which I myself used to be a part of)

What was that?
1 year ago.

There was a group of failed trolls that took advantage of Chris's fantasies.

And since many viewed CWCVille as a dictatorship, they started a fictional rebellion.

mostly to get under his skin.

And that's where Naught found and recruited you?
He found me in 2018 when I was making my Randy Stair series.

And since he saw potential in me, he pulled me away from Smoky's group.

Second Randy Stair Discussion

14 December 2020

ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan and Randy Stair The Greatest Crossover In History
EmbedVideo is missing a required parameter.
Stardate 10 December 2020
Made By Dillin Thomas
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

oh god...what have I done. lol

Oh, that was your doing?
Remember when Chris had that lengthy Twitter thread?

even though he discovered Randy Stair first (via my documentaries), he asked me some things about him.

So in a way, yes. This was my doing.


Wonder if Dillin knows that lol

Honestly, If I were to take credit for such a thing. I'll probably get bombarded with Weens in my comment sections.
Then it's probably best that you don't
It makes me a little angry that people are getting mad at Chris over having something in Common with Randy, but people shouldn't be surprised at this point.

Randy and Chris actually have stuff in common with each other, it's just that Randy is more excessively violent than Chris.

Chris can be violent in his own way (as Christory has shown), but he will never be as violent as Randy was.

Let's hope not
Knowing CWC, he won't.

And he also outlived Randy as well. (edited)

Chris outlives everyone

He's an immortal goddess, remember?

yes. lol

But literally, he outlived Randy (he killed himself in 2017).

And tbh, I think CWC is an overall happier and more peaceful individual.

For as long as the status quo remains, at least

TCU Uncut Published

20 December 2020

Create Unknown Chris Chan UNCUT
Stardate 16 December 2020
Made By The Create Unknown
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Uncut interview has been published

woah, that was unexpected.

I thought I was gonna be the guy, but oh well.

Yeah, they took a little while, but they pulled through in the end

They said that if some disaster happens and they take the video down, we're free to reupload it ourselves

So I'll let you know if that day ends up coming to pass

Thanks for being my backup tho


Discussing MKR's Behavior

How are things going btw?
They're alright

MKR is being pissy at me because she was removed from the cwcki modstaff, lol


payback for me getting removed from the place.

Lol, if you want to interpret it that way
more like karma tbh.
But yeah, she's really on my ass about it and not backing down

Even contacted my predecessor to yell at him

wut. serious about that??

And she literally will not believe a word I tell her

And I'm being pretty much transparent about it


I told her that [REDACTED] removed her, she said "do you have any proof?"

how am I not surprised.
And then proceeded to DM him angrily
I like MKR and all, but she has Karen tendencies.
Yeah, I've noticed

Like, her reasoning was just "I had it before, so now I want it back"

Didn't even try to pretend like she was interested in actually moderating the server

Have you interacted with Bismuth about any of this?

Should I?

She hasn't been harassing me or anything, just being a bit of a nuisance

do you think he has a right to know?
The argument happened in the place lol

He definitely saw it

Didn't take a position tho

Not publicly at least

that says a lot tbh.
For all I know, MKR could've been angrily DMing him too

[Replying to "that says a lot tbh."]

Is that good or bad?

It means he's either neutral or maybe he agrees with the decision.
I think he just doesn't care

He doesn't care about the cwcki server, really

so in other words, neutral.
Yeah, probably
Maybe you could jokingly let her know that if she wants to be a mod again, I have to be allowed back into the place. lol
I think he trusts me enough not to take any action, despite what MKR said

The sad thing is, I'm kind of their best asset on Discord

Since I'm the owner of the biggest gathering place for people interested in Chris on Discord

pressuring isn't it? (edited)

being at the near top of the mountain.

They see nearly everything that I do, only place they don't see are the mod backrooms

Which I've already told her, the mods aren't conspiring against the watchmen lol

[Replying to "being at the near top of the mountain."]

I think that's why she wants it back

She feels threatened

And wants her power


She's already near the top as well.

Anybody who has an interaction with CWC is already there.
It's like, she gets to talk to Chris on the regular

What else does she possibly want???


Anyway, even if she was genuinely interested in moderating, I still wouldn't give it to her

I'll be honest, the reason why I hope to be allowed back into the place is due to liking my interactions with [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED].
She doesn't have the mental fortitude for moderating fairly

Not to mention that she's a pretty infamous Christorical figure at this point

[Replying to "Anyway, even if she was genuinely interested in moderating, I still wouldn't give it to her"]

the fact she's REE'ing out about it at all kinda disqualifies her.


And on top of all of that, none of my fellow mods actually like her lol

So I don't think it'd work out

At least the CWCVille Supreme Court can impeach its justices.

Did Chris tell you that?

[Replying to "Did Chris tell you that?"]

uh, I was kinda joking about that.


It does sound unusually intelligent for Chris's fantasies

The CWCVille Supreme Court also sounds like has it more than just 9.
It's an all-Sonichu court

No humans allowed

Was it Bismuth, Chris or Null that packed the court?

It was mayor Allison Amber

Before she was defeated by Brendan Frasier

makes sense.

And at least I'm one of the more originalist dudes on there.

In Christorical terms, being an originalist to me is being old-school.

Pre-2011 activities and such.

so anyway, jokes aside.

I'm not too surprised that MKR got kicked out, and what was the reason again?


being unlikeable?

Inactivity, at the time

In retrospect, not being fit for the job, too

We had some incidents involving non-mods having mod abilities

Which is what led to us to do a small purge of inactive members

if I was offered the chance to replace MKR, I don't think I'd actually do my job tbh.

I got some better things to do outside of CWC-related stuff, and Discord policing isn't really my thing most of the time.

That's fine, it's not for everyone

Getting Chris to Pressure Naught

NOTE: A discussion about unrelated drama as well as politics just prior to this has been excised.

So question, do you think it would be possible to get Chris to pressure Bismuth into letting me back into the place? or is that something I may have to negotiate with him on for myself?

Like I told you before in the past, I'd be willing to only view the first layer only.

I don't think Chris would be able to articulate an argument for you (edited)

And using him to convince Naught might make things worse tbh

This one is probably on you

thought so, and Bismuth would get mad as hell at me for trying to weaponize Chris.
It has happened too many times already and it's gotten old.
Sorry to hear
Like I also stated before in the past, I'll wait a couple months or so to see if I'll ever be welcomed back.

And if nothing happens by then, that's a sign that I might've been shooed out for good.

Whatever works for you

I don't think you're missing all that much tbh

Just a lot of Chris's ramblings

Being there in the moment is what made it exciting.
Nothing of substance

Yeah, I suppose so

I'm not as Power or Attention hungry as the others when it comes to CWC since I'm on my way to achieve E-Fame through other ways, but I loved to interact with Chris in the Place whenever he'd come online.
Of course
one last thing before I head out for the night, in the event that Chris has some important that he wants me to see, let me know. (or if there's anything you want me to reupload)

And I'll gladly do as you request.

Sure thing
I hope you get a good night sleep, and let me know if any more Karen REE'ing from MKR occurs. (edited)
Lol, same to you, and I will

Chris Helps Out Sean

24 December 2020

Chris gave me an invite to the Place and it's now confirmed that I've been banned.

WCT Ban Proof.png

Update: I've been allowed back in!

(first layer only so far)

Well, that was a quick turnaround


Chris begged Bis and Kyle (who was against me of returning) but Chris managed to convince them to give me a chance.

It turns out that I was actually kicked due to me "accidentally" leaking a little too much from the place.

Even though most people from what I know don't really care.

I don't know if you go too much into the server anymore, but they seem to be allowing Dillin Thomas scare them for some odd reason.

I check in there every day, even if I don't always post

Who knew that chris would be the key here

Wdym by letting DT scare them?

say, didn't I tell you sometime ago that it would be Chris that actually rescued me?

[Replying to "Wdym by letting DT scare them?"]

They believe that Dillin is using knowledge of the place to milk content.

he's a hardcore grifter.

That stupid operation to try and get him to act like he believes Chris's delusions is the root of this, probably
WCT Ban Discussion 1.png

WCT Ban Discussion 2.png

judging by these screenshots, what do you think?

Was it really a result of mistakes on my part or did somebody get their feelings hurt?

Not really sure
If I actually committed mistakes that led to my kicking, then maybe I did deserve it. But if I was kicked out because of my personal views, that's bullshit. You don't have to agree on everything to be on the same team.
Haven't gotten an indication of a reason beyond what they've said to chris

Yeah, I agree

I fucking despise Kyle and MKR's politics but I deal with it for the greater good of the op

MKR is a strange one. She's a lesbian but is more Right-leaning. lol

I mean, there are tons of LGBT people out there who tend to have more conservative views, but mostly fiscal ones.

Right leaning LGBT people make me roll my eyes harder than anything lol
I could care less if they're fiscally conservative, but if they try to have social conservative views (or be a part of the Trump cult) then there's a problem.
I chalk it up to a form of self-hatred, but that's just me

Anyway, welcome back to the place

I'll be honest with ya.

A half of me believes it was an attempted Coup by Kyle/MKR to get me kicked out. (edited)

but thankfully, Chris undid the damage.

And since politisperg season is almost over (January 20th is when it ends) I'll probably talk less politics.

[Replying to "Anyway, welcome back to the place"]

thank you. This is already a better christmas than last year. lol

Keep this to yourself, but I will tell you this much
Kyle and MKR were complaining in the second layer that you "tattled" to chris
Why don't they say that to my face then?
Naught too
and now that you've just mentioned it, this smells and looks like a failed coup.
Idk what their intentions were, but I don't think it's for the practical reasons that they claim
The fact that there's a mistrust between me and the group is a disgrace.
Anyway, you never heard any of this
[Replying to "Anyway, you never heard any of this"]

I won't mention it to anybody pal.

but seriously, this left a sour taste in my mouth.

I don't blame you
They haven't VC'ed me in a long time too.

that's not a good sign.

I have a feeling they'll attempt another coup in the future.

But at least I know one thing, You and Chris have my back.

Yeah, as long as you're in Chris's good graces, you're safe

At least for the time being

Chris is pretty much the Veto.

or the Swing Vote as they say.

[Replying to "Yeah, as long as you're in Chris's good graces, you're safe"]

I view Chris Chan as my friend and not my adversary.

Christmas Discussion

27 December 2020

hey man, I hope Christmas went good for you.
It did, thanks

Hope yours went well too

So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol

[Replying to "Hope yours went well too"]

There weren't a lot of people, but it was more than enough to me that it would be a decent Christmas.

For what it was, it exceeded my expectations. 8/10.

[Replying to "So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol"]

They wouldn't dare with Chris watching, and you being back so soon

[Replying to "For what it was, it exceeded my expectations. 8/10."]

That's good

[Replying to "That's good"]

I got 3 pairs of headsets.

more than I wished for, but I'm grateful regardless. (tbh, It's actually a nice blessing)

Why do you need 3 pairs?
I originally requested only one.

And I too was surprised by that.

One of my headphones had completely worn out and I needed it to be replaced so I asked for one, but I guess things were so messy this time around that nobody considered it. lol

Well, hopefully that means you won't need replacements for a while then
that's the best part.

If anything, it's insurance.

Clyde's Photo

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but this is the dude that voiced Clyde in those tapes.

Mao Bamboo Ling.JPG

Yeah, I've seen it


Is there any information about him on the CWCKi?
About him personally? No, not really

Only recently was it elaborated how many identities he played

The Wallflower's Identity

29 December 2020

Question: who do you think the Wallflower was?

judging by what we know, I think it's quite obvious. lol

Her real identity is out there already

[REDACTED], I believe her real name is?

We just can't talk about it on the cwcki, or the server

Honestly, I think the Wallflower is none-other than long-legs.

in other words, Emily (or Kim Wilson)

Oh, no

She's someone completely different

Emily/Kim is super super careful about maintaining her secrecy

Whereas Wallflower wasn't careful at all, and therefore got exposed

that's strange, I thought the Wallflower was Emily since they reacted to Chris in a similar way.

The emails that were sent between Chris and the Wallflower remind me a lot of how Emily would brag about Clyde. lol

Important Tweets

two things:

1.[note 2]

And 2.[note 3]

Oh boy
Chris isn't actually that far when it comes to the merge.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are beating the crap out of each other right now. lol

Wish they'd both finish the job, lol

Back in the Second Layer

Update: I can see the 2nd layer again within the Place as a result of being promoted to B: Bravo.

(but only findings)

Well that's good

I guess they don't want you discussing politics anymore?

it just happened randomly right now.

I can see Second Layer, but only the findings channel and nothing else.

Wonder who did it

Ah, just checked the audit log

It was probably Bismuth.
It was Naught

Wonder if the others are aware of it

I think he figured that I was being on Good Behavior lately so he decided to allow me to see at least one part.

I think I'll be able to see everything else after Biden is sworn in.

[Replying to "Wonder if the others are aware of it"]

maybe, maybe not.

They'll all know once I start posting in there.

Yeah, I guess so

Animosity from MKR

31 December 2020

It seems that MKR has forgotten that I can read this chat



Keep this to yourself, obviously, since you're not supposed to see this

this is disgraceful.
MKR sure has a chip on her shoulder towards me for some reason
We're supposed to be on the same team.
I guess because of the mod situation
i'll be honest with you, these screenshots make me very concerned about my friendship with Bismuth. (edited)
Same, I guess

Haven't seen him say anything bad about me but he seems compliant with whatever MKR is saying

Funny enough, the most rational person in that argument is Nova

"Why do you care so much about something that you think sucks anyway?"

Yeah exactly

Prediction for 2021:

The Watchmen will dissolve into Civil War and break up.

all because of politics. 🤦‍♂️

Well, they all seem to be on the same team on that front

We're the only odd ones out, and it looks like they already don't think much of us

In the event that such a Civil War happens, we need to keep Chris on our side no matter what.

he's the swing vote in this situation and is probably the only thing keeping this ship afloat.

If they want to express their problems with me, you tell me what the problem is directly, not behind my back.

I don't really care if I have their approval or not

But the way they're going about it is still cowardly

Were you blocked by any of them on Discord yet?
Not to my knowledge

Why, have you?

doesn't look like it.

I'm still friends with all of them.

While they all seem to hate the cwcki server, MKR is the only one who openly expressed animosity towards me

So hopefully that means I'm in alright standing with the others

If Chris were to ever find out about any of this nonsense, he'd probably tell them off.

We already saw how he handled my kick from the Place.

They can't afford to lose Chris.

I might start taking screenshots/backing up the server information

Chris has a lot of messages in there, and even if they're gonna be kept secret for the time being, I don't know what the others will do at another turning point in Chris's life

I don't want to risk everything getting wiped clean

If I were you, I'd start beginning that process now just in case.

This is bullshit. I can't believe that this is even happening.

Let's not jump to conclusions just yet

Just proceed with caution for now

I've known the whole gang for over a year and I (for the most part) have never done anything that would ever jeopardize Chris or the server in general. (edited)

I've been getting picked on more than usual since I was allowed back in, and it leads me to believe that I'm not wanted there. I won't leave, but I'm aware that there is a sense of hostility against me. (edited)


  1. This link has been non-functional since Sean wiped his main YouTube channel.
  2. A tweet from Chris that said "The Merge is on."
  3. A tweet from BABScon announcing their delay of the 2021 convention.