Beneath the Bridge

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another trip down memory lane, with dives into hell and back

Beneath the Bridge is a YouTube series featuring coverage of Chris co-created by Twitter users cw_true/smokelydokely (Smoky Chris) and NoChanceHigh1 (KevinT/ThatSperg)[2]. It is posted on the YouTube channel @SomeChannellllllll.[3] The series had a stated goal of "examining a crucial element behind Chris Chan: the trolls. Entitled "Beneath the Bridge," this series will examine the trolls who have interacted with Chris prior to his introduction to the Internet up to the present day. It will not focus solely on Chris Chan's life." It ran from February 2019 until being abandoned in December of the same year, around the same time the creators' Twitter accounts were banned.[4] It is unknown why the series was abandoned.

The videos are a in-depth look at some of the people and trolls that have influenced Chris's life, starting with Sarah Hammer and ending with Jimmy Hill. Some more prevalent people such as Megan Schroeder have multiple parts devoted to them.

On 5 November 2020, Chris chatted in The Place about his experience watching the series, noting in particular that he had been cringing and crying during its coverage of Megan Schroeder.[1]

Creators & Background

On 30 November 2019, YouTube user Some Channel (Originally SmokyChris or SmokyChrisAndTheSperg) posted Chris Chan: Beneath the Bridge: Introduction Trailer.[5] It was said to be written and edited by Twitter users cw_true and i_lasag, with cw_true narrating the video. Beginning with the second official episode, cw_true, known to go by "SmokyCheeseChuck"[6] and "Smoky Chris", had started linking the Twitter account smokelydokely as the main Twitter account in the description of Beneath the Bridge episodes.[7] Additionally, he was now credited as the co-creator, along with Twitter user NoChanceHigh1, who himself was initially credited as as KevinT,[8] later going by "ThatSperg" or "TheSperg".[9] The creators also had a Discord server, which is now deleted.[10]

The art for the show was created by Twitter user IiiNoodleman.[11]

The series was abandoned for unknown reasons on the 12th episode, after covering Jimmy Hill. [12] It is suspected that the Watchmen were involved in the abandonment of the series, as Smoky Chris and ThatSperg were confirmed to have ties and contact with Naught and Arbitarch CWC Alliance.[13]